Friday, April 19th, 2013

Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection

“I wanted to capture a very particular look of skin that is bathed in sunset light in the summer. It is a sultry and sublime glow. In this light, every woman looks irresistibly relaxed and sensual.” — TOM FORD

For Summer 2013, Tom Ford introduces a seasonal color collection that captures the luminous and sensuous effect of bronzed skin. This limited edition collection features the new Tom Ford Skin Illuminator , the Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Color, and a harmony of shimmery and sheer shades for the eyes, lips and nails. The face and cheeks are illuminated wit h peach-pink and bronzed amber; eyes are dewy and mesmerizing with delicate tones of pale pink and nude peach; nails are given a pearlized wash of white, and lips are lacquered in shimmery golden pink pearls.

Skin Illuminator ($65.00)

  • Fire Lust Shimmering, peach-pink

Illuminating Cheek Color ($58.00)

  • Blush Guilt Natural, radiant glow
  • Bronzed Amber Natural, radiant glow

Cream Color for Eyes ($40.00)

  • Escapade Pearlized peach
  • Pink Haze Pink with peach tones and gold pearl

Lip Lacquer ($30.00)

  • Pink Lust Light pink with golden pearl

Bronzing Powder ($90.00)

  • Gold Dust Blend of sunstone, amber, black tourmaline crystals; shimmer finish
  • Terra Blend of sunstone, amber, black tourmaline crystals; matte finish

Nail Lacquer ($30.00)

  • Vapor Semi-opaque white lacquer

Availability: May 1st at Tom Ford Beauty retailers

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Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection

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26 thoughts on “Tom Ford Beauty Summer 2013 Collection

  1. Barbara

    $90 for a bronzer?! Wow! Collection looks gorgeous, but I will have to pass based on the price point and the fact that nothing looks special enough for me to even justify spending that kind of money.

    • They’re nice feeling bronzers (and available year-round) but you can easily dupe the color. I bought Terra last year because have you SEEN that compact?! It’s GIGANTIC! LOL! I feel in love and just wanted to own it. Haha!

      The texture is very silky – but otherwise the color is very similar to many other fair and slightly orange/brown bronzers out there.

  2. Katie

    I want everything, except the nail polish (I favour drugstore nail polish all the way) and the bronzers (I have enough). Cannot wait to see all this in store.

  3. Hi Christine,

    The colors in Tom Ford Summer 2013 look so radiant and gorgeous! I’m looking forward to seeing what Fire Lust illuminator looks like in person!

  4. Sasha

    Cream products? My oily skin says no way…

  5. KENDO

    Semi-opaque white nail lacquer? Tell me that’s not going to be one streaky mess.
    And everything else looks to be the same warm, peachy color… not interested.

    • Janelle

      I have a lot of Tom Ford polishes (got them at the CCO) and even the pale yellow one I have is not streaky. I guess it makes sense at this price point it should be a good forumla

  6. abigailod

    The cream color for eyes and cheek color sticks intrigue me! that skin illuminator reminds me of my love affair with Prescriptives years ago!

    • Janelle

      considering estee lauder owns both tom ford and prescriptives my guess would be that they are comparable products…too bad the tom ford is beyond expensive and prescriptives is now only online.

  7. I was interested in the bronzers until I saw the price. But everything still looks great!

  8. Oooh those Illuminating Cheek Colors look gorgeous–I just hope they aren’t too shimmery/metallic :/

  9. Thanks for posting the details! Would love to see more Tom Ford Lip Vinyls being released but what can you do right? :)

  10. Stacey

    Estee Lauder needs to step up the game. Whether it is Aerin, Estee Lauder, Mac, Prescriptives or Tom Ford….after awhile the stuff starts to look similar except for the packaging. And the prices are ridiculous. I got Tom Ford shadows, blushes and lipsticks. And the packaging is not pristine. The pouches are cheaply made. Two days ago, I received my Suqqu package from London…the pouches from Suqqu were sturdy and of quality. If Tom Ford wants to keep these prices, Estee Lauder and Tommy Boy needs deliver on every aspect of the product….not just on name. Same goes for MAC.

  11. VickyM

    Very nice collection, we don´t have Tom Ford here but it´s interesting to see how different from the Chanel and Dior collection it is when it comes to the colors, this are very neutral contrary tothe bold exotic colors from the mentioned brands, I really like the blush guilt cheek color and the lip laquer, to bad I can´t buy them here :( .

  12. Looks promising, but of course the prices are outrageous. I think it’s really like – some psychological thing, there must be some rush or something people get from spending this amount of money on a product… because logically it doesn’t make sense

    • xamyx

      That’s *exactly* what it is; their M.O. is all about “exclusivity”, and making women feel more “special” because they have the products. This is why MAC has sooo many LE collections out at one time, and why they send out only so little product to actual counters. Thus, unless I come across some amazing product, in a color I can only find in one of their brands, I don’t bother with EL at all.

  13. Eileen

    When it comes to luxury brands, there is no use kvetching about the prices. Price points are set high so that the line is kept out of the mass market category and so that the products are perceived as being special and unique (Whether that is true or not is another issue!). That being said, TF’s summer offering is a well-edited, streamlined collection that conveys an effortless summer elegance. It’s a nice option for women who are not eager to look like peacocks or butterflies this summer :-)

    • Quinctia

      Tom Ford stuff continues to underwhelm me, and it’s priced slightly higher than Guerlain, which does impress me occasionally. I own a couple of pieces from Guerlain, too. So while I get the idea of having a luxury line, I’m just not particularly impressed by anything I’ve seen TF offer, if that makes sense. So the pricepoint seems especially silly, because I don’t know if there’s a price point where I would buy it.

      • Eileen

        Hi Quinctia, Your comment makes perfect sense because, when it comes to deciding whether or not a product is worth the price or whether we even like it to begin with, our unique combination of features, our esthetic sense, our life style, etc. all come into play. What works for me, might be a fail for you and visa versa :-)

    • helen

      I thought the same thing about the line, streamlined and precise colour story.
      PS: “Kvetch” isn’t used nearly enough these days :) (Happy to see it used properly!)

  14. divinem1 (Melissa)

    I like the eyeshadow. It’s not a high frost like most cream eyeshadows. I’d love to see swatches.

  15. I already have the entire collection coming to me, sans bronzers. It’s amazing. The swatches I’ve seen are incredible. I can’t wait.

  16. Quinctia

    Seems like Pinky Beige: the collection. I wouldn’t want to wear it all at once!

  17. Found a few of the items up on Saks, but no cheek colours, bronzers, nor the nail polish all of which I would love to see more of.. I know resistance is futile.

  18. Hazel

    Not creamy for me. I would just see sweat all the time.

    Those are the lips I would show to a plastic surgeon if I was a Beverly Hills housewife.

  19. MIrely Maldonado

    I’m so trying on that lip color!! I might just have to shell out $30 if I like it enough!