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Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color ($40.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a medium-dark brown with subtle, warm red undertones. There is an ever-so-slight hint of gray that makes it almost taupe when it’s not sheered out, but it kept looking brown, brown, brown on me. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, because it’s called Platinum and the online “swatch” shows it as more of a pewter-like hue. Even in the pot, it looks more taupe-brown.  But here’s the thing: it does seem to go on less brown on the lids–it does look a little closer to platinum, but it is one finicky shade to photograph. So to that end, all of the possible dupes are browner.  It appears that the silver sheen comes out when there’s a lot of light; as I sat in my office with just a floor lamp on, it looked decidedly brown-taupe.  This is the sign of a complex shade, I suppose.

To me, it seemed like this color was more dupe-able than not. I had so many shades pulled up to compare this to. Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo is very similar, perhaps less red-toned. Bobbi Brown Champagne Truffle is more metallic but similar in color to the sheered out swatch. MAC Aloha is a little grayer. Buxom Mutt is similar to the sheered out swatch, though less warm. Urban Decay YDK is similar but a hint redder. MAC Buckwheat is darker, less shimmered. Urban Decay Wreckage is grayer. MAC Sable is richer, deeper. Urban Decay Toasted is similar to the heavier swatch, no gray tint.

Tom Ford describes the formula as “highly reflective,” “ultra-pigmented”, “non-creasing”, and “long-wearing.” Boy, I had some mixed emotions when I tested these. First, PR had already informed that these were nearly sold out in-stores, which lit some fuel under my butt to test it ASAP. The spring collection just launched on both Saks and Neiman Marcus, though, and everything appears to be in-stock, so not to fear if you’ve been looking for a way to blow $40. Second, as soon as I opened the pot and saw the consistency that awaited me, I was like, “This is going to be a big ol’ mess!” Looks are, thankfully, extremely deceiving!

Platinum delivers good results overall, though it does crease faintly after eight hours of wear without a base. It’s not smudge- or budge-proof–if you press your fingertip against your eyelid, you’ll see a fair amount of product transfer. I didn’t experience any fading, fall out, or migration while wearing this shade yesterday (ten hours in total). The consistency is a lightweight cream, almost more like a mousse because of its airy quality, that spreads and smooths out easily and evenly. From recent memory, the texture reminded me of a lighter, more airy version of MAC’s Big Bounce eyeshadows (you can see why I was wary!).

I used MAC’s 242 brush, which is a firm, flat bristled brush, to apply it to my eyelids, and I had no problem getting an opaque layer of color in one go. If you want a sheerer look, I’d recommend dabbing on very little and then blending. I figured I’d go crazy and opt to apply a good layer of it, as it was described as “ultra-pigmented.” I really thought it was going to crease right then and there, but it dries down quickly but remains smudgeable around the edges, since it is not smudge-proof.

What’s hard to see in photos is the soft, luminous side of the shade. It plays with the light in a subtle way that’s both dazzling and sophisticated. This is not glitter, and it’s not even a frost. I’d like to coin the phrase “satin metallic,” because I feel like that’s the most apt description of the finish here. Platinum was really lovely all on its lonesome, not as a wash, but as a full-color coverage product, just taken above the crease and blended out.  It’s packaged in a screw-top glass jar and holds a little more than the average cream eyeshadow does. I’m a little surprised to see that the TF logo is a sticker pressed on top. At first, I thought it was just a clear sticker over the actual TF, but I peeled it all the way off and the entire thing came off.

The Glossover




I'm torn--there's a part of me that's still chafing at the price tag. For a cream eyeshadow? Really? What? And then another part of me that knows this is Tom Ford, this is luxury, and that is really the point. Thankfully, it performs fairly well, and it is extremely well-pigmented. The texture is what will sell it, though, because it's so smooth.











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Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color
Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color (8 hours of wear)

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41 thoughts on “Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color for Eyes Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Helen

    Which purple eyeliner are you wearing on the pictures? It looks gorgeous paired with that TF eyeshadow 😉

  2. I really love the eye look you came up with it! I’ve been trying out the Givenchy cream shadow, and I’m also very torn. It does also creases a little, and the price tag is gasp-inducing. However, there’s no glitter fall-out, so I think I’ll still recommend it to people who want to wear glitter but hate the fallout.

  3. Maria

    40 dollars… Dang.. But it looks SO pretty! I want, I need it. Who needs food? Lol

  4. nitnot

    Looks amazing on you, but with that prize tag I’d go for MUFE aqua creams.

    Also, Christine, if you don’t mind helping. I’ve been reading reviews on how cream eyeshadows doesn’t last too long? How is this possible? Pretty much nothing stays on my lid all day but Aqua Creams, not even pressed eyeshadows with primer. 2-3 hours for me is expecting a lot, and now I hear this and I go, O.o

    • Have you tried layering primers? I know for some they find that layering (say MAC PP + UDPP) is the trick that does work! I don’t have oily lids (not dry, dry, but normal I’d say), so that helps.

      • nitnot

        I did try layering UDPP with Prime Time Primer Shadows by BareMinerals, and the combination made everything stick until 6 hours. (but still looking for eyeliner that works!) and I want to try NARS smudgeproof next :) thank you for the advice.

        Btw, I just realized on the lid, this Tom Ford Platinum Cream looks an awful lot like the BareMineral’s Prime Time in Toasted Almond. Which I’ve been very happy with.

  5. Karen

    Your eye makeup look so pretty ! ^^

  6. It looks beautiful in the pot, but not so much applied.. I am not getting this.

  7. “I die for this!” in my Rachel Zoe voice lol! This is sooo pretty. I’m a sucker for gold eye creams and shadows…must try this out! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. baby in a corner

    This looks so gorgeous on your eye! Way nicer than I expected from the pan photos! BUT the sticker disgusts me – not good enough for such a luxurious product.

  9. Cassi Teague

    LOVE the eye look in the pictures! The purple looks great! What brand/color of eyeliner is it? Back to eyeshadow…How do these compare to the MakeUp forever aqua creams? Same consistency? I do not like the way those feel at all.

    • On eyes: Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, Guerlain Blu Acqua Khol Kajal, Guerlain G Mascara. On cheeks: Tom Ford Ravish.

      Consistency isn’t anything like Aqua Creams, to be honest! Those are much thicker, drier in a way. It’s not as lightweight as a true mousse, but it is very similar. It’s very wet-feeling.

      • Cassi Teague

        Thank you so MUCH!! You’re the BESSSST!

      • Cassi Teague

        I know this post isnt even about this eyeliner, but I am fascinated, and I havent seen a post (unless I missed it) about it. Do you have a dupe or similar color for this? Is Makeup Forever 15L close to it? I have been trying to research myself so I didnt have to bother you!

  10. Katie

    Oooooh what’s on your lower lashline, Christine?

    • On eyes: Tom Ford Platinum Cream Color, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, Guerlain Blu Acqua Khol Kajal, Guerlain G Mascara. On cheeks: Tom Ford Ravish.

  11. amy

    From what I can tell (in photos), L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe is extremely close in terms of color.

    By the way, have you seen all the colors in person, and if so, would you say Illicit leans more red, or is it actually closer to copper?

  12. cherryglass

    The sticker logo is unacceptable at this price range. Is this a joke? If it’s a luxury product it should be packaged as such. The product does looks lovely on your lid. However, the creasing is disappointing, especially when they claim it as a non-creasing product. I’m very ingrigued by the texture, but will wait to see if there are high/mid or drugstore equivalents. Thank you for the review!

  13. Wow, I really like your look Christine! That eyeshadow is beautiful in combination with that blue color.

  14. Looks kinda bronzey with a silver sheen — sort of like Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo cream eye shadow in Bold to the Bronze! The TF one is redder though, but I’ll take half a dozen of the Maybelline ones instead of one Tom Ford!

  15. This is pretty but the $40 price tag is a bit steep. I’d rather get 2 MAC paint pots! P.S. I love your eyeliner, Christine!

  16. Oh my, this is so pretty and right up my alley in terms of color, finish, and texture. But I own too many dupes for this to be a good purchase, especially at $40.

  17. nenebird

    Price is ridiculous. I can create the same look with a combo of cream and powder. i don’t think the beauty industry knows how to spell recession.

  18. Rachel

    Stunning, wow! So pricey…but beautiful.

    Is that Guerlain kajal currently available, or is it a future release? I’m in love with it. If its future release…any dupes come to mind?

  19. wendyh

    I didn’t expect to buy any cos of the cheap packaging (stickers)
    but tried on the other day and ended up going home with Illicit and Spice!
    Platinum is amazing when swatched on my hand.
    I love teh colour but i didn’t think it would show much on my tan skin.
    but now looking at the photos, I am thinking it actually looks very nice to have a barely there colour too! 😛

  20. Ana G.

    Love it but, $40 and so many dupes….I’d pass even if I had the chance to buy it – which I don’t!

  21. YellowLantern

    The color isn’t interesting enough and for the price tag I’d expect the shadow to last at least 12 hours without a single crease. Pass.

  22. aditi

    looks a lot like WnW nutty to me

  23. This TF Platinum colour looks amazing on you Christine, particularly with the punch of intense eyeliner on the bottom lid. I think this colour is probably quite dupeable, but at the same time I don’t know. The texture and colour look quite sophisticated with very subtle nuances. It does seem ridiculous to spend $40 on a beige/brown/taupe shadow, but judging by the results in your photographs, I’m going to take the risk!
    Oh, and I always look at your photographs since we have extremely eye and skin colour. It makes it so much easier to narrow down my shopping list..super helpful when Mac goes on a rampage with a whole wack of collections all at once.

  24. Shaikha Al-Abdulrazzaq

    I love how it looked in the photos

  25. Melanie

    I got the 25 Bad to the bronze color tattoo- by eyestudio (Maybelline) because of these swatches. It’s really close to this color, and I am VERY glad that I don’t have a Tom Ford counter within 3 hours of me. This entire line would demolish my makeup budget for the next few months.