Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

The best thing about taking photos of every look you do is that you have the ability to go back in time and reminisce (good or bad…).  Not only will you stumble upon some looks where you’re like, “What was I THINKING?!”, but looks that make you go, “I need to do that again!”  You start seeing how you’ve improved, how you’ve gotten better at certain areas of your makeup.  It’s exciting and fun, and it really does make me feel more encouraged to keep going and growing and trying my heart out.

I would love to have you all look back on your makeup history and tell me how you’ve changed, how you’ve improved. If you have photos, even better, but alas, I know most of us are not nearly as camera shameless as I 😉  Please share your stories as we reflect back today!

I also made a corresponding close-up timeline (each close-up comes from the full-face photo in the above timeline).

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86 thoughts on “Timeline – October 2005 to June 2008 – Makeup in the Making

  1. Wow! It’s so weird to see the subtle difference from then to now. You were got at makeup then, but you’ve gotten a lot better now. You also look like you lost a bit of weight. It could all be in my head, though. :)

    • It is a subtle difference, but I think what has really changed is how much better the look comes together and works overall. I used to be all about eyes!

      I’ve fluctuated weight, actually, but no more than +/- 10 pounds I’d say. Probably more like 5! And I weigh more now than I did a year ago, lol.

  2. Livia

    wow… can’t really tell how you’ve improved, you seem amazing right from the beginning!! 😀

    • Aw, thanks, Livia, but I definitely have! I’m much better putting together an entire look, rather than just the eyes. That’s my biggest improvement!

  3. I love your Sept 07 look :)

  4. You have ALWAYS been so talented! And beautiful. I agree with Trisha, it does look like you have lost some weight over the years…unfortunately, I have gone in the other direction LOL!

    • Well, thank you so much, Tammy :) I have actually fluctuated, LOL. I weigh more NOW than I did in any of these photos, actually. I’m probably 5lbs heavier than I was at my lowest, which was about a year ago.

  5. Sound Of Vision

    Awww nice post!!! Three years ago you were 18!! Kiddo! :p

    Anyways, there is no much difference, nothing stunning (I mean, from then to now, it’s not like you were catastrophic so you go “WHOA, is that the same person?!”

    Really nice and interesting post!

    • LOL! Oh god, I’m turning 22 this year, and it makes me feel SO OLD.

      If only I were brave enough to show you me say 5-10 years ago, then you’d be like SRLSLY?!

  6. Calico

    AH! thats sooo cool to see… yes i went and looked at a look of yours on spektra i think, and you looked SO much younger even though it didnt seem like long ago, your face has just matured suddenly and your even more beautiful. :)

  7. Holly

    Love the looks! Wow, you look so familiar.
    Did you go to Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, Ca???
    You really look like a girl that I remember seeing in the hallways.

  8. Shefali

    This is cool Christine! I also wonder if your looks may be a function of the trends during that time…which is interesting to note b/c it kind of provides historical information, LOL. My timeline would be horrendous…I look so much better now and even then, I still need to get better at makeup!

  9. Wow WOW WOW WOW,LLLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV U LOTS Cristine!!!Iam a die hard fan of ur every Look Cristine,U KNOW IT VERY WELL,DONT U????

    But yes there is differenceu look a lot younger in ur older pix and really a child,Im glad how u transformed now,and u look like a pretty pretty BABE!


  10. Nicky

    You look absolutely fantastic is all your looks over the years. Love coming here and getting tips :)

  11. Márcia

    Very interesting Christine. I enjoyed a lot looking at your timeline. <3

  12. Jessica

    Good post! I love timelines (sometimes the timelines show how much your collection has grown too!) I can’t wait until I get a better camera.

    I don’t think I have improved very much in the last year. Maybe I’m better with lining my lips.

  13. Great post Christine! What I REALLY would love to see is how your makeup collection has grown since then! 😉

    • lol, I collected VERY rapidly, and I’ve sold and bought things over the years, too. I’d say it’s been pretty stable in terms of size — it’s honestly not very large for as much of an addict as people think I am!

  14. Kella

    This is such a neat post! You’re braver than me, I can’t look at old pics of myself lol Love the pics of the eyes, all very pretty!

  15. shimmermoss

    i think you get more beautiful day by day… see you in 3 years :)

  16. How cool is that! Thanks for posting.

  17. victoria

    beautiful christine, you look so great. i don’t think i can look back, i don’t think i had any makeup on. i think all i had was a free sample palette from estee lauder and 1 mac lipstick. but it’s true, i should start taking pictures of myself from now on.

  18. Bei

    Is it possible to have each look link to the original post? I would like to see the making of them!

    Honestly, I have not started doing much makeup until about a year ago (I know i am such a LATE bloomer! ;). But this blog really helps! I have also found some tutorials on youtube help too!

    Thanks Christine!

    • Hey Bei :) I didn’t keep track of what looks I picked out, since some months I did my makeup everyday! They are all posted here, though.

      I was a late bloomer – didn’t start til 18!

  19. Dee

    Christine, you can rock any look and make it look hot!!! I love em’ all!

  20. I love seeing progress pictures and your are fabulous.

  21. They were all great.

    (When are you going to post more of the blue challenge images?)

  22. Ariana

    This is amazing! So cool to be able to look back at everything. :)

  23. Wow! All of these are gorgeous! And so inspiring!! *rushes off to do makeup*

  24. Tekoa

    In July of 07 you were really tanned! My skin doesn’t change colour much (woot). I’m happy with my pale skin tone. Go on rock’n the bronzed goddess look for those of us who can’t *lol*.

    • Oh, god, yes. I was playing tennis everyday last summer, and I tan up REALLY quickly regardless of sunblock. I’m decently tan now, but probably not as dark as last summer yet.

  25. Brooke

    I love the Dec 05 eye ball! Any chance you remember what it is lol

  26. Wow 2005…In 2005, I had one foundation from prescriptives, a maybelline eyeliner, one brown eyeshadow, and one lipstick (l’oreal toasted almond). I also weighed 125 and was about to finish my first bachelor’s degree (music-violin performance). After spending two years in the performance industry and another year back in school, I have truckloads of makeup, I weigh 112, and I’m working on my second bachelor’s (nursing). I’m GLAD time has passed- I’m so much better off than before…except maybe my wallet LOL. I still use prescriptives, that maybelline eyeliner, and the l’oreal lipstick!!! my eyeshadow collection though…i can’t believe i survived with only one!!

  27. dawn

    I agree with you. I have an album on myspace and it definitely shows how much better I have gotten; as far as blending and what products look best together. I’ve learned how to contour the face, that mascara makes the eyes look soo much better and not to be afraid to try new, bold looks. I find I still do a better job on other people than on myself because my vision is pretty bad. But practice makes perfect.

    You definitely rock with the makeup Christine! Keep doing an excellent job.

  28. Michelle

    I looked back on some pics of myself, and I never wore make-up. :( I didn’t realize how much it would help my self esteem and how much a neutral look and some blush would make me look awake. LOL. Beautiful looks throughout. Did you get more comfortable with eyeliner as the years went on?

  29. Kharina

    Wow Christine…really cool and unique looks you have there. They are all pretty but my favorites are April 06, December 06, and November 07. Thanks for sharing these. So curious…did you pick these because they were your most favorites or what? As for me back in the days …LOL… I only owned “neutral/brown” shades…boring! You and your make up forum website have truly opened my eyes. :)

  30. Love the visual reflection post! It’s so great to see your progress with it all :)

  31. Caroline

    Great timeline of your transformations! Gorgeous pics! Do you happen to know what colors you used in April 2006?

  32. AmyLou

    That’s so cool, looking back on your makeup looks. April 06, July 07 and September 07 are my favorite eyes, because I think I could actually pull those off, LOL! But you look so great in all of them, especially the bright colors! I’m so jealous of your awesome dark skintone!

    You know, I wonder if the reason people think you look thinner now, when you say you’re heavier, is because you’re much savvier at the blush and bronzer. I see more sophisticated cheekbones (subtle, but definitely noticeable–at least, to me!!) in 08 photos compared to 06.

    And you know, they say that makes you look thinner! I definitely know I look better when I truly take the time with sculpting versus not caring or knowing as much!

    Just a thought!

    • Hey AmyLou! I agree — when I first started, I was VERY much into eyes, and it’s only now that I enjoy playing with my facial features, too.

  33. K

    I think you didnt change in these years but I like the pic june 06 more than the others, look like you were having fun and I like your hair color too

  34. Ana

    All your looks are beautiful, and you are so talented, Christine, but IMHO the looks on September 07 and November 07 are the most balanced and specially flattering for you. I wonder if you have you posted the tutorials on those looks before, I would love to try them! :)

  35. Nell

    That was a great idea, clearly you´ve been talented with makeup from the start!
    I always loved makeup and used some since I was a teenager (oh so long ago), but I only got really into eyemakeup upon finding you and your site and my MAC addiction (which went hand in hand btw, don´t know what came first, lol).You are always an inspiration.
    My husband is compiling a book for me with all your looks to have handy for consultation on my vanity, hehe! That´ll be great!

    • Aw, thanks, Nell :) I think I dabbled in makeup a bit when I was really, really young, but I don’t have any photos of it. I believe I used a lot of glitter, LOL.

      Aww!! You have to take pictures of the book, Nell. I want to see!

  36. I love your makeup in the June 06 picture!

  37. Sarah

    What a cool idea:) My favorite looks for you are October and December ’07, but of course they are all very lovely. Thanks for sharing, love your site.

  38. Sarah

    Oops, I meant ’06 ;P

  39. Michelle

    They are all Loooooovely. I’m gonna get me a camera. This can also help if you’re having a bad day maybe you can get busy trying makeup on and hopefully it will help you feel better.(especially the terrible ones to make me laugh).I’m an amateur.Great idea.

    Thanks Christine!!!

  40. lala

    you was great from the start look more like a woman now then before you look like a young lady <3333

  41. Allysha

    even though your May 08′ look is quite natural, you look beautiful! :)

  42. Diana

    I love August 06 and Sept 07!

    I used to be SO bad with getting the right foundation color and matching the color of my face to my neck!

  43. M1st4eva

    You were gorgeous then and even more now. I see what you mean about improvement. You have an overall glow to your face now. What do you put on your cheeks (I think that really contributes to your weight-lose appearance)?! I love it. You’ve always seemed like a pro at eye makeup, but now you’re an overall all-star.