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Hey Christine,

I actually was a makeup artist at Sephora for some time 🙂 Loved every minute of it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

I have been dabbling on the beauty blogging side of the industry for about a year and a half now, and I love it. Though I don’t know if I’d want to turn it into a career lol. Unless you can be a college professor and chair of your own makeup line lol

I’m *always* thinking about this! I’m not sure I’d be much of a makeup artist though, I prefer to be behind the scenes. I would also rather work for a smaller company/brand than a large conglomerate.

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Yes, but I feel like I don’t have the money to afford becoming a beauty blogger (I would be only able to review gluten free items for sensitive, oily, acne prone skin) and I don’t really have any experience on make up (yes I know practice makes perfect but you can only do so much on yourself and I would to practice on other people to be a freelance mua).

Also, it’s hard for me to be willing to try gluten free products because it’s hard to sample them compared to a makeup counter and sephora because they are usually online or whole foods (where no one is there to help me)

Also, I don’t wear mascara and false eyelashes because they irritate me.

I still attempt to blog once in awhile about random things though ^_^ .

I think beauty blogging counts as being part of the beauty industry, because you are thoroughly reviewing the product and reviews like you, have a big effect on sales.

Also, I would love to host a site like beautylish to promote beauty communities and unknown brands to masses! ^_^

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Hey Elise,

You never know – your perspective may be really great for others just like you, as many people don’t have to worry about gluten free cosmetics/skincare. You could use a blog to document your experience, your frustrations, your struggles, and you can review and speak on products you do use and have already had. Maybe it’s not a full-time job or something you’d write about every day initially, but I think it’s a unique perspective – and that is hard to find in the niche. And you could make it perhaps include more general topics and themes, too 🙂

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Yes! My ultimate dream would be to have my own successful makeup line, but I feel like the market’s kind of saturated lol. The hierarchy I want to work up is blogging about makeup, working cosmetic retail, studying makeup artistry, being a makeup artist, and having my own brand.

I just graduated as a Fashion Designer in May, but halfway through my 4 years in hell (design school *shudder*) I realized my love for makeup – it combined everything I love, painting, colours, the human body in all its glory, so, I started a few freelance gigs here and there during school, and ever since I graduated, I’ve been a full time freelance makeup artist 😀

Meh. I work in beauty retail and that has kind of soured me on the industry. I’ll still be a participant, though! Just a more mindful one.

YES! I’m currently a high school senior and I plan on majoring in chemical engineering in college to formulate new make up products. I may be a nerd, but I’m still a girl. I believe there are new ways to synthesizes make up to promote more health benefits such as skin renewal. Foundation shouldn’t only cover your skin, it should help your natural skin and emphasize its beauty. I plan on starting my own line so I won’t have to get my ideas overruled. Haha.

I actually had the same idea when I was a senior in high school. I did an internship at a cosmetics factory at the end of my senior year and I realized a degree in Chemistry would be better for actually developing products than a degree in Chemical Engineering… I actually ended up not getting into that field but I’m still interested in a career somewhat related to the beauty industry.

Chemistry would be better, but I’ve met a chemical engineer who worked with Algenist to synthesize a new compound in replacement of something found in shark fin. I don’t just want to produce, I want to be able to make it mass marketable. Also, if the plan doesn’t work out, I’d rather be a chemical engineer than a chemist. I’m more hands-on.

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I used to work as a freelance make-up artist as well as photographer and retoucher, before my hand injury became too unbearable. After years of therapy, I finally got a corrective surgery last year, which helped but didn’t fix everything — I have to live with my injuries for life, although at least I know doing make-up is viable option now that I’ve had the surgery. After moving to another country due to family situation, I’m currently struggling to get a job — Preferably beauty counter job — Which is certainly not easy when you have no full make-up qualifications nor local retail experiences. I recently finished a government-funded training which boosted my confidence in my ability to do the job well, but sadly didn’t exactly open any doors to new opportunities.

It’s quite depressing, if I may say so, to know that you can do a job really well, but no one would give you the chance to show them what you’re capable of, not even a trial or internship/work experience. The only openings I’ve found that are relevant to my qualifications were hairdressing apprenticeships, which I’m not physically able to do due to my bad hand. In fact, finding ANY job that doesn’t involve physical labor is crushingly difficult. I’m too scared to apply for disability allowance because I’ve gotten A LOT of “but it’s just your hand, it can’t be that bad”, not to mention I know I’m still able to do SOMETHING — It’s just getting the opportunity to show that I can that’s depressingly difficult.

Sorry for being such a ranty negative nancy and complaining so much, guys (and Christine). If anyone has any advice I’d be very, very happy to listen.

Yes I have!! You’ve actually inspired me!! I always consult your reviews before buying anything. You’re my beauty authority (and I’m not just saying that. You’ve helped me with every beauty purchase for the past 2 years.) and I want to be that for someone (anyone) one day.
I’ve had an obsession with makeup for a while now (4 years, I’m 17 now), and I spend a lot on feeding my addiction. I’ve always wanted to make a skincare/ makeup blog…well, a successful one anyway. I have one that I tried out for a while and got too busy for (But I’m looking into getting back into it as I’ve found my password :D). If I had to think about my future career in beauty, I’d say I want to be a reviewer, but I’d really be happy in any part of the beauty process. It’s all interesting to me: The chemistry (Acne related because we’ve all had those dark days), application, marketing…all of it!
Blogging DOES count!! It counts for so much! Thanks for your work, and keep it up!!

I have been made redundant and am serioulsy thinking about doing something with make up. Probably sales in a store.

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