Monday, April 13th, 2009

Doug Lipgloss, James Lipgloss

Urban Decay’s Pocket Rocket Collection recently launched as a spring/summer product naughtily creating some sexy thoughts. Each lipgloss is housed in a flat lipgloss container, and at the top, there are photos of holographic men. If you tilt the lipgloss, the men will show up undressed and just in their boxers/briefs/skivvies.

Collection includes:

  • David Milky mauve
  • Doug Sheer medium pink with iridescent sparkle
  • Eric Sheer true red
  • James Sheer hot pink with ultraviolet glow
  • Jesse Sheer blackberry with warm sparkle
  • Julio Sheer white with iridescent sparkle
  • Kirk Sheer creamy nude
  • Timothy Creamy coral with pink glow

I tried two shades–Doug and James–and both are extremely shimmery/sparkly. It definitely looks like shimmer is in for this summer season, yeah? Doug is a sheer, shimmery raspberry pink with silvery-pink shimmer. James is a sheer, strawberry pink with fuchsia-purple shimmer. Both go on quite sheerly when applied to lips, so don’t expect a lot of color out of these bad boys. The product is pretty gimmicky, but the gloss is non-sticky and sparkly, so the product itself works as a lipgloss should!

See swatches and lip swatches!

Doug Lipgloss, James Lipgloss

Doug Lipgloss

James Lipgloss

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68 thoughts on “Urban Decay Pocket Rockets for Cheesy Summer Fun

  1. Nice to see other shades too – I got the Jesse shade for myself. It’s lovely violet shade. But I felt that the gloss was a bit sticky. Maybe Jesse was distracting my testing abilities 😉 It wasn’t that bad, but a little bit sticky for my taste.

    My Jesse post

  2. Jamie

    I would have checked these glosses out if it wasn’t for the packaging. I feel like I’m too old to be going “teehee look at his undies!” with my friends. It seems like this is geared toward tweens looking to be “bad”.

  3. JennXOXO

    I completely agree with the previous post.

  4. lesleykat

    fun thing not mentioned in the post: the bottle has a rub-n-sniff strip on it that is supposed to release pheremones to attract the MEN!

  5. Nicole15

    this makes me think of a lighter i bought when i was 16 at the local 7-11 that did the same thing. when you lit it, the picture of the guy on it dropped his pants to reveal his skivvies. at 16 i thought it was funny. at 31, it might be borderline creepy.

  6. Anitacska

    I have Doug, not for the pictures, but because I liked the gloss, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed how sheer it really is on the lips. (I don’t test products on my lips/face at the store.)

  7. K

    a little off topic, but has anyone tried Urban Decay Loose Pigment, is it good?

    • Nicole15

      Good question K – we all know that UD eyeshadows are richly pigmented and i love using them. but i too, have never tried their pigments. i want to believe they would be as pigmented as their shadows, but hopefully someone can let us know for sure.

      • sandra

        I work at ulta and we sell them, I havent tried them on my eyes but I did swatch all of them on my hand with no shadow base and they were very vibrant and had good staying power. If I had the money I would for sure get a few of them! The only thing I didnt like about them was the actual packaging if I did get some I would probably put them in a different jar or something.

    • Yes, they’re very pigmented :)

  8. Tanya

    WOW I am really amazed how everyone thinks the boy shorts gloss is a bust :( I had a pen when I was young that dropped the pants (he dropped EVERYTHING) and I thought it was the funniest thing ever…I love how these are a throw back to those old style pens. hehehehe I think I am gonna have to pick one up. I think they are super funny!!

  9. The packaging is enough to put me off this product honestly…

  10. Leah

    The colors are pretty and great for summer but not for that price.

  11. carriespooner

    When I was a kid (in the 70’s) we used to get the junk catalog and it had the drinking glasses that showed b@@bies when you put ice in it and those pens you flipped over to watch peoples clothes fall off. I used to hide behind the Lazy boy chair so I wouldn’t get busted for looking.

    that being said.. I get this product for the comedic value and kitsch but I’m kind of over it already. Tweens will love it.

  12. Sarah

    Adorable. (:

  13. Wilcoa

    For the heck of it I think they’re amusing, but I can’t say I would buy one unless I was fifteen.

  14. Yaya

    These are the strangest lipglosses I’ve ever seen. This is not the least bit attractive to me; it’s actually very unattractive to me, and I’m young.

  15. Brie

    I went to Sephora today and had a look at these while I was there. The packaging felt cheap to me, it just didn’t seem like normal quality. The lip glosses are nice enough, but – and maybe I’m in the minority here – I’m tired of seeing established companies do these cheesy gimmick items. If you have a good product, you do not need a corny “catch” to get us to buy it. Just make a good product!

  16. jessica

    the packaging is a total turn off

  17. Miss QQ

    They are amusing! LOL!

  18. Becca

    I think this is kind of lame, I don’t want to be looking at some random dude when I’m putting on lip gloss…however, I think it would be cool if they did something like this but with personalized pictures. I would imagine that it would be expensive and hard to actually implement, but if you could order your own personalized photos for your lip gloss that would be something I could jump on board with.

  19. Susie

    perfect for a drag queen!

  20. Ghoulina

    I actually think these are kinda cute in a weird sort of way. Do the glosses have any scent/taste to them?

  21. Mikki

    Wow, the James lipgloss is gorgeous!

  22. Asta

    I’m ambivalent about the boys in skivvies, but the part I love about the packaging is how they’re flat. You put them in your pocket and they don’t stick out or get caught in your jeans. Perfect for the bar/club when you don’t want to bring a pocketbook. Seriously.

  23. Catherine

    I think it’s hilarious. Cheesey fun is right up my alley! Although, a little too expensive… I’ll take my boyfriend dropping his pants for free 😉

  24. Sarah

    When i saw these at a make up counter a few weeks ago i was like ‘oooohh!’ then i smelt them! ikk!! they smell like marmite! vile :(

  25. Angi

    Well, I’m 45 and I think a fellow who drops his clothes on my lip gloss is a hoot. I grabbed Timothy and love him, rather it. I hope to grab another fellow or two :)

  26. Vanessa

    Hmm , i’m thinking about getting this . What colors do you think that will work well with medium skintones ?

  27. Kastanjer

    Yes, the packaging is cheesy. It’s a shame, because they are WONDERFUL lipglosses! Similar to the MAC Dazzleglass glosses, but I find them to be much less sticky. I have the James and the Eric ones in full size, and the Doug one in a sample size. I usually wear the James one alone. I like to use the Eric one over UD’s “Revolution” lipstick, because it turns down the blue undertone in the lipstick.

    My problem with the Doug one is that when it wears off, I get weird residual sparkles on my lips– not super-attractive. Anyoen else have this issue?

  28. Elysia

    Christine, do you know of of lipgloss that is the same color as UD’s James, but waaay more opaque? I love that shade of hot pink, but my lips are really dark and it would never show.

  29. DarkGlamour17

    Well I am under 21 so maybe it’ll be a bit more appropriate for me to get one LOL! I’m getting James, the color (and the guy) is hot! ;D