Monday, August 25th, 2008

I’m sure most of us have a problem of overpacking, right? I’m no exception! I took far more makeup to Hawaii than I needed to! In total, I took about 115 products/items with me that were beauty-related (this doesn’t include sunscreen!).

And of all of that, I didn’t use

  • Mystery kohl power
  • UD Yeyo 24/7 Liner
  • Go
  • Red Flame/Orange Flicker
  • Red Romp
  • Fashionably Fuchsia
  • Queen’s Sin
  • Rockocco
  • Wild ‘Bout You

I have to say… that is pretty good, right?

Read on to see what I brought!


  • Bliss Eye Cream
  • Elizabeth Arden Intervene Eye
  • LIERAC Moisturizer (AM)
  • MAC Brow Set (Clear)
  • MAC Moisturelush (PM)
  • MAC Plushlash
  • MAC Prep & Prime Lash
  • MAC Select Tint SPF15 (not pictured)
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid
  • PeterThomasRoth Lip Scrub
  • Renee Rouleau Chamomile Cleanser (MAC travel bottle)
  • Renee Rouleau Toner (MAC travel bottle)
  • Smashbox Photofinish Primer (travel size)
  • The Beat (Fragrance)


  • 129
  • 150
  • 182 x2
  • 187
  • 188
  • 189
  • 190
  • 210 x2
  • 219
  • 239 x3
  • 266


  • Feline kohl power
  • Graphblack technakohl
  • Mystery kohl power
  • Raven kohl power
  • UD Rockstar 24/7 Liner
  • UD Stash 24/7 Liner
  • UD Yeyo 24/7 Liner


  • Arena
  • Blacktrack fluidline
  • Bold & Brazen
  • Brun
  • Cool Heat
  • Cranberry
  • Da Bling
  • Dreammaker
  • Espresso
  • Fab & Flashy
  • Femme-fi
  • Freshwater
  • Go
  • Going Bananas
  • Goldmine
  • Gorgeous Gold
  • Gulf Stream
  • Humid
  • Juxt
  • Lucky Green
  • Parfait Amour
  • Rich Ground fluidline
  • Romp
  • Rye
  • Sable Wrap
  • Shade fluidline
  • Smoke & Diamonds
  • Smoking Eyes quad
  • Soft Ochre paint pot
  • Stars ‘n Rockets
  • Sumptuous Olive
  • Tempting quad
  • Texture
  • Thunder
  • Wondergrass


  • Cle de Peau #2Crystal Rose
  • Cult Fave
  • Glamoursun
  • Illicit
  • Lil’ Sizzler
  • Moonbathe
  • Poetique
  • Red Flame/Orange Flicker
  • Red Romp
  • Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush
  • She-gold


  • By Degrees
  • Cherish
  • Creme Cerise
  • Fashionably Fuchsia
  • Fast Thrill
  • Fun Fun
  • Mari-sheeno
  • Queen’s Sin
  • Rockocco
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Sweetie
  • Swelter
  • Wild ‘Bout You


  • Dainty
  • Don’t Be Shy
  • Lilicent
  • Margin
  • Other Worldly
  • Suncentered Colour Forms Powder


  • Cocomotion
  • Melon
  • Pink Pearl
  • Teal
  • Your Ladyship

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78 thoughts on “Travel Sized Beauty – Overboard for Hawaii

  1. Kella

    That is a tooooooooooooon of makeup to take! But you did great estimating what you’d use!! & you look beautiful as always in your pics, which makes all the packing worth it!

  2. Chica

    lol Christine, you basically took my entire make up collection with you 😉
    Love it! I’m too scared of my luggage being lost to take very much :/

    • LOL! I don’t check ANYTHING. I packed everything into a carry-on suitcase and my carry-on shoulder bag!

      • kibitz

        HOW did you manage that with the gel/liquid rule?!? You could fill one quart sized bag with the lip products ALONE.

        • I am a very, very effective packer! I don’t normally put lipsticks in my liquids’ bag (they’ve never mentioned it being a problem), but this time I had my sister carry them in her liquids’ bag just in case.

  3. my word………..the above is NOT the definition of travelling light!! LOL i am the same way when i travel — i’m always afraid i will get there and be missing 1 part of a look so i pack EVERYTHING — even to go to my parents house for a weekend :)

    • LOL. I figured I’d have 7 looks to do, that’s a lot! I don’t like to keep doing the same look right after, so they all had to be different ;P

  4. victoria

    after looking at what you brought, i realized having kids, i sure have made so many sacrifices in order to make room for their stuff. lol

  5. Elle

    LOL, I love how much you brought. If I wasn’t so paranoid about losing my makeup items (and, well, everything else on vacation), this is *exactly* what my stash would look like!

    • Hey Elle!

      I avoid checking my bags at all costs, which helps keep most of it secure. I then proceed to lock up things in the safe if housekeeping will be coming ;P

  6. My god girl! Did you need a suitcase for all that? 😉

    • I packed everything I took for the trip into a carry-on suitcase and a carry-on personal bag (same bag I use for school, actually). Yes, that includes four pairs of shoes plus all the makeup 😉

  7. dee

    Wow…that’s a lot. On the upside it doesn’t look like it’d take up much space, but that is as LOT of make-up.

  8. whitnee

    so did you pack this in carry on or checked bag? i actually just flew to minnesota from detroit with my boyfriend to help him change apartments (he goes to u of minnesota law school) and i had one quart sized bag of lipgloss and mascara and another that i stashed in bfs bag of shampoo etc. lol b/c i’m so paranoid of losing it. i hate liquid bans.

  9. Heather

    So how did you pack all this? Did you put it all in your checked luggage? Or did you carry some of it on the plane with you?

    • I didn’t check any bags. I carried everything with me on the plane :)

      • Ava

        Great idea! The security lady made me throw an expensive perfumed body lotion away at the airport when i sent my bag through. I was ticked off. It was 6floz. Next time I hope I don’t get frisked. They didn’t check your carry on luggage?
        I am so happy that you made it through the airport with
        all that makeup. *

  10. Amethyst

    LOL – thanks for posting this. I thought I brought a lot but what I take with me on vacation is nothing compared to your list. I feel so much better now. 😉


  11. Aprilrobin

    My dad still makes fun of me because about 22 years ago I brought 5 mini sized bottles of Love’s perfumes with me on our family vacation to Mexico.

    22 years ago. I should show him this.

  12. OMG!! How long were you gone?? I don’t think I would pack that much even if I were gone for an entire month! LOL! I usually pick one or two versatile looks and take the products for those with me, and to hell with the rest! It’s vacation! That means relaxing my makeup routine as well.

    • Six nights, seven days! I don’t like to repeat looks (especially since I post them here), so I needed enough to get some variety! I always seem to be better about doing full makeup everyday while on vacation than I am just being home, LOL.

  13. Lehea

    Wow, and I thought I overpacked when I went there earlier this month. Haha! At least you put most of them to use.

  14. Nartian

    Heh, the most interesting part was that your list of things not used is pretty short.

    I never bring that much when I visit the family back there, but then it takes me a couple days to get used to the humidity before I attempt wearing makeup.

    • You know, I thought I didn’t use a lot of it until I actually made a list. I really wanted to play around with red lips, but there was never a right occasion. Seemed too bold for Hawaii!

  15. LOL, that does NOT look travel-friendly! I agree, did you need a separate thing to pack all that in? Gosh, I wouldn’t know what to do with that much makeup on a regular basis, let alone on vacation. Crazy!

  16. Jan

    I was laughing as I read your entry….that’s because it reminded of the time I went to England for a week and brought pretty much every other thing I thought I needed but ended up not using! Took up so much space in my luggage! At the end of my trip, as I was packing to go home, I looked at the stuff I brought and thought to myself – wow i brought SO MUCH?

  17. cloudburst

    That is alot…well, can’t say you’re not prepared!

  18. I am cracking up at all of the stuff you brought lol
    Next time my bf complains about how much stuff I bring with me on vacation, I’m going to bring up this page to shut him up! hehe

  19. Liz

    I have TOTALLY done that; I wont even lie! Good for you for actually using so much of it and giving us lovely vacation faces :)

  20. lovekills

    I agree with Chica, I’m too scared to take too much cos I’m sacred that my luggage will get lost, I was watching Oprah a while back and they recommended when you travel to basically pack your luggage like you’ll never see it again, isn’t that crazy? but its reality…
    and of course most of us never do cos we girls need to pack all that we need to look fabulous! LOL!

    • I rarely check my bags. In fact, I avoid it at ALL costs! I will spend money to buy toothpaste and use hotel shampoo at my vacation destination if it means more room for my other liquids!

  21. DJ

    I have been travelling a lot, and I take less and less with me–which is making me get rid of many parts of my beauty stash, because if I can do a lot with very few products, then I don’t need the huge amount that I have.

    That said, I think the supplies you took on your vacation rock!

    to heck with minimalism 😉

    • LOL! For quick trips, I don’t bring much. For longer trips, moreso, because I blog as I’m on vacation. Y’all don’t want to see the same look everyday, do you?!

  22. Chloe

    Wow!! And that was just for travel, huh??? LOL..I must say, you’re a brave girl! I am so afraid to lose my things that I only take a handful of makeup. I did take two palettes when I went to Puerto Rico for two weeks though. Regardless, you looked great!! Thanks for the tips.

  23. lovekills

    So how do you pack it all, Do you have a separate makeup case?

    • I have a large carry-on suitcase and a large carry-on “personal bag.” I used one makeup bag for brushes, another for blushes/pigments, another for quads, and then two quart-sized ziplocks for the lipglasses/lipsticks. Normally, I don’t put lipsticks in my liquids’ bag, but I didn’t want to chance it, so I tossed them in a second bag and made my sister carry it for me 😉 Otherwise, all my other liquids fit into one quart-sized bag (jampacked!).

  24. Heather

    Don’t worry Christine – I actually probably take WAY more than you! I’m kinda OCD like that…like if I don’t have it with me, then I feel like I HAVE to use it right now! haha :-) No, but seriously I don’t check any of it either. So I’ll have to be careful what lippies I bring next time with this liquids ban…I haven’t traveled in a while.

  25. kat

    Wow I don’t even OWN this much makeup :0

      • kat

        It’s ok my train case is pretty full as it is… I’m happy to buy a few things from each LE collection and slowly build up my stuff piece by piece :) I will take some pictures some day to show you 😀

        You know I think the one thing about your blog which really appeals to me is that you post so many pictures of makeup you do… it would likely encourage you to come up with new looks and always wear something new. I’d never keep a beauty blog myself, but that must be nice :)

        • I think you have some of the best moments building up from the beginning! Everything is new :)

          Yes, I try to do something different — or at least not repeat the same kind of look in the same week — often enough so y’all don’t get bored!

  26. Wow that’s a lot of makeup that you brought along!!!
    But at least you managed to use almost everything. :)

    I’m usually pretty terrible at packing too…my beauty products usually end up taking more space than my clothes in my luggage!

  27. K

    LOL I’m surprised at the general shock over your travel stash… without your selection you wouldn’t have been able to dazzle us with all those great looks! Plus, to be honest, how could someone who runs such a HUGE beauty website be expected to vacation with just the basics? Certainly not when you can pick and choose from a collection such as yours! You have a nice variation of colours (it’s not like you brought 5 brown eyeshadows and 6 purple ones.) Thanks for sharing! That’s fantastic that you planned so well beforehand and used most of what you brought.

  28. Nell

    Wow, my husband would flip!
    I love it, thanks for that post. It is a lot of work being a beauty blogger!

  29. Alma

    Wow, i take much less. But then again, I don’t even have a quarter of your make-up I think. *Feels jealousy come up*

  30. pia

    LOL, Christine! I’m terribly shock, really! But considering you have so many in your stash, I know it would be so difficult to decide which babies went to hawaii. However, considering you used most of the products, I’d say you’re well prepared.

  31. wow you brought along so much stuff. that’s like more than my entire MAC collection.
    When i travel i often run into the same problem, i want to bring as much as i can, but i am also worried about my MU being damaged or stolen, so i just try to bring only the basics and also the versatile multi-use products to let me do a few different looks.

  32. Oh my gosh you brought a lot!

  33. kacie

    I took my entire makeup collection with me to Vegas in June. For four days. I didn’t know what looks I’d want to do so I just said “f it” and packed it all. Everything got carried on, and luckily I didn’t have a ton of lip stuff at the time (the next week I got my pro card and upped my lip stuff by quite a lot) so hardly any of it required going in the 1 quart bag. It worked out quite well, actually! The only thing I forgot was mixing medium, so I went to the store at Caesar’s and got a sample that lasted me the whole trip! :]

  34. Wow! I don’t even have that much stuff/brushes/colours/lip-glosses!!! My goodness, I want to raid your make-up pantry & then run for it. LOL… you’re my make-up idol. I was about to do a small haul from MAC & I had to come & check if you tried the colours I want & to see how they looked on your skin. And you had tried them! Oh, you’re just too amazing.