Sunday, May 30th, 2010

True Blue Spa There's the Rub

Oh, the Scent! NOW, There’s the Rub…

True Blue Spa There’s the Rub ($24.00 for 24 oz.) is a salt glow with natural sea salt–basically, it’s a sea salt-based body scrub to help slough off dead skin and all that fun stuff in the shower.

Where’s the Rub? IN THE SCENT. I’m sorry, but I found this product really, really difficult to test just because I found the scent so appalling. I’m not that prone to disusing a product purely based on scent–I can get through some interesting scents (chemical, synthetic, weird, whatever), but this smelled like I was scrubbing with household cleaner. It smelled exactly like the bathroom would after my Dad finished giving it a good scrub from floor to ceiling (when I used to live at home).

Anyway, I wanted to get that out of the way, because scent is inherently a personal experience, so you may not find it as cleanser-like as I did. I used it three times, and I really did like the product itself. Despite being a salt-based scrub, it didn’t feel overly coarse or harsh against skin. Each time I used it, I was in the shower, so I applied it to wet skin, and it was creamy and easy to scrub into skin. Sometimes a scrub will dissolve, disperse, or otherwise not allow you to really work it into the skin.

It gets the job done and leaves behind soft, smooth skin. It just smells terrible (to me) while in use. I didn’t notice any lingering scent post-shower, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned with a scent like this. I’ve used other True Blue Spa products, and I haven’t had any issues with the scents in those, so I was a bit surprised here. (One of my favorite products is their Just a Minute hand scrub, which has a nice orange-citrus scent.)

Because scent is personal, I don’t want my nose to dictate that this is a no-go purely on scent alone, particularly when the product performs well otherwise.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: Smell before you buy, if you can. It may or may not be the right scent for you!

Availability: Bath & Body Works

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True Blue Spa There's the Rub

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17 thoughts on “True Blue Spa There’s the Rub Scrub Review & Photos

  1. Thanks for this review. I find it interesting that you disliked the fragrance – that would definitely be enough of a reason for me not to use it! If the scent is as distasteful as you say, for that price I would much prefer to crush my own sea salt and mix it with apricot oil as that smells better and is much cheaper LOL!

    • Yeah, it was definitely a pretty unpleasant smell :( For me, it’s enough that I only used it long enough to give it a test, but I won’t be continuing to use it!

  2. Kate & Zena

    Oh, heavens, I know that scent and it’s horrible! I always hated it when my mom cleaned the bathroom when I was little because it would smell like Comet for hours! Comet and Scrubbing Bubbles.

    You know what’s sad? The product reminds me of what Comet looks like on when I put it on my sink! Pretty color, awful awful smell.

    If I weren’t so scent sensitive, I’d give it a try and see if I corroborate your statement. The joys of having a hypersensory disorder.

    • LOL! I liked the color, too. I was like OOH PURTY AQUA BLUE! But yes, the scent is a total no go for me. And I’m not THAT sensitive to scent, particularly if a product still works.

      • Kate & Zena

        It is such a pretty color! Aside from Comet, it reminds me of a glacier. If you’ve ever seen a photo of glaciers, the interior color is exactly that shade of blue.

  3. dude! i want to go and smell this today! i’m too curious :) lol. and i know what you mean about the lingering cleaning smell – my mom is STILL a fan of using amonia for EVERYTHING. at least twice a week i would wake up with my eyes burning from the smell wafting up to my room. gack!!! lol!

    • LOL! I’m glad people got the reference… It was like going back five years in time. And not necessarily a good time. Like hey, at least it says CLEAN BATHROOM but I don’t need that as a fragrance.

  4. Ashley

    It looks nice in terms of texture, and I love the colour.
    But honestly, nothing can replace my HG Soap & Glory Flake Away, which is much cheaper than this one.

  5. nicci

    My friend got me this for my birthday last year and she said I would love the smell. I really disliked it!!! I used it all up not to waste any…I tried to make my boyfriend use some but even he disliked it.

  6. Jula

    i love the name–clever marketing

  7. Christina

    Love the color.

  8. Elizabeth

    Interesting! This looks a lot in the container like LUSH’s “Ocean Salt.” I’m a BIG BIG BIG BIIIIG fan of the margarita-like smell that Ocean Salt has, and personally, I’d take it’s virtual lack of preservatives over this product anyday! I wonder what makes this one smell like bathroom cleaner? Ick.

    • Ocean Salt has a completely different texture/feel in comparison to this though. Like other than the color, nothing else feels the same to me, IMO. Ocean Salt is really, really gritty in comparison.

  9. Sophie

    It’s amazing how everyone is complaining on the scent of this product.
    The main ingredient besides seasalt is eucalytus! (READ!) That’s the ingregient that make your skin and body feel cool and vigorous. I love it,I guess its an aquired scent. Once you rinse, the scent is gone and so is your dry up tired skin and reach for whatever :) Plus a fresh scent in your bathroom. I’ve been using it for years and my skin feels like a baby’s butt lol. I will hate for it to be discontinued because some don’t like the scent…look at the BIG picture…BEAUTIFUL skin.