Monday, August 30th, 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Primer Potion

Say Goodbye, Genie

Urban Decay Primer Potion ($29.00 for 0.85 oz.) is now available in the Professional Size, which is the same famous UDPP in a squeeze-tube instead of the curvy genie bottle.  Same product, new packaging.  I don’t have a lot of details on it at the moment, but I know that Sephora has a limited amount, while Urban Decay will start carrying more on its own website soon.

I did notice that the tube is very… squeezy.  There’s a lot of give to the tube, and you’ll need to squeeze it with some pressure to squeeze out the product.  This isn’t a criticism, because it allows for more precision and less waste; you won’t squeeze out too much.   I just received this tube on Friday, but I did not experience any separation in this tube (which is my annoyance with Too Faced Shadow Insurance) — can’t tell you for sure, since it’s likely a new tube and all that.   But so far so good!

I’m sure the packaging change (or at least the availability of it–again, still waiting to hear more information) is a welcome one for a lot of UDPP fans.  I was never bothered by UDPP’s original packaging, but I’ve also never been near finishing one!

Are you all about the squeeze-tube?

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91 thoughts on “Urban Decay Primer Potion in a Squeeze Tube!

  1. Dawn

    I love the practicality of it, but prefer the “genie in a bottle” look of the original.

  2. Bluesky

    I like this packaging

  3. crlsweetie912

    YES! I am at the end of a tube (after over a year) and I sliced that bad boy open!

  4. Ally_D

    Seems to me like a squeeze tube is more hygenic that a doe foot wand which I never remember to clean. I’ll get one for sure when it FINALLY arrives in the UK.

    Off now to clean my doe foot wand…

  5. Vixitrixibelle

    I’m really pleased to see that the genie bottle has been replaced with a tube. I just hope this new packaging makes it over to the UK.

  6. Yumi

    cannot wait to get my hands on this, the original packaging drove me nuts!!

  7. Loooooove it!! Hopefully this will become permanent, because I’m having a bit of trouble getting the last bits out of my other UDPP, and I’m a bit to clumsy to start cutting it open with whatever tools I’ll need to get through that hard plastic ^^

    • Krista

      It is actually way easier to cut through the genie bottle packaging than I had anticipated, and there was so much product left in the bottle I was amazed at what I almost threw away.

  8. Kajsa/Monticka

    Well it’s about damn time!

  9. Patty

    Does that mean that Sephora currently has a limited amount, or they will in the future?

  10. Miss Silver

    Does it contain the same amount as the genie bottle?

  11. I’m really curious if this will end up being LE(as it lists it on sephora’s site) or not. I sure HOPE the addition is permanent! I still have a PILE of primer potion stored in sample jars, but its beginning to dry out and not be as effective as it used to be. I just will feel bad being more with half the jar still unused(Believe it or not-I only depotted it after I had used enough of it that the wand couldn’t get any more! I had twice as much still in the jar, as had gone on my face! And I’ve STILL barely made a dent in it!)

  12. Pam

    I totally agree with you about Too Faced (separation in tube). Hopefully UD does not let me down with this new packaging :) Can’t wait to get it! Thanks for the review!

  13. em

    i want :) i’m not sure if you’ll know but is this a US sephora exclusive or will it be available in other sephoras? love this blog by the way :)

  14. Sara

    This makes me unbelievably happy :)

  15. DJ

    Finally!!! It only took them YEARS to come out with new packaging!

  16. Sharon M

    Ooh… very promising. I was just sent an Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin (old packaging), and because it’s not available locally, will have to search for it online — somewhere that ships to Canada and accepts debit cards. I’d never tried it before but now am addicted to it and want to try the other shades. This is almost worth the two-hour plus drive to the nearest Sephora! Just the thought of not wasting product (as in the genie bottle) appeals to me a lot.

    Thanks for letting us know about this, Christine!

  17. megan

    That’s pretty cool….it’s cost more but we’re getting like .50 oz more!

  18. Mayra

    omg!!! this is so great!! im so excited for this!!!!

  19. Michou

    I’m so excited about this because it’ll not only be easier to get all the product out of the tube as well as apply with a brush instead of the wand. Can’t wait to grab one once I’m done w/ my current bottles!

  20. Amy

    OK, gotta ask, cuz I’ve heard it before. How do you guys “Slice Open” those Genie Bottles??

    (picturing in head, than shaking thought away of gashed hand; trip to the ER…..)

  21. I’m very happy to hear that they changed the packaging. I was always turned off by UDPP because of the packaging, it just seemed so wasteful in comparison to TFSI.

  22. Cheyenne

    I got to try UDPP finally when I got the naked palette as a gift. I think honestly, it’s not a good primer….>.>

    I am loving the NARS smudgepoof though.

  23. Jenny

    Finally. I can’t believe something so simple (better packaging) took so many years. Good thing I still have a little in my tube that I an wait.

  24. Leana206

    OMG they should’ve done this in the first place. I cut open the genie wand and put it in a paint pot. Lasted me at least a year… So much the wand could not reach!

  25. Kristen

    Oh I love this! I have been using my Too Faced shadow insurance because I could not stand that I couldn’t get anything out of my UD Primer Potion. I did cut open my little jar of “Sin” shadow primer and have it in a little jar but I find I never use it because its so much easier for me to have the little squeeze tube, especially in the morning when I’m rushing to get ready.

  26. Krista

    I just cut open my UDPP genie bottle, and I cannot wait to replace that horrible packaging with one of these!!

  27. Tekoa

    Praise the Lord for the creation of squeeze tubes! I didn’t mind the shape of the old UDPP genie bottle, though I did find the wand inefficient. DO I swipe the wand on my eye? Do I use a finger to aquire a dollop from said wand and then smear it? The confusion was enough for me to drop the genie bottle in my Retired drawer and hug my MAC paint pots. I think the new design is a step in the right direction. Less wasteful packaging and clarity. Horray!

  28. Alexis

    the genie bottle was cute. The tube should make it easier to use.

  29. melissa

    So are they completely discontining the old design or do they plan on making this in a smaller size? I have so many sample and regular sizes now I couldn’t see the need to buy this for awhile…even if the size is larger its quite a big jump price wise…I just hope this isn’t going to be the only size/price available

  30. NKR

    I’m pretty excited about it being in a squeeze tube. I’ve been hanging on to my old genie packaging, thinking I’ll cut them open and swab out the rest of the PP eventually.

  31. Jazz

    I am just gonna deal with the genie bottle , because my TFSI is separating = my eyeshadow creases= no point in wearing primer then

  32. Amanda Enn

    YES ! The packaging was the only reason that kept me from buying the original UDPP. This is so expensive though, especially for the same amount…

  33. tremorviolet

    Yay! This looks so much more practical than that silly bottle.

  34. suzy

    not loving the price!! Ouch! $29?

  35. HC

    They need to come out with this for Sin and Eden too!!

  36. Tammy

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. I like that it’s in a squeeze tube because there’s no product waste, but I just hate the size of it. To me, this makes sense for makeup artists or if you just do freelance once in awhile, but for me, I think I’m okay with the original packaging. Unless they come out with a smaller squeeze tube 😛

  37. Kate & Zena

    Thank God they finally repackaged the primer. No more cutting the genie bottle for the other 1/2 of the product!

  38. Sephora has it up as limited edition…hmmmm. ??? I’m totally confused. If this is new packaging is limited then I’ll be a few of these. I hate that genie bottle with a passion. I’m fighting with one right now.

  39. Vanessa

    I wonder if anyone will try this as a face primer…?!

  40. Karen

    I’m really happy that Urban Decay changed the packaging! The genie bottle sure is cute! =) Though I’m sure genie bottle would be much suited for a roller ball fragrance or anything else with a liquid consistency. However, I wish they did so earlier. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to purchase this tube of primer potion. -_-;; I already have an original and jumbo xl size at home! (I know, obsessed much?! :D)

  41. AnGeLwInGz

    What I really need is for it to come in a gallon size with a pump dispenser.

  42. katy

    it’s about time they just changed the packaging.

  43. Traci

    OMG!!! finally!!!!!! I’ve deliberately been using TFSI because I didn’t like the genie bottle. UDPP here I come!

  44. Miss_Silk

    Personally I love primers in squeeze tubes because it’s cleaner ^^ I have both TFSU and UDPP but I always grab TFSU, because it’s smaller and fits in my make-up bag.

    Currently running low on both primers, so good thing this came out and now I have an even better reason to pick up more than one! I also have the problem of the TFSU separating TT soo annoying with all the oily liquid coming out.

    • Yeah, the separation thing is SO frustrating, and I feel like if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll waste a lot of product!

      • Miss_Silk

        Also the TFSI (dunno why i was using “U”)is soo liquidy, that I sometimes accidently squeeze out too much…or even just slight movements, like grabing something with the same hand that the primer is in…

  45. Miss_Silk

    hmmm… Urban Decay could have kept the original curvy shape of the bottle…but just make it flat and squeezable…

  46. Kelli

    Its about time!! I will buy this once I’m done with my genie bottle version.

  47. I’m glad UD listens to its customers, lol!

  48. Doreen

    YES! This is great…though I don’t think I’ll buy this anytime soon–I really think the NARS shadow primer is a little better (less drying), though I do cringe a bit at the NARS price.

  49. karen

    Like this packaging much better but hate that it’s LE (at least that’s what Sephora says).

  50. HovercatMittens

    I love this idea but it bugs me seeing the “limited edition” part on sephora b/c we can’t order on Urban Decays site not being Americans :(

  51. inaya

    in reference to the original, how do u store the product after slicing it?

  52. Marcela

    I understand the package is bigger, hence more product, but $29.00??? It’s way too much IMO,will probably pass on this one.

  53. Shanda

    Loving it!

  54. i had already received it yesterday (ordered on wednesday)
    it’s HUGE compared to my XL sized genie bottle. i’m so glad yours doesn’t seperate like the TFSI cuz i haven’t been using my shadow insurance at all due to that :(

  55. Maricar

    Hey Christine :)
    I am so excited about the new packaging. Do you know if they will be making the normal UDPP size available in the new packaging? I have never tried UDPP yet, so i just want to try it, but am not willing to pay 35 for the large amount without knowing if i like it. Basically, i am asking if they are discontinuing the old size/packaging?

  56. I’m so excited about this! The genie in a bottle was a great idea, but I really didn’t like its packaging! This is a whole other story. =)

  57. I find it interesting that you have a problem with Too Faced Shadow Insurance separating in the tube. I’ve used it for awhile now and never had that problem at all!

  58. I just got to the “bottom” of my UDPP in the original packaging, what a mess to open and clean out.
    Cute tube idea, but not useful at all.

  59. Lizzy

    That genie bottle is pretty, but I hate leaving 3/4 of the product in there! Or the pain of depotting… I don’t know what to put it in. I liked the applicator in the genie bottle though, one less brush to clean. Didn’t they make some in a plain round cylinder shaped hard bottle? That would be my choice, but the “pro’s” have hygeine issues of applicators and this probably rocks for that.

  60. Polly

    Hey Christine,
    I’ve been using urban decay primer potion for quite some time now but somehow my eyeshadow still won’t stay put. I’ve even tried using mac paintpot plus uddp. Do you have any idea what could help?

    • Which order have you tried? Like MAC PP over UDPP or UDPP over PP?

      • Polly

        I’ve tried both (udpp+pp and pp+udpp). I even tried using small amounts of product and of course the oposite. And I’ve tried waiting few minuits before applying eyeshadow so the products can set. But none did work. I have to admit though that I have oily lids- any chance that this is the problem? And if yes, is there something I could do?

  61. Rose

    Is this tube limited edition? Sephora no longer has it and I can only find it on the Urban Decay website.

  62. I seriously need to pick this up. I hate how much product I used to lose with the genie bottle and I’m sick of cracking it open, ha. I just wish Sephora had these more often so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping =/