Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  • Foxy doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Half Baked is a repeat from Naked 1, so yes, there is a dupe–in fact, it’s 100% the same!
  • Booty Call is a peachier version of Virgin (Naked 1), but they’re really, really close. It’s just slightly warmer.
  • Chopper is more orange than Sidecar (Naked 1); I wouldn’t say they’re dupes, but they’re not totally different.
  • Tease doesn’t have any dupes, because it’s matte, so it doesn’t really appear the same as contenders like Sin and Toasted (both from Naked 1).
  • Snakebite is not as golden as Smog (Naked 1), but it’s nowhere near as dark as Darkhorse (Naked 1); however, if you mix both Smog and Darkhorse together, you get something rather similar.
  • Suspect is just a little more beige compared to Sidecar (Naked 1).
  • Pistol doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Verve doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • YDK looks pretty similar to both Sidecar and Toasted (both from Naked 1), and Sidecar is closer.
  • Busted is very, very similar to Hustle (Naked 1); at best, it might be a little less red-toned. It’s not like Darkhorse (Naked 1), though.
  • Blackout doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.

See comparison swatches!

Half Baked (Naked 2) vs. Half Baked (Naked 1)

Booty Call (Naked 2) vs. Virgin (Naked 1)

Chopper (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sin (Naked 1) vs. Tease (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Smog (Naked 1) vs. Snakebite (Naked 2) vs. Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Smog + Darkhorse (Naked 1)

Suspect (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Gunmetal (Naked 1) vs. Pistol (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

Verve (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sidecar (Naked 1) vs. YDK (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Busted (Naked 2) vs. Hustle (Naked 1)

Blackout (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

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644 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  1. Phoebe

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman,
    I do not post many comments but I do appreciate the kind work of Christine she places so much effort in keeping this blog up to date with so much in the beauty world.
    I have a lot of make up and purchased the First Naked palette 2 weeks ago.
    On a personal level I had to get real with my make up purchases and really use all from my make up.A year ago I made a decision to start rotating all of my make up systematically so that I looked up all of my products which meant all of the things I may have only used once or twice.
    It’s therapeutic in a way as it feels as though someone has brought you a present.
    That is why I have only just purchased the first palette.I have found this palette compliments a matt professional palette which I also use.I have learnt how to mix basic shades to make certain shades.I think Christine will agree that if you get creative with some basic shades you leave a lot to the imagination.Ladies, really have a look at what you have get creative as you can mix so so much before you part with your money in these hard times.
    Finally, Christine, you do a wonderful review and put your heart and soul in to every thing.
    So although I may not leave many comments I do read them all.
    Warm regards to all of you and I wish you all content and happiness during Christmas and throughout the New Year!

  2. Naheeda

    Love new palette but can see many similar colours.

    Cant see the pictures of inside the palette. Please put up if you have.
    Thank you.

  3. Christine2

    I like that you swatched Half-Baked from both palettes! Haha… seriously, this is the best Naked vs Naked2 review I’ve seen. Thank you for swatching the similar colors–just eyeballing the palettes raises a lot of dupe questions but seeing them like this really helps! Everyone that owns the original Naked wants to know if Naked2 is worth getting too. With the exceptions of Pistol and Busted, I would say no. But if I didn’t have either, I would pick Naked2.

  4. momma353

    Your review was great! The comparison really helped in my decision. There are so many similar colors that I find that it’s just not worth it. I would’ve like to see the 2nd compliment the first. If there is a matte coming out, I’ll just wait for that. I also wish that they kept the potion with it.

  5. Wow… it’s like they shuffled the colors around to make it look like it was a completely new product! I’d like to look at them in person and think I might pick one with a gift card I received, not sure which… but thanks for helping with the comparisons!

  6. Jody

    What would you recommend if I dont have either palette. I have olive colored skin and wanted to purchase either naked 1 or 2.

  7. missjackiedenise

    So….for someone who doesn’t have the first naked, which would you recommend?
    I’m leaning towards naked 2. :)

    • I prefer Naked 1, but I prefer great quality over just good.

    • I prefer the original but they’re both amazing. If you like cool taupe tones go for 2, if you prefer warm toned colors def get the original. A couple of naked 2’s colors don’t show well on me- like foxy doesnt show and booty call is so light I can only use it as a high light. With those complaints aside, I adore naked 2.

  8. Jamie

    Hey! I just wanted to say I love your website first of all! But I am having trouble picking which palette to get! They both seem very nice but I didn’t know which would compliment my skin tone the best. I am Asian but a lot of people tend to think I’m Hispanic or South American because of my tan skin. They both look very similar but I need help on deciding which will compliment me the best… Thanks!<3

  9. Jordan

    Hey! I just wanted to say I love your website first of all! But I am having trouble picking which palette to get! They both seem very nice but I didn’t know which would compliment my skin tone the best. I am Asian but a lot of people tend to think I’m Hispanic or South American because of my tan skin. They both look very similar but I need help on deciding which will compliment me the best… Thank you very much for the in depth review to this product! I am in LOVE with Urban Decay’s shadows but as you can tell I’m very torn about which palette I should choose! LOL thanks :)

  10. Missjackiedenise

    Oh so the quality of the shadows is different?
    Oh btw I love your blush section. What nars blushes do u recommend for everyday?
    My skintone is like nc30-35

  11. Daindra

    I think the color bootycall, chopper, snakebite, and YDK looks EXACTLY the same with the colors in Naked 1. Is it possible that they only rename the shadows?

  12. Sally

    Do you prefer the Naked palette or the Naked palette 2?

  13. Sally

    I own the first naked palette. I like the second naked palette but i can’t decide if i want it or not. would you recommend it?

  14. Keistrel

    Hello Christine! If you were to get only one of the naked palettes, which one would you prefer?

  15. Kat

    Sooooo love the colors, kinda sucks how they reused some of the colors, but hey, i totally wouldn’t mind having more of it since i use it so frequently. lol
    question though, is Naked 2 permanent for the urban decay line? that way i know i really dont have to fight someone in the store for it. i signed up for the email list when it restocks but by the time i get it it sells out sooooo quickly lol.

  16. I loved seeing the colors from different palettes side by side. Thanks for posting this! I like the original a teeny bit better but it really is a close call. I like that the original has more warm colors. I like to use warm and darker colors for smoky looks. If you don’t want to spend the $98 for both, do what I do and ask for sephora gift cards for christmas and your bday :)

  17. J

    Hi, I was just wondering if you had to choose between the 2 palettes, which one would you choose? Naked 1 or 2? Thanks!

  18. Sara Ferreira

    i’m sorry, i hadn’t realised you had another review of the naked2. i’ve already read it and know that the most similar colour you could find is mac quarry. thank you and sorry!!

  19. Hi, I would really appreciated if you can help me to decide what palette is best for me Naked or Naked 2 ???? My hair is dark blonde and I have dark blue eyes, pale pink skin. Thanks 4 your time!!! =)

  20. noor

    plz help me that which palette shud i buy.i am an asian, have a medium dark skin tone. n black shud i get palette1 or 2

  21. Julie

    Honestly, I can’t justify spending another $50 on a very similar palette. There looks to be only about two very different shades from the original palette. After seeing your swatches, thanks by the way, I’ll just keep enjoying what I have. The original is gorgeous and if ever I need a black shade, I’m sure I could find a good one without spending $17. I have my eye on the Loreal HIP in platinum duo, which is a gorgeous silver and black combo at a great price on Amazon. Still thinking on it. :)

  22. Brittney

    I was interested in purchasing one of the Naked palettes. Which one would you recommend?

  23. Judy

    Thank you so much for the swatches! I’ve been planning on buying the first Naked palette for a few months now, but now that Naked 2 is out, I’m not sure which palette to get anymore (I’m leaning towards the first one, but it’s quite warm and also, I love Verve, so I keep changing my mind) I was wondering if I could ask – which palette do you think would be more suited to NC20-25 Asian skin? :)

  24. Mery

    Hi! your post is great but which one do you think is better? I don¬īt have neither of them (they are not available in my country) and a friend is bringing me one. which one should i choose??? Thanks!!!

  25. jyoti

    I don’t have either the naked palette one or two.
    and I am soo confused which one to buy.. so christine,, which one would you buy if you didn’t have either. one or two ?
    I have an indian skin tone,, not too fair, not dark .
    and i like more of shimmery shades.
    please suggest.
    I also like bobby brown’s bronze eyeshadow/bronzer set.
    which one should i go for?

  26. natalie

    just wondering which of these you’d say is more of a necessity?
    can’t decide at all!!

  27. Caitlin

    I don’t have the first one so this seems nice… though I want the new palette from smashbox with the pretty pastels O 3O <3

  28. Jane

    Hey Christine, your blog is awesome! This post especially was super helpful.

    And I realize I’m a little late to be jumping the gun, but I think I found a cheaper dupe of Chopper. (Which is my favorite shade here, based on your swatches.) But anyway, the potential is L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush. It’s a loose eyeshadow with a similar shade and finish, but it’s missing the micro-glitter. Just FYI :)

    Thanks for the awesome blog!

  29. Rina

    If you had to choose just one, which would you choose?

  30. presley

    i cant deside what one a want i have reddy brownish hair normal skin tone and grey blue eye what one would you thnk would be better for me ?

  31. MandyJanssen

    hi can you tell me if the naked 2 pallete fits me.i have dark brown hair, blue/green eyes and i have a light to medium skin color 

  32. daniellef

    HI!! gorgeous colors! im absolutely dieing for one of the naked palettes!!! i’m blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin. which one would i look best with?! i love them both!

  33. Olivia

    Hi Christine, I have been looking at these swatches and reading this post for such a long time and I still cant decide whether to buy naked I or naked 2. The thing is, because I have pale skin and blue eyes, the standard answer is that I should buy naked 2, but I seem to like naked 1 better. I like nighttime looks, and naked 2 seems to have much paler colors than the original naked… would the original naked still work for me? or should I just go with the naked 2? Am I right in saying the naked 2 has fewer dark colors and less variety than naked 1? (Please help!! I’ve been debating this for soo long)

    • Hi Olivia,
      Naked 1 will work on your complexion, I’d say. I don’t think that Naked 2 is so different that one would FOR SURE work so much better for you than the other.

    • jenna paige

      olivia, i have darker olive asian skin. i look good in purple but not orange. I have no idea which one to get naked 1 or naked 2. Lik Christine, I have been debating for so long. i am also older and i’m wondering if perhaps shimmer and glitter shadows are something i should be staying away from? (as in do i stick to the matte shades instead?) This one mean perhaps I should buy the matte shades separately? I am confused and any guidance would help.¬† I also feel more comfortable wearing less color…I like to blend in with my brown clothing (example).¬† However, I don’t own any blue or green eye shadow (which is from naked 1).¬† Thanks for your help in advance

  34. Olivia

    I have been looking at these swatches for such a long time and I still cant decide 1 or 2.
    Because IÔĽŅ have pale skin and blue eyes, the standardÔĽŅ answer is that I should buy naked 2, but I seem to like naked 1 better. I like nighttime looks, and naked 2 seems to have much paler colors than the original naked. Would the original naked still work for me? or should I just go with the naked 2? Am I right in saying the naked 2 has fewer dark colors and less variety than naked 1? (Please help!!)

  35. Elyne

    Hi Christine, I was wondering if you would recommend the palettes to be used professionally or just privately. Thanks for the swatches btw :)

  36. MandyJanssen

    hi can you tell me if the naked 2 pallete fits me.i have dark brown hair, blue/green eyes and i have a light to medium skin color 

  37. Aurora Acephalus

    Do you know if Urban Decay is making another Naked palette and if so when? Im pale with olive tones to my skin, dominantly green eyes and dark blonde hair..I THINK Id do better with Naked 1 as it would give me some warmth, I also prefer golds..Thank you so much for this post it was extremely helpful and definitely going to be the deal breaker in my decision!:)

  38. buttons

    Hi, I have black hair, dark skin and and brown eyes. What pallete would suit be better (1 or 2)? thankyou!

  39. iamkim_me

    I don’t see a big difference at all. ¬†I would take either, but I am leaning toward 1.

  40. dadae

    Hi, What pallete will suit me better ifI have a yellow medium skin tone, black hair and dark brown eyes ? Should I go for 1 or 2 ? Thanks ūüėÄ

  41. MandyJanssen

    hi christine which pallete suits me better if i have brown hair blue eyes and a light to medium skin tone

  42. Natasha

    I’m ready to order and I don’t know which one! I’m rather pale with peachy undertones and almost hazel eyes and recently dyed my hair dark brown what do you think would be best?? Naked one or two?!?

  43. Sarai

    Hey Christine! I’m between olive/deep in skin tone, brown hair and brown eyes, what suits me better the naked 1 or naked 2?

  44. MandyJanssen

    hi christine! i have a light to medium skin,brown hair and blue/green eyes what suits me better naked 1 or 2please help me 

  45. Hi Christine! Just wondering which ones is better for asian skin tones!

  46. prettycliche

    Hey! I’m asian, my veins in natural light are blueish with a tiny hint of green, so i think i’m neutral -ish? still not sure :( . I have black hair. brown eyes. Could you please recommend naked 1 or naked 2? :)

  47. SarahElert

    Hey, which palette should I get if I have very fair and rosy skin, blue eyes and brown hair?

  48. TanyaShif

    Hi Christine,
    I’m dark blonde with green eyes and a milky-white skin and I cannot decide which palette should I get. They both seem so gorgeous to me =)
    What would you recommend?

  49. Kennedy

    Hey Christine! I have fair-medium skin, brown hair with natural hints of blonde and dark brown eyes. Which palette would be best for me to try out? :)

  50. yanelir93

    Hey, i was wondering which of these two palette i should get? I use bare minerals original in the color warm tan. and i was just wondering which one is better because I think i need both of the palettes.

  51. Christine34

    Do you think it is worth it to get both palettes? Or they too similar to get both? I am nc45 with dark brown eyes.

  52. Samantha

    Hi Christine!
    I am Asian and have the Naked 1 palette. Do you think it’s necessary to get Naked2?¬†

  53. michtlo

    Hi Christine, I’d just like to ask which palette do you think I should invest in? I am Asian with a fair-medium(TANNED) skin, black hair but dyed it a bit brown, and I also have dark brown/black eyes… I’m so confused, I’ve always been doing smokey (brown) eyes, which one do you think I should get? Help! :) Thanks so much!

  54. behappybecca

    Hello Christine, i was wondering which pallet to buy.. I have pale skin with dark Brown hair and green eyes. Help please! Thank you:)

  55. sarah_b

    I love both paletts  are so cute! I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. What palette would be better for me? Im a teenager so I like shimmer! thanks(:

  56. Sara_D

    hi christine, I can only get one palette and I am a bit torn on which one to get. I have very fair (pale) skin with freckles, dark brown eyes, and natural red/orange hair. I like shimmer more than any other finish.

  57. mollympotts

    Hi Christine:) I have really pale skin with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. which pallet do you think i should purchase?

  58. Janelle

    Hey! Just wondering which one to get, I’m an NC20 with brown eyes! Thanks :))

  59. OliviaB

    I have long curly medium brown hair with hazel eyes (more on the brown side) and I’m 17… Which palette do you recommend for me? I’m having so much trouble deciding!

  60. OliviaB

    I also have medium toned skin

  61. SofiaGomez2510

    Hi, I have little eyes and long brown haIr I’m white which one did you recommend for me??? I don’t know which one I really need please help me

  62. Ruth

    Hi I have black hair and lighter black skin (a bit mixed), which palette would you recommend for me? THANKS, IT’LL HELP SO MUCH.

  63. Brea

    Hi Christine, I have very fair skin with rosy undertones. Blondish Hair with Green Eyes. Which Palette do you recommend for me?

  64. maddie

    for blonde hair and blue/green eyes, what would you recommend for someone in their early 20s?

  65. Kaya

    i’m hazel-eyed, fair sking, dirty blonde hair, late teens; which would you recommend?¬†¬†~Kaya C:

  66. Vanessa

    I bought the Naked 1 when it first came out and ended up returning it because all of the colors seemed to get a bit of a greenish undertone on my skin. (I have medium skin with beige undertones). I wonder if the Naked 2 would have less of a tendency to look greenish on me?

  67. ChachiFartridge

    Do you know what good MAC dupes for snakebite and suspect would be?

  68. Stephaniejust104

    I have brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, with almost tan skin, which palette do you think would suit me?

  69. Nicole

    hi christine! im asian and i have very fair skin(white)! i have black/dark brown eyes and black hair. Which one should i get? thanks!

  70. lovejust101

    I have fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes.. which palette would be better for me?

  71. justyournormalasianteen

    Hello! I’m Asian with tanned skin, black/brown hair, with light brown eyes. I’m wondering if I should get the Naked or Naked 2 Palette. Please help! :]

  72. hayashi

    hi, i’m an asian,. my skin is tan like jessica alba, but fairer a bit. i have dark chocolate eyes and short hair. So i am wondering that which palette is more suitable for me. >.<

  73. 2kurokiwi

    Hi, I have a quite pale, neutral skin tone, I use the lightest shade in most foundations. My eyes are blue and my hair is a dark/dirty blonde. Which palette do you think would be suitable for me? Thanks :)

  74. izzyrulez247

    i have an ivory skin tone, brown long hair and light green eyes. i use the 2nd to 3rd lightest foundation. what pallet would be best for me? thank you!

  75. OliviaBaker

    I have vibrant red hair with hazel eyes. I have very light skin (more pink-ish than yellow) and of course lots of freckles but I am not covered in them. I don’t have either but really would like to invest in one so which would you recommend! Thanks!

  76. lxspnay

    Hey, I love shimmer eye shadows & I have dark skin, black long hair, and dark brown eyes. What do you think, 1 or 2?

  77. Maryam

    Hey, I like neutral toned eye shadows. I have long dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. What palette would be best for me?

  78. Sara

    Hi i have medium/beige skin, hazel eyes, and brown hair. I really want to get the most out of the palette i choose, so the best range of colors is great. which palette do you think i should get?

  79. Maddy Repich

    Hey, I have dirty blonde hair, blue/green/greyish eyes and am slightly tanned. Which would look best? :)

  80. DannySanzLover

    Hello Darling!!Thanks for this lovely post!! I am contemplating getting one of the palettes. I have a light to medium skin tone and I usually wear Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 117, I have light brown eyes and my hair is brown but currently I have it dyed with hints of red in it. Which palette do you think would work best for me? Thank you! 

  81. lisa

    hey! I can’t decide if i should get 1 or 2… i have dark brown eyes, very dark brown hair (almost black, with slight red tints) and my skin is medium probaby… which one would be bettter for me? thanks! :)

  82. jules

    hey! i still can’t decide..i have long brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes. very fair skin. i’d love to hear your opinion, which would you recommend? thanks!

  83. chloe

    Thank you for the wonderful swatches! ¬†I’m having a hard time deciding which pallet to buy. ¬†I have super pale skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. ¬†Which pallet would look better on me? ¬†Thank you!

  84. Olivia

    Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I’ve wanted a “Naked” palette for a while now, and I can’t decide which palette to get. I have golden blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, and a light-tan skin tone and complexion. I want a very natural look that would look best. What do you recommend? Thank you very much!

  85. megan1121

    You are probably tired of answering this question! But they are so close that I dont know which to choose.
    I have dark red/brown hair, fair skin, and bright blue eyes….?

  86. maria99

    i want to buy one of the palettes but im not sure which one i have dark hair and eyes my undendertone is cool and i have medium to dark skin which one do you recommend  

  87. anna87

    best comparison review by far! sorry to ask the same daunting question but im having such a hard time deciding, im 24, young professional with bleach blonde hair, tan skin and blue eyes. i love a good smoky look. what would you recommend?

  88. I have blonde hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. Which one should I get?

  89. ljwblueeyes27

    I can’t decide which one to get. ¬†I have light/medium skin, brown hair, and blue eyes….I am sorry to ask this because I am sure many people have but I just can’t decide…thanks

  90. areebaahmed26

    hey i have wheatish skin tone with warm undertone dark brown hair and i am pakistani which one should i get?? help me pls :(

  91. Berta

    Haha having fun suggesting palletes? One more for you if you wouldn’t mind(: light/medium skin dark brown hair dark brown eyes? Thank youu

  92. Cindy

    Hi! I’m going to ask a different question! Generally, what type of skin colour, undertone, age, hair/eye colour, suits No.1 and No.2? I love the beautiful neutral colours but we don’t have urban decay in Australia, so I will probably buy MAC dupes.

    • Hi Cindy,
      If you are very warm, 1 is most flattering, while 2 is still flattering, it is just slightly less warm (but still warm overall).  Both palettes work across skin colors, tones, ages, eye colors, etc.

  93. lovelymess1030

    Hi! I know you get this type of question often, but I have¬† tannish/yellowish olive toned skin with a warm undertone, black hair, and brown eyes. Which palette would you recommend for me? Naked 1 or 2? I’m stumped! Thankyou!!!!! :)

  94. jean14833

    Hi! ¬†I’m deciding between naked 1 and 2. I have a medium tan skin tone, dark brown to black eyes and hair. also, i’m thai (if that helps). which one should i get? Thank youu :)

  95. taylorj143

    Hi. I’m also deciding between 1 and 2. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, and I am usually tan. I prefer more of the natural look. I usually use the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit, but I’m wanting something new. Which one would you suggest for me? Thanks!

  96. Chels

    I have fair skin ( I tan easily), green/hazel eyes and light blonde hair. Which palette do you think would be better for me?

  97. taylorj143

    I also need help deciding between naked 1 and 2. I have blonde hair, hazel eyes, and I tan easily. I also prefer natural looking makeup. I usually use the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit, but I want something different! HELP!

  98. Madeleinex0x0

    I have fair skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes. Which palette do you reccomend?

  99. yesiknow

    i have fair/light tan skin, honey/hazel eyes, and light/medium brown hair, which palette would you recommend for me? thanks a lot!

  100. NK96

    i have a yellow undertone, tan skin, asian, brown eyes n hair. i love natural eye looks and im looking for a palette that can make lots of natural eye combinations. which naked palette would you suggest? i would also like to know if any of the palette’s can give the same result as benefit’s big beautiful eyes. thank you so much :)