Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  • Foxy doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Half Baked is a repeat from Naked 1, so yes, there is a dupe–in fact, it’s 100% the same!
  • Booty Call is a peachier version of Virgin (Naked 1), but they’re really, really close. It’s just slightly warmer.
  • Chopper is more orange than Sidecar (Naked 1); I wouldn’t say they’re dupes, but they’re not totally different.
  • Tease doesn’t have any dupes, because it’s matte, so it doesn’t really appear the same as contenders like Sin and Toasted (both from Naked 1).
  • Snakebite is not as golden as Smog (Naked 1), but it’s nowhere near as dark as Darkhorse (Naked 1); however, if you mix both Smog and Darkhorse together, you get something rather similar.
  • Suspect is just a little more beige compared to Sidecar (Naked 1).
  • Pistol doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Verve doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • YDK looks pretty similar to both Sidecar and Toasted (both from Naked 1), and Sidecar is closer.
  • Busted is very, very similar to Hustle (Naked 1); at best, it might be a little less red-toned. It’s not like Darkhorse (Naked 1), though.
  • Blackout doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.

See comparison swatches!

Half Baked (Naked 2) vs. Half Baked (Naked 1)

Booty Call (Naked 2) vs. Virgin (Naked 1)

Chopper (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sin (Naked 1) vs. Tease (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Smog (Naked 1) vs. Snakebite (Naked 2) vs. Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Smog + Darkhorse (Naked 1)

Suspect (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Gunmetal (Naked 1) vs. Pistol (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

Verve (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sidecar (Naked 1) vs. YDK (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Busted (Naked 2) vs. Hustle (Naked 1)

Blackout (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

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644 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  1. ArditoK

    I have very fair/pale skin green eyes and very dark brown hair which one would you suggest? 

  2. danideeeXO

    hey i just got the first naked but now idk if i made the right decision. please help so i know if should exhange. i have brown hair, brown eyes and medium brown skin like kerry washington.

  3. Ana

    Hello there!  I have strong yellow undertones(asian) and I tan very easily in the summer seasons but I have fair-light skin during the winter seasons.  I have really dark brown eyes and brown hair.  And I’m really having a hard time which one to get.  I prefer smokey eye looks because it’s not that it doesn’t show on me, but my eye features or eye bone structure ( I can’t explain it well) is not that strong.  Thanks. 

  4. WandaRenee

    I have dark skin(African), dark brown eyes and blk hair. Which palette would you recommend?  

  5. LaurenS

    Hi! I have lightish brown hair with some blonde and a lightish tan skin tone. I also have green-gray eyes that can look really dark or light at times and sometimes people think they’re brown they’re so dark. Which palette would work for me?

  6. Madmad1212

    Hey I have blonde hair, very fair skin, and light blue eyes. I have the Naked 1, should I buy the Naked 2? Will it make a difference?

  7. Salina

    Hi Christine, I know I’m a bit late with the whole Urban Decay naked palette hype but I really want one now, I’m a nc40 so I’m very warm toned but I like wearing makeup that appears very natural, so which of the two palettes would you recommend; the original or the 2? :)

    Thanks x

  8. Hiral

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks a lot for the swatches! I am debating between the naked palette original or naked palette 2. Wanted to find out from you which palette has more brown/bronze/golden shades. I am a huge fan of shimmery browns. I don’t like pinks or blacks so much. Please lemme know :)


  9. Mamiee

    Im really thinking about getting the naked 2 pallette, but now that ive seen some great reviews on the naked 1, i cant seem to decide which one. any suggestions?