Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Oil Slick

Urban Decay: Oil Slick, Naked, Confession Lipsticks

New for fall from Urban Decay are three new shades of lipstick ($22.00 each). All three have a satiny, slightly glossy finish, and they feel very moisturizing on the lips. They smell sweetly scented — I think I detected a bit of caramel-ness to it, too. Ever since Urban Decay launched their lipstick line, I’ve always been a huge admirer of the creative packaging. I still love it, but it has to be some of the more impractical packaging I’ve come across, just because the label is on the “top” but the daggers are out of the bottom (which don’t stand very nicely). But I really do love it anyway. It’s just so beautiful to look at.

Both Oil Slick and Confession should be worn with a lip liner (clear or otherwise), or you could wear this with Urban Decay’s new Lip Primer Potion ($20.00). I haven’t yet tried it, but I’m planning to see how the two work together later on (and will definitely post some comparisons for you all, too). These two shades tend to settle into natural lip lines and may bleed, too, without the proper base!

  • Oil Slick is a sheer, glossy black with small, silver sparkles. It’s extremely wearable–not necessarily on its own–when you layer it with other shades. Try topping it with a really rich red or pink!
  • Naked is creamy, pinky shade with a little bit of beige to tone it down and gold shimmer to warm it up. Love it. LOVE.
  • Confession is a sheer, glossy burgundy-wine shade. It goes on much brighter/lighter than it looks in the tube–so don’t be afraid of the near blackberry color it appears to be. (Actually, the transformation reminded me a bit of how Clinique’s Black Honey is!)

Naked is my new obsession, though. It’s absolutely stunning on lips. It’s totally my-lips-but-better (MLBB) and yet way more complex and interesting than just MLBB. It’s this glossy pinky color with gold shimmer/sparkle. I feel like I’m wearing a lip color that brightens my whole face without anyone really having a clue I’m wearing any. This shade really grabbed me from the get-go, even if it’s not necessarily a unique or eye-catching (hey, it’s no hot pink!).

Anyone else check these out yet?

See more photos and swatches



Oil Slick, Naked, Confession

Oil Slick, Naked, Confession

Oil Slick


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65 thoughts on “Urban Decay: Oil Slick, Naked, Confession Lipsticks

  1. Nicole15

    WOW! I am so anxious to see your lip swatches, especially NAKED. I have their Naked lipliner and I love the color of it. If Naked is everything you say it is, this may definitely be a lipstick I have to get. I love the idea of a MLBB lippie. These pictures look gorgeous!

  2. omgoshhh.. ur gonna make me spend! >< naked looks sooooo gorgeous!

  3. I love these.I’ve never use UD lippies before. I love their 24/7 liners.
    I’ll have to try out these colors when I hit the mall tomorrow!

    Naked.. ah!

  4. Jenny

    i love the look of NAked. I need a shimmery black lipstick and i think oil slick is it!

  5. Nosh

    I love urban decay lipsticks… but out of the 6 I own, 4 of them have a TERRIBLE acidic taste when I put them on my lips… almost like I’m swallowing nail polish remover or something! It makes me sick… so I hesitate to buy more. Anyone else have this problem? It seems it’s not really a universal issue.

    • Nicole15

      I had this problem with a lipstick of theirs from years ago. It was the old packaging from like 2001 & all the lippies then had a horrible taste & smell IMO at least. However, I have not had the same experience with their newer lipsticks. I most recently got one about 6 months ago & it smells more like Christine described – sweet. Hopefully, the few you have are just a fluke.

      • Nosh

        These ones I have are from the newer line….. so I am confused :(

        • Taryn

          No, you’re not alone. I had the same experience and for that reason, gave away my beloved UD lipsticks. I even emailed them with a question and also suggested maybe using a different flavor, but never heard a thing back. So much for customer service.

          Another blogger said these don’t have that taste, but I would have to test them out before buying. It was so gross!

        • That is really weird. I have five or six and they’re all sweet!

    • OMG. I’m not the only one. I have four UD lipsticks (the kind in the purple dagger packaging) and two of them seriously taste like rat poison when I put them on. I have no idea why, but it’s horrible. I really like the colors, but sometimes it’s hard to remember not to lick my lips or w/e, and I get a nasty surprise! I just don’t understand what they could be putting in it to make it taste like nail polish remover…

      • Lo

        I have one of the newer UD lipsticks too, in the shade Voodoo, and to me, it has the most disgusting bitter liquorice/burnt sugar smell and taste to it, I seriously can’t stand it! I hope the new lippies don’t have the same thing going on, because I’m loving the look of Naked!

      • Ana

        @Jennifer – you’ve got it totally right, it’s like nail polish remover

        I’ve used Voodoo since it came out (had several lipsticks and used them all up cos I wear it every day). Latest running low so bought a new one and it makes me want to hurl every time I apply it, I’ll be taking it back for a refund.

        Must be a bad batch – or the place I bought it didn’t store it properly? Not sure how long they take to go bad – I’ve got a stub from nearly a year ago and its still fine (but I have to dig it out with a brush!)

    • They’re all sweetly scented to me!

  6. ooo Naked is really pretty! :) I must say I have a similar color from MAC but omg the packaging is soo cute! :)

  7. Oil Slick i want..i think it would be nice to layer over other colors since it doesn’t seem to be very pigmented

  8. Christie Smythe

    Are these colors out yet? that oil slick one is so awesome! i wanna get it!

  9. i’m excited to see lip swatches of naked 😀

  10. Heather

    these are beautiful!!! I love urban decays’s stuff

  11. BINNIE

    I have most of there eye n lip liners n love this brand n think theyre packaging is unique x

  12. Liz

    Naked looks sort of like Cute ster from Hello Kitty, you think?

  13. I think I just fell in love with Naked <3

  14. I’m excited to see the lip swatches! These are so unique and tempting!

  15. Jenn

    I have naked on order-can’t wait till it arrives. =)

  16. I searched swatches and Naked is similar to Cute Ster and also Sandy B.

    I have both of those but I still want a side by side swatch. I love peachy lippies.

  17. Sasha

    I can’t wait until Sephora gets these in stock! I want them!

  18. tess

    wow… confession looks real nice… i’m on a hunt for that perfect drk blackberry color…

  19. Naked looks like “A rose romance” Confession looks like “purple rite” ! I didn’t get either so I’m excited = )

  20. Wendy

    i am lovin naked! i wonder how the lip swatch would look like. what would be the closest dupe for mac?

  21. Naked and Confession look nice, but I can’t imagine how Oil slick can be “wearable”. :/

  22. I can’t wait to see the swatch of Naked! :)

  23. Donna

    Oh how I wish these didn’t taste so terrible or I’d get Naked. UD sent me a sample l/s with my FF order and it was awful :( I really wish they’d reformulate them.

  24. on second thought, Confession looks great also, man I think I’ll check this out in person :) thanks!

  25. Patty

    So, Naked looks a lot like Cute-Ster from HK… what do you think? :)

  26. inuchan

    OMG Christine, I am dying to see you create a look with oil slick and confession!

  27. ash

    i thought oil slick would be an actual black lipstick good thing i didn’t get it

  28. SJean

    Christine, have you ever tried the lip primer? I got it today!