Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  • Foxy doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Half Baked is a repeat from Naked 1, so yes, there is a dupe–in fact, it’s 100% the same!
  • Booty Call is a peachier version of Virgin (Naked 1), but they’re really, really close. It’s just slightly warmer.
  • Chopper is more orange than Sidecar (Naked 1); I wouldn’t say they’re dupes, but they’re not totally different.
  • Tease doesn’t have any dupes, because it’s matte, so it doesn’t really appear the same as contenders like Sin and Toasted (both from Naked 1).
  • Snakebite is not as golden as Smog (Naked 1), but it’s nowhere near as dark as Darkhorse (Naked 1); however, if you mix both Smog and Darkhorse together, you get something rather similar.
  • Suspect is just a little more beige compared to Sidecar (Naked 1).
  • Pistol doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Verve doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • YDK looks pretty similar to both Sidecar and Toasted (both from Naked 1), and Sidecar is closer.
  • Busted is very, very similar to Hustle (Naked 1); at best, it might be a little less red-toned. It’s not like Darkhorse (Naked 1), though.
  • Blackout doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.

See comparison swatches!

Half Baked (Naked 2) vs. Half Baked (Naked 1)

Booty Call (Naked 2) vs. Virgin (Naked 1)

Chopper (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sin (Naked 1) vs. Tease (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Smog (Naked 1) vs. Snakebite (Naked 2) vs. Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Smog + Darkhorse (Naked 1)

Suspect (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Gunmetal (Naked 1) vs. Pistol (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

Verve (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sidecar (Naked 1) vs. YDK (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Busted (Naked 2) vs. Hustle (Naked 1)

Blackout (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

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644 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  1. LuLu

    Christine, I love you! I really do. You’re awesome. Thank you so much for the prompt swatches, review, and comparison. I’m getting married next week and I still haven’t found a dress yet haha (I suck at time management. Tips?)

    Which eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette looks the closest to Urban Decay’s Shadow Intense in Stray Dog? It’s my fave taupe but we don’t have Urban Decay in my country so I have to order off Sephora through Amazon (cuz neither Sephora nor Urban Decay ship internationally) and our teeny tiny Sephora in Kuwait is abysmal (if only Sephora’s HQ knew what goes on over here, the sales assistant’s know next to nothing about their products, the prices are triple what they are in the states (no, seriously triple) as if Sephora wasn’t pricey enough, and worst of all they look appalled if you ask for samples even if you drop KD300 which is more or less $1,000 US, oh and you can’t return or exchange items no matter what, Fun!) so I’m looking for a Stray Dog dupe. I’m getting Naked 2 for sure either way but please lemme know which one is closest to Stray Dog in Naked 2 and (any other brand if possible).

    No matter how much I pack on stray dog with MAC’s 239 brush, it’s still a lovely taupe whereas Satin Taupe looks too dark on me unless I use MAC’s 224 and a light hand. Chanel’s Taupe Gris is lovely but not quite the same as Stray Dog.

    For reference, I’m an NC40 even though I’m told I’m NC35-37, olive-skinned but coppers and browns make me look sickly but at the same time pink blushes make me look greener and baby pink lipsticks sadly have a lilac tone on me whereas tragically hot pinks (candy yum yum, show orchid, petals and peacocks, etc.. look purple on my lips. Even the makeup artist at MAC was confused when I swatched Angel lipstick.

    Like many others, I look up to you and Dusty, so please any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Kisses from Kuwait

  2. Krista

    I think I like the Naked2 better! Hahaha, don’t hunt me down Naked1 lovers! :)) But who cares, we all know we’ll hoard both palettes anyways.

  3. Lilastar

    They are SO similar! Oh well, I guess I can start hoping for Naked3 πŸ˜›

  4. Yazmin

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for the comparison. I was about to purchase it, but then thought do I REALLY need this. You’re comparison makes me feel better for not buying it. I love my first Naked palette and the difference in colors is nothing major.

  5. Thankyou so much for the swatches and the information on both palettes. I previously have never swatched or even seen the Naked palette up close. I’m really interested in buying the Naked palette 2 now. I like the shadow colours and I like the packaging much better. I hope I can get NP2 soon :)

  6. Thanks so much for this post! I think that I would like the palette a lot more if the colors did not have as much shimmer in them. Like “Tease” looks really matte to me and I would love to see more tones like it.

  7. Erica

    PHENOMENAL post, christine!! this is why temptalia’s the best :)

  8. Camila Cavalcanti

    Thank you Christine, you’ve just save me $115 (since UD does not ship to Brazil, I always have to pay an extra in other stores). Some colors are so similar =/

  9. Michelle

    Thanks for such a detailed swatch, Christine! Super helpful for those of us who already have the first one and are wondering whether it’s worth getting the second one. I didn’t realize how similar most of the colors are until I saw your side-by-side swatches. I absolutely love Verve and Pistol, but I don’t think those two colours are worth getting the entire palette for.

    • Yep – at a glance, the two don’t look THAT similar, but side-by-side, yes, very much so. I had a feeling it would be that way! I saw photos of the two palettes next to each other and didn’t think they were this similar.

  10. Gabby

    Aw boo – I was hoping for more colors that would work with my skintone…although I do like Snakebite & Blackout

    Also, I’m suffering from serious makeup withdrawal – can’t wait until I’m back home in the states & can go shoooooooop till I drop :) I think I’m finally going to splurge and get the Naked 1 πŸ˜€

  11. Ordered mine today. woo hoo.

  12. Angela Henderson

    Thanks Christine! You just saved me fifty bucks. lol

  13. Kellie (a different Kellie)

    They’re so similar that it’s laughable. Someone should inform Urban Decay that switching the order of the shadows and tweaking them to the bare minimum will not cut it. I do love the matte black but, I have an Inglot eyeshadow and MAC pigment that look just as black. Thank goodness for Temptalia!

  14. Rachael

    I bought mine today on urban decay! I literally stocked the page all day.. I’m so excited! I have the first one too, but i much prefer these shadows :)

  15. I was very excited about this launching, but since I already have 1… do I really need 2??? :s

  16. Julieanne

    Thank you for the detailed comparison. Other bloggers kept swatching the shadows in palette order as a comparison and it was not nearly as helpful as this :) How does Booty Call compare to MAC Jest?

    Thanks so much!

  17. Jen

    OMG thanks! I JUST got NAKED palette (after looking for it for a year) so I was disappointed when I found out that UD just introduced NAKED 2…

    But I’m happy now because it looks like NAKED 1 and 2 are very similar. I don’t think I’ll be buying NAKED 2. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH! <3 :)

  18. Gabby T.

    Christine – almost every other review I read of this palette was glowing – to a fault. I waited for your review and am SO HAPPY I didn’t jump to buy this earlier today. After seeing your comparisons to Naked 1 I realize I have no need for Naked 2. THANK YOU for saving me $50 and continuing to be my best source for makeup guidance!

  19. cyndi

    so basically i got a backup of the N1 today… ::scratches head::

  20. Ash

    Thank you Christine, you just saved me 50.00. I have the original palette and a few other UD ones and this one just wasn’t different enough to justify the expense, especially right before Christmas. I would have liked to see more innovation on UD’s part.

  21. I panicked when I found out 5k were sold out today. I woke up late, LOL. But looking at your swatches, I guess there’s really nothing to be excited about except for a few new shades. xoxo

  22. Heather

    Wow… Thanks for the thorough in-depth comparison of these 2 palettes, Christine. You just saved my husband & I $50 lol. I already have Naked 1 and the 15th Anniversary palette which contains Blackout. Considering both Naked 1 and Naked 2 contain Half Baked and several of the shades are very similar in both palettes, I think I’m good. I do like that UD included a double ended brush in this new one, but I’m glad they left the Blackout out of Naked 1. I agree with you — it’s much too harsh when put with all the lighter colors. I so wanted to get excited over this palette because it’s turning into a series thing… But I’m a little too disappointed with UD’s color choices :(.

  23. Samantha

    OMG I love this palette! I’m obsessed with the new packaging, but I already have the 1st one and that was very hard to get my hands on. I have to say though, UD did a wonderful job with this new palette, I may have to buy this one and give one of my other palettes away.

  24. Hanna

    Hey Christine! I don’t have the NAKED palette yet. I was planning on buying it anytime soon until I came across this article. Now I don’t know whether I should buy NAKED 1 or NAKED 2. Haha. I like the blackout from NAKED2 tho. And the mirror too. I need help. Which one should i get? :)

  25. you are freaking awesome. I didn’t even know there was a naked 2 until I checked your site! lol i love it but it’s too similar and I have barely dented the shadows in Naked 1. I LOVE Naked one but I am not a collector so I won’t be buying this. Love the casing.

  26. Ashley

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been holding out on getting the Naked palette since I knew the second one was coming out soon. Looking at the swatches, however, I’ve decided that I definitely want the first one. Prettier colors, imo.

  27. Thanks for the great comparison! I ordered one today and can’t wait to get it in the mail. I’m a little sad that some of the shades are so similar, but considering I was going to buy a backup of Naked 1, but got Naked 2 instead, not a big deal :)

  28. When will the 2 come out?

  29. Jazzy

    This is no different than N1. Thanks christine! Now I can save my money!

  30. Laura

    Glad I waited for your swatches. I was very tempted mostly because I am a long time UD junkie. Thank you for the side by sides. I saw another review before the release but she just swatched the palettes in color order so it was hard to tell how similar. As always you are thorough and helpful! Thank you, once again you saved my credit card!

  31. Christina

    “Half Baked is a repeat from Naked 1, so yes, there is a dupe–in fact, it’s 100% the same!”

    omg Christine, idk why but that line just cracked me up

  32. Tnx for another unbiased representation of this sequel. You helped saved women from NP2 insanity, lol. Btw, I just referred you as the” wikipedia of all things makeup” in my new blog post (naked palette 2: yay or nay). More power to you. Much aloha!xoxo

  33. Julia

    I was seriously hoping that this second palette would be A LOT different than the first one. I swear when i got the email I immediately thought, “wth it’s the same exact palette!” I love that you swatched all the colors to show the similarities. My gut wants to say I won’t get this palette… but the makeup lover in me says I need it just to say I have it in my collection. Hahaha Though in all honesty why didn’t they change it up!?

  34. Becky

    I immediately pounced on this this morning (thinking it was LE otherwise I would have waited and asked for it as a Christmas gift, lol), but after seeing your comments I was worried I made the wrong choice! But then going back and looking at the shades from Naked 1 (which I don’t own) I feel better. I like the shades from Naked 2 and I already have 3 shades from Naked 1 in the Fun and Dangerous palettes (Sin, Virgin, and Gunmetal). So yay!

  35. Sian Cook

    Thanks for that review :) Saved me $50, that I can put towards my Tom Ford Cosmetics Fund πŸ˜‰

  36. I think I want the Naked 2 palette just because of blackout :/ too bad I already have Naked 1! You’re right, UD shouldn’t have made the palettes too similar, of course I wouldn’t buy Naked 2 anymore!

  37. Carla

    You are the best. Thanks for the swatches Christine. I have Naked #1. The rational side of me says skip Naked2, but the makeup junkie says “buy it”.

  38. bettynova

    Im not a “neutral girl” but still Id rather pick up the Naked palette than the Naked2. Gunmetal is such a pretty shade!!!

  39. artemis

    blackout looks cool

  40. Yuri

    The amount of effort you put into your work is amazing. Daily posts and such. No wonder Temptalia is the number 1 beauty blog!

  41. Summer

    I really like Urban Decay, but I will never understand why the Naked palette became so popular. Naked 2 looks like a rehash of the same muddy, overly frosty shades with too much fall-out and not enough variety to be appealing. Thank you for reviewing this though, Christine; I had wanted to purchase Naked 2 for my olive-skinned, brown-eyed friend for Christmas (the colors would work for her) and now I don’t have to head out to Sephora.

  42. Quinctia

    Haha, this post just makes me disappointed I’ve never actually worn Gunmetal. I should rectify that.

  43. Caroline

    Thank you for the wonderful swatch comparisons! I am almost having buyers remorse after seeing how similiar each palettes are. I love the Naked and went bananas when I saw Naked 2 was coming. Now I am wondering do I really need both? I guess I will have to play with them when I get mine. Thank you for your honest review. It really helps!!

  44. Do you think this palette is worth buying if you already have the naked 1?? Btw, thanks sooooo much for the awesome review!!!!!

  45. The reason I wanna try UD1 because of primer potion and eyeshadow but for me UD2 is good only for the package.

  46. very disappointed with this one :( there’s not enough difference between the two to justify me buying both!! and I was really hoping this one would be cool toned. Hope pistol comes out in another palette though!

  47. Anna

    I’m obsessed with neutral coloured shadows, so I HAVE to get this palette πŸ˜‰
    Pistol and Verve <3
    I hope I can somehow get my hands on this (I live in Germany, and it can be fairly hard to buy beauty stuff over here, at least the things I want;))
    I bought the first palette when I was in London, but now, I feel isolated from the rest of the world πŸ˜‰

  48. Kim

    I was going to buy it but now after seeing the swatches I am going to save my money and wait for other up and coming eyeshadow releases. Looks to much the same. The packaging is cute but just not worth it since I already have the first Naked.

  49. dom

    Ah, thank you for your review. I guess I’ll have to reedit my own blog to say that I might not get this after seeing your review. Pity that the shades are so close to each other. Naked 1 retails for 175 in my currency…so I’m not sure if it’s worth forking out another 175 or so for Naked 2.

  50. Um Saeed

    Hi Christine
    is it possible to make a comparison between the naked 2 and the 15th anniversary too?

  51. ashley

    I think they should have taken your opinion before doing this palette! I don’t think people gathering this palette don’t have a taste as good as yours:) Kisses from TURKEY

  52. I have to say this was really helpful as I was staring at my naked 1 thinking I was nuts for not seeing much of a difference! Thanks

  53. Jeanie

    WoW!! You’re swatches of the shadows are AMAZING!! I’ve seen several reviews for the new Naked 2 palette but I have to say that this is the most comprehensive and informative so thank you! (=

    I’m kind of having a dilemma because I’ve wanted the Naked palette for so long but I went ahead and ordered the Naked2 and now I am having doubts. :/ I definitely don’t want both so I was wondering which one you would suggest for me?? I’m Korean with dark hair and eyes and about an NC30??

  54. Amelie

    Thanks so much! This is so useful!!!

  55. Yuvee

    Awesome post! I was really excited about this initially, but the only shade I really want is Pistol. Love the case too, but haven’t had any problem with my beloved Naked 1, so guess this one is a pass.

  56. Tina

    Thanks for providing us with swatches; however, regardless, I still purchased it before you updated your site. I love earthy tones & neutrals, and I love black, so I don’t think I did any harm buying it lol.

    Anyways, my main point is I wanted to say thanks for not only doing these swatches but for your site in general!!!

  57. Nina

    i own the first one but hardly use it bec the velvet packaging freaks me out …. πŸ˜€

    i ordered the 2nd bec of 2 shades and the metal packaging. i <3 pistol, snakebite and tease.

    thank you for the awesome swatches, Christine!

  58. Saffy

    I really like Verve and Pistol, but I won’t rush out to buy this palette because I already have Naked 1. But I’ll probably buy it eventually because the packaging is so superior. Thanks for the swatches!!

  59. stacey

    Hi Christine!

    I visit your site daily, love it! Anyway, can you believe this is sold out already? I wonder how many of your readers purchased yesterday!

    • They only released 5,000, so no, not really surprised. :) Not sure, since I didn’t have information up (because that’s when I received it) until it sold out!

  60. I like the comparison swatches. It is almost as though UD tweaks the color a little bit and then puts a catchy name to make it appear “new”. UD is my new found love of eyeshadow colors. Their shades just work well with me.

  61. LRW

    I ordered this after seeing swatches from another blog where it looks like a cooler/neutral version of Naked 1,so now I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival to see for myself!

    • Let us know how it works out, LRW!

      • LRW

        omg..I’ve had this palette for 3 days is more than I expected. On me,it is cool/neutral..Half Baked is the warmest color,but still fairly neutral. I know Chopper has issues with fallout,but if you use your finger and pat it on,I find it doesn’t have the fallout vs using a brush.Pistol and Snakebite are my favorites in this palette. Blackout is the perfect black..goodbye MAC Carbon. I am happy,happy,happy.

  62. Julie

    They are quite similar, but knowing myself. I’ll probably just buy it… Because i’m such a sucker and i love neutrals…

  63. Linda

    Urban decay , we want cool toned Naked palette !

  64. Mel

    Wish they would have totally changed the shades, they look too similar except for a few, I’m keeping my $50 and will buy something else :p

  65. Sophie

    This is so stupid! the colors are the same thing!!!!

  66. Monica

    Thank you so much Christine!! I was wondering when this will be available in Mexico, if ever, but now I know I don’t need this, personally I like the Naked 1 better, so IΒ΄m not fretting anymore
    You are the best!

  67. Pamela M

    Getting this palette would be pointless since I have the first one. Why would UD make this palette so similar? Oh well this post just saved me a few bucks. Thanks Christine!

  68. Belle

    What would you recommend for a person who is with a dark filipino skin? I can’t decide between the Naked 1 or Naked 2.

  69. Zozolina

    I have just ordered Naked 1 and Iam not planing to buy this one. Matte black from Naked 2 looks gorgeous, though.

  70. Alice

    Thank you for your amazing review, Christine! I found out about the Naked Palette in Urban Decay late and was going to go buy it when I heard Naked2 was coming out… but like you pointed out, almost all the colors are similar and I just don’t find any reason to buy two palettes. Now, which one to buy…

  71. Char

    Thanks for the comparison swatches! I’m looking to buy either the Naked or Naked 2 Palette. If you had to choose only one, which would you recommend?

  72. Ashley

    Hi there, I was just getting ready to invest in the original when this came out…which one has more peachy tones? And which do you prefer? Ahh now I’m torn!

  73. Nitzia

    I dont own the first naked palette ! The question is do u guys think is better to get the first one or wait for the naked2?

  74. Rachel

    Hey Christine, thanks for the review. They do seem awfully similar so I know I don’t need both. For someone new to urban decay which palette would you say is better? This will be my first urban decay palette purchase (shameful, I know). I am warm toned. I have very few eyeshadow shades so which palette (N1, N2, or other) would be a good starter set? Thank you!!!!

  75. Sandra JT

    Your swatches are spectacular, as always :-) Sadly, the same thing can’t be said for this palette. Got excited when I heard Naked 2 was coming out. I returned Naked 1 because it seriously disappointed & bored me. After seeing these swatches and comparisons….I feel like I just got hit with a big wet fart once again. Total letdown. Seriously, this was the best UD could do?? I must say thanks for saving me $50, though 😎 Money better spent on products that have some creativity & imagination put into them.

  76. Pleinair

    I just love the Tease!!! would love to see it as a single product^^

  77. Amanda

    Thanks for the review! i’ve been wanting to get my hands on the naked palette for a while, but now theres a number two! which one would you recommend if i was to only get one? And i have a yellow undertone, which one would suit me better? Thanks! xx

  78. rachel

    I love your reviews; yours are pretty much the only ones I ever read. However, I know that, IMO at least, the colors in the photos aren’t so accurate. You have Sidecar, YDK and Toasted swatched side by side, and in the photo, they all look the same. However, Sidecar and Toasted are sooooo different in person. I think that once people get to see the Naked2 palette in person, more will want to buy it.

    • Sidecar and Toasted are not dupes of each other, but they are similar – and in the photo, Sidecar is not the same as Toasted; Toasted is a little redder and darker. They’re not the same, but they aren’t completely different on me – and I’ve seen them with my own eyes on me. I spend hours and hours taking dozens of photos, rechecking photos, reswatching, comparing while I’m editing to ensure accuracy. Perhaps your skin tone is different, so the undertones of certain colors can become more pronounced.

  79. Asleh

    Can you swatch naked and buck from naked 1 next to tease from naked 2??

  80. honestly isn’t not different enough for me to buy #2..

  81. Stephanie

    Disappointing :(

  82. Wendy

    Question: is the Naked 2 palette age-appropriate for my 48-year-old mom or would you think it may be too “flashy?”

    • I think it’d be too much shimmer, personally! Maybe theBalm’s Nude ‘tude?

      • Wendy

        Agreed. I bought Naked 2 on a whim for her but started thinking it may be too shimmery.I noticed theBalm’s Nude ‘tude on Hautelook today. Maybe I’ll pick that up. Thanks!

  83. Brynna Cleland

    lets be honest here, the only really different ones are verve blackout and pistol. and pistol is kind of ugly… and blackout is in the 15h anniversary palette. plus verve is basically the same idea as midnight 15 from the 15th anniversary, and im sure most have a shimmery champagne color in their collection. there is absolutely no way anyone needs this palette, given they have NAKED 1, especially if they also have the 15th anniversary palette. but, UD is going to make huge amounts of money on it just because of the novelty. i would have loved to see a completely different set of neutrals in which i could warrant having both, because i love the original naked palette, and neutrals. however, there is no way UD is getting $50 from me for basically an exact duplicate.

  84. Maybe it’ll go on sale :)

  85. I really love your comparison between the two. Sigh* I hope they come out with a palette that combines the best of both palettes. I love buck and naked from the first palette, I think they should have more matte shades because there’s still too much shimmer in the 2nd palette. I love the naked1 more, but am envious of the 2 headed brush in naked 2, and also the matte black shade – blackout! Great review!

  86. tasha

    very good and thorough review!! I am a new comer to make up. I recently went to Sephora for a make up tutorial and they used naked 1 on me, i want to buy one. I seen naked 2 now… I read all your messgaes and seen you said prefer naked 1 but could you give me a DETAILED answer of why. If it helps I am african-american but i am light skin…(beyonce Skin color)…please help me make the right decision.

  87. Eleonora

    thank you for this, I was waiting for this review πŸ˜€ I’m still wondering which one I should get..I think I prefer the first one, I love the velvet packaging and the colours..but I have very dark eyes and brown hair..and maybe the colours of the naked2 fits me better..what do you think? I know that we’re talking of quite neutral colours but I’d love to have your opinion!

  88. Irina

    I love how you answer to all the comments :) It’s great that you take your time and whatnot! I love the quality and everything about your bloog! So I’m pretty new to makeup, and I want to buy a neutral palette (For special occasions and going out). I’m Asian and I’m a bit tan, so my yellow undertones are not as prominent but they are still there. Which palette do you recommend? Naked 1 or 2? Or any other ones? Also, what brushes do you think are essential but moderately priced? (keeping in mind that I’ll use this two or three times a month) Thank you and sorry for bombarding you with so many questions!

  89. VnMakeup

    I wish I saw this before I placed my order. πŸ˜‰ as I have my Naked and I Love it and I wonder if I really need the 2. ;\ Oh well there’s always return πŸ˜‰

  90. cherry

    verve totally reminds me of maui wowie in the summer of love palette

  91. Roslyn

    I really appreciate all the work you put in for us make-up lovers Christine.
    I would like to know if Ulta or Sephora plan on getting this palette in stock?

  92. Rida

    Hey Christine!
    I had a question…I wanted to buy Naked 1 but I didn’t. With naked 2 out, can you suggest whether I should go for Naked 1 and the 15th anniversary palette or Naked 2 and the 15th anniversary palette. I have been eyeing the 15th annv one for a long time. Also, what do you think about Sleek palette storm? Doesn’t it look similar to Naked 1?

  93. Cathleen W

    THANK YOU for doing the side by side of similar colors. All the other reveiewers just kept saying “they’re differnt” and swatching them in the order they were in the palette.

  94. In Singapore, makeup is super duper expensive (just like Australia). And I don’t wanna waste my money on both just to get a couple of different shades. SO which 1 of the 2 palettes do you think i should get?

  95. Andy

    I’ve actually been wanting this, but after looking at many reviews and swatches, I’m not craving much for it. I like the first Naked palette better that I think I might just end up buying another one as a backup lol.

  96. Reeny

    Yeah, I need this. Want this. Crave this. And I’m sooooooo behind in the makeup world (been saving for my parents anniversary trip) that i’ll have to get it to be in the swing of things. Yyeeaaahhh……mmmhmm

  97. Iman

    For a girl who does completely neutral looks (think MAC naked lunch & woodwinked, wet n wild “walking on eggshells”) which naked palette would you recommend?

  98. sania

    i am going to buy first time UD naked eyeshadow ..please you guide me which one is more nicer color either naked 1 or 2 ..please help me i canot buy 2 plattes…my pocket dont allow me πŸ˜€

  99. Amanda

    Honestly, Pistol and Foxy are the only shades I’m interested in. My downfall is that I am such a UD junkie that I buy literally all palettes just to have them.