Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Urban Decay Sneak Peek of the Book of Shadows Volume IV

Mark your calendars, makeup junkies! Urban Decay is celebrating the holidays a little early this year, and Sephora’s got the scoop first…

  • Where: Sephora’s Times Square locale (1500 Broadway, New York, NY)
  • When: Saturday, August 20th from 1pm – 7pm
  • What: Urban Decay’s Eric Jimenez, Worldwide Retail Sales Director & International Make-Up Artist, is conducting makeovers and also introducing the highly coveted Book of Shadows Volume IV for an exclusive sneak peek before its holiday 2011 launch. A limited quantity of this ultra-luxe collection palette will be available for purchase ONLY at this store on Saturday on a first come first served basis. Clients will have the opportunity to sit down for a makeover consultation with Eric and his team of artists to learn tips and tricks to get the looks created especially for this palette by Creative Director and Founder, Wende Zomnir. Clients will also get an inside look at Urban Decay’s newest fall launches as Eric and his team recreate fall’s hottest runway trends. Learn a few artist tips including how to create a bright lip with Sephora’s exclusive Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color, and the perfect winged cat-eye using the Revolution Lash Curler, Lush Lash Mascara and the newest edition to the 24/7 family, 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Also not to be forgotten is the coveted 15 Year Anniversary limited edition eyeshadow palette, a true collector’s item for any bona-fide makeup junkie.
  • How: Get ready to camp out and secure your place in line to get Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Volume IV before anyone else. PLUS, receive a free Urban Decay t-shirt or Meltdown Makeup Remover with a purchase of the Book of Shadows IV palette.

Book of Shadows Vol. IV ($64.00) (Limited Edition)

We can’t wait to turn up the volume with the highly anticipated Book of Shadows Volume IV. Complete with our smart-phone-ready ‘Get the Look’ tutorials and a pocket-sized speaker, get your beauty on to your favorite beats. Book of Shadows Vol. IV features more than ever before: a pull-out drawer showcasing 16 phenomenal shadows (10 of which are brand-new, exclusive to this collection), a full-sized version of our new 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion (blackest black), travel-sized Supercurl Curling Mascara, travel-sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a mirror. But it’s more than just makeup…Cross over into the virtual dimension of beauty with a portable speaker, a USB cord, audio cable, and ‘Get the Look’ QR card. A veritable Willy Wonka experience for makeup enthusiasts, BOS IV actually provides you with five strut-worthy looks via video tutorial to boot. A gift that will be sure please the eyes in more ways than one, we’ve adorned this palette with a mesmerizing, feminine laser light show and filled it with translucent, multi-colored, pop-up butterflies. This sleek little device makes the impromptu dance party a reality for all!

I’m waiting on better images & more information (shades, dates, etc.) – when I have more to share, I will!


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235 thoughts on “Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume IV (Volume 4)

  1. Carrie Ann

    Wow. This looks pretty awesome. Love the butterflies.

  2. Adelita

    I just dance in excitement when I saw the 2nd row. Those are totally my colors!
    Is it just me or UD now put many neutral colors on their palettes since the booming Naked palette? It’s fine by me, though. But I’m afraid they gonna do this again on the next palette. I have too many neutral colors right now, I need diversity.

    Can’t wait till it fully launch, since I don’t reside in US… :(

  3. Samantha

    Awww this looks amazing, so gutted that UD don’t ship to New Zealand!!

  4. Momo

    its charges your iphone?

  5. Christine

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I just got the 15th Anniversary pallette….I WILLL own this as well……to die for….UD is throwing MAC under the bus this year!!!!!

  6. ami

    y do they have to put those ugly sparkly shadows in every palette?

  7. LM

    video? all the husbands just ran to purchase
    missionary? they all left it at the register (and hit on the cashier)

  8. Tia

    It won’t be too hard for me to skip this one. Definitely enjoying my 15th anniversary palette and it looks a lot more interesting than this one.

  9. Tigress

    Sonuvabitch! UD is gonna make me poor(er)!

  10. meme

    Gives us a look at what might be some of the new UD shadow shades since they pulled just about all the mattes down,closed them out and I am curious to see what’s next as am a huge fan of their matte shadows. This looks like a really good collection and glad to know there are some normal shades coming along soon. I am not a fan of my 15th pallet at all, in fact taking it back. I will wait for this one to come out.

  11. Abbey

    The travel sized primer potion looks so cute. I really want to buy this BOS

  12. alison

    i only have the naked palette and the 15th anniversary, so i think i’m going to get this one! i LOVE sin and use it all the time, so i wouldn’t mind having a backup. a second gunmetal i’m ‘eh’ on (i haven’t used it a single time yet), and i haven’t even opened my 15th palette yet, but… i think even with the dupes i’m going to get it. really happy about that full size liquid liner, too!

  13. Ana Popescu

    I believe this will be my first Urban Decay product! I usually go for Benefit, but this BOS is AWESOME! UDPP, Shadows AND an iPhone speaker?? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  14. Mara

    This is a likely skip for me. I already have BOS II & III, the Naked palette, the Deluxe Shadow Box, the Show Pony and also ordered the 15th Anniversary palette. If only they would come out with an all-matte Naked II palette, sigh. Are you reading this, Urban Decay?

  15. Sara

    I love this! I love the packaging but I wish you could remove the eyeshadow . They should put all the eyeshadows in a seperate palette thats removable somewhat like an inglot palette, that would be so lovely.

  16. Marina

    Hmmm….I think I’ll be passing on this. My makeup budget is kind of small and I bought the UD 15 Anniversary palette – which I’m thinking is better than this because of the variety and packaging. Though I love the extras (Mascara, Liquid Liner, UDPP, + Electronics) I’m definitely gonna pass on this. 2 Questions: Midnight Rodeo is in the 15 Palette and was new for that so why are they ALREADY repromoting it? Also, Why promote this early when you just launched something? If you’re anything like me you’d be more likely to buy it if the party was in October and it launched like 2 weeks later. This doesn’t give you time to save up. Really, UD?

  17. looks cheap , wont be buying it .

  18. Maddy

    stupid urban decay.
    i literally just bought the 15th anniversary palette now this:(

  19. Valerie Brower

    Ekkkkkkk…. So excited! Do we kno the day it will launch online yet? I can’t wait!!

  20. Hey, no Midnight Cowboy? (Midnight Cowgirl is a tad better imo.) :) Can’t say the colours are that exciting, possibly the dullest combination of all BOS so far. But it’s nice to see they’ve included a liquid eyeliner and mascara instead of a Zero 24/7 or a brush. Will probably buy it just to complete my BOS collection.

  21. queenfrostine

    I’m so not thrilled with the price increase here. I realize that this set comes with a few more extras than past BoS palettes, but I’m unlikely to use the mascara and the USB thing seems like a goofy gimmick to justify a new $10 mark up. The YouTube makeup videos that I can already watch for free on my iPhone are at least as good, if not better, anyway. The switch from the standard zero pencil liner to the liquid liner is a nice touch. Having it be full sized makes up for the fact that this set comes with just one eyeliner shade rather than the 2 that came last year.

    Unless the exclusive shades on this one end up being super unique, I’ll have no trouble passing. $64 is a lot of money. Especially when you already have 5/6 repeat shades and several of the “exclusive” shades look like standard neutrals that many of us already own in some form or another. When the first BoS palette came out, it was a breath of fresh air because it was the first palette from UD in a very long time that offered something new rather than the same old permanent collection shades that were being repromoted in nearly every palette. Now at BoS 4 or 5 (depending on whether we count the Alice in Wonderland palette), this dish is starting to taste stale again.

  22. Musebeliever

    I really need to start saving ! O.O
    Any idea on when this’ll be available in France ?

  23. Yeah !!! Loving it !!!! Nice colors’ choice, perfet nude for automn !!!

  24. Whoa, Hijack and Gravity are stunning. May have to consider getting one of these!

  25. taylor

    I missed the 15th anniversary limited edition shadow pallette, and the BOS volume 3, so i reallllly need to get my hands on this! I am in love with urban decay and i really hope i can get this before it runs out!

  26. 10 new? Looks like 11 new colors to me. What’s the “old” color that I’m mistaking for new?

    • Jill

      Cobra was first seen in the Ammo Palette
      Sin, Gunmetal and Baked from Naked Palette, as well as single token pots,
      Midnight Cowgirl is a color available in the single token pots (unsure if it was seen in a previous palette)
      Midnight Rodeo was in the UD 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection…On this note: I thought the UD 15 palette has 15 “Exclusive shades” to that palette alone. I noticed MR is in BOS IV and was also in UD 15, so I referenced the cardboard slip from the back of the box displaying the colors and it says “new, never-before-seen” shades….tricky, tricky UD.

  27. Helu

    I’m a fan of UD but.. boring colors to me! :(

  28. Alyssa

    I have yet to try any UD products (I go so crazy with MAC and Givenchy) but I do like this palette. I know some people are turned off by the butterflies, but I like them! This seems like a good mix of neutrals and color. I’m gonna wait for swatches, but as of now I want since its a better value then the anniversary palette (just $9 more for an extra shadow, primer potion, eyeliner, and the electronics are a nice bonus) Hope they swatch well so I can claim this as my first UD palette!

  29. Amanda Dubs

    I like these shadows and the minis but…i don’t think I’ll be getting this. The anniversary palette is amazing enough for me for awhile.

  30. victoria

    i dont own many neutral colours, so this will be a must for me, just need to know when i can get it in the uk….. and it looks fab, i like a gimmick personally, and my urban decay doesnt normally leave the house unless its already on my face. i want it!

  31. Miss Mercurial

    I’m a tech fiend (writing this via Android, woot) but all that extra gimmicky add-on business is one big HELL TO THE NO.
    Damn does Bender look interesting, though…down, inner green hoarder! Down, girl!

  32. Ashley D.

    I need this.

  33. Laura

    Oh dear – I’m so disappointed with all the neutrals here :( Ok, the Naked Palette is amazing and we all love it, but I like most of Urban Decay’s palettes for their brights! I get the feeling, from the new 15 anniversary palette and now this, that they’re trying to cash in on the success of Naked by focusing more on neutral colours. Can’t blame them I suppose, but it’s a shame to me. I want more bright colours! That said, I will still get this because I have all the BOS and the collector in me won’t let me miss one.

  34. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    i feel like these books of shadows each have like the same 5 in them every time.

  35. Sara

    I’m more interested in the extras besides the shadows. I’ve got a bunch of UD palettes now and there is nothing screaming “buy this one too!!” here except for the full size liner, what looks like mascara, and whatever the heck else is going on. I’m happy it’s not appealing to me. 😀

  36. April

    The packaging on these prevents me from buying them. I wish UD would knock it off and out them in a regular palette or something similar to the Naked Palette. It’s just so big and bulky and juvenile, but beyond that, there’s now way I’d travel with this and I travel every other week.

  37. Maureen

    Wtf is that?? I can’t even. I have a headache now.

  38. Wow this seriously looks fantastic! I’m loving all the new shades and super lovely colours! I’m also really glad they decided to include the waterproof liquid liner instead of a pencil. Awesome!

  39. msharma

    this time i m gonna wait to see it in stores as opposed to ordering it online, like i did w/ the 15 yr palette. don’t get me wrong, the 15 yr palette is great, but i don’t think i’ll get much use out of it. i mostly wear neutrals, and i thought that bcos it had neutrals on the left and a couple on the right, i could justify buying it and get the color colors as well. but the neutrals, i think are too light for my skintone, so i m sort of disappointed. as a result, i will wait until i see it in the stores. if i do buy it, it will be my first bos.

  40. LM

    don’t need plugins on my MU but ty anyway UD. glad no zero pencil and the liner and mascara are nice but ick packaging and OMG why mostly neutrals with a few shades that say more laura mercier than edgy.

    no thanks for $60+ of boring brown eyeshadow

  41. Ashley Marie

    Looks like every other UD palette I’ve ever seen.

  42. Joanne

    Going to pass on this one. The colors look a little blah to me and I don’t really want a musical eyeshadow palette! I’m betting they have something really big up their sleeve for Holiday/15th Anniv. # 4, so I’m going to wait and see!

  43. irish-psycho-gurl*

    OMG! I think I will cry if I do not get this. I thought the NYC book of shadows was cool.. O_O Ahhhhh! <3

  44. DarkGlamour17

    The butterflies are awesome. But this palette kinda stinks..IMO! It’s boring..idk probably just me.

  45. Kathleen

    If they got rid of all the unnecessary gadgets, then I would buy it. I love the eyeshadows and the other goodies but paying $10 more for technology I’m never gonna use is ridiculous.

  46. My make-up junkie side and geek girl side are both squeeing at this!! I wish I could get up to NYC but alas buying a house means no extras right now. I will be first online to nab this gem up though when it’s released!

  47. It looks very pretty at the first glance, but the eyeshadow colour combination is nothing special. Out of all thte five BOS, Vol.2 had the best eyeshadow combination.

  48. Veronica

    Hmm, the only colors I’m interested in are hijack and bender. All the other colors are pretty similar to what I have in my other UD palettes, if not identical. I hate when they release collections that contain some of the same shadows that have been previous ones. I’d prefer a palette with random colors than one that flows being that I already have shadows from UD that are perfect highlighters and contourers. Don’t care much for the extra bling. If I was a baller I might get it and not care about the old shadows mixed w/ the new. Just bought the UD anniversary palette so I’ll pass on this one. -__-

  49. Brie

    I absolutely love the look of these shades (and the gadgets are *awesome*)…However, I splashed out on the 15th Anniversary palette and also ended up swapping away my Book of Shadows Vol. III because I rarely used it, so I may have to force myself to pass on this one!

  50. I am loving the new colours; blue bus, bender, cobra, crystal. Can’t wait until it comes to England.

  51. Lilly

    OMG!!! I LOVE all the BOS!! Just bought the first ones ( Vol. 1, 2, and Alice) on eBay for more than I will ever admit!!
    IMO, $64 is a FAB value. I’d pay $164 if necessary.

    PS- Did anyone notice that UD has the huge Anniversary eye pencil collection back for sale? Just ordered mine. :) It’s a very HAPPY UD DAY!!

  52. The palette itself is really pretty, and the idea of the smart phone-ready tutorials is nice, but I’m kind of underwhelmed by the colors.

  53. Tran

    Hmmm … not sure how exactly I feel about this palette. I also feel the gadgets are gimmicky and useless to those of us w/ no iPhones. I do however like the makeup extras. I think it’s just dependent on Too Faced. I always get stuck between the two brands during the holidays, especially last year. Too Faced won me over when they had their Glamourland set which toppled UD’s BOS3.

  54. Alicia

    Wow, I thought this was a joke because of how over-the-top UD’s packaging usually is…but it’s real. Awesome.

  55. Fiaspice

    noooo I’m comming to New York 2 day after :(

  56. be

    Seriously, QR codes in makeup palettes…hmmm. Now I know I’m getting old.

  57. Roland

    This is dumb, my wife is wants me to get it.

  58. Lacey

    i want it, but i think i really just want it for how much you get at such a great price, when in reality, ill rarely use the bright colors, and im sure the neutrals contain that annoying glitter that a lot of UD shadows have, and 90% of people hate it. i wish they would stop doing that.

  59. Lacey

    lol this is my second time commenting. another thing i dont understand about UD. they hype up all of these palettes so everyone buys them, and then, when they come up with a large palette like this, everybody already has like 1/3 of the shadows from it, and doesnt really want to buy it.

  60. Chloe

    I wonder if all the technology and lights shows are a designed to distract us from the fact that the colors are repeated time and time again. So sad….

  61. Rebecca

    OMG I’M GONNA BE SOOOOOOO POOR! :( I don’t get the speaker thing though…..I don’t need that. Cut that out and shave a few bucks off the price. Just my opinion. I know there are extra minis and a f/s liquid liner, but this is $10 higher than last year if I remember correctly. Quite a hike.

  62. Ack! I must have this and I must have it now!!!! How soon on the regular website?

  63. cindi

    When will you be able to pre order it????

  64. thepaigest

    LORDY LORDY I wanna fly to NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!! LOVE. Love your new gorgeous picture Christine!! Haven’t been this excited since the Wonderland! Can’t wait for this baby :)

  65. mnm

    Butterflies turn me off any product. Too bad, I liked this palette too.

  66. MORENA

    i dont like the color combos in this palette. i prefer the 15th anniversary palette better.

  67. Kerstan

    Getting it!

  68. Becca

    i’m SO EXCITED! the only thing is it’s gonna be SOOOO expensive.. :(

  69. kokine26

    When exactly this book of shadow will be released? I will save my money right now and will for sure be at my sephora the day it launch. I won’t do the same mistake as I did for the Naked Palette. I did wait and wasn’t able to put my hand on it and still can :o(. Because I live in Québec, Canada and our local sephora is really small and do carry a lot of products. I love Urban Decay and even if I won’t pay 80$ or more for this palette. I still don’t care how much it is… I am still gonna get it.

  70. Emily

    Hey can someone please tell me what eyeshadows are the same In this pallet as the naked pallet??
    I’m new to ud

  71. Becca

    OMG THIDS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need this~! but 64 bucks??? and that ‘s gonna be like 75 cnanadian…. :(

  72. Autumn Angel

    I kind of think the whole technological aspect is unnecessary.. it’s sort of just a reason to charge $10 more than last year’s BOS 😛 I However, I’m diggin’ that you get a liquid liner with the pallette unlike the others. And also that the mini UDPP is now in a squeeze tube as well :) The mascara I could do without 😛 Putting in a mini 24/7liner (since I so dearly love those and could never have enough) would have made me happier. :) But I’ll still probably buy this when it launches <3 The colors of the shadows are sooo freakin' gorgeous.

  73. gina

    when does it hit sephora stores and UD online???? thanks

  74. Not impressed with this at all. :\ I mean, I am really happy that it comes with liquid liner instead of Zero, and UDPP in a damn tube, that is progress. But the eyeshadow colors leave a lot to be desired. Even if you don’t own the Naked palette, this one is half tone-on-tone neutrals, and the other colors aren’t even bright or unique. That + already having some of them + just bought the anniversary palette = PASS.

  75. leelee

    got the palette…its so pretty!cant wait to use it :)

  76. Leelee

    I love urban decay im def gettin the book of shadows 4 but its messed up how they just came out with the 15th anniversary palette and there also having a good sale on the UD website so basicly everyone already spent all of there money on other UD products nd now they want 64 for this to me its a lil to soon for the book of of shadows 4 plz give my pockets some time to recover

  77. This is awesome I heard it from a friend on YouTube, I will definitely be getting this! But the thing that concerns me is I already have the 15th anniversary palette and the Naked palette therfeore, I already have: Sin, and Midnight Rodeo. Oh well, at least get other colors. I am soooooo getting this!!!

    Plus the packaging is too die for! And I can jam out while doing my makeup umm- hello total awesomeness Lol !!!

  78. Brynna

    I love the shadows…and I wouldn’t mind the liner…but I don’t care for the primer potion, and I know I won’t use the mascara…is it still worth it? I think if it was $54 like the previous BOS, I would go for it, but $64 just seems like SO much more…especially when I would rather have pencil liners.

  79. rlondon

    Best set I’ve ever bought! I just purchased it today during Ulta’s Month of Beauty. I just happened to come in when they were showcasing UD. Love, love, love it. Seriously worth the 64$ I spent on it. (: Legit stuff.

  80. Brittany

    The packing is beautiful and very well put together but im afraid thats all your really paying for. The eye shadows are pretty but none of them really stand out to, I think they put more into the packing then the actually eye shadows themselves. And im not sure what the cord is for? mm I might have to recheck it out and see if my mind changes.