Monday, January 12th, 2009

Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($17.00) is a to-be-launched product for the brand this spring.  From what the Urban Decay makeup artist could tell me, it would be out in February. My nearest Urban Decay counter was actually having an event on the 14th for the new launches.  Sin is very much like the original and beloved UDPP in its texture and formula, but the way it appears is different.  Sin is a shimmery champagne base rather than the translucent, matte base of the original UDPP.

I do feel like Sin grabs color better, especially when they’re shimmery shades.  I tend to use more shimmer shadows than matte ones, so Sin may work better for me than the original UDPP.  Even when I do use mattes, I often mix them with shimmer-based shadows, so Sin would still work well in that instance.  What is also nice about this base is its visibility, which allows you to wear it on its lonesome for a quick wash of shimmer.  Hey, in a pinch, you could even use a little bit as a highlighter (brow or face), because you can sheer it out and make it look less intense if necessary.

I definitely recommend checking this product out when it officially launches!  Urban Decay picked the right way to follow-up UDPP by choosing Sin, such a complementary shade for most skintones.

See a swatch of the new UDPP in Sin!

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73 thoughts on “Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review & Swatches

  1. Shayla

    This is kind of exciting for me…not sure how useful it will be since I find the original UDPP works just fine. I wonder if it would be worth it to have both formulae…

  2. kat

    I really wanna try this product, and this seems like a great shade! I wish they’d change the bottle! I don’t want to have to cut open the bottle to have to get all of the product out like others said they had to do…

  3. Hopefully when the new udpp comes out (with new packaging) it will grab color better like this one. I heard a rumor they were close to completion of the new bottle but then had major problems with it and had to start over.

  4. Agreed on wishing they’d change the bottle. I did have to cut mine open and I was totally shocked at how much I’d been throwing away in the past. However, I’ll probably end up buying this anyway, once my old UDPP runs out. That shimmer looks amazing, and I love me some sparkles! :)

  5. Rio

    Hmm, I’ll have to give it a try. I have noticed that with the original, my glitter shadows tend to lose their glitter as I apply them. That doesn’t mean it’s the primer’s issue, but I could still give the new one a try if it seems to work better with shimmers.

  6. Crystal

    I cant wait!! Just wish they would change the packaging so I dont have to risk losing a finger when I cut it!! gggrrr.

  7. OH WOW. I think I need it!!

  8. Claudia M.

    It looks very metallic…I’ll probably test it out and if it’s as good as the original, yeah, I’d buy it too.

  9. KaylaK

    Wow! I am def. going to get this! I love the eyeshadow and the primer is just gorg!

  10. Julia

    From that photo, it looks a bit like Bare Study PP, which I love.

  11. Vee

    I think this might be too close to my Bare Study paint pot to really justify this right now….. but the colour is gorgeous! I really hope they repackage this!

  12. LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get it and test it out!

  13. This looks so good!!
    Does the color compare to Bare Study at all?

    Thanks for sharing Christine!

  14. Carol

    …and still in that god-awful bottle. I’ll pass.

  15. jessica

    i defintately want to try this out

  16. Heavenleiblu

    I’m still working through a tube of the original, but it looks pretty enough to just put on alone… We’ll see!

  17. I wannnnnnnnttt it.


    Thanks for always keeping us updated, Christine!

  18. Andrea

    I think I’m def. gonna have to check this out!

  19. caramel

    I hope UD starts selling a mixed duo package (instead of 2 originals, 1 orig. and 1 Sin).. I would love that!

  20. Danielle Sharkey

    Thanks Christine! This is super exciting! BTW… I caved in and bought the Dior Shimmer blush..the pink one lol….and now I want the other one..lmfao…all thanks to you lol…I swear you should get paid for doing this blog by all the cosmetic companies whose products you discuss because you truly do miracles for their sales!!!

    • No problem! I am so glad you love ittttt! Isn’t it amazing? 😀 I wish I had gotten Copper, grrr.

      • Danielle Sharkey

        It sure is! I actually was starting to have issues with my Nars Multiple ( it was like drying out or something…weird..) that I bought last week and so I exchanged it for the OTHER Dior shimmer thing lol…now I got both – the pink one and the copper one lol…Thank you so much hun! I freakin love you!

  21. Shefali

    I would so buy this but after my nightmare with the bottle, I’m skipping it. After I finished my UDPP, I bought Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I’m even more impressed than I was with UDPP. And the packaging is so much better!

  22. Jen

    As long as they keep ignoring us about the bottle design, I am staying on my UDPP boycott no matter how intriguing. It’s the principle and they know that they are wrong for not changing the design.

    • It’s really hard to know if they are or aren’t, since a change can’t come instantly, you know? There’s redesigning, then there’s also testing, PLUS who knows how much old stock they have?

  23. Brooke

    I’ve been checking Sephora’s website repeatedly since you first posted about this. I have a Sephora online giftcard and plan on getting the regular and this new version when it comes out. I’m disappointed I didn’t learn about the bottle issue until after I threw away my seemingly-empty bottle of the original version. I’d hold off on buying any more until they change the bottle, but I’m OUT of eye primer.

    • Joanna

      If you are out of primer, you might wanna think of getting Too Face Shadow Insurance. It works just the same as UDPP but i find that you are able to blend shadow with more ease, applying of the product goes on with so much ease also, so a lil goes a long way and not to mention the packaging is so much more practical than UDPP, just have to shake it up because the oil & cream tend to seperate if you dont use it in a consistent basis.

    • It’s up now, though!

  24. bec

    i need this. now.

  25. I can’t wait! I’m wearing Sin eyeshadow right now, and it’s one of my go-to shades. This will be perfect!

  26. DuncerBlur

    Yeah, I was just wondering about the difference from my Bare Study too. No point getting this if they are so similar & better off with UDPP since I can work that with mattes, no?

  27. Nadine

    Would you please compare UDPP in Sin to MAC paint pot in Bare Study when you get the chance? Comparison swatches would be wonderful. Thank you!

  28. Sheryl

    Does this make matte eyeshadow shimmery?