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Haha, I love this. I totally do it, too. For example the MAC items that sell out I swear somehow an hour before they’re released. I just gripe about how I’m over dealing with that kind of thing and I convince myself I didn’t even want the item(s) anyway.
Cassy Recently Posted: Back Off My Crown

If it’s something that I’ll use all the time, I usually can’t resist! But if it’s like something I already own, I’ll wait a bit. But for some items (like highlighters!) that I fall for no matter how many I have at home, I use a little trick to stop the temptation: I read positive reviews about the products I already own. Reading someone else get excited about a product naturally gets me excited, and even more so when I know I already have it in my makeup kit!

This is a good trick and I’m taking notes of Christine’s as well! What I try and do is go through my stash regularly (sometimes simply looking at it) to remember what I already own…and hardly ever wear. It prevents me from buying more products or shades I don’t reach for but I’m often tempted to get. But honestly I know I’m a bit of an addict as the only sure-fire way to resist is to not have the money to spend on it.

Profile photo of Fro

I do the same – I go watch youtube tutorials on the eyeshadows etc that I already own, but am bored of and uninspired by. Seeing someone do something new with it generally makes me dig it out all over again.

Profile photo of Al

Just don’t see them or go near them lol

I used to come to your website every so often… and I used to buy too many things… my strategy now is to only come when I need something lol!!

Profile photo of Audrey

Lately, I’ve been trying to be better about what ingredients I’m using in my makeup/skincare so before buying anything new I’ll look up the product on cosdna.com or find the ingredient list from Ulta/Sephora and run it trough cosdna’s ingredient analyzer. If the product has some ingredient that comes up red (red is bad) then I won’t get it unless I know what the ingredient exactly does and why it’s marked red. For example, many skincare products have “red” ingredients because of the acne fighting acids that, technically, are skin irritants but they’re not carcinogenic in the least so I’m okay with that.
Audrey Recently Posted: What a stunning jacket by Michael Kors

Try a sample of it and test it out. Then compare the sample to your stash of other beauty products. Also wait for in-depth reviews about the product/s, which you can find on here.

Profile photo of Fro

My plan is to go through my collection, and see where I have any holes (for instance I still need a highlighter) and make a list of those as approved purchases to spread throughout the year. And then allow myself one new purchase a month, so that there is still some variety and possibility of trend following should I wish it. (Exempted are situations where I run out of my favourite concealer, foundation, mascara etc).

Profile photo of Erin

At the moment what’s working for me is remembering that there’s a Maleficent collection from MAC coming out in the summer. When I see something tempting I think to myself, would I rather have this product now or would I rather have that money later to drop on Maleficent products? In recent months since there had been so many rumors about the Naked 3 palette, I was also able to use that as my motivation. I didn’t even end up buying the Naked 3, but I do think the excitement over its arrival saved me some money when it came to other temptations.
Erin Recently Posted: Ten standout beauty products from 2013

What helps me is to 1. Find a review where they say some negatives about the product 2. Find review where they compare it to something I already have 3. Swatch it in store and compare it there to something I already own =)

By staying away from *mainstream* beauty blogs in general, because they are usually the ones that feature newest and latest stuff

I stay away from the makeup aisles! It’s easy to avoid high end stores (just don’t go into Sephora or the cosmetic section of a department store), but I also try to avoid the makeup aisles at Walmart so I don’t get sucked in by all the new products on the displays. I make lists of products I want to try so I don’t go into a store blindly and spend more than anticipated. I try to stick to my lists! I also use my credit card points to get Sephora giftcards so that even if I can’t afford makeup (like now, I’m in grad school) I can still get a new Urban Decay palette or a refill on my MUFE foundation. It allows me to “splurge” a couple times a year without spending any “real” money.

I try to stay away from limited collection items so there isn’t a time pressure to buy. If I like an item I save it to my wish list or bookmark it and then review them every so often. I do the same with clothes and other items. If I still want it on the second or third view then I will put it on a shopping list to try in person and if I still like it and I have the money then I will buy it. If I don’t have the money then it can stay in the folder until I do! I also go through what I have and pick out a random item or two or maybe a palette and play around with them. Rediscovering can be just as good as buying new make up!

First of all, figure out what you actually really reach for in your stash. For example, I already know that I almost never use my big palettes, so I stopped buying them, however tempting they may look. I have also noticed another tendency recently: despite the fact that I am all about pigment, I don’t really wear the flashiest lipsticks in my stash often. For my everyday looks, I prefer the moderate pigment level of for example Guerlain Rouge Automatiques.

Second of all, I always tell myself to skip certain stuff to save up for the new stuff that’s coming out (then I could end up buying none of the things I have wished for). There are so many distractions on the cosmetics market all the time, so this is really easy to do!

This is the ticket. This is the tactic I’ve employed recently only purchasing items I know I will use on a daily basis. Also you are so right if I can resist the initial impulse purchase then I most likely forget about it, it sells out (MAC LE items) or I just get distracted and googly-eyed about something else and most likely not end up buying anything.

Profile photo of Ryou

Definitely shop your stash and look for dupes! Although it could be a double-edged sword if you don’t have a similar product in your stash.

I force myself to test them in various lighting, which can result in 1-2 returns to a store before purchase.

Og course, that only works on items AI haven’t heavily researched. If I fall for a product with a ton of outstanding reviews, I typically just test it once at the counter.

as simple as that

and i will be dead next day if this happens but honestly this is the only cure i can find or tips i can share
no internet and you will happily live after

I try to put any products I want to buy (and a link to reviews/swatches) in a wishlist, that way I don’t feel like I’ll forget about something great but there’s less pressure to get it right now. Often I’ll completely lose interest in it anyway! I regularly delete half the list – all items that would’ve been a waste of money.

Profile photo of Mariella

To be honest, if it’s a limited edition product, I’ll just stay out of the stores til it’s likely to be GONE! It also helps reading less than glowing reviews! However, if it’s something I think I’ll really enjoy and get some use of, and if it’s readily available (meaning I don’t have to drive to Toronto to get it), I’ll just buy it.

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