Friday, September 17th, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III now at Sephora!

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55 thoughts on “Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III now at Sephora

  1. Caitlin

    I think this BOS is awesome. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now. It’s lovely!

  2. Ru

    Yup! It was sold out yesterday and my sephora said they didnt get it in yet. It’s still in stock online right now… and im going to call the store again today to see if they got it in…

  3. Emma

    Is this in stores yet? Or is it just online?

  4. Online only? I really want to swatch before buying, since I think I might have a lot of dupes, owning the two other BoS, Deluxe, Naked palettes, plus maybe 15 of their permanent shades shades…..

  5. Ksenya

    it’s been out for more than 2 hours. i got mine as soon as i got mail from sephora. just wonde how it’s possible that sephora got more than urban decay? just doesn’t make sence for me:( but i’m happy i got one!

  6. elise

    I was lucky enough to snag this at this morning. can’t wait to get it delivered. But I am somewhat surprissed that it is still not sold out. I paid for mine at 6am CST and hours later it is still available, where on it was gone in 10 minutes? I guess they got a lot more in stock. Hurry and get yours while you can!

  7. Deb

    I got my order in! So long as nothing goes wrong, I’ll finally have a Book of Shadows! I missed the last 2, and I’m still sad about it.

    • janet

      omg me too… :'(
      luckily i got the alice in wonderland one so i already placed my order for this one or else ima regret it and knowing me i’ll be all moody for a month if i don’t lol

  8. Christina

    I ordered mine from Urban Decay. I cant wait. I got the email from Sephora too, but I knew what happened with Urban Decay would happen with Sephora too so I went ahead and orderd mine from Urban Decay.

  9. Desiree

    I ordered mine today.. hopefully it’s worth 54 dollars lol… um, very random question, but do know when and if Mac is going to bring Magnetique lipglass back anytime soon? It’s my fave and I lost my holiday tube of it :'( plz lemme kno any info u have on it! Thank u!

  10. Rachel

    I just ordered this, and I want to get a Naked Palette when they become available again… and then I have SERIOUSLY got to cool it for a while!

    • Caitlin

      The Naked Palette is totally worth the wait!

    • Jazz

      ugh I cant keep spending money on makeup like this. Im trying to decide if I want to wait on this or should I just bite the bullet , buy this and VV collection from mac

    • Elisabeth

      I know what you mean, I got Naked and the Black Palette and then the BOS III… I’m done with Urban Decay palettes for awhile, or I’ll go broke!

  11. Regina

    Wow at 10:45 am PST I still got one online.

  12. o0oCarinao0o

    I ordered mine already. So excited to get it.

  13. Michelle

    I really wasn’t going to get this but decided to since I passed on the other ones before. Also because I like some of the limited edition colors on here so figure it was worth it. (DAMN, they really got me with this one even though I didn’t want to get pulled in – lol!) I was able to order it so it looks like it is still available on

  14. meg

    this looks gorgeous – i have BOS 1 and i use it all the time. looks like i’m going to have to pick this one up too…

  15. Maria

    I got vol. 2 last year for Christmas and I told myself I didn’t need this one but I just ordered it so I guess I’m getting it, but if i decide I dont need it once I get it I’m going to give it to my younger sister because she’d love it shes always asking me to play with my makeup even though shes only 9.

  16. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered mine.

  17. Janet

    Just ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it. Great addition to my Alice in Wonderland BOS.

  18. Mai

    I called 2 Sephora stores I go to and they both said that they do not have them in the stores yet. They will come out for the holiday collection. So far it still looks available online.

  19. leesie

    I was worried they’d be gone by the time I got home from work (UD put theirs up while I was at work, too–I missed it by MAYBE ten minutes. Grr.), so I had my lovely online friend check for me while I was on the bus ride home. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to actually order one. Personally, I prefer to get mine through Sephora; I earn points and get free samples. Win.
    I’m having it delivered to my mother’s, though, since the Sephora order I had sent to my grandparents’ wound up sitting at a distribution center for a day–I grew impatient and retrieved it myself. Apparently UPS doesn’t think their address exists. They’ve lived there 40 years. Sigh.
    Anyway. SO EXCITED.

  20. LU

    After missing it the first time I was considering just not ordering it, but I gave in! 😛

  21. auroragyps

    Thanks so much for the post. I just got home from shopping (picked up some Physician’s Formula stuff and nail polish), got on the PC, checked my e-mail, and placed my order as soon as I saw your RSS Feed for today. I am sooo excited.

  22. Mollie

    Yay! I got one!!

  23. Rosamaria

    Just ordered. Can’t believe it’s still available!

  24. Rainbow

    I’m just waiting for the Naked palette to come back in stock..

  25. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :) I placed my order and I got it!! YES YAY!! ^_^ Thank you so so much. As soon as I saw your tweet I was off to the website. yayyy

  26. April

    Man, I didn’t get the first two, and I was contemplating getting the Black palette but when I saw this I had to get it. I really think that I like the packaging of the AOW and BOS I and II better, it’s still cute enough to get though.

  27. Eveypoison

    Thank you for posting this as soon as i saw it i went and ordered it!

  28. Adail

    I got it! So happy and can’t wait to get it :)

  29. Alexis W

    I really can’t decide if I want this or not. I’m really liking the green and the blues but I just don’t know if it’s worth it for me. I also want to save up for VV. Im in limbo. It’s still available, how interesting…

  30. michelle

    thank u.. ur the queen!!!

  31. Jessica

    if only i had checked my email a few hours before i went shopping today :(

  32. Ceca

    I got mine on Wednesday from ebay for around $75 (I think)…I live in Denmark where there is no Urban Decay , so had to buy it from someone in England.Annoying thing about Urban Decay is that their products are available in a very few countries other than US …on top of that one can’t buy from their web site from any other country other than US.That’s a big shame having on mind that other US based brands have no problems with shipping internationaly (for example Benefit shipped a huge box with their products to me for only $7.5).

  33. Latoya

    Yay!!!! Thanks for the heads up – just put in my order online!! Sooo excited :)

  34. Quinctia

    I didn’t realize this was going to be such a big seller. I thought it’d make a good gift idea for me for the holidays, since it was a “holiday item.” :/ I love their primers but never had any of their shadows.

    It seems like I have to decide in a really big hurry if I want this, which generally ends up with me not buying anything at all.

    I also see that there’s a LE primer potion set with another shimmer base, Greed, that’s exclusive to the set. I don’t want the rest of the set, I just want to try that one. >_<

    To continue my griping about UD, I'd love to grab a 24/7 set, but it doesn't look like they ever want to put a Yeyo pencil in there.

  35. Melanie

    Why//How is this still in stock?!

  36. Kalee

    still in stock!

    i ordered mine last night. ever since i first saw the pictures here a while ago i wanted it sooo bad and couldnt wait til it was available.

    then last night as i was looking at it online about to order it i started trying to talk myself out of purchasing thinking.. “maybe i wont even use them”, “i have too many eyeshadows at home already”..”i dont need to spend the money”…

    but i ordered it. i thought about the last ones i missed out on and regretted it…baaaad, especially the BOS II so i said i wouldnt do that again this year and im happy i did it. plus…its really not a bad price for what you get especially considering i wont be going through the shadows too quick anyway.

  37. Mina

    Hi! Which is a better palette? The Alice in Wonderland or BOS v3? I want both but the sellers here are selling it for $97/set… so it’s a bit too much for me to get both. Help! :)

  38. nenita

    i love this BOS! i use it everydayy