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Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum ($195.00 for 1.7 oz.) is part of the Private Blend series and comes in a dark amber glass bottle. When I first spritz it against my wrist, before it’s even evaporated against the skin, I get this burst of sweet grapes, which really doesn’t last long–on a quick, light sniff, along the perimeter of where I sprayed it, I can detect a very subtle sweetness similar to the more grape-like sweetness I detected off the bat.

It develops into a sweet, but earthy, foreboding rose scent marked by almost chocolaty notes. There are hints of a general floralness playing in the background, along with a very muted and almost forgotten vanilla. Noir de Noir is spicy and woody and built around rose. It’s an interesting interpretation of rose that moves into more masculine territory, though if I had to pick, this is still a more classically feminine scent than it is a masculine one. It is entirely wearable on either sex.  When the scent finally winds down, the vanilla becomes more pronounced, but the rose continues playing center stage, it just because sweeter and less earthy after ten to twelve hours on me.

A dark chypre Asian, this scent opens with an earthy mantle of richly woven saffron, black rose and black truffle, with hints of floralcy. Underneath, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood and tree moss soften the intensity, making the scent a sensual experience.

One of the reasons I really love Tom Ford’s Private Blends is how long-wearing they are on my skin. Only one or two (I distinctly remember Neroli Portofino being shorter in wear) last less than twelve hours, and with all of the scents, a little goes a long way. I usually use one or two sprays for all-day wear.  Full disclosure: this is not my favorite scent, and the first few times I wore it, I specifically didn’t like it (and this was nearly a year ago!).  After wearing it again more recently, I don’t dislike it, but it’s not a scent I would gravitate towards as my preferences lean elsewhere. I liked the composition and the way it transitioned and wore over the hours; it never goes soapy, turns to play-doh, or degenerates into something really commonplace.

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Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum

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9 thoughts on “Tom Ford Noir de Noir Eau de Parfum Review and Photos

  1. IlariaDiva

    No matter how great this fragrance may be, $195 is an insane price. I’d rather use that money for something more useful like Clarisonic. :) I don’t buy perfumes anymore, I use fragrances from The Body Shop or vegan brand because they smell amazing and are way more affordable.


    :( these tom ford posts always make me so sad. I absolutely LOVE the Lavender Palm scent from them, but I just can’t afford $195 for 1.7 ounces. I have splurged on other luxury products like chanel and guerlain lipsticks, but i tend to wear my perfume very often and the phrase ‘a little bit goes a long way’ definitely doesn’t apply to me in that fashion. I will have to suck it up and save up. One day!

    •  @MIRIANV Have you considered buying a decant/sample? Like through the Perfumed Court? Maybe $195 is out of your budget now, but maybe a large decant would work? Those bottles have SO much juice, and even though I wear Oud Wood a lot, I can barely see that it’s been used.
      Maybe a ~$40 sample size will let you enjoy it now, and who knows — maybe when you finish, you’ll be onto something new, lol!

      • MIRIANV

         @Christine (Temptalia) That’s probably the best plan! Thanks for the idea. I’ve never used that website before.

        •  @MIRIANV You think that’s bad you should try being in Australia where the price is $280 and considering the exchange rate that practically $280USD… It’s insane!

  3. Czarbina

    I love his Private Blend too, particularly the Tobacco Vanille. I’m the type of person who could wear a different fragrance every day to accessorize my mood, my look, and what I want to portray to the world.

  4. This is my absolute favourite perfume, my special occasion fragrance. I can understand that it isn’t for everyone.

  5. It’s long lasting because it is an eau de parfum instead of the eau de toilette you see sooo often these days.  This annoys me.  I’ve always gravitated to perfumes that are available in perfume form and not some crap quality watered down version.  The great thing about perfume, a little goes a long way and they are usually not packaged in wasteful spray bottles.  I hate spray bottles for perfume too and the people who use them excessively and make me choke and cough as I walk by them.  I’m grumpy today, can you tell?  The End :)  I lied, there’s more..  It’s a damn good thing Tom makes quality perfume otherwise, I’d rip his head off.. I’m done..  

  6. Mohamed

    i love it