Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Urban Decay Creates Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($17.00) will be a crease-proof shimmering champagne shade able to be worn alone or as a base, just like the ever-popular UDPP. Your eyeshadow will not flake, crease, or fade away when you lay this baby down.

Urban Decay Creates Midnight Cowboy Lipstick ($22.00) is a lipstick version of Urban Decay’s cult favorite Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow. UD describes it as “lend[ing] a sheer, subtle flush to the lips with a glamorous touch of micro-sparkle.”

See a picture of Midnight Cowboy lipstick...

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49 thoughts on “Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion & Midnight Cowboy Lipstick for Spring 2009

  1. Emma

    omg, im super excited! i hope they make more shades. but i just wish they would change the packaging :(

  2. 1 – The 2 pics are the same =D
    2 – OMG new version of primer? Lovely!

  3. Nosh

    And I wish they would have changed the packaging instead of coming out with a brand new color 😛

    • Liz

      I forgot about that! I remember reading that they said they were working on new packaging for UDPP but now they come out with this? tsk tsk.

    • They might still be intending to, but they could have contracts with manufacturers/suppliers that put restraints on just HOW soon. But I agree this doesn’t make it seem so likely.

  4. Kaoru

    Oh man, a colored UDPP! I love using just one shade on my eyes for a quick look, but this will stay longer xD! I agree with Nosh, though; it would be nice if they changed the packaging. I’m all for the tube idea, but maybe flatten the insides, so the curves don’t hide the product, or something. It would cost more per ounce, but honestly, most people are wasting the rest anyway.

    The lipstick sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  5. Brooke

    any idea on a release date for the new UDPP??? I am SO excited for a new color!
    I agree tho, they definately should have changed their packaging. They just don’t listen! lol

  6. Stephanie

    What’s the difference between the regular UDPP and the new one?

  7. Kayla

    This is totally awesome, gosh I can’t wait for Spring now!!! I heart UDPP as it is and now a new shade!!! Yay! Lipstick looks like it’ll be fun too!

  8. The new UDPP looks pretty awesome – it seems like a good thing to just wear-and-go if you don’t have time for a more intense eye look. But ugh on the packaging being crap still.

    • Very true! I wonder if UD is truly going to be changing packaging in the future or not. It’s hard to know if it’s just trying to placate complaints or if it’s complicated and they are really working on it, albeit slowly.

  9. Eva

    I love Sin e/s so I am really excited about the UDPP in that colour!
    Genius! But, like all the others, I wish they would change the packaging.

  10. victoria

    although i wanted to try udpp, i got too faced instead because i didn’t want to bother with the packaging. the new one looks pretty but for the main function of the product, i might not purchase this because of the packaging.

    • Seems like a lot of people are turned off by the packaging! I’m surprised UD hasn’t launched new packaging yet, but maybe they’re just running through existing supply first.

  11. interesting product!!!!

  12. Jenny

    I’ve loved the idea of UDPP but I just can’t bring myself to get it due to the packaging, just so much product wasted!

    • Danielle Sharkey

      I know what you mean. I had 3 tubes of UDPP and I figured out a way to break the tube. I then took all the left over product and put it in a air tight jar to keep it fresh and it worked out great! I have atleast a few more months left of product!

    • I’ve heard this over and over again! It does make one wonder what’s going on over at UD HQ.

  13. Rachel

    So they spend their R&D coming up with some new fancy colour for UDPP but didn’t bother addressing the most urgent issue – the darned packaging!!

    • They might have already created this product last year, before they received so many complaints, you know? They may also have commitments to suppliers/distributors or have a LOT of supply to go through before they can tackle new packaging. I don’t know either way, but that’s one possible reason!

  14. Gigi

    I read on Specktra that they ARE redesigning the packaging (some people e-mailed UD and they e-mailed back saying this), so do look out for the new packaging in the future. I guess in the meantime they didn’t want to hold back this new shade of UDPP and just continued to make them in the pre-existing mold.

    Back on topic though…SIN LOOKS AMAZING! Hope the new tint doesn’t detract from the anti-creasing action.

  15. revei

    I thought they were supposed to change the packaging? I’ll stick to my bare study paint pot if I want a champagne shimmer……

  16. Asta

    Check out EnKore’s youtube videos: he puts leftover UDPP into empty gloss pens so it doesn’t dry out and it’s easy to apply. He links to sites that sell them on the video page. I’m planning to do this when my PP runs out.

    I’ll probably get Sin since I use UDPP every day. I don’t have any MAC paint pots and I haven’t loved them when I try them in the store.

    I definitely won’t be getting any of the Urban Decay lipsticks with shimmer/sparkles in them. They feel gritty. A few friends have noticed they are hard, the lipstick almost falls apart and they have a difficult time applying it. I have three of the matte/creamy shades though and loooove the formula.

  17. This lipstick will be mine!

  18. Claudia M.

    Damn them! Just when I told myself I would NOT buy any more make up they come up with Sin UDPP and Midnight Cowboy lipstick >=/
    Ok, after this no more make up!…hmmm, for a little while, anyway =P

  19. Crystal

    I recently cut my UDPP and have enough to last me the next 6 months! Seriously its just ridiculous! The new one looks pretty though.

  20. lexi

    when do we think the UDPP Sin is coming out?

  21. Shar

    I can’t wait – looks like the perfect base to me but shame about the same old packaging!

  22. Shaguna

    Do you know of a dupe for this?