Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Urban Decay has put together a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Vault that will include 40 full-sized eyeliners and will retail for $295 and be available for sale on Urban Decay on March 26th. (If you’re doing the math like me, the set is a value of $760.) Β It includes all 40 shades of Urban Decay’s Eyeliners.

If you missed it on Urban Decay… SEPHORA launched it this AM! :)

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141 thoughts on “Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Vault Coming Soon

  1. Wow! That’s pretty amazing, great value, but still expensive. They’re SUCH good liners though :)

  2. There’s no way in hell I’m buying $300 worth of eyeliner in one go but that is still pretty awesome.

    • chris

      true! cannot justify that, ever, but I’d really really really like them. I wished they’d made them half size and half price!

      • I agree. No matter how much I would love to have this, there is no way I can blow $300 on a pencil set. I also don’t care much for all the brown shades. Half set sounds like a great idea :)

      • Kimberlee

        OMG I AGREE!!! I also agree that every mascara should have a mini size. I don’t use enough makeup to fully use before they go bad!

  3. ILUKD

    Yummy … Delicious ….. This is dream become reality….. . This is what I want but beyond my reach …. DAMN … 300 dollars …. WOW … Can I scream … I WANT IT …. LOL

  4. Nice!!! A little pricey but quality must also be taken into consideration. Looking forward to finding more information on the available shades.

  5. Andi

    Do you know if these are limited edition or regular? I think I might splurge on these seeing as I’ve wanted some 24/7 liners for the longest time! I’ll have to save but the color selection makes it worth it!

  6. Veronica

    My wallet has never been so glad that I prefer liquid/gel liner. πŸ˜› (I still hold out hope for the day the release Stray Dog on its own, though!)

    • I so agree! I’d love them to release stray dog on it’s own. It’s such a beautiful color.

    • Julia B

      Agreed! Stray dog is one of my all time favorite colors.

    • Gigie

      `I thought about that too. But then I thought about the fact that I could just get rid of the ones I didn’t want at Christmas and birthdays. Any one of these plus a good eyeshadow or lipstick, is a good gift.

  7. Gabby

    OMFG. I have – no joke – exactly $300 left from my birthday. And I was sitting here trying to figure out what to buy because there wasn’t anything I really wanted. UNTIL NOW!!!

  8. Jasmine M.

    I am dying. I would probably cry of happiness if I had that much eyeliner, haha!

  9. Elyse

    It’s a lot of money, but really is quite a deal, huh! I but lots of professionals will be all over it! As for me, I don’t use blue eye-liners and there are too many in there for it to be worth it for me. Very nice, though!

    • Carla

      Yeah, all the blues in it is the main thing from making me consider buying this. Otherwise, I’d probably be getting myself in some serious trouble by doing a buy now, answer questions later stunt! :)

  10. Ouch, the price! But OMG, the collection! I am addicted to 24/7 eyeliners – it’s the only eyeliner I use now, I love them so much (although I do throw some love to Tarina Tarantino liners, if sparingly).

    I’ll have to wait to see what the colors are – but let’s be honest, I’ll still probably be forking over for these. 24/7 liners are the only products i consistently ‘hit pan’ on and actually use up.

    So excited!

  11. Jessica

    That’s a great idea but I think it would have been better if they were mini’s. That many full sized liners is beyond excessive & expensive!

  12. Is it bad that (while I love these liners) I just want the case?

  13. Starfish


  14. AnGeLwInGz

    What a tease! I wish I had that kind of money these days. Can’t wait to find out what the new colors are. Hopefully there aren’t too many, that way I can justify passing on it. I have the majority of the existing shades.

  15. TLC

    This would last me a life time!

  16. Audrey

    My mouth was literally just hanging open when I saw this. Oh. My. Gosh.

  17. Stacey

    Great for makeup artists….I’m happy with the 15th anniversary set. IF they had honey back, I would buy 10 of that.

  18. Kellie

    Ehh, I don’t know if I see the value. I mean how many different shades of one color does a person require? I feel the same about those asian-manufactured 120-billion gillion palettes.

    • S.

      Agreed. It might be good for makeup artists but does the average person need six blue eye liners? Or ten brown ones lol?

      • chris

        haha for the blues – YES! a blue is not a blue, there’s navy, indigo, royal blue, aqua, light blue, lagoon blue/teal.. let’s not pretend as if those were all the same, please!!! (I own probably 20 blue pencils by different brands, and do use them all.. 30 if you count in blue greens :) )

  19. kEG

    How I would LOVE to have this!!!

  20. Iona

    I love UD liners (perversion especially) but why would anyone spend 300 dollars on a ton of eyeliners when most are only slightly different in shade from the next? I’d only use about 10 of those and I would only finish maybe 5.

    • Veronica

      For somebody who wears eyeliner daily and loves UD’s liners, I could see this being a serious deal.* Personally, I’d keep the ones I’d be most likely to use and gift the others to friends and family – I mean, even with the value set, these are full size pencils that are worth $19 on their own. Who’s going to complain about a freebie liner of that quality? πŸ˜€

      *If you have that kind of income available.

  21. Kaylee

    It looks so beautiful! But I honestly have no use for 40 eyeliners.

  22. Tiffani

    I WISH I could afford to spend $300 on eyeliner. Gah!

  23. Clementine

    Hi! Is it limited edition? :) thanks!

  24. Ilana

    It will be sold only at the UD site or in stores too? Although I’ll be in the United States on the 26th, the site does not accept international credit card, only the U.S. holders :(

  25. Lorraine


  26. I wish I had 300 dollars for eye pencils. :-(

  27. Holy moly! I don’t know what else to say…..
    It is a lot of money to spend all at once, and even taking in the incredible value/savings, I wish I could own this, but it doesn’t seem likely.

  28. Janelle

    I need this like a hole in the head especially since I rarely wear liner…I am thinking of ways to justify this though…I have christmas and birthday money left! I am sure I have spent this much on things before, but I cannot think of one product that cost this much (other than skin care)….You shall be mine Pencil Vault unless it sells out by the time I get online to get it (I’m on the west coast and I refuse to get up at 2 am for things…)

  29. Lisa

    omggggg i want it! so pricey but so prettyyyy!

  30. Amy

    Ugh! Wish I had $300! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I did! Just like the 15th Anniversary one<3 Would make a lovely addition to my professional kit! Such great value too! And so many pretty colors<3

  31. I bought their last big set of pencils (for the 15th anniversary) and I’m willing to bet, at least from this photo, that 90% of the ones I got in my previous set are in this set.. which kind of really sucks, because I would love to have the other 25-30 ;\

  32. Rad

    Ugh, urban decay will make me bankrupt. They need to stop releasing all these amazing products, palettes and collections.

  33. lovely concept… but I don’t wear so many colors shown here… also only matte shades work for me…Love ransom and stash though… I hope they make a MATTE exclusive set!

  34. Lauren

    While I would love this, there is no way I can justify the price tag :(

  35. Alison

    It looks like there are lots of very similar colours from the photo.

  36. Holy Crap! That’s an enormous and TDF collection~ I’m not certain I would personally do it justice, but I can absolutely see this as good investment for a professional.

  37. DJ

    I literally gasped when I saw this lol! It’s a really great value but still too much for my budget.

  38. MakeupTray

    These are over rated. I have a set and I am not impressed. I don’t like that you had to buy the sharpner seprately and that they are small pencils.
    Ladies if you want similar affect, but the ALMAY eye pencils for 5.00. Those are just as good but you won’t get the variety of color.
    Another thing. This isn’t 1983. Who needs so many colors?

    • Calli

      Not everyone sticks with what’s trendy right now, there are a lot of people who do their eyes however they please.

  39. Angeline

    OMG!! Would love to get it but that’s a lot of rupees man! :(

  40. blueraccoon

    I really don’t need more eyeliner; I have a ton, including Ocho Loco and a couple other UD liners…but damn, this is nice and I’d pick it up if I had $300 to spare.

  41. Rayne

    *grappy hands*

  42. Jenn

    Jenn likes this.
    Well there should be some in the set that might be terrible for me or something and I could just put those on eBay. Of course swatching the few that are still in Sephora to see which ones suit me and how nicely those wear. Finding 10 that I don’t like and putting them up on eBay for say about… $20 a pop can at least buy off a few.
    Problem is that those aren’t sealed though…

    • Chelsea

      I’ve sold liners from sets before on ebay, just state that it’s new & unused, & doesn’t have a box because it’s from a set :)

  43. Dare me… SERIOUSLY… just DARE me! LOL!! πŸ˜‰

  44. DevilishDoll

    Meh…way too expensive…and pointless considering that almost half of it is brown eyeliner, ew!

  45. L

    I have… one eyeliner pencil. I don’t think this is something I would be interested in. :/

  46. Lana

    Love UD but realistically, I won’t be able to utilize this to its fullest potential even with daily use.

  47. Lana

    Love UD but realistically, I won’t be able to utilize this to its fullest potential even with daily make up application.

  48. xamyx

    This is amazing, and well worth the price. If these pencils weren’t such an epic fail for me (I’m lucky if I get a solid hour from these…), I’d figure out some way to get them. I never really wear anything other than black liner, but this set would push me to try others more often.

    • CeeBee

      Prestige Total Intensity, Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner, MAC Pearlglides and Milani Liquif’eye all stay SUPER DUPER AWESOME MEGA NINJA well for me, if these don’t float your boat…

  49. Reminds me of those massive watercolour sets πŸ˜‰

  50. Lisa

    That looks awesome but I wouldn’t know what to do with half those shades!

  51. Dev

    at 19.oo per eyeliner that’s an awesome price! super excited this eyeliner is one of my favorites lasts all day long and doesn’t come off until you want it to. the color range looks pretty awesome from the picture. I’m definitely getting this. I love makeup. Definitely not excessive or too expensive as I’ve read in some of the other comments. However I assume it might be too excessive for those who don’t use makeup everyday or for ladies who do pretty much the same look every time they do their makeup then I understand I’d say don’t buy it because you’d be wasting your money. I know a lot of people are afraid of or unsure of color on them and stick to neutrals so I could see not wanting to pick this up but the product itself is amazing so if you like the 24/7 liner by UD id say snatch this up when its released! <3

  52. JQ

    Want!! But… it’s too much. I can’t justify spending that much on eyeliner. Especially since I would just pick my favorites and ignore the others.

  53. Jaz

    I want … but I dont need nor can I reasonably justify spending 300 on this . ( My head is telling me this is an amazing deal). Considering as though my goal is to be more financially responsible & independent , I cant buy this :( It does make me feel better that most of the brown ones would not show up on me anyway

  54. Barbie

    this is so pointless

  55. Coco

    I would totally get this, but the sad thing is, I think I might already have half the shades, making the price a bit unworthy ;(

  56. CeeBee

    Eh, too many blues, not enough purples and greens. At last count I had nearly 80 separate eyeliners already, so pfffffttt to this.

    I do think, however, that sets of 5 or 10 of a certain colour range or trend/theme would sell better. Sure, it’s good value but that’s still a heck of an outlay.

    Still, a UD marketers wet dream, I suppose. I ain’t buying it though, sorry.

  57. Meiya

    I really want this. I love my 15th Anniversary palette, but balk at the idea of buying one eyeliner for $19 – it’s strange, I know. I can’t see how I’d use all of this up in my lifetime, though! πŸ˜‰

    And count me as another one who needs another Stray Dog – I love it!

  58. OMG…. I want this Vault…

  59. Princess

    Soooooo upset! My bf just bought me the 15th anniversary eyeliner set off eBay (after me hounding him for weeks) for over $200! And now i find out that set is actually only $92! And now i find out this is coming out in 3 days!!!!!! Im flabbergasted!!!!! Oh well, gonna tell him to buy me this and let him figure out what to do with the 15th anni one haha!

  60. Liliana

    Well I know where part of my bonus is going now!

  61. Becs

    Will these Urban Decay eyeliners expire? I am worried about how long it will take me to go through all these pretty colors. Very temping buy!

  62. If this is out for a few months I will definitely purchase!

  63. Por S.

    Oh no! I HAVE TO BUY THIS!

  64. Lynzie

    i so want this their $7.37 a liner in this set, but $295 is still to much.. ugh

  65. Brandi

    They need more greens and like champagne/beige/pale colors :/

  66. Dana

    Gorgeous for sure, and definitely lusting after this. However that’s a lot to drop at one time, and I already own enough eyeliner to probably last me at least 10 years πŸ˜›

  67. Malina

    The quality of UD Eye pencil is not questionable, but I don’t think I’ll ever use every shade. I mean, I won’t use the redish tones. If it wasn’t that pricey, I would think of buying, but for $300 I won’t even think about it.

    • Danielle

      This is what I’m debating on. I love the top row, but I know I won’t use the bottom (more colorful) row. I mean, I know I’m not going to use pink eye liner. But I want it because I missed the anniversary set they released and if there is a Whiskey eyeliner included in it, I might cave and buy it. Plus they are so creamy and apply beautifully.

  68. Thu

    I have all their permanent shades and pretty much every limited edition one that’s come out so far…. I just want to know what the exclusive ones are to THIS set and who wants to split it with me =P

  69. syrup

    A couple of makeup junkies could go in on this together. For the colors you both want, have the pencil cut in half.

  70. They slay me!!!! Plus it’s a US/UK exclusive. >_<

    I fortunately have the most of these shade from other value sets I wanted. What an fun and not a bad price as they preach down to $7.40US each.

  71. Shayla

    Christine, did they happen to provide the Canadian price for it?

  72. Olivia

    Is it the 26th or 27th? I’ve seen it both ways! I have to stay up til 3am to get it, so knowing the release date would be a good idea. lol

  73. Ria

    Well, they didn’t even bother making a bunch, only 50, so I guess that’s that. They will probably start popping up on eBay for $700 soon.

    • Olivia

      I dunno. I bought one, and thought of being a #$%^$ and buying a second one to post on Ebay.. But really? Who’s going to pay 700 bucks for eyeliner? Most people won’t spent the 295. I’m excited, but I already know now I’m selling off a few for 15 a piece on ebay…

  74. Angelika

    I could never bring myself to pay 300 USD for eyeliner. I use black gel liner and when I feel crazy NYX Glitter liner (the glitter liner with the tassels?).

  75. Cee

    Ugh. Why would Urban Decay advertise the Vault to bloggers if they knew that only 50 total in the entire US would be available? I hope it’s a marketing ploy and more of these will pop up later. And not at 12am. Ahem…not everyone has time to stalk a website in the middle of the night during a work week.

    I usually don’t post but I am disappointed with Urban Decay. I really wanted to buy this.

  76. Korbin81

    Wow, I had no clue that UD had only produced 50 sets to sell. The one reason I was able to purchase mine was because of insomnia (at 3 am). It came yesterday and I was so glad I made the decision to buy it. It was definitely thanks to your web site that I was aware of this product at all. It seems strange to me that they would produce so few. The total cost of the vault [with tax] was 325 dollars, times 50, is only 16,250 dollars in sales (and they profited much less then $16,250 if you subtract production costs, labor, and taxes). It seems like they could have made much more off of it if they had just offered a few more sets. Making only 50 seems like a waste. Hopefully, since the vault is still listed on their site, they will have it available again soon for those who missed out on getting it.

    • xamyx

      I’m quite certain they made more, however since these are all full-size & consist of only the shades actually available, the cost of production really isn’t that high. The box, and minimal labor to package it, are the only additional costs, but it’s the hype they’re really paying for. They released “only” 50 sets, but now Sephora has them, and I’m quite certain UD will have more, as well.

      • Jasmine

        I had called UD after I had heard that there was only 50 released, and whoever I spoke to confirmed it. She also said that they wouldn’t be releasing them again however so who knows!

  77. Marisa

    Ugh! Do I risk missing out by waiting until VIB 15% on Thursday?! Decisions, decisions! It’s like a $45 savings. Gah!

    • It was funny, because my first thought was, “I wonder if it’ll last until the sale starts.”

    • As much as I want this too–and had that exact thought–think of all the other stuff you can buy if you don’t buy the UD Vault. LOL–I’ve been planning my haul for days now–and there’s no way I can afford this on top of everything else–as good of a deal as it is–with or without the extra savings.

  78. I would so love to have this. Beyond love.

  79. My heart just skipped a beat… :-)

  80. It lists the shades on Sephora’s website. I missed it the first time. It says:
    This set contains:
    – 40 x 0.04 oz 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion, Zero, Smoke, Uzi, Oil Slick, Underground, Mushroom, Smog, Roach, Bourbon, Hustle, Whiskey, Corrupt, Demolition, Desperation, Scorch, Goldmine, Loaded, Freak, Invasion, Mildew, Stash, Junkie, Mainline, Deep End, Electric, LSD, Sabbath, Abyss, Chaos, Ether, Delinquent, Vice, Psychedelic Sister, Rockstar, Empire, Asphyxia, Woodstock, Yeyo, Cuff

    Hope this helps!

  81. I got it the first time around, but I’mm glad they are selling more. I’ve seen so many people complain that they missed out on it (as if UD is a monster for actually having only a limited number when that is the exact meaning of “Limited Edition”) so now they have their shot. I think the only thing that sucks for those of us that already snagged it is that we missed out on the Sephora points (this alone puts you pretty close to VIB status if you haven’t made purchases this year already), but you could always buy it again and return the one purchased from UD since you have 45 days to do so. It’s a buzz kill for those that were selling it on Ebay for super inflated prices…especially without knowing how many Sephora will have for sale or if they will pop up elsewhere lol.

  82. Those eyeliners sure look good. Too bad I can’t afford them. But, I will start saving from today.

  83. Dominique

    Do you know if the vault will be available at Ulta?


  84. Peggy

    I missed out on this at UD website so I wasn’t about to this time around – ordered it!! Thanks for the info Christine, I’m so excited my husband is a reasonable man and knows how much this means to me! πŸ˜‰

  85. Rocio

    Does anybody knows if Corrupt will be available by itself? Thanks!

  86. Dlori

    Every one of these eyeliners can be purchased separately. While this beauty addict would love to own this lovely set because it’s so pretty, I’d rather save my money for a rainy day, like when I need to purchase food for my family. The job market is tight and no one knows from day to day if they will have a job tomorrow. Since all these colors can be purchased separately, why would one buy a set of 40, many of which they will never use. Remember, make up does eventually go bad.

    • True, BUT I would assume that those that purchased this fit in to one of the following categories:

      Pro’s or in school studying to be one…

      Truly WILL and DOES use a wide range of colors daily…

      Bargain Hunters that will sell off the ones they don’t want and either come out even OR make a profit…

      Opportunists that will flip the set on Ebay and make a profit, therefore losing nothing and adding to their savings account…

      Group buyers that will split the cost and pay less for the same pencils they were already planing to buy individually.

      Now if you go in to debt just to say you own this then that’s a terrible move. But if you can afford to buy them in this set go for it. You will pay much more, even with discounts or coupons buying the pencils individually…$295 is the cost of around 16 pencils ($288) so if you were wanting all of the new ones (not counting the ones that aren’t new but are newly permanent) then you may feel a little ripped off paying over $200 for those when you could have had the whole line for a little more. I know the value breakdown has been beaten to death, but it’s important to point out when technically those that would buy the same thing piecemeal would pay more over time than those buying them in this set. But yeah…if you’re buying it just to say you own it yet you know you won’t use most of them (or sell them/gift them) it’s a waste of money.

  87. Olivia

    Sephora now has them for anyone who missed out!

  88. crystallinity

    I think the set is really, really pretty, and I see it being AWESOME for professionals- especially for those just starting out and people who need to build up their kit! For me, I already have so many colors of liner I love (not just UD! I <3 my MUFE and other brands as well!) that to purchase so many pencils in one go is not reasonable. I probably have very close colors in one brand or another in my stash.

  89. Anita

    that is such a good value but no way i would even be able to finish all those eyeliners anyway nevermind the fact that i probably wouldn’t even like some of them

  90. Jessica

    I got this today on Sephora before it sold out. My sister in law and I are going to split it. I’m super excited. :)

  91. Diana Lee

    Are they already sold out on Sephora?! So sad!

  92. Zainab

    How many variations on brown eyeliner does one need?

  93. Tai

    Do you know whether any where else would carry soon? Say Ulta or Macy’s? When would it be? I really want one.