Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Peace ($18.00 for 0.09 oz.) describes this as a “shimmering turquoise,” though I’d describe it as a brightened sky blue on me. It’s the color of turquoise beads, which are rather blue, so depending on your interpretation of turquoise, this may be more or less what you expect. With a Deluxe Eyeshadow finish, it’s ultra smooth, almost creamy (but it is a powder), and highly pigmented.

It’s like a shimmery version of Urban Decay Electric, as well as a slightly darker Painkiller. Inglot #415 has a golden sheen, which gives it less of a true blue look. Make Up For Ever #83 is a darker blue.

The downside to this product was actually the packaging–the clear, plastic lid that covers the top of the eyeshadow compact keeps popping off.

The Glossover


Urban Decay Peace Deluxe Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

Other than the packaging issue, this is a fantastic eyeshadow (which, ultimately, is what counts) -- great texture, color payoff, and blendable. It's a fun color to work with, because it's a lighter blue than most brands put out.











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Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase a Peace? How much is it?

Sephora, $18.

Is it limited edition?


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It's like a shimmery version of Urban Decay Electric, as well as a slightly darker Painkiller. Inglot #415 has a golden sheen, which gives it less of a true blue look. Make Up For Ever #83 is a darker blue.

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31 thoughts on “Urban Decay Peace Deluxe Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Aubree

    My first ever Urban Decay shadow. I still adore it to death. :)

  2. LOVE the packaging, love the pigmentation but ugh the color is so not for me, anything teal makes me look absurdly pale :-/

    • Lizzi

      UD is slowly changing the packaging on their products to attract an older, and with more spending power, clientele. I think they want to appeal to more than those under the drinking age. It makes sense, I was 15 when UD caught my eye and went into my must have list, but now that I’m 21, none of their product appeal to me, not even the Alice palette, UDSB 3, or the Naked palette. I have those along with several hundred $$ worth of their other products. I’m just trying to use them up and clear some space for more Chanel and MAC. UD just doesn’t call out to my older style, but their marketing department has realized this problem and is trying to branch out to the older market. They know they need to change their kiddish, tacky packaging to do this.

      • Lizzi

        Whoops! Lol! I meant this to reply to Tamsin’s comment, not yours. Kinda seems rude to post this under yours since you like the packaging. Sorry!

        • Lizzi

          Personally, I think the first thing that has to go are the stupid lipstick tubes! I had bought 10 of these 2 years ago and I’m trying to use them up/ give some away cause the packaging sucks! I accidentally dropped one on the bathroom floor and the little knife fell off. It was actually an improvement. I had the bf use his tools and break the rest of them off. Now I just twist the first section of the tube. DOWN TO 7!!

      • Cori

        meh, I’m 21 and I’m still attracted to UD. :) Personally, I think its the quality of the shadow that matters more than the elegance of the packaging. lol & when i was 15 i didnt even wear make up 😉 (if i did, it was always D/S brands like maybelline or covergirl)

        • terry

          I agree! I’m 20 and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the dagger-shaped lipsticks! Plus they actually feel nice and heavy and expensive in my hand too! I guess I’m not too hot on more “mature” brands like Benefit, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier yet, but I can’t afford Chanel or Guerlain, and MAC is just toooooo sharp and vibrant for me! Urban Decay is a nice balance of price, quality and edginess I think…x))

      • Cat

        I think UD might actually lose a lot of clientele if they change everything to a more mature look. If you think about it, most of their colors, and names of products, aren’t exactly aimed at older customers. Personally, part of the draw for me to UD was their out-there packaging. Their original ad was “Does pink make you puke?”, so it doesn’t make much sense for them to turn into every other cosmetic company, in terms of looks. That’s my opinion though.

        • Amy

          I agree, I’m 37 and really love most of their packaging. I’d be a little disappointed (and definitely less likely to buy palettes with shadows I already have in them) if they made the packaging less fun. I think makeup should be fun! Then again, I have BJD’s and still buy myself toys on occasion so I may not be what others consider a “grown up”. Which is totally OK with me!

          • Lorraine ER

            I’m 27 and I love Urban Decay the way they are. I hope they don’t change too much more because I feel they have changed and toned things down a bit over the years. There are already so many cookie-cutter brands out there and enough brands that have the same types of colors that Urban Decay is still refreshingly different. They were the first non-drugstore brand I bought from. Please Stay Edgy, UD!

      • Here’s the twist of thought. I’m over 40…been wearing makeup since I was 14 and purchase something of every high-end brand since then…I never even considered Urban Decay for the past 15 years …but now own all the new editions palettes and single shadows of Urban Decay even those with chunks of glitter. I dont use shadow primers and other than Cle de Peu, Urban Decay shadows last all day on me. Soon I may past the hormonal age and UD shadows appeal to me. The key is to use UD shadows tastefully during the workday.

      • holly

        I’m 28 and I adore UD, particularly their eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners. The UD Deluxe palette is a must-have for me.

      • Andrea

        I’m 29 and Urban Decay is my absolute favorite. There really is no better eyeshadow out there in terms of quality and color payoff!

  3. That colour is gorgeous! It’s a shame because I really dislike the packaging of these shadows..

  4. It’s such a happy blue shade.

  5. Cynthia

    This eye shadow is pretty. I purchased one of their deluxe shadows a couple of weeks ago and the plastic part came off. I thought I broke it or I had a defective product or something. Now I know I’m not the only one that has had issues with their packaging.

  6. xmissxandristx

    i’ve got all the deluxe singles, and the clear bit on one of mine pops off, but that’s cuz i dropped it.. oops. the rest all stay put. so hopefully it’s not a common problem!

  7. I love pairing this with UD Flash. :)

  8. This is one of my favorite UD eyeshadows! Are they repromoting this one? I have had this one for a while and then I remember not being able to see it in stores for a while.

  9. Eloisa M.

    Very beautiful, mas not for me.

  10. Brittany

    Does anyone know if any of the deluxe shades come in palettes, or do you have to buy them all individually?

  11. Kerri

    I have most of the deluxe singles and love them all. Packaging has never been a problem since I depotted all of mine.

  12. Evelyn

    I love this color! I have the same issue with the plastic lid popping off. I own a few other UD deluxe shadows, and this is the only one that does that.

  13. this color is so wonderful but I cant wear it often :S
    I mean I should not wear it and go to work at office

  14. Angela

    agree with some of you on here about the age thing- i’m 28 and looove urban decay; it’s probably my favorite brand, well for eyeshadows anyway. the only thing that bothers me about UD is their glitter eyeshadows, i never liked glitter, thought it was tacky and hate getting it all over my face. i love their quality and, yes the young/hip packaging. i know when i was a teen, the packaging was what got my attention to try their products. my complaint with the deluxe eyeshadows is the packaging, and if you drop them, they break. i still have scratch, but dropped it quite a few times and it’s in a million pieces/chunks of eyeshadow.

  15. Becca

    it’s sooooooo beautiful!!!

  16. Rosie

    This looks super pretty and I don’t have this color either….

  17. Wow that looks tempting..