Friday, January 7th, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette @ Sephora Online!

Sephora has the Urban Decay Naked Palette in-stock! No clue how many they have, but I know that many of you have been scouring both the net and stores for it. I suggest Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm ($7.50) to get you to free shipping 😉  I hope our lovely readers are able to get theirs finally.  Let us know if you do!

Looks like it sold out around 2-3PM PST! And it’s back again! Out!

But it looks like ULTA may have it in stock… Use code 53131 at checkout for free shipping on orders of $25+.

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230 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette @ Ulta Online!

  1. diana

    not really sure what to think about urban decay’s sales tactics

    • shelly

      I blame Sephora more than UD themselves, personally.

      • Maggie

        It’s definitely not Sephora’s fault – the palette is constantly out of stock with all UD suppliers (and at itself), not just Sephora. UD keeps claiming to have difficulties manufacturing them, but it seems much more likely that they’re just trying to keep the hype as long as they can so – probably so that when they *do* finally stock it regularly they’ll make a ton of money from all the people who haven’t previously been able to get their hands on one.

        • It is the lack of availablitity that killed my desire for this palette. If a company makes it too difficult for me to gain access to a product, I’m not bothering. The same tactics made me lose interest in the MAC LE items.

          • UD did make this a *permanent* item, though – and as far as I know, UD did not expect it to sell as well as it has been. Usually companies that utilize that method of marketing do so with limited edition items!

            • I understand that, but with all the company takeovers that have been occuring, I have become more suspicious of cosmetics companies and their selling strategies. After Estee Lauder bought out Smashbox,I started receiving emails that try to convince me to buy more makeup, instead of focusing on the products themselves. That didn’t happen before the Estee Lauder buyout.So if UD claims to have a low stock of palettes, I am not in a rush to believe them. It would not surprise me if other companies beside those in the EL family attempted to gain more sales by witholding a product. But that is just me.

            • I’m just trying to give the other side of the coin for a fuller discussion :)

            • I understand that, and I appreciate it! :)

            • morena123

              Estee lauder owns a lot of companies though. MAC belongs to them, Bobbi Brown…and many more. If you’ve been to a CCO store, all of those cosmetic brands inside belong to them

          • Vhernan

            I totally agree. I opted for Tarte’s jewlery box instead. LOOOOOVE IT! I’m sure these would have sold just fine if they modified the packagine. its the shadows i want, not the box!

            • I would love to buy Tarte shadow boxes and Too faced one..but I find those bulky packaging useless and annoying to some extent….both to use and store. My Vanity table is small!

          • morena123

            I’m not a neutral shade girl, but i actually might buy it!!! great price, you get a primer potion with it and those shades are from the single eyeshadows and you get the same amount. You can do a smokey look with that or go neutral it has many uses. Luv it!!

    • Jennifer

      When I talked to a Sephora sales rep, they said that Urban Decay hadn’t been able to produce any for a while because they were having difficulties attaining for of the fabric for the boxes. Who knows if that’s actually accurate or not, haha.

      • Ani_BEE

        I say so without the felted fabric. lol It’s the only thing I don’t like about the package since it picks up every bit of powder or dust.

      • Ray

        see that’s what makes me not believe them, because yesterday a UD salesperson told me they didn’t have the resources for the the pencils….so which is it

    • May

      At least they try to keep it in stock and unlike so many products (cough MAC cough) this item lives up to the hype. I swear I use every color in this pallet.

  2. Yaz

    You’re too good Christine, the Best of the Best! I’m placing my order right away, and that tip of the lip balm for free shipping is just too thougthful. Thank you so much! Have a happy happy New Year! xoxo

  3. melissa

    I was lucky enough to get one for myself with a 20% ulta coupon as well as snag a few for gifts for my aunts at my local Sephora during their f&f sale! Hopefully everyone is able to get one before the ebay scammers get them all

  4. Corinne

    I just LOVE this palette so much…and glad I was able to pick it up for a friend that lives internationally…

  5. Fatema

    lol….jack black lip balm is my favorite too! thanks for your recommendation. it’s the best!

  6. Vanessa S

    OMG not fair i recently had to buy mine from Ebay… 79.00 :( ugh hurtsssssssss

    • christina

      Hmmm.. I must say I resisted to buy off ebay forever. Just shortly before Christmas I found a UK seller where I had to pay about 8 EUR more including shipping compared with the (increasingly unlikely) case I get it from the Sephora site (France – I say unlikely because they removed it from their online shop recently after it being marked “not at disposition” for months). I gave in because 8 EUR more does not make me feel too horrible. I would not know if pound-dollar exchange rates and overseas shipping would make these sellers too expensive for you US gals, though..

      I am loving the palette I must add. My favorite so far and I own quite a few palettes, including 2 big UD palettes and 2 mini seasonal ones.

  7. Lindsay Rose

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting FOREVER for the naked palette to come back in stock and would have never gotten my hands on it today if it weren’t for this post! Order is placed, and all is well with the world. :)

  8. Wendy

    Let the madness begin 😉 I hope anyone that doesn’t have it can finally get one!

  9. Christina M.

    just placed my order, nice way to use my VIB coupon :) and now I wait and hope that my “placed” status goes into “shipped and paid” mode pronto.

    • vivian

      VIB coupon? what is that? I’m a VIB and I never received one ):

      • Christina M.

        it was just 10% introductory coupon I received it a couple of days ago, its the 1st time I’ve qualified for it, so I was jazzed. that being said I don’t see why you wouldn’t get one if you requalifed, it would make sense to reward you for maintaining your status.

  10. Barbara

    I want one :(

  11. Marjan

    It’s nice of you to post this ^^

    I got my mum to buy me one in London (Urban Decay isn’t sold in Belgium).

  12. Svetlana

    The only way to get UD in my country is through ebay. I paid fortune for their BoS III and never again! Its just not worth it. UD sales tactics suck and if they want to be taken seriously they have to start shipping internationally.

  13. Chelsea

    Thanks so much for the tip!!! I zipped right over there and placed my order. Fingers crossed that Sephora doesn’t pull a MAC during Venemous Villains and tell you a product is out of stock after your order has been confirmed and your eagerly anticipating its ship date.

    I’m not a big fan of palettes, but I’ve been lemming this one for freakin’ ever.

  14. Somhrita

    kinda off topic… any techniques on reducing fallout with these gorgeous colors?

  15. ambersmile

    Thank you for posting the Urban Decay Naked Palette is back in-stock. I got one. You beat the Sephora back in-stock email. Thank you so much.

  16. Brooke


  17. Amanda R

    Thank you so much!!! Got the palette AND the lip balm!

  18. Christine

    GOT IT!!!!! YES!!!! And some more meteorites since I was paying crazy duty fees (ugh the only downfall of being Canadian)

  19. anna

    I had to make a choice between this or the 15th anniversary liner and I chose the liners, as much as I want this I have a tough time working with brown, they aren’t the most flattering on me.

  20. Pamela

    Love this palette! Possibly my favorite one from UD. Also this is off topic but I wanted to pass a great deal to you Christine and other fellow temptalia readers that is giving 3 free nailpolish on their site. Just pick 3 and use the code FB2011. The only thing you need to pay for is $6.95 for shipping. I already placed my order. Go get yours! :)

    • Vanessa S

      I want to personally thank you for this post!! You’re AWESOME. I just ordered hehehe! Thanks again.

    • Clarissa

      Yeah, really appreciate it. Just ordered my nail polishes. So excited!

    • Julie

      Do you know how long the offer is good for? Thanks :)

    • Annabelle

      love this! I’ve never tried Zoya but all the good reviews here and on MUA convinced me to try them! I actually placed multiple orders, the code seemed to work each time. Hopefully that’s not a fluke!

    • Ammirelle

      Thanks so much! Just ordered 6 of them! :) (as well as my NAKED palette)

    • Jean

      OMG Awesome deal!!! Thanks so much Pamela!!! I got 9 for … what’s 6.95 times 3??? LoL

      • Pamela

        Tell me about it right!? Awesome deal! But I didn’t know it possible to use the code more than once….lol…I actually tried it right now and placed another order. By the way this offer is good through January 7 so ladies…get your Zoya’s on!!!

        • I think Zoya may cancel your orders if you do it more than once, IIRC!

          • Jean

            Oh no, I hope they don’t! I’d be fine if they cancelled my second and third orders because I’d understand that but if they cancelled all of mine, including the first, so that I’m left with no Zoyas I will cry… :-( Hope that doesn’t happen!

        • Alli Winston

          Oooh this sounds like a good one! I’ve never tried any Zoya nail polishes…any good ideas on colors to try fora newbie?

    • Jean

      Yay just did the math that worked out to around $2.36 for bottle! That’s cheaper than drug store brands! 😀

    • Hannah

      Thanks for the heads up!
      But ugh, when I try to place my order, it won’t let me. After I enter my billing info and hit ‘continue’ it sends be back to the previous page (about shipping options)! So annoying! I’ll try again in the morning I guess…

      • Jean

        Yes definitely try again this is such a good deal! I had to keep trying and trying because in my case the website just didn’t come up for the first few hours, I think they maybe had too much traffic or something.

  21. Monica

    I got a backup! Yay! I also followed Christine’s suggestion and got the jack black lip balm. I’ve never tried it. So excited! Thanks Christine for giving us the heads up!

  22. Alyssa

    I am SOOOOOO Disappointed!!!! It says its out of stock again.

    • I just went and it still says add to basket for me!

      • Alli Winston

        ugh…I’m totally bummed…I got the Naked palette last night and was very excited, but didn’t see this post until this morning about the suggestion of the Jack Black lipbalm…totally forgot that I was interested in it…def can’t justify buying it on its own, huh??? so sad. really wanted to try it. you talk about it soooo much and i so want to try it…oh well, maybe next time. is there anywhere else that sells it where there is free shipping?

    • elise

      the palette is still available for sale!!!

      • Alyssa

        Ok, I am apparently a dummy. HAHA. I was so focused on the red print that I’d been seeing for so long that said it was unavailable, I failed to even notice that if you scrolled down it obviously allowed you to add it to your cart. HAHA. Just ordered it though! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! I also ordered the Jack Black Lip Balm. :)

  23. Tara

    I got the Naked Palette and the lip balm! Thanks for the recommendation! Im a chapstick junkie so Im excited to try Jack Black : )

  24. Erica

    YAY! I didnt even wait to read the rest of your post. Just went straight to and was just getting ready to check out when I saw the free shipping message. I went right back and put a Jack Black lip balm (I remembered you said it was the best!) in my cart then placed my order. Then I came back here to read the rest and see that you said to get one of the lip balms! lol I’m too excited right now. I guess there goes my “no-buy” for 3 months but oh well. It was worth it! Thank you!

  25. Monika

    How exciting! I absolutely love this palette, and I hope that more people get to grab one now that they’re in stock. It is definitely one of THE most versatile things in my makeup bag.

  26. Jessica

    Whoo I got it!! But i agree with a previous post, I hope they don’t pull a MAC faux pas.

  27. Ana

    YES!!! Just placed my order!! I have been wanting this palette 4-ever (like everyone else, I bet!)

  28. Brittany

    I got it!! But right when i was scrolling down on your site and i saw it was for sale, i went straight to sephora and placed my order. When I came back here, i saw you mentioned the lip balm for free shipping, but i already placed mine! But thanks Christine!

  29. just ordered mine!!!

  30. Kristin

    YES!!!!! I got a naked pallette today and the UD 15th anniversary liners yesterday!!!!! I feel so lucky! Time to hit the slotts

  31. Jennifer

    I was FINALLY able to get my hands on one!!!! 😀 And ironically, yesterday I called over 30 stores asking if they had any in stock. (Obsessive, I know, but my friend has this palette and I’ve been dying to get one for sooo long so I don’t have to keep stealing hers). But oh man, after MAC Peacocky AND this my wallet is sobbing. :(

  32. Veronica

    Ah-mazing! Order placed!

  33. shelly

    I ordered mine from Ulta last month. (They’ve been much better at restocking this than Sephora.) Love it. :)

    I don’t think it’s so much UD’s sales tactics that are to blame than it is Sephora’s idiocy of waiting until after the holidays to restock it on the site after they ran out in, what, September? (Maybe earlier than that?)

    • Lorna

      i just thought it was a ploy by sephora to prevent people from using the VIB $20.00 discount and the 20 % F&F sale discount on the palette. although i think it’s important to note that UD site still does not have this in stock and Ulta has been sold out/not available as well.

      i am just glad i ordered the 15th anniversary 24/7 liners set from UD and the naked palette from Sephora recently and i can’t wait to get them.

      it’s funny because urban decay has never been my favorite brand but lately they have been releasing products/sets that make me love them more.

  34. April

    Thank you I just ordered mine!! Can’t wait!

  35. Allison

    YES! placed my order 😀 has anyone from canada had problems with charges at the door with sephora?

    • Kristin

      Sephora charges the duty & taxes up front so you shouldn’t have any problems at the door.

    • Holly

      I’ve ordered from to Canada a number of times and have never had a problem.
      They add duty onto your total at checkout, so it seems that they are pretty good at covering all bases.

      If you miss it at the door you will have to go and pick it up though – Canada Post won’t leave it (at least they don’t for me).

      Also, remember that Sephora ships to Canada for free as long as you spend CAD$120.00. …AND you can make in-store returns for items purchased online…

  36. Laura J

    Just placed my order, it said it went through but ill have to wait for my tracking number until im sure that it wanst back-ordered.
    I believe if you are placing an order to be shipped to Canada you have to send i think $150 for the free shipping.
    Cant wait to get it in the mail!
    Really did not want to pay the crazy amounts that sellers on ebay had it up for!!!

    • Jean

      Oh wow, you have to spend $150?! That is a lot!! Glad you could get it without the ebay scalping though…

      • Sarah

        It’s $120 (before tax) for free shipping to Canada :) But – there are duty fees that they include when you get to the Sephora checkout (boo!)

    • Kristin

      It’s $120. Pretty steep :( I was scouring around like a mad woman looking for other things I’ve been wanting so I could get the free shipping.

      • Sabah

        I was doing the same thing today, as soon as i got the tweet from Urban Decay on my phone i ran to the computer, i already had 2 things in the cart, but i had to add things to the cart to make my total $120 to get free shipping! i had to start work @ 1pm & i was still home @ 12.55pm shopping on lol

  37. Makavelina

    Thank you Christine, for the update! I will have money on my account on Monday, so I hope one will still wait for me on Amazon’s Sephora storefront 😀 Have it in my cart already, let the week be over NOW! 😀

  38. Joyce

    I placed my order!! Super excited. I can’t wait use the palette.

  39. Pan

    thank you so much for letting us know!!!! ive been waiting for a longggg time and finally i can bring it home! what a nice new yr present to myself 😛

  40. Yvonne

    i definitely just ordered the balm and the palette. i’m excited to try the balm!

  41. Nicole

    Yes…I got it too…it let me add it to my basket eventhough it said out of stock.

  42. HC

    Ordered! I’m so excited :) I got the Rosebud lip balm in the strawberry flavor to get free shipping, haha

  43. Lucie

    And this is where it really sucks to be of an age where I still have to use mommy’s credit card for online purchases. She won’t be home from work for another two hours, I think I’m gonna miss out on this one. :'(

    • saku

      I kind of wanted it for so long. And at that time waiting I’m may be over it. Not sure if I still want it.

  44. Gretchen

    Hmmm…not sure if want. It’s gorgeous and tempting, but it’s still expensive, and I’m a bit on the poor side right now. If it’s still available from some place when my birthday rolls around next month, I’ll ask for it then.

  45. Karyne

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, after waiting for months, I was able to place my order. Still available. Thank you Christine!

  46. Jean

    I got one! Got the e-mail from Sephora (I signed up to be notified if it was in stock again) and as soon as I woke up and checked my inbox, I rushed over and added it, along with a nail polish that tided my total over to $53 (got free shipping.)

    Kind of torn about this; I’d just been waiting so long that I felt like I *had* to get it once I had the chance, so even though I’m on a no-buy I went into a frenzy and completed the purchase. At the same time I already kind of have too many eyeshadows because I’ve stocked up on neutrals while the Naked Palette was OOS… Feel a little resentful about the sales tactics really, because if I could’ve gotten the palette a little sooner I wouldn’t have bought all the others and I’d just have one solid neutral palette, wouldn’t I? But then again I’m a fool for falling for it, so I have no one to blame but myself (almost.)

    Sigh. Still (kind of) happy I got it though!

  47. Dhariane

    ohmygoodness yay! I just placed my order on Sephora and bought one for myself and my sister. I even upgraded my shipping so that hopefully i can surprise her with it :) Thanks so much for posting this, i’ve been stalking every online retailer that carries UD ever since the palette was released.

  48. Elysia

    This is totally off topic, but i just opened my 17 and there is a picture of an eyeshadow quad from the Wonder Woman collection! Looks like theres special pakaging. It’s $40 and called “defiance” with shades of violet

  49. Maya

    YES. Got some new spring stuff including the liners and now finally the naked palette 😀
    Glad I checked…this makes my crappy day so much brighter.

  50. Tricia

    Just bought one!

  51. Julie

    Save one for me! I dont’t get paid until Friday :)

  52. this is like a dream come true :)

  53. Kat

    Aww, I live in Canada so free shipping for me is $120 and I’m not willing to pay that much for free shipping. So I really hope one of my local Sephora stores get it soon.

  54. Angel Luv

    Wooo hoo, snagged one. I got the email from Sephora, got a Mist & Fix mini, but my hubby loves the Jack Black lip balm.

  55. vanetta stanford

    It’s about time!!!

  56. Holly

    FINALLY! I immediately went and placed my order!
    I’ve had a bunch of stuff in my shopping basket waiting for this to come back in stock (in order to get free shipping to Canada) for MONTHS!
    Thanks for the heads-up Christine!

  57. Kat D.

    Got the palette AND the lip balm 😉 Those lil suggestions will def keep me coming back for your recommendations again and again!

  58. Has anyone checked Macy’s? They always seem to have a lot in stock at the stores I go to…. Just a little tip.

    Also, did Jack Black raise the prices?! Could’ve sworn I’ve only been paying $7 a tube for the last few years but now it’s $7.50? Blah..

  59. Ashley

    Oh my gosh Christine! I got a Jack Black lip balm and you’re right it’s AMAZING!!:D

  60. Haley

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been waiting for this FOREVER! And I finally got to order it today. I actually got an email about it before I even saw this, and I ordered it right away. I’m so excited!

  61. Diane

    $53, plus $6.77HST plus $3.44 duty, and $9.95 shipping.

    $73.16 total.

    Still better than the ones i’d found on Ebay! (and hopefully well worth the money!)

  62. yea!! finally! i got one along with my philosophy cleanser!! Thanks Christine!!!!

  63. sophie

    why is sephora’s website sooooooooooos slow?!!!! because of NAKED?

  64. Karen

    Ugh, after buying the UD liner kits, some MAC brush cleaner and Dalliance and Cranberry, as well as 2 orders of Zoya polish with the BOG2 and a bottle of Zoya remove+….I think I’m gonna be waiting for the hype to calm down and get this on a sale or something.

  65. Em

    Finally got ahold of mine! Ordered this morning from and paid for express shipping. Here’s hoping it’ll be here within the week!

  66. Elena

    Is it going to sell out really quickly again? I could blow a ton of money on it now or I could wait until my birthday in March… but I’m worried it’ll be out of stock. And besides, I’ve already been waiting forever. Gahh!

  67. Danielle

    I just got online for the first time today, and it is already sold out again. :(

  68. Catherine

    That was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE no trace of it on the canadian website and cant find it in store here because it is written in english (naked) and we have law prohibiting things that arent biliguial. I officially give up on the naked palette :(

    • Diane

      Where in Canada are you that has that? Quebec?
      I know in BC, back in August, both stores on the Lower Mainland had them(but were sold out, unfortunately)
      I was able to order it online at the Canadian site today though.

    • Holly

      Which Canadian website are you looking at? ships to Canada. You shouldn’t have a problem purchasing from that website. I just ordered mine yesterday!

  69. Lucie

    Wahooo! Ordered mine along with a new bottle of my favourite foundation I’ve been trying to resist buying, diorskin nude! I think I deserve a little new years present. 😉

  70. ozlem

    Trying to get this at for the past 2 hours with loads of work to do. While trying to check out for the umpteenth time I find that by shopping bag has been reduced by 1, guess what?

  71. I saw it on Sephora this afternoon and bought a second one. Yeah, I love it THAT much! I just looked on Sephora and it’s out of stock again. Although, Ulta is suppose to be getting a shipment soon. For those who missed out this time, keep checking on

    My only problem is that Urban Decay on Facebook claims that they don’t know when the items will be in stock. Seriously, Sephora doesn’t tell them anything? I find it hard to believe. It’s like they want their fans to hit refresh 5,000 times.

  72. Victoria N.

    Its sold out again. :(((

  73. Xiao

    So irritating! I’ve been out the whole day and was trying to buy it through the sephora app/phone browser but it wouldn’t let me connect :( now it’s sold out again. It’s so infuriating since I actually caught it in stock warghgh

  74. AnGeLwInGz

    Am I a weirdo for never being interested in this item? I don’t think I’d use the matte ones and I already own Sin, Half Baked, Smog, Toasted, Gunmetal, and of course a Zero or six! I like Sidecar, Darkhorse, and Hustle but not so much that I’d give anything to own one. Congrats to those who finally got them though!!!

  75. Cindy

    It’s not sold out. I talked to Customer Service at Sephora and they had to put a temporary hold on it, because the site was crashing! It’s back up now, and I got mine! Yea!!!

  76. Carrie Ann

    It already sold out (of course), but that’s okay. I can wait for this palette, since I already have most of the shades that are in it. Plus, I have other neutral palettes, so it’s not a big deal. I just got Book of Shadows Vol. III w/ a 20% discount I had at I’m glad I got it when I did because it’s no longer available on or It’s really annoying when the things you want become unavailable so quickly. I wasn’t able to get what I wanted from the Mickey Contractor collection, either.

  77. Nazish

    I just checked and it still let me put it in my basket and go all the way through checkout! I already bought one this morning but I just wanted to see if it was still available. Thanks Christine for the heads up. :)

  78. Amy

    I got the last one at Ulta today!! good luck to everyone else trying to get this! i know what you’re going through!!

  79. I’m thinking about buying a third one (for my blog) and I notice that it keeps going from ‘not in stock’ to ‘add to basket’. If you can get this right now, then I suggest you go for it!

  80. Jehna

    i just clicked on the like & its back IN STOCK… i didnt purchase one. but i am sure who ever wants one can get one now…. & that 3 pm pst

  81. Paz Z.

    I not only found mine at Ulta when it was out of stock EVERYWHERE about a month ago, but I got it for $35 because I had a coupon. I feel bad for the people who went crazy and bought it on ebay for $80

  82. bobbigirl999

    thankyou,placed an order with the lipbalm.How thoughtful of you for that suggestion.

  83. Leah

    Got mine (finally). I’ve been kicking myself for MONTHS for not purchasing it when I had the chance before.. I had one in my cart and during checkout decided not to.. I’ve regretted it since! No longer though 😀

  84. Anneliese

    You’re the best! I was so excited when I read your post and went straight to Sephora’s website – which was running super slow and that’s when they ran out – and now it’s back! Thanks so much for posting this! You’ve saved me from spending a ridiculous amount on Ebay!

  85. Karen

    Just ordered mine and received a confirmation email. So excited! There is no Sephora in my city so thanks for posting it was available Christine :)

  86. natalia

    Picked up the palette and Dior Extreme Foundation. Got a bunch of great fragrance/skincare deluxe samples. I’m actually super pumped to try the NARS eye makeup remover sample haha go figure.

  87. Michelle

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I got home around 6pm and saw this post and had the palette in my cart. Then the site crashed and it was sold out again. I was so disappointed, but i came back on your blog and you said it was back in stock again. So I had my brother order it for me as a late christmas present =)

  88. WithIt

    Yay! Got mine tonight!!! :) Thanks, Christine for the heads up! Also trying Jack Black’s lip balm in lemon & chamomile… sounded sooo soothing! :)

  89. Steph

    I’ve had mine for months now, I got lucky. When I first saw the rumblings on the internet about the Naked palette, I went straight to my Sephora and they put me on a waiting list, and there had to be a few dozen people already signed up. A few weeks later I got a call and it was there waiting for me :) It is great, I hope you all love yours!

  90. I just bought it!!! Yayyy! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  91. Ariel

    Christine, I think that’s the best photo I’ve seen of the palette so far. It really shows how awesome the colors are.


    Finally it is here! I am glad I waited and didn’t go palette diving on Ebay… Thank you Temptalia for all you do for the makeup community :-)

  93. K

    You rock Christine!!

  94. Thanks for posting! I just placed my order.

  95. Amelia

    I was thinking about buying some more nuetrals form Mac would be better to just get this palette?
    I’m not planning on making purchases any time soon.
    I go through eyeshadows pretty slowly. I just hit pan on my first color (of my 5 everyday colors) after a year and it’s a pretty soft formula (haux).

  96. Margaret

    just bought mine! kicked myself after they sold out so i jumped on this when i saw it

  97. Meghan

    I was sure I was going to miss out because the site was running soooooo painfully slowly..but I did! I hope everyone else who wanted one got theirs too! :)

  98. Catherine

    I got one :) finally

  99. RosaVee

    Just placed my order — finally! :-)

  100. RAYISHA