Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Sephora has Urban Decay’s Naked Palette back in stock here.

My review & swatches can be found here.

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58 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette Available @ Sephora!

  1. It popped up yesterday afternoon, and I ordered it then. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Christine – would you do more looks for us with this palette? I loved the first one.

  2. cass

    any word if this is just online or if it’s in stores today? :]

  3. I’ve been lemming this since you wrote a post about it but I realllly wish I didn’t have to buy it online!

  4. t_zwiggy

    Is this palette LE or permanent? If it’s LE I need to get it ASAP, even though I can’t really afford it atm.

  5. Alexis

    I have a very BAD feeling that it’ll be sold out tomorrow when I run there right after work!

  6. I hope they have this in sephora in france – that’s where my fiance is! no UD in india yet :(

  7. Kristen

    Yay! I just ordered it off Sephora’s website … didn’t want to try to track it down at one of our local stores. I was just thinking yesterday how I was sad that I missed this originally and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get it again!

  8. AshleyMelissa

    Hi Christine, is this palette limited edition? Thank you

  9. Mina

    I really love this, and I know it’s a great deal, but I keep thinking, “Do I really need *that* many neutrals?” I already have a ton of neutral shadows, and if anything, I need more color! I was still totally set on getting this until I saw your review on the Vegan palette, which changed my mind on everything. ahhh! What to do!

  10. Renata

    Hope they have it in Sephora Asia also. I really want this!!

  11. Nicole

    Yay! So excited! Hopefully it is still in stock by the time I get home from work!! I don’t want to make an online purchase from my work computer. :p

  12. Deedee

    Mine came last Friday from Sephora, I can’t describe how much I love it!
    Christine, thank you so much for posting it that early!

  13. Dini

    Yay. I was at Sephora looking for this last night but it wasn’t in yet. Then I managed to order it from Very excited to get it. First UD palette I’ve ever bought!

  14. Michelle

    I called my local Sephora and they didn’t know when it would be in stores. They gave me a free shipping code to use (it is good for one week — so it will be good until July 21st) — s9gb142
    It worked for me!
    I didn’t know it was going to be permanent — I might have waited a little bit :)

    • Kara

      OMG Michelle! Thank you sooo much!!! i had just placed my order & was complaining to myself about shipping & expensive it made the palette..then i seen your post. I called sephora & they let me use your shipping code over the phone! The only thing they asked was what store gave me the code. I just made one up in my area.

      • Michelle

        Oh good — I’m so glad it worked for you! By the time you add shipping and tax — it jacks up that price. I love getting free shipping!

    • Petra

      Hi Michelle!
      Do You think I could order it using that code even if I’m in a country where we don’t have Sephora’s…? :(
      I’d love to buy it, but I just can’t afford shipping and tax to Hungary(Europe). I’ll be in Holland in August, but I’m unsure if I can buy it at a Sephora store there.

    • JB

      Thank you very much for sharing this!

  15. Grace

    It’s going in stores July 29th according to Facebook Sephora!!!

    But, it’s only up online for now until it sells out. Then they have to restock…

  16. ace

    yay!! i just ordered mine!!!

  17. Ksenya

    i got mine yesterday and i absolutely LOVE it!!!! Best beaty purchase of the summer.

  18. lauraaaaa

    in sephora STORES, it comes out in august, right?

  19. Shal

    FYI – I just contacted my Sephora (in Ontario, Canada) and they said they are expecting it tomorrow. I can’t wait!

    • Pam

      Shai – do you know which Sephora in Ontario?

    • hanhnee

      I just called the Sephora at the Whiteoaks mall in London, ON. They said they’re getting a shipment tmrw, but they won’t know if the UD Naked palette will arrive with it tmrw. She took my name down and said she’d call me if it comes in…

  20. Brenda

    No Sephora in my country, and the prices on ebay are crazy … so unfair!!!

    • Petra

      Ugh I know! I’m always a bit upset about not being able to find UD here, but with this palette, I’m seriously upset about missing out… :(

  21. yvette

    thanks for the tip, i just ordered it. i LOVE it. i have the urban ammo palette, buy there are too many glittery shades in there for me, which is frustrating because besides that the colors are great and pigmented. this looks great!!

  22. Hannah

    I just ordered it and cannot wait to receive it! (I also got the $15 smashbox eyeshadow palette… I’m curious to see how that will turn out because it’s gotten mixed reviews but the price is right)

  23. Ashley

    This is at the top of my list of items to buy before I’m broke.

  24. Kayla

    I got the email this morning from sephora because i missed it last week so i had them email me when it was in stock. I ordered mine today yay!

  25. JillyB

    Thank you, thank you! I ordered this as soon as I saw your comment on Twitter. I’m hoping to get it before I leave on vacation in 2 weeks. Then I won’t have to carry a bunch of little pots. I can’t wait!

  26. Haley

    YAY! I just bought it a couple of minutes ago.. thanks for letting us know, Christine!

  27. Krystal

    Does anyone know if and when Ulta will be getting this??

  28. LOL.. so funny because I was going to comment to tell you this -but you’re ahead of the game as usual! I’m surprised that Sephora’s releasing it before Urban Decay themselves!

    I’ve checked over the past few weeks and have seen the palette one Ebay going for about $80 -ridiculous. I wish bidders knew to just wait.. then they’d save some money and greedy sellers (although not all are greedy) wouldn’t make a couple bucks off those poor people who didn’t know the palette would be out so soon.

    • LOL! I try to stay on top of things–at least with the very in-demand kind of items!

      It is a shame that people are shelling out $80+ for this palette :(

  29. juanita

    Bought this palette along with Nars: The love set, paid $3 for 3 day ups shipping plus got 5 samples :)

  30. Neusi

    Cristine do you know if this palette is going to be limited edition or permanent? It’s because i’m not from the USA and don’t know if i should buy it on ebay or wait.
    Love your blog and thank you for your job!

  31. mandy

    I had a “nightmare” last night that I bought this palette only to get it home and realize someone had already used it then returned it! hahaha!

  32. ellie

    It’s out of stock again.

  33. Lis

    YAY, I just got the naked palette at a sephora store just 10 mins ago.

  34. pickeee

    not at sephora at rosedale mall or jcpenny in rosedale mall but i found it yesterday 8/2 at ulta! (rosevill.MN)

  35. Ana

    Just picked mine up. Thanks for the heads up, Christine!

  36. ShamSham

    Am in Mauritius and want one like this! :(

  37. Andrea

    Does anyone knows any website that has this palette and ship international? (Europe)