Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Volume III

Image removed per Urban Decay’s request.

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27 thoughts on “Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Volume III for Fall 2010

  1. missy

    hopefully all the colors arent too similar to the second bk of shadows

  2. I really hope that this palette has new colors in it. It would be a dream if it had those new ones that you reviewed in it. 😀

  3. Siledhel

    Just this morning I stared at my Book of Shadows II, smiled, and wondered when they would release the volume III

  4. OMGOSH! Love it! It’s like ever since SATC2, everything’s NYC again! All I can ever think of is SATC2, and JayZ/Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” !

  5. Dawn

    I’ll wait until I see the colours inside before I decide whether I like it or not. Have to say I’m not keen on the packaging, if that is indeed what it’s going to look like

  6. Rosie

    OMG!!! I’m spending a week in NYC this summer so this is exciting! I love NY and obviously UD :)! Even if this is preliminary I am loving it. Hmmm maybe the exclusive shades from Sephora can be put in it! And colors not in palettes!!!

  7. Ok,I missed the first 2 BOS,and wasn’t inspired by the Alice one…But this one,I NEED to get it! I’m already in love with it !!!♥

  8. Martyna

    Damnit. I’m like 2 sec too late… -.- Saw the picture, and then it was gone… :(

  9. Rosie

    Awww so sad that they requested the image be removed. Even if preliminary getting a market excited is good. Oh well.

    • Mirna

      I agree. That is so lame that they asked for it to be taken off. I think MAC gets all of its hype because of early release marketing info.

      • It’s all good — I totally respect that brands work with other publications and give exclusives to them — there’s just no way for me to know it until after I’ve already posted it once I’ve seen it on another blog!

  10. That’s too bad they requested the image to be removed. I’d love to see the colors before deciding.

  11. Lo

    I’ve, sadly, become unimpressed by UD. All their palettes seem like the same old thing rereleased so they can get you to drop almost 50 bucks again.

    I contacted them saying that it would be awesome if they released a palette of their matte shades; the person that responded to me seemed like a complete ditz and had no clue what I was talking about.

    Even if they just released a palette with none of their glitter shadows, I might be interested. I was somewhat tempted by their Alice palette until I realized that it had nearly (if not) all the colors from the ammo palette and a lot of the glitter colors, which I cannot stand.

    MAC gets a lot of rap for recycling products and colors, but UD is just as bad when it comes to their palettes.

    • LOL, that’s true. What’s worse or better?

      MAC that releases new shades all the time, but some shades are nearly identical to past shades or permanent shades… but always with a new name…
      or UD who releases existing or past shades regularly, but the names are the same? (Yes, AiW had different names, but they did state what each new name actually was in the permanent line.)

  12. It depends for me, if like 75% were new shades to me (which at this point very unlikely seeing as I have 4 palettes and 10 singles :s) I’d get it. I sooooo hope there are new shades. I can only have so many “baked” and “cowboy” repeats!

  13. Joan

    I saw the picture; honestly the design looked like a hot mess.

  14. Melissa (divinem)

    Meh. Urban Decay doesn’t get my business anymore.

  15. Christina

    I’ve become so upset at UD lately. They release these palettes which of course I love, I buy literally 2 of each, and they keep upping the price every chance they get. They started selling the first at around 40 bux. Now they were probably sell this one for over 50, being it “lights up.” Whoop-dee-do. Then they tell us they are sold out, only to re-lease a special shipment later. Ugh. Okay rant over. I love their shadows tho, so I’m pretty bothered.
    Will I buy it? Probably, unless I can convince myself not to should I have all the shades.

  16. OMG I love the book of shadows.. I dont mind the repeats because lots of times they’re the good colours so who cares?! your probably gonna use those up and need more anyway.. I know its probably going to be more expensive than the others but its still going to be so much cheaper than getting MAC eyeshadows which are definately not worth how much they cost.. and by the way ladies.. 16 eyeshadows + 2 eyeliner pencils (not even going to count the free eyeshadow base) is $4 a piece in the palette compared to almost $30 per eyeshadow for MAC..

    • MAC is $14.50… or $11 if you buy just the pan. Also keep in mind that in the palette, each shadow is 0.03 oz., so they’re not full size. It’s still a great deal, but comparing a palette eyeshadow against single eyeshadows should always be a better deal.

  17. Mandy

    Please, UD, more matte shades in the BOS!

  18. Nicole Kelly

    maybe it’ll have urban decays new colors in the new palette

  19. Lisa

    I talked with someone at Sephora and they said it was going to have some really nice colors.. New York theme…. and a true blackish brown color eyeshadow… I am really excited about this…not as much as some of the MAC launches but book of shadows only comes out once a year!!

  20. Madelynn

    *is mad the picture isn’t there* lol

  21. Coco

    OMG! I missed both of the Volume I and II! I HAVE to get the 3rd one! I saw a quick pic of it on…
    but the picture for that is gone too :(
    I know the pallte has to do something about NYC…