Sunday, March 4th, 2012

This or That

Perfect brows or perfect lips?

  • Perfect brows (56%, 2,656 Votes)
  • Perfect lips (44%, 2,104 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,760

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30 thoughts on “This or That: Would you rather have perfect brows or perfect lips?

  1. Oh wow this is so close! 50/50 on the votes as I type this, haha (:
    I voted perfect lips – because you can change your brows, fill them in, pluck, thread them, wax, whatever!
    Whereas lips, you can only get collagen injections, and I don’t really approve of cosmetic surgery per-se, but you cannot change the shape of them.

  2. My logic: it is far cheaper and far easier to alter your brows cosmetically than it is to alter your lips. Case in point: eye brow pencils. An adept hand and practice will get you better looking eyebrows almost instantly.

    Lips are harder to perfect. Surgical or cosmetic treatment is required to get more balanced lips. Even then, it’s something that can easily be messed up.

  3. Lips! You can always change your brows, draw them in and fix them. You can’t change your lips! Not even with plastic surgery, it’s almost always noticeable!

  4. Jenny

    Definitely perfect lips…you can change your brows, but not your lips!

  5. Ale

    I prefer perfect lips, i like my eyebrows as rebelious as they are so i do nothing to them =)

  6. YasmiNna

    Lips..coz I could always do something with mu brows, right, or just let my bangs over them, and I’m good.. and I would look like a freak if I would let my bangs over my lips, right? Kidding, but definitely perfect lips, you can’t do much If they don’t look the way you want them to look..except the surgery, and I could never do something like that.. So, again, perfect lips rather then brows :)

  7. Tempest Paige

    I hate my brows to the point where they are completely drawn on. But I like the look of drawn on brows, so perfect lips for me.

  8. Miss J

    Interesting how close the vote is for this post! It’s an easy choice for me. BROWS! If I never had to mess with brows again, that’d be awesome! I like my lips, and it’s easy to perfect the shape on bottom from where I have scars, so totally happy with them over my brows, which are like two opposites.

  9. Dinitchka

    Perfect brows, hands down! I have to fill in mine and having that perfect brow would be one less thing to have to fuss with!!

    I’ve been wearing dark lips for YEARS (around 22 years) and have perfected my lip look. Though, I don’t wear a dark like as often as I used to.

  10. Adele

    Brows for sure! Plucking them is just such a pain (literally and figuratively), and they’re so easy to get wrong. I can’t think of a way to have “bad” lips — you can always try new makeup or ways of applying it and then wipe it off when it doesn’t work.

  11. Wednesday

    I said brows because they’re such a pain in the neck to maintain. Lips there are tricks for: overdraw your liner, lighter gloss in the middle, other things I can’t think of at the moment. But brows, ugh.

  12. Allison

    I’d rather have perfect lips than brows. Lips can only be changed so much. You can wax/thread/pluck brows into the correct shape.

  13. Sara

    Def perfect lips! The brows you can easily perfect with tweezing, filling in the necessary areas to make more full looking and the lips you can’t at least not without any cosmetic surgery.

  14. Mimose

    I’d rather have perfect lips.. Nobody’s gonna kiss your brows! :p

  15. Tamara

    i think a slightly unkempt look on brows is bold and gorgeous i pluck but just a bit to keep them from looking over grown but i stop once all the most obvious outsiders are removed. on the same note well defined lips are sexy and no matter the tricks a good lip shape and be faked lip liner beyond the actual lip is one of my least favorite things

  16. I had to choose lips as well. My smile looks crooked because of one side of my lips being thinner…. With brows you can just pluck, dye, wax or whatever, they are an easy change!

  17. wendy h

    Definitely lips…
    Brow is v easy to adjust yourself
    But lips, not so much

  18. Brenda

    lips. Brows can be fixed or faked.

  19. Arica

    I think this is the first time I’ve not been able to choose. Brows and lips are always my focus! I can’t even vote lol

  20. I said brows because I love my lips, but my brows are unruly and grow quickly

  21. Sexy Sadie

    Nothing is more sexy than a good looking mouth.

  22. MonicaP

    Perfect lips .. you can always fix brows.

  23. Carla

    I’m going to sound like a conceited snot, but my lips *and* my brows are pretty nearly perfect.
    It’s not because of anything *I’ve* done; God was just kind enough to bless me.However, I also have chipmunk cheeks and a double chin.
    On topic: If I had to choose one or the other, I’d probably opt for perfect brows, since they really affect the way the whole face looks.

  24. Veronica

    Lips. I’m pretty happy with the shape of my mouth as it is, but sometimes when I whip out those deep reds, I’d like a little more Angelina Jolie to my smile. :) I have a friend who has one of the most beautiful set of lips I’ve seen on a woman outside of Hollywood, and it drives me up a wall that she wears lip color so little.

    I admit I am super lazy about my brows. I pluck them to keep them from being too wild but not much else. I actually prefer a slightly more natural look to the very structured brow some women go for.

  25. Perfect brows like Christine’s….how do you do your brows?… you put gel over them to set the color also?

  26. Melissa

    Eyebrows! I would save SO much time in the mornings if I didn’t have to worry about filling them in, and while you can change their shape, you can only go so far before it looks unnatural.

  27. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Define perfect lips. Because I think my lips are perfect. Not bragging or anything but mine aren’t too big and aren’t too small and they are symmetrical so I think mine are perfect! Plus they make a perfect shape whenever I make a kiss on paper (I’m a weirdo, yes.) I picked to have perfect brows because those little scraggly hairs that I have to trim are irritating.

  28. Courtney

    I find it a lot easier to fake perfect lips and, personally, think slightly unperfect features give a lot of character to a face. But I would also possibly sell some of my duplicate internal organs (who needs two kidneys?!) to have perfect, spectacular brows.