Friday, February 29th, 2008

This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to create a look using MAC’s Metal-X cream shadows Pure Ore and Plum Electric. Feel free to ask questions!

You will need: Pure Ore cream shadow (antique gold), Plum Electric cream shadow (dark purple), Rye eyeshadow (antique gold), Mi’Lady duo shadow (red/purple), Ricepaper eyeshadow (highlight). For lips, try Overrich lipstick (bright coral) with Magnetique lipglass (fuchsia-purple). For cheeks, try NARS Crazed (dark pink) with Micro Pink beauty powder (cool pale pink).
Brushes: 219, 239, 249

Substitutions: Try Patina instead of Rye eyeshadow, Coppering instead of the red portion of Mi’Lady, Parfait Amour instead of the purple portion of Mi’Lady.

Get the step-by-step instructions with photos…

These are the Metal-X shadows.

1. Start with a clean eye-space; if you fill-in your brows, you’re welcome to do them now [or later].

2. Use a stiff flat brush and apply Pure Ore metal-x cream shadow on inner half of the lid.

3. This is what it should look like.

4. Repeat the step, only using Plum Electric on the outer half of the lid.

5. Like so.

6. With the 239, pick up the purple side of the Mi’Lady eyeshadow duo and apply to the outer lid.

7. Ta-da.

8. With the 239 brush, pick up the red side of the Mi’Lady eyeshadow duo and apply to the middle of the lid, layering over both the gold and purple base.

9. This is what you should have.

10. Blend the red into the colors by sweeping the brush up and down (vertically), as if you were applying more of the same color.

11. Apply Rye eyeshadow using the 239 brush to the inner third of the lid.

12. This is what it should look like now.

13. Take your 239 and apply a little more of the purple side of the Mi’Lady duo to the outer crease, and sweep back and forth.

14. Apply Ricepaper eyeshadow with the 239 brush above the crease.

15. Repeat, only apply directly underneath the brow.

16. This is what you have now.

17. Darken the crease again using the purple side of the Mi’Lady duo with the 239.

18. This is what you should have.

19. With the 239 brush, apply Pure Ore cream shadow to the lower lash line.

20. Add black eye liner to the lower lash line. Add mascara and finish!

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43 thoughts on “Tutorial – Metal-X, Cream Shadows as a Base, Purple and Gold Smolder Look

  1. Katherine

    Gorgeous! This makes me really want Pure Ore!

  2. Hey Cristine,

    U have shown us already this look but we saw tutorial today ,isn’t it???trying to remember,lol

    But anyways u looking absolutely STUNNING!!!


  3. Leigh

    WHOA. Love it!!!

  4. Nell

    what did you think about the longevity of the metal-x shadows, how are they holding up during the day, any creasing?

  5. Erin

    OMGoodness!!!! I just did a similar look with Goldmine, Hepcat and Nocturnelle! This is beautiful.

  6. anw185

    w/in the last week, i’ve become addicted to your blog lol i’ve noticed that you often dont use a proper primer before applying your shadow; do you think theyre overrated (specifically UDPP)? i’ve been using paint and paint pots for my base, but i was told that UDPP is much better…what do you think? And also, do primers add any longevity to cream shadows?

    • Aww, thanks so much! I use pigments + mixing medium to make a base, rather than using a primer like UDPP. UDPP actually creases on me (though it is a GREAT base for many others).

      Primers can help with cream shadows, but it’s really experimentation that you need to count on.

  7. Amy

    I’ve become addicted to this blog too. I check it every day!!! This look is absolutely stunning. Thank you for the tutorial–I often try to be creative with my eye makeup but it never looks as good as this. But, I never knew how to apply it correctly.


    • No problem! I’m glad you enjoy the line. What is your favorite one?

      I think Metal-X may be sold out or no longer available, since it was a LE product.

  9. Zsofi

    oh,how nice,gold and purple 😀 it is sooo unique!!!! am i right? or did U try this 2 colors together before?

  10. cloudburst

    I came up with this look too! Except I use maroon pigment instead of Mi’Lady…I guess great minds think a like ;).
    Great website.

  11. Kitten

    I love this look!

  12. lala

    I love this look on you…I’m so mad that passed on these things for something else..(throws a fit).

    • Shefali

      Lala – I passed on this too until I saw this tutorial. I fell in love with it so I called my MAC store and guess what? They had all the colors in stock still. I picked up 3 – Goldspice, Plum Electric, and 6th Sin. You should call your MAC store or nearest dept. store that sells MAC. You never know!

    • Hey Lala! Awww :( No worries, I don’t consider these must-haves!

  13. denise

    hey i love this site! i love your make up too but i was wondering if these would suit blue eyes?? if not what colours would u reccomend??

  14. nunu

    thank you sooo much for this tutorial! i have pure ore and i didn’t use it at all i have used the other metal x eyeshadows thought but i found it was hard to pair colours with pure ore…thank you!!

  15. Oh this looks so pretty!!! I know they aren’t available anymore, but I always wondered if I could wear the Metal-X stuff. I can NOT wear normal cream shadows, because they crease the hell out of my eyelids, but last time I went into MAC, they used a paint pot on me and it stayed ALL DAY! I was so impressed!

    Did you find the Metal-X shadows to be more like a paint pot or like average cream shadows?

    • Hey MariahGem! Paint pots SHOULDN’T crease, technically speaking, so it’s great that they worked!

      Metal-X are more like cream shadows, not like a paint pot.

  16. Shefali

    This look rocks! I did it with some substitutions on Saturday night. I used Plum Electric, and for Pure Ore and red in Mi’Lady, I used the mineral eyeshadow duo that came out in 2006. The two colors in it are a red and a gold, Heat and Element. It’s from the A Muse collection in 2006. I also used Goldmine instead of Rye. I still used Ricepaper.

    Thanks Christine!

  17. Awesome look! Wish I could afford this stuff!

  18. Kat

    I am hooked to this site! Christine, you are simply the best. I especially love this look as it compliments my medium brown complexion beautifully. I will have to visit the MAC store to get these colours mentioned here. Absolutely love it!

  19. Prissygurl

    Great look! I wanted to know though, is the Metal X colors discontinued because i went on-line and could not find them. If so what should i sub them with?

    • Hey Prissygurl! They were limited edition, unfortunately! You could try Parfait Amour or Fig. 1 eyeshadow as the purple with Patina or Rose Gold (metal) pigment instead of the gold.

  20. Maya

    This is such an amazing look! I totally agree with Katherine – I wish I had Pure Ore! I looked on the website and I don’t think they have Patina/Rose Gold pigments anymore, are there any other products that are available now that come close to Pure Ore?

    • Hi Maya!

      Patina should be a permanent eyeshadow, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be on the site anymore! Rose Gold is a PRO color, though, so you can only get it via PRO.

      By MAC, I can’t think of anything similar to Pure Ore really :(

  21. hi

    Hey christine! Which lip products did you use for this tut? You didn’t mention them even though you have some gorgeous pink-red lips in the last photos.