Friday, August 21st, 2009

Twilight Beauty: Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight

Availability: September 2009.

The Twilight beauty franchise has been separated into two lines. Volturi Twilight, named for a ruling vampire clan in the “Twilight” series, is aimed largely at teens and is launching the middle of next month at Hot Topic, Torrid and Ulta. Luna Twilight, a play on the moon themes in “Twilight,” is targeting older girls and teenagers’ mothers and is launching in the middle of next month at Nordstrom and Dillard’s. DuWop is also a part of the Twilight initiative and has introduced the lip stain Twilight Venom for $16 on Prices for Volturi’s 21 stockkeeping units run from $9 to $19, and prices for Luna’s 35 sku’s are $18 to $34. — WWD

How do you feel about a movie/book franchise pairing up with a major beauty firm?

Do you think it’s cheesy? Would you buy it (assuming you’re a fan of Twilight)?

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54 thoughts on “Twilight Beauty: Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight

  1. Evan

    i love twilight, but this is just going a little too far…

  2. Roxanne

    I think it’s nice for Twilight-fans, and I have to admit that the packaging is quite alright (like the lipgloss with the tree branches) but I personally wouldn’t want to buy it. I think it’s just a “trick” to get those fans into buying their make up…

    • Lily

      its totally for die hard fans i mean look at MAC what they did with Barbie and Hello Kitty i admit the only reason i bought anything from the HK line was to have the little cute packaging because most of the colors were blah…
      ps i love your name because i love ‘ROXANNE’ by THE POLICE

  3. I like the design on the lip glosses, but the actual makeup looks like crap.

  4. i like the books, the movies are meh & the makeup looks too generic or common.. i like the Volturi crest & the blue lipgloss? tho..

  5. Ribbons

    I don’t think I will buy any of these to be honest, like Clarisse says, nice packaging, bad quality looking product. Nice for the Twihard folks though.

  6. jamie

    I think the character palettes look awesome, and the I really want the lip venom.


    Personally, I like the Twilight books, but everyone’s been milking the Twilight bandwagon for all its worth. A little irritating really. But that being said, the packaging is pretty nice, and given the target market, I’m sure they’ll sell really well. Admittedly, I do like that last photo, whatever those pump bottles contain.

  8. Kelsey

    i don’t like twilight, so i most likely won’t even give this brand/collection/whatever it is a second thought.

  9. Lauren

    I’m pretty sure that those Lipsticks aren’t a part of the Twilight line…

  10. mars

    I finally read and mostly enjoyed the books after much harassing from coworkers. That said, I think the movies are disappointing as movie adaptations usually are, I think the idea of a makeup collection is ridiculous but not at all surprising. Advertising always does the same kind of marketing blitz (Harry Potter anyone?) but since we’re dealing with a different demographic you have to try to sell them (teen girls and their moms) the things they usually spend money on–makeup. People will buy for the packaging not the quality but I won’t be one of them unless a product really stands out.

  11. xiomara

    Looks good!

  12. stefawnduh

    As cheezy as this whole idea is, i love it so much and would love to have it as a collectors piece. I would totally buy into the DuWop Line “luna”

  13. Chris

    Interesting, but I’d have to swatch it all before I’d buy. I’m open to most items, just need to see if the colors would suit me.

  14. I really can’t stand the Twilight craze, but some of these products look like something I might consider trying…

  15. Natalia

    I don’t think I’d classify as “fan”, but I do think Robert Pattinson looks like god. Which does not make me want any cheesy Twilight makeup (after all I am not sixteen anymore).

  16. MC

    I’d like to see a review of the products as far as quality. I like the packaging– simple, not bulky, pretty– and it’s not very expensive. If the product is nice, then I might be a fan!

  17. Ugh. Some of those look pretty, but I refuse to buy anything connected to the whole series of teenage romance novels about sparkley vampires that were written by a mormon housewife.
    I can’t imagine that the products would be more than mediocre quality, if they were created as a line of movie merchandise.

    • Michelle

      I am a stay at home mom (who uses the word “housewife” anymore??), and am Mormon, but please don’t let the Twilight novels reflect on that. Not all mormon SAHM’s think of sparkly vampires LOL

      I can see how this would appeal to teens — but not my kind of thing. There are too many other fall collections I am dying to buy!! :)

      • Caitlin

        I’m LDS too! 😀

        But yeah…the makeup is a bit much. It’s probably just a gimmick to bring in the cash. If I could see the reviews and they were good maybe I would consider getting something. But probably not. Looks like a waste of money.

  18. Patty

    That first powder looks EXACTLY like Perfect Topping MSF.

  19. Anitacska

    I have never seen Twilight, but I love that marbelised powder.

  20. Well I think the makeup lines are less cheesy than the Team Jacob/Edward tshirts out there, but that’s not saying much! Talk about over marketing sheesh! I even saw Twilight blankets and a board game. This stuff is reaching JOBros status! Loved the books, yes a little immature, and loved the movie. But OY! I highly doubt I’ll be replacing by juicy tubes with volturi gloss hahaha.

  21. Kaylabella

    I love Twilight, am tired of all of the hype, but will probably be buying some of this because the products look nice and so does the packaging.

  22. Di

    I’m not a twilight fan, but if that’s a blue lipgloss I can consider myself sold.

  23. ElleryAllison

    I love the books, except BD, but they are taking it like High School musical kind of too far.
    Soon they’ll have an ice show!
    I will only buy it if the products are good, not just because its Twiight like I’m sure a million teen girls will.

  24. Lexi

    Twilight is a disgusting, horribly written, sexist book. Keep it out of my beauty products, please.

    • Jessica

      If you are not into it that’s fine but, there is no need to insult it in it’s entirety. I honestly do not see it as being sexist, and as for it being horribly written, I doubt the books would have been published and then sold millions of copies if this was the case.

  25. I’m not into the whole Twilight craze and I’d feel kind of silly carrying merchandise connected with series at my age. The packaging looks pretty cool though, and that marbleized powder and the blue lipgloss look interesting.

  26. Meagan

    Even if I were 15 and a Twilight fan, movie themed makeup is going a little too far.

  27. I am not at all into Twilight, and I actually really dislike the themes in the books, but I have to say, that highlighter/blush thingy looks really pretty lol… seriously wouldn’t be caught dead with it though. T_T;

  28. Iya

    i like the book, hated the movie; i really think this is cheesy and yes they have gone too far with this. Eventhough i like the series, i still don’t think it is legendary, and it really shouldn’t be pared with makeup

  29. Bridgette

    I think they have gone way too far with the make up. Its almost like Hannah Montana (Except its a tv show)! But I have a friend who is crazy for Twilight and she loves make up so I think I know what to get for her bday next month.

  30. Proximity

    I think it’s ridiculous.
    However, I’m a sucker for nice packaging. And some of that packaging looks …. pretty. The real test will be if/when I see it in person.

    If they’d slapped the faces I’ve recently been seeing everywhere all over it, I would have zero interest. Instead they’ve cleverly not been overly obvious about it, and they’ve used tree silhouettes. I like trees. I like silhouettes.

  31. I loathe Twilight, because it is entirely undeserving of its praise and insane following of young, impressionable girls who will now think it’s perfectly acceptable to leap off a cliff if a boy leaves you.

    I’m a huge fan of the genre, and there are so many unsung authors out there who deserve the hype more than Meyer’s mormon-propaganda-ridden, badly written fanfic.

    Regardless of how pretty the packaging is, or how great the product is, I wouldn’t ever buy it for that reason. I don’t want to support the proliferation of Twilight merchandise.

  32. Meta

    Really? Wow.

  33. Cherie

    LAME! This is serious bandwagon-ing (haha, I just made up a word)!!!

    The books were great but the movie was disappointing (as most book to screen adaptions are). Let’s just stop at the movies and leave the makeup industry alone. lol

    I hope for the sake of those who actually get suckered in to buy the makeup that it is actually good.

  34. Nunu

    The movie didn’t do anything for me, in fact it was pretty cringe worthy, but the packaging is really unusual and I’d buy it if I like the colours. Even if I don’t, I’d probably buy it anyways as a gift cos my best friend is a Twilight fan.

  35. Drusilla Crowley

    Make-up is generally marketed by brand name not quality, but exactly to whom is this make-up being flogged? If it’s to little girls than I understand how parents can get angry about the sexualisation of their children. If it’s to adults then you’d expect quality to come with the brand name, which I sincerely doubt. The idea grabs my interest but I would have to take a look at the testers before deciding to blow my cash on this. I’m much more taken by MAC or Urban Decay.

  36. deeplace

    I am indifferent to Twilight, but I do like quality cosmetics, and was rather impressed at the fact that the twilight stuff is quality. Some of the stuff is awesome.

    I’m irritated that the official website doesn’t ship to Canada, and ebay users are severely hiking the prices, it’s ridiculous.

    And I managed to buy some stuff that ended up at the drugstore here sheer by accident, it seems. I know it isn’t just garbage, because I tried it, but I wouldn’t mind trying some of the items that never made it here, but apparently that won’t be made an easy task.

    • I saw the Luna Twilight at Shoppers Drug Mart “beauty boutiques” and the Volturi at London Drugs so far. EBAY EVIL.
      It is kinda hard to find because lamewads here even steal the testers. Who the hell wants to steal something someones filthy hands have been in?!?!
      I bought the Rosalie palette. Not worth $30. Eyeshadows too light and lipgloss doesn’t have a noticeable colour difference. Blush is pretty in the set. But avon has Mark Afterglo for $7 and it’s pretty much the same. They should have not done gloss and done a crease colour and eyeliner to make it an eye quad instead.
      Oh wellz.
      Good luck! 😀

  37. Jessica Rose

    uhm…I really want to buy it but I’m from Viet Nam country so how could I buy it? How much does it cost?

  38. Hanna

    Does this ship to Canada cause if it doesn’t it should i am like the bigest fan of twilight i would die just to have twilight make up if it doesn’t ship to Canada why doesn’t it??

  39. Melissa

    I’ll pass on the rest. Not a big Twilight fan but I’d like to experiment with the mortal glow, that really looks pretty.

  40. gemma

    all the people who say this is to far. the DOLLS are way to far

  41. Alyssa

    I actually got a bunch of twilight beauty products for my birthday, and the palettes are amazing, however be very gentle with it because the makeup inside breaks easily. The mascara is absolutely amazing, but as for the body shimmer and sprays? don’t buy it. The body shimmer just ends up sticking to your hands so you basically have twinkling hands and the sprays just kinda smell weird… but most of the products are pretty decent, however i haven’t tried any of the lip stuff