Sunday, February 26th, 2012

This or That

Purple eyeshadow or purple lipstick?

  • Purple eyeshadow (84%, 2,968 Votes)
  • Purple lipstick (16%, 570 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,538

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30 thoughts on “This or That: Would you rather wear purple eyeshadow or purple lipstick?

  1. Amanda

    It depends on my mood– I love shimmery plum eyeshadows but I also love a nice berry lipstick!

  2. Lateisha

    I like wearing both. I lean more to purple eyeshadow.

  3. Most definitely purple eyeshadow!
    I love bright and colorful makeup, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like bright lip colours on myself because I don’t like to emphasize the shape of my lips because I don’t like them all that much.
    However, I think purple lipstick looks amazing on lots of people.
    Also, I often wear purple eyeshadow, as it’s a good color on me because I have brown/green eyes.

  4. I like both – though not at the same time :)

  5. Lipstick! I’ve already worn eyeshadow plenty of times. I want the lipstick.

  6. danielle

    I can’t wear both?

  7. fabiola

    Purple eyeshadow for sure, I have only one purple lipstick and I only used once or twice. I have courting lilac and going romance lipglass, and they are just there. But purple eyeshadow are one of my favorite color for my eyes.

  8. Carrie

    I even have some on now. LOL

  9. Veronica

    Wait, we can’t wear both? 😀 I guess if I had to pick one or the other, I’d go with eyeshadow, but I have no problems rocking purple lipstick, either.

  10. I love wearing purple eyeshadow, I think it makes my blue eyes really pop! So frankly, there was no doubt in my mind, e/s all the way :)

  11. I’m wearing a (light, more neutral) purple eye today. But I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing purple lipstick. I’m in the market for a lavender lipstick at the moment actually.

  12. Marie

    Purple eyeshadows, hands down. I already do. ^^ NARS Daphne is my go-to purple eyeshadow when I want a pop of color.

  13. rawan

    purple is the opposite color for yellow on the color wheel
    wearing purple lipstick makes teeth look yellowish

    while purple eyeshadow compliments brown eyes really well!

    so its a really easy desicion for me .. yes to eyeshadows .. never for lipsticks!

  14. I prefer wearing purple eyeshadow because it complements my brown eyes. Purple lipstick on the other hand makes my teeth look very yellow, so I don’t like that.

  15. Danielle

    i never wear purple shadow but purple lipsticks is one the colors that look best one me.

  16. Miss J

    I will do both, but purple-toned lipsticks aren’t my favorite. Now, purple eyeshadow…LOVE that stuff. It’s my favorite color to wear on my eyes, so I’d pick purple eye shadow over purple lipstick any day.

  17. Maureen

    I wear both with great regularity (not at the same time!)

  18. Linda

    I love wearing both but if i had to choose only one for the rest of my life it would be purple eyeshadow as i wear it more often so i think i’d miss it too much.

  19. Dinitchka

    I didn’t vote because I LOVE both. I used to only wear dark lipsticks and glosses, now I leave the dark lippies for fall and winter and very rarely will wear it in the Spring and Summer. Purple eyeshadow is a LOVE of mine behind neutrals and blues.

    My eye colour is ‘hazel’ with a gold starburst and a birthmark in my right eye but the colour changes from varied degrees of blues, greens and greys. Once they were brown … Which made me freak because in all my years I have never seen my eyes brown.

  20. Hendrix

    Purple lipstick, absolutely!! Right now, MAC Potent Fig. 😀

  21. Milaxx

    I picked eyeshadow but I wear both (not together of course). A few of my favorite shadows are the Diana Ross quad from MAC, the quad from the Bobbi Brown poppies collection and a MUFE purple shadow (I think #78). As for lips I wear Afrobella’s All My Purple life lipglass all the time.

  22. Vicky

    I like both and I love purple hued blush,Something like lilac-pink!!

  23. Lark

    Weird one. Everybody wears both. Yes! Check your stash, you’ve at least bought MAC Violetta! Or something similar. Now keep it out for Spring- It’s a Thing this year.

  24. Tamara

    i love purple in eye makeup,lip makeup,blush,cloths or hair purple is my favorite color and looks great on me its a win win

  25. Liz

    I voted purple lipstick, but I would wear both. Purple is a fun colour.

  26. Honestly, I couldn’t choose. I wear both frequently, but it’s harder to find a really great purple lipstick.

    I’d also wear purple blush, but they’re even rarer.

  27. Cindy

    Both rock! There are so many amazing purple shadows, and a host of gorgeous purple lipsticks. Illamasqua Kontrol anyone? Or Bing from MAC way back in Cult of Cherry? Yes and yes!!

  28. Carla

    I like both, though I rarely wear them together!
    I have green eyes, but I actually don’t care for bright vibrant purple shadows on me. Plums or greyed purples are great, though, and I LOVE taupes that have a “splash” of purple in them.
    I find purple lipstick to be a fun color that plays up my naturally full, well-shaped lips, and compliments my “cool” skin.

  29. Lipstick, but only because purple eyeshadow tends to make me look like I’ve been punched in the face [grin] Really I’ll wear any colour anywhere, pretty much.