Tutorial – Purple & Teal

This is a tutorial for a fairly easy eyeshadow look that uses both purple and teal eyeshadow. The colors are similar enough so that the techniques used are not too difficult to master!

Skill Level: Beginner

Start with your bare, very naked lookin’ eye! I’m going to be using Lovely Lily pigment, Teal pigment, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s, Cinders e/s, Tease ‘n Teal e/s, Pearl of the Earth e/s, Nylon e/s, Hepcat e/s, and Metamorph e/s.

First apply Lovely Lily pigment mixed with MAC’s water-based mixing medium onto your inner lid. Let me clarify this “mixed” terminology… I put a drop or two of the medium onto my brush, and then I pick up a little bit of the pigment. You want your brush damp, not at all wet. Otherwise it will be all cold and wet and yucky. You want it to help stick, that’s all.

And you’ll get this.

Next, apply Teal pigment mixed with MAC’s water-based mixing medium onto your outer lid.

Nice job, huh, totally unblended. AKA perfect for this step.

Take your eyeshadow brush and pick up some Stars ‘n Rockets e/s and apply it to the inner half of your lid.

Which will so get you this.

Take a little bit of Metamorph e/s and put it where Lovely Lily meets Teal, starting a little on the Teal side.

Pick up some Tease ‘n Teal e/s and tap it on your outer lid, and bring it inwards towards Lovely Lily. Now, not too far!

With all that Tease ‘n Teal e/s sitting on your outer lid, pull it up, over, and into your crease.

Bring it back through your crease from innermost crease to your outside corner. It’s like reversing the previous step!

This is what you should have thus far.

I’m sort of in love with Cinders e/s, so take your brush, and pick up some of that hot stuff. Apply it to your crease, LIGHTLY, do not take tons of Cinders e/s and pack it on, you want a very gentle dark blue-purple in your crease. Start with a little, and apply more if needed – it’s easier to darken something than it is to lighten it!

Maybe people will yell at me, but whatever, you can see just a hint of a blue-purple – it’s all about dimension.

This is like, eight steps in one, because I got lazy. I took Pearl of the Earth e/s and placed it on my brow. I start at the bottom of my brow and go to about where the harsh teal/blue line is. Then I take my brush and pull the darker color up and into my highlighter color. You would start by pulling the shadow up and inwards from your outer corner and making your way inwards. Then you would [as pictured] reverse directions by starting at your inner corner and pulling the dark shadow upwards and outwards. Oh, p.s., I was not feeling the blending quite so much, so I added a little bit of Hepcat e/s between Pearl of the Earth e/s and the darker colors. Sort of like purple to blue to purple to highlighter. See? It makes sense, I swear!

At least I can show you pictures of “blending.” Following this, I took my brush and picked up some Stars ‘n Rockets e/s and pressed it to my outer lower lash line. Then I slowly pulled the shadow towards my inner lower lash line.

Apply your eyeliner, mascara, etc. of your choice. I do not feel the need to show you how to apply these! It’s kind of like eating, there’s not much to it. Especially since I don’t do liquid liner 😉

And here is the finished product:

I used Lovely Lily pigment on my inner lid, Teal pigment on my outer lid, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s on my inner lid, Tease ‘n Teal e/s on my outer lid, Metamorph e/s on the middle of my lid, Tease ‘n Teal e/s in crease, Cinders e/s in crease, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s on lower lash line, Pearl of the Earth e/s on brow, and Hepcat e/s above crease. I used Studio Fix Fluid on my cheeks, and I put on Ambering Rose blush with some of Golden Kitty blush (from the Primpin’/Golden Kitty duo). I used Prize Shine chromeglass with dabs of Pink Poodle l/g on my lips.