Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a type of beauty product or particular color/shade that you’ve been really enamored with lately? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerAnything rose gold!

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84 thoughts on “Is there a type of beauty product or particular color/shade that you’ve been really enamored with lately?

  1. ProperIntro

    purple and green (not together though haha)

  2. RedHeadTea

    Plum/Burgundy! And I never really liked it before, but now I can’t get enough of those shades…

  3. Amanda

    Warm, mid-toned brown eyeshadows like mac texture or makeup geek crΓ¨me brulee. They add that perfectly blended finishing touch to any eye look, but also look good buffed in the crease with a light shimmery or satin shade on the lid (mac mylar, mac all that glitters, makeup geek shimma shimma). Warm browns are my favorite go-to shades, especially when I’m in a hurry.

  4. Carrie

    Creme finish nail polishes. Been on an absolute kick with them. So many indie brands focus on glitters or maybe shimmers, but there is just something so classy about a creme!

  5. Plum! Fall has officially started (even though it already feels like winter here!) and my lips are plummed out. Also, I’ve been experimenting with berry eye looks and such. It’s my color for the moment!

  6. Katie

    Oxblood colored lipstick!

    • Same here!
      I LOOOOVE deep red lipsticks, and they work great with my coloring (NW15; dark brown hair; green eyes).
      Lately, too, I’ve become obsessed with finding a concealer/foundation/C cream that will render my “pretty good” skin as close to flawless as humanly possible.
      Yeah, well. I can dream, can’t I? :)

  7. Melody

    A tie between new (just purchased) Urban Decay Anarchy lippie and Lip Tar in Strumpet for fall colors :) Lip Tars are SO much fun! I love mixing them for all new shades. The new Urban Decay lippies are gorgeous, creamy and long lasting for a cream and id like the slight stain Anarchy leaves behind.

  8. I love the Makeup Forever Rouge Intense Pearly Violet in 15!

  9. Orange n orangish red ….
    have been buying like crazyyyyyy …
    genna n gypsy by guerlain are two examples
    lancome crazy tangerine rouge in love
    givenchy carmin ecrin
    ysl no 9 glossy stain ….. aahhhhh

    but still hunting

  10. Darcey

    Finishing powders! Hourglass Ambient light, Nars light reflecting and of course…Guerlain meteorites.

  11. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks. As for color, I’m into berries, burgundies, plums, and red-browns. :)

  12. If you asked me six months ago I would have said blush or cheek highlighters. But now I’m obsessed with lipstick in the red and/or burgundy family! I just recently got Russian Red (what took me so long?) and I LOVE it!

  13. A. Mar

    Green seems to be where my eye is lately. Forest and olive. Particularly with nail polish.

  14. Lindsay

    I have been obsessed with a red pigment I made for Halloween from my line. I will refrain from mentioning my line’s name, as I would never use your blog to advertise. It’s a brick/raspberry red I find beautiful.

    Other than that, I’ve been obsessed with MAC’s Spider Queen Palette. Moss and Deep Purple are my favorite shades but I love them all. I also love my Anarchy Face Case by UD; not the shadows so much as the blush, eyeliner in “perversion” and lip pencil in “scandal” which looked amazing on you BTW!

    I’m loving L’Oreal lately. I have been using their Infallible liquid liner everyday and their Voluminous False Fiber lashes. I want to try their Telescopic liner.

    As far as lips, I’m obsessed with Maybelline’s vivids collection & Revlon’s lipstick in Raspberry Pie. Its a great color for fall. Raspberry Pie & OCC’s liptar in Meta are my fav fall colors, hands down!

    I read so many of your reviews. I agree with your opinions almost 100% of the time!

    Is there anyway I can send you some samples from my line? I WOULD NEVER ask you to write a review publicly. I do value your opinion greatly though. I don’t expect you to say yes. you’re very busy but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

  15. Stacy

    Current brand obsessions include Guerlain, Hourglass, Nars, and OCC. Colours include oxblood, All Hail the Queen and rebel fox from butter London, Black Metal Dahlia, Role Play and Isherwood from OCC, teal+sapphire+emerald=I don’t know exactly what to call this color but I’m really loving it for clothing, and rose gold. Fall also gets lots of rich purples/jewel tones on eyes/cheeks, and dark lippys.

  16. xamyx

    NARS Multiples; I’ve picked up 4 in the last month, or so, and am planning another next week! I’m also still on my (seemingly) neverending hunt for my HG highlight/contour pair…

  17. Safyre

    I’ve been crazily obsessed with pastel mint shades lately, leaning slightly toward the blue side of the spectrum πŸ˜›

  18. Agreed! Anything in oxblood color! How I wish I could afford Guerlain Gigolo..

  19. Elle

    Anything red lately for me. And finishing powders. Any good rose gold recommendations as of late Christine? :)

  20. Taupe and deep plummy shades!

  21. Quinctia

    Gold lip products, although that’s kind of an all-time love, too.

  22. Annie

    What makeup shades of rose gold do u recommend I would love to try some out!

  23. Li

    Dark/Plummy colors, especially on the lips. OBSESSED β™₯

  24. Jenny

    Before I even read your answer, Christine, I was thinking ROSE GOLD!!!! I have collected rose gold powder eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, eyeliner, nail polish, ballet flats, watch, bracelets, and necklace. I’m currently on the hunt for rose gold and diamond stud earrings!

    • What are your favorite rose gold beauty products? πŸ˜‰

      I just got ballet flats, LOL!

      • Jenny

        I’m currently using NYX glam shadow stick in rose gold as a base for the L’Oreal infallible eye shadow in amber rush. The NYX glam shadow stick is sheer on my Indian skin but works well as a base. The L’Oreal eye shadow is absolutely awesome, pigmented, and long-lasting :) My favorite rose gold product is the NYX retractable eye liner in MPE08 silky cashmere. It’s waterproof so it stays on my waterline and it brightens my eyes in a way that white, peach, and taupey beige eyeliners can’t do. It looks naturally brightened!!

        I’ve tried the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in gold roses but it chips within 2 days :( I’m looking into buying the Marc Jacobs enamored hi-shine nail lacquer in 112 Le Charm which is described as a rosy copper metallic shimmer.

  25. Burgundy and reddish brown eyeshadow! Also, I’ve been on a foundation kick!

  26. Lippies!! I cannot buy enough of the lip sets this holiday season. They are amazing! I got the Kat Von D set, Tarte Set, the huge 20 shade BITE set, and saving for all the OCC minis. joy!!

  27. KK

    Mauve or violet with a hint of pink… That’s been attracting me off late!

  28. The combination of Black, burgundy and deep purple. It just screams autumn to me :)

    • Queentutt

      That sounds gorgeous! I’ve never thought to combine black with those shades (my favs btw). Definitely going to try that out!

  29. Just HOW did I know you would say rose gold? XD

    Mine is probably warm rose or raspberry pink on lips. I used to avoid those shades, thinking they’re too cool-toned, but they actually look quite flattering on me.

  30. Astrild

    Green for eyes and plum/burgundy for lips and nails.

  31. Emily

    Orange toned red lipstick. Usually I tend to keep my lips pretty neutral and focus on my eyes, but lately I have been opting for understated eyes and a bold, red lip.

  32. grlnxdor

    Taupe eyeshadow–cool, warm, neutral–doesn’t matter to me!

  33. KaseyCannuck


  34. zainab

    I’m really into red lipstick at the moment, my eyes have been watering a lot lately so I have pushed my makeup focus onto lips, cheeks and generally more ‘classic’ looks. I’ve also finally found reds that don’t bleed on me.

  35. amy

    Purple lipstick. Whether deep purple or lilac I don’t care I love it.

  36. Abbey

    I’ve been loving oranges, coppers, and golds lately. Christine, what is your favorite rose gold that you’ve found? Most of the ones I’ve tried pull very copper on me (not necessarily a bad thing–just not rose gold!).

  37. Burgundy, can’t get enough of it…on eyes, lips and cheeks…not all at the same time though!

  38. Katherine

    Oxblood colored cream fingernail polish. I’ve also enamored with Bath and Body Works body butter. I picked up dark kiss on clearance for 5 dollars at my local Post Exchange.

  39. Brianna

    Coral. Always coral. I’ve been trying so hard to do plums, berries, and reds, but all they do is make me long for coral! lol. It’s just such a flattering color on my skin.

  40. I have been absolutely loving red lipstick lately. I wear red lipstick all year, but for some reason, this fall, I have been obsessed!

  41. Anything and everything gold/green duchrome.

  42. brenda

    Mac Malt eyeshadow, MUFE e/s 76 and MUFE blush 157 – they have this rosy sandy taupy beige colour (not the best explanation LOL). It’s been my go to for about a month now.

  43. I’ve been obsessed with combining strong cool and warm tones on my eyes, like a pale silver on the inner third of my lid with a warm brown or burgundy/plum in the crease. I’ve been experimenting with the transitional shade that makes it all come together.

  44. Amber

    Oh i have been loving rose gold lately too! Do you have any rec’s for me Christine?

  45. Chelsea

    Taupe! I saw Great Gatsby last weekend and all the actresses were rocking gorgeous shades of taupe on their peepers.

  46. Lee

    VIolets and taupes. Normally, I like warmer colors in the summer but this summer it was cool colors and I’m still loving them.

  47. Valentine

    i am going through laser beauty therapy on my face so i can’t wear foundation and must step out of home with bare skin, the only things i can do to to make me pretty and forget my red sensitive skin for the moment is eyeshadow and lipstick. for the shade i’m into teal and blue for the eyeshadows, lipstick pink, plum, berry.

  48. Veronica

    Must buy ALL the red lipstick. πŸ˜€ And taupe. I am all over the taupe eyeshadow right now, especially anything with a plummy undertone.

  49. Rocio

    Lately and always I’m crazy with brown with purple undertones eye shadows! and brown-taupe colors also.

  50. Vanda Colombo

    Burgundy eyeshadow. And any other shade similar to burgundy. I can’t get enough.

  51. Satin greyish, taupey eyeshadow!

  52. Cat

    All over face powders such as the ones by Guerlain and Hourglass. Gah, I want them all!

  53. Luisana

    metallic purples and teals!

  54. Black… always black. As long as I can remember. Everything black. Sometimes I deviate and go for gunmetal but usually black πŸ˜‰

  55. Narcisa

    For long time I have been searching real emerald green (just like in Urban Decay Vice 2 color named Damaged) and so far I found nothing like that! Please, help me with suggestions, I need emerald green in my life!

  56. Queentutt

    Anything berry! Cranberry, Plum, Wine, Amethyst, Violet, Burgundy, etc. LOVE!!! So glad those shades are hot this season. They are my absolute favorite :) Especially the eye shadows and lipsticks.

  57. i’ve been obsessed with my eyeliner and now the eyeshadow in Stash!!! i seriously would squeal if i had a huge bronzer sized pan of stash. i don’t know why, but it’s just the most beautiful and unique green in my opinion.
    oh! and rose golds on my cheeks

  58. Jan

    Black liquid eyeliner – there are several that are really easy to apply now.
    I too like rose gold. Both as highlight and eye shadow.
    I rediscovered a deep plum wine lip gloss as well. It is no where near as scary on the lips as in the tube, and I love it.

  59. Nikki

    Deep reds and plums is what I’ve been gravitated toward lately. Those are my go-to colors for lips and cheeks for fall.

  60. Nancy Dav

    Plum, taupe, and gold eyeshadows!

  61. jess

    berry red–cross between red and wine

  62. SandraJT

    Chanel & Dior products for some reason.
    A lot more matte shadow shades.
    High quality, long wearing, highly pigmented lip products.
    Illuminating face powders that aren’t visible to the eye.
    Liquid foundations for winter.

    The list never ends….it’s always something I’m getting my hormones in a twist over!

  63. Trudy

    I have been obsessed with nude lipsticks lately. I am NC15/NW20 and I thought I would never find a perfect nude, but I have found many!! VGII, UD Naked, Clarins Nude Caramel, Lorac Nude scene, MAC Blankedy, Mac Shanghai Spice, Lancome Pale Lip, Lancome Delicate Lace.

    Hopefully this will help other ladies w my coloring!

  64. Yes, gunmetal/hematite eyeshadows!