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Toki Doki for Sephora

tokidoki for Sephora: Adios Star Cromatico Eyeshadow

tokidoki Adios Star Cromatico Eyeshadow ($15.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a matte black base with silver glitter strewn through it. It looked pretty in the pan, but unfortunately looks rather chalky when swatched, and it took some effort to get a decent level of pigmentation. Being a black eyeshadow, though, you could easily use this in the crease and not notice any chalkiness–but you might think of it as more of a dark gray-black than pure black.

This is the only tokidoki eyeshadow I have tried, so please don’t take this review of this single shade as representative of the whole line! I’m definitely going to check it out in person or grab another one or two shades online to see if this is just a poor man within an otherwise good range. Hopefully, Temptalia readers have also given these a try, so they can speak up on some other shade’s behalf! :)  I know the lovely Muse reviewed Carnivora, Diamante, and SavanaSavana looks way better in terms of pigmentation.

The packaging is very tokidoki inspired–if you dig it, you dig it; if it’s not your thing, that’s okay, too. I’d say that I’m neutral on the whole thing myself, but I think it’s done well. It’s not luxe, ultra high-end packaging, but it doesn’t feel like something you’d find in the dollar bin either. I like that each of the eyeshadows has a different colored lid–it’s just a nice touch. The price is also just right at $15, because these are actually cheaper than MAC eyeshadows by the ounce–MAC eyeshadows are $14.50 each, but you only get 0.05 oz. while the tokidoki eyeshadows are $15 each, but you get 0.07 oz.

So right now, though I’m disappointed in this shade, I am going to keep an eye out for more shades at my local Sephora and see how those hold up for me. I definitely want to check out Bastardino, Bruttino, Ciao Caio, Killer Candy, Savana, Skeletrina, and Soya. Shocker, I’m sure, that those are all some of the brighter shades available.

Shades: Adios Star (glitter black), Bastardino (dark green glitter), Bruttino (blue pearl), Bulletto (brown pearl), Carnivora (beige pearl), Choco (brown pearl), Ciao Ciao (pink pearl), Diamante (glitter pink), Donutella (nude multi-glitter), Killer Candy (purple pearl), Nancy Rocks (lavender pearl), Romeo (plum pearl), Samba (gray pearl), Savana (gold glitter), Skeletrina (indigo pearl), Soya (green pearl).

Have you tried these? Which shades?

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  • Product: 20/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: I would skip this particular shade of the Cromatico Eyeshadow line-up — I haven’t tried any of the others, so I can’t speak for those! Funny enough, the cute and just-right packaging and price save this product from a non-passing grade!


See more photos & swatches!

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora

Toki Doki for Sephora
Inferno Bronzer (left), Adios Star (right)

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24 thoughts on “tokidoki for Sephora Adios Star Cromatico Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. That packaging is super cute, but it would take up so much space!

  2. i love that packaging,it’s so adorable:D

  3. I have not tried this but I love the look of it. So ‘street’ yet somehow cute.

  4. Quennie

    I agree with your rating. The product itself failed in my opinion, but the packaging is A+++. It’s not good enough for me to buy it.

  5. Ellie

    I would skip all eyeshadows from this line just because you can find better quality for less (like MAC, especially if you buy the pro pans), but MAC cheek products usually break me out, so I might have to check out the bronzer. I was looking at this line in Sephora and a representative said that almost everything in the line is LE because Tokidoki has so many characters that they’ll come out with new shades often.

  6. Alannah

    That eyeshadow looks TINY–I’m so surprised it’s bigger than a MAC shadow!

    Glad the quality is lacking so I don’t have to be enticed by the pretty packaging! I’m hoping you’ll say the same thing about the glosses… those are really tempting me.

  7. Kathy

    That packaging is SO adorable!

  8. I tried a purple one that looked a little like urban decay’s ransom and it came out pigmented with ease! Nothing really wowed me though although that shade was so easy to use. And the packaging is super cute but it would be super inconvenient if you owned all of them. I mean you can’t really store it like mac shadows and stick them in a palette… you’ll just have skulls everywhere! BTW, is this the new way of pictures?! I’m loving the no flash, but I miss it a little on the swatches :( But then again you don’t get that annoying glare that you sometimes get on the packaging/product.

  9. Meika

    I love tokidoki stuff, but looking at the swatches I can probably pass these up.

  10. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks for the review Christine. I’ve tried 12 of these shadows and they’ve all been pretty chalky with not so good color payoff. I’ve only used them over UDPP. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not. The glitter shades have the worst fall out of any that I’ve ever tried. They are downright dangerous I tell you! I still like most of the other Tokidoki products. Literally have ’em all!

  11. MinSue

    I actually have tried Bastardino, Ciao Caio, Skeletrina, and Soya. The pigmentation isn’t that great. You have to really work at it to get the color to pay off. The eyeshadow shades that are glittery are just as bad. All glitter, no color. The only colors that I got to sample that I actually thought were worth it were Bulleto and Choco. The colors were so smooth and pigmented. A little really went a long way.

  12. Kaylabella

    I got a demo with some of the products last week, and they were all okay. I agree with the eyeshadow being fallout-city! I had glitter all over my face! My friend bought the gold one, Savana, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I would pass up the others though. The glitter liners were gorgeous, especially the dark purple, Adios Apple. But I think my favorite product was the gloss. The applicator is a little weird, but the formula is not sticky at all and it smells good! I will definitely be picking up one of the glosses next time I’m at the store!

  13. Joan

    I pretty much hate this line of eyeshadows. I don’t think the colours are very special. The glitters are excessively messy. The packaging looks cute, but is so impractical. Awkward/annoying to open, inefficient to store, clumsy to carry around, and easy to break. When I was checking these out at Sephora, I saw that a bunch of the clear lids were cracked around the bottom of the crossbones where the open/close catch is – I guess because people didn’t know how it was supposed to open.

    The irregular shape of the pan means you won’t want to depot it unless you have a z-palette (or similar item), or you’ll have to use a palette with larger circles (like a MAC blush palette rather than a shadow palette). I guess you wouldn’t ever depot it anyway, because most of the price of this product is for the annoying packaging.

    • Joan

      I should note that I love pretty packaging as much as the next girl, but I believe it should still be practical. This thing goes out of its way to waste the most space as possible, which is especially frustrating for a single eyeshadow.

  14. Corliss

    I’m a palette girl as much as I love single eyeshadows and as often as I buy them they are a pain. I don’t like depotting and I don’t like the Z palettes I only like the Mac palettes so those are the only eyeshadows I will depot. I still like for my makeup to look great during use. I wish more companies made 8-12 eyeshadow palettes without sacrificing quality.