Sunday, February 12th, 2012

This or That

Dry skin or oily skin?

  • Dry skin (57%, 2,190 Votes)
  • Oily skin (43%, 1,627 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,819

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64 thoughts on “This or That: Would you rather have dry skin or oily skin?

  1. Laci

    Oily skin doesn’t age as quickly as dry skin. So even though you may deal with breakouts more with oily skin, you will look more youthful as you get older.

    • Kristen

      I agree. Dry skin can be really difficult to deal with, more so when it’s sensitive. Plus, I think there’s more products geared towards oily skin versus dry skin.

    • What you’re saying is partially true. However, breakouts cause the skin to age faster. Hair follicles are constantly inflammed or even ruptured in cystic acne. Cells must divide to repair and replace broken damage tissue. Cells can’t divide forever at the same pace… or we’d all be immortal.

      So dry and and oily skin both have attributes that can age the skin more quickly. Normal skin is best of both worlds haha!

    • Nicole

      I so agree I would want oily skin over dry any day your skin ages slower and dry skin you need soo much products to keep it moist it’s not evening funny

    • Rebecca

      absolutely agree with that! :)

  2. Emily K.

    Definitely dry skin! It’s what I have and I know how to deal with. I would rather need plenty of moisturizer than risk breaking out.

    • Nicole

      oily skin doesn’t mean breaks outs at all some people have oily skin and ever break out but people with ance skin break out

  3. AS

    I’ve had both at different times in my life. I much prefer having dry skin now! I don’t battle acne and slimy skin discomfort and can always apply moisturizer when it gets flaky. Makeup will stay on, as well. I also don’t have to shower every day, which saves tons of time and keeps my hair in better condition. I think wrinkling is a function of sun exposure and genetics (and keeping inflammation down), so as long as you take good care of your skin, oily vs. dry should not make too much difference. I don’t have any wrinkles in my mid-thirties with very dry skin and am practically fluorescent pale due to regular sunscreen use.

  4. Madison

    i have dry skin and honestly I don’t know i used to have oily to normal skin when i live in california and now i have dry skin in oregon. I guess i would rather have dry skin. Although it is quite more difficult to work with in my opinion I don’t get zits as often. People with dry skin have to take care of their skin better and use moisturizer way more than people with oily skin so i actually see people with dry skin age way better then people with oily skin. People with oily skin often forget about moisturizer and exfoliating because they’re so worried about zits and excess oil.

  5. I’ve got oily skin, so I’d rather have dry! I’m sure it’s a bit of ‘the grass is always greener’ though!

  6. Emilee

    I was tempted to say DRY (I have both depending on the season!) but I know from looking at my mom that oily skin as teen/20’s = AWESOME non-wrinkly skin in your 40’s/50’s. So, sucks now but the payoff will hopefully be worth it in 20 years 😀

  7. Shelby

    Oily because there are so many products on the market that you can use to calm the oileyness and really work. I have dry skin and nothing helps it in the winter, summer it gets better but I still have to moisturize it.
    I think there are many more products geared towards oily skin as compared to dry skin.

  8. Sterndli98

    I already have dry skin so it is clear what I choose, dry skin

  9. Maddie

    Id rather be oily than have dry patches

  10. Anna

    People with dry skin get wrinkles earlier! Oily skin has better texture.

  11. Kristen

    I have combination skin, so I’ve experienced a little of both. I’d choose oily all the way! Dry skin sucks when putting foundation on, even after moisturizing. I know my perfect foundation for humid Florida weather that makes my skin becomes more oily. I can deal with acne; can’t stand the flaky look of makeup over dry patches.

  12. Carissa

    I voted oily skin. I cannot stand the feeling of when my skin is tight and dry! Very uncomfortable. Not to mention putting any type of makeup over dry skin just makes it look even MORE dry and flaky. Not a good look….and like another poster mentioned, dry skin ages faster than oily skin, or at least it appears to. Any type your skin is moisturized and well hydrated it automatically looks younger. :)

    • Carrie

      Yes! I totally agree. Makeup looks so cake-y and horrible on dry skin, and it’s hard to instantly moisturize any problems away.

      With oily skin, you can just dab on some powder or an oil-absorbing sheet. Easy peasy! : )

  13. Lucia

    If you have oily skin with terrible breakouts, melting makeup, a shiny face all year round and huge blocked pores, then all you wish for is to not feel like your face is a grease pit.

    I’d do anything to trade my gross skin in for dry skin. I’d rather have to moisturise often than have to take pills and use horrible chemicals on my face.

    Anyone with fairly well behaved skin, please cherish it and don’t take it for granted!

  14. I’m a bit surprised to see way more people prefer dry skin! Think about it this way, as we age our skin becomes drier. If it’s oily the process is likely to drag on longer. If it’s dry to begin with then oh well…

    I know that having to deal with breakouts, shiny T-zones, and oxidizing blushes/foundations is not pleasant. However, if that’s the trade-off to age better, I still think it’s a pretty good deal!

  15. Claire

    I have both oily and dry skin (oily t zone and tops of my cheeks) and dry cheeks (more towards the backs of my cheeks near my ears). I hate both as much as each other. Oily because I’m constantly checking and mopping up and dry because it can get sore and irritated. I care more for my dry skin though. Not sure which I’d rather have really. When it comes to applying makeup I find that some products cling to my dry skin whilst sliding off my nose and forehead. I just can’t win haha

  16. Makaegan

    I have very oily skin, but have been lucky enough to not suffer from acne (or breakouts in general, for the most part). I would much rather have oily skin than dry skin simply because I think the benefits that come with oily skin far outweigh the difficulties. Most of my issues with oily skin are in reference to makeup (ie., shine after 20 minutes, oxidation, etc) and they’re really not terrible problems. I’d take them over the issues that come with dry skin anyday

  17. Christina

    I have oily skin and do not get breakouts. I am 35 and still get asked for ID all the time! Oily skin is a blessing! Even with all the work to control the oil, I am blessed with young looking skin into my mid-30’s!

  18. nana k

    dry skin for sure. i have very dry skin and it’s a hassle in the winter but i’d never want to have oily skin. dry skin: age faster, oily skin: breakouts, are what many think, which i disagree, because having breakouts causes bumpy complexion, spots, bigger pores and etc which lead to aging..

  19. AmyD

    i…love my oily skin! i had average hormonal teenage acne, but even now that i’m in my late 20s, i still have quite oily skin. i find that using clay masks and natural powders keeps the oil under control during the day, and my skin is never dry, itchy, or flaky. i love the skin i’m in, haha :)

  20. Vern

    Oily skin all the way. I use to get breakouts when I was in middle school but not anymore (i’m 22 now). I researched and learned the products that worked for me. I use Cetaphil cleanser, Neutrogena Oil-Free Toner, and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. People ask me all the time what I’m using, skincare-wise and makeup products, and tips.

    I can sometimes tell pretty much when someone has dry skin especially if they wear makeup. But to each their own.

  21. Silka

    Oily skin means NO WRINKLES!.

  22. Jenny

    I would much rather have oily skin. I have combination dry, but more on the dry side, and I also have acne. When I use acne medication on top of my skin already being dry, my whole face flakes and I get horrible dry patches. It doesn’t matter what moisturizer I use or how often I apply it, I still have dry patches and can’t wear foundation to cover up my acne because foundation makes my skin look even worse over dry skin.

    At least with oily skin there are so many products to help control the oil. If you use primers and long lasting makeup, foundation will apply well, look good, and probably last a while too.

  23. I have a combination of super oily and super dry skin, and I’d rather have it dry than oily. True, oily skin is meant to age better, whatever. But it is much harder to control oil than to moisturise!
    A good moisturiser can work miracles on dry skin, easy as. Plus, you can use dewy effect foundations and more shimmer, whereas with oily skin you can’t really, you get a mix with the oil and you just end up looking like a greaseball!
    I’d rather have dry skin, all the way :)

  24. Dinitchka

    I have oily skin and have always had oily skin and HATED it! Then in High School I had an older teacher who told me “Be glad you have oily skin. You shouldn’t age as badly as a woman with dry skin. Meaning your oily skin should prevent your skin from having wrinkles early in your elderly life and hopefully for the remainder.”

    Though, I will say their is still that little bit of me that later in the day, wishes my skin was dry and not an oil slick.

    I have eczema on my hands and it can be pretty severe. I had it on my right elbow but it has gone away. I had it on my chest, going up to my neck this past summer and it went away. I had a really awful outbreak of it all last week. It was so bad that the skin on my hands were so dry, flaky, peeling and the skin was splitting. I had to wear surgical gloves to cook, clean, put on make-up, fold laundry etc and before I left the house, I would quickly take off the gloves, slap on some hand cream and go out the door. Within an hour of work my skin was so dry and peeling again. NOW, it is on my face. It seems as soon as my hands cleared up to about 90% better (this happened over-night. It was the craziest thing to happen) it went to my FACE! The skin on my face is oily but also very flaky and as much face cream I put on my face, it seems to have no affect. I’m hoping it will run its course and hurry and go away.

    I now have a lot of sympathy for those with dry skin. Perfect make-up is easy but not when bits of skin are flaking and peeling. It just looks gross and scary on me :(

  25. tuss mattsson

    I have dry skin, especially during the winter. I have a hard time making my foundation look decent (flakes) but if you have oily skin my impression is that you can get a nice finish but you just have to touch up with powder once in a while, and I would prefer touch ups than an ugly foundation from the start. (correct me if I’m wrong) I can’t really choose between the two, though.

    + If anyone knows good stuff for dry skin please tell me!” =)

  26. Zoey

    I’m perfectly fine with my oily skin!

  27. Michelle

    Women should reveal their age when answering this question. If you are in your 20s and you have a dry skin and have not seen wrinkles yet – you may as well be thinking: I will keep using a moisturizer and things will stay more or less the same. You will change your mind when you hit 40s.
    I have combination/normal skin (oily T-zone, normal the rest) and I voted oily. A moisturizer will never combat aging as well as natural face oils do. With current technology it is not difficult to control shine or to prevent breakouts (efficient chemical exfoliation (10-20% AHA)). Dry skin without the protective oils tends to be more sensitive and it is much more difficult to manage.

  28. Nic

    Oily. I have very oily combination skin, and while the oil is inconvenient, I find dry skin even more annoying. Even after exfoliating it’s hard to get my foundation to look really good when I have dry spots, plus I hate the tight feeling that comes with dry skin. Oily skin needs to be blotted and my foundation will never wear as long as I’d like, but it does age better and I’ve never had serious acne.

  29. Jillian

    I have oily skin and used to deal with breakouts but not anymore so I don’t feel like thats a big deal with oily skin. I hate it because I cannot go an hour without looking like a greaseball, and this is WITH a mattifying primer. And I still get dry patches, so I would rather have dry skin.

  30. CeeBee

    Well, I had oily skin (and terrible cystic acne) until I was 30 and went on isotretinoin. Now I have very dry skin (though not dry to the point of have scaly alligator skin dry patches, that lasted for maybe a week and I got it sorted) and I have to say I prefer dry over oily (even minus the zits).
    Shea butter moisturizer (I use L’Occitane) is a godsend for dry skin – I found it much harder to find suitable face products (foundation, powder, primer, moisturizer, etc) that didn’t make me look like an oil slick any time after lunch…

  31. Kat

    Maybe it’s because I’m still young (19), but I have yet to find ANYTHING to stop my skin from being so congested. A spot or two is fine, it’s not a huge deal, but very little of my skin has clear pores. So definitely dry.

  32. Bara

    Oily skin because when you are older you will not get as many wrinkles.

  33. I rather have oily skin for the reason that I won’t age badly.

  34. Val

    I have more dry skin so in the winter in can be a bit of a pain to keep it moisturized! But I would hate to have oily skin in the summer and keep blotting my face! I think I would rather put on a cream than feel like my face is too greasy!

  35. Julia

    Oily for sure! My mom had oily skin when younger and has fantastic skin in her 70s now – very few wrinkles. I’m 46, oily and no wrinkles.

  36. Donna

    I have very oily skin and I love it. I don’t spend a lot of money on moisturizers. I use a good sunscreen and a primer. I also do not suffer from breakouts either. But, that’s because I started using retin-a several years ago. It’s been my savior and my Dr. told me that after several years of use it similar to repeated facial peels.

  37. Melissa

    I don’t mind having oily skin but at times I wish I have dry skin, especially when looking for foundation. The combination of my acne medication and sunscreen makes it difficult for face makeup to not drip.

  38. I have oily skin and I would love to have normal skin. It’s so hard to keep make up on and I have to constantly blot. BUT what people say about oily skin aging slower is true. I’m 22 and people ask me if i’m 17 ALL THE TIME.

  39. Leigh

    Oily. I have dry to extremely dry skin and it’s a pain. Most foundations don’t work well and if you find one that does, you have to guard it with your life. You could slather on as much moisturizer as you wanted, and it still wouldn’t make a difference. I feel like blotting during the day would be much better to deal with.

  40. grace

    ive had really OILY skin but its normal now.. which is so much easier to handle..

  41. Oily is great! I’m 43 and don’t look it. I’ve had a few pimples, more than my share at times, but it makes the lack of wrinkles so worth it! Once you figure out how to control your skin issues and become comfortable in your own skin, the zits don’t matter. :-)

  42. Yumi

    i’ve always hated my oily skin but since it’s what i’ve learned to deal with i’d probably just stick with it.

  43. Faye

    I’ve lived with extremely INCREDIBLY oily skin for like, over a decade now, so I’d love to try dry skin!! I’ve learned how to keep it under control just about, but it requires a quick water-only wash (just a splash on my t zone really) several, probably 6-8 times a day ontop of my normal morning and evening cleansing rituals, and that is even with the help of translucent powder. Seriously, I do all of my makeup and within 3 hours I feel uncomfortably greasy and have to splash water on and reapply powder to stay fresh, it’s such a time consumer but I have no choice.

    I imagine dry skin to be a bit sore and painful, but I’d love to be able to moisturise and have it sink in, to be able to go all day without maintaining my skin’s quality. I have the sort of hair that needs daily washing to avoid being greasy too, and I’m 24, I think I’m gonna be like this for a good few years yet. At least I should avoid wrinkles and I’ve learned to manage it so nobody but me really notices.

  44. dzehnie o

    definitely dry skin. i have oily skin and it is such a pain. ive tried different mattifying products when i have makeup on and none ive tried made my makeup last. everything just slides around and im left with a greasy mess of a face! so yea, definitely dry. plus i break out so badly!

  45. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Oily skin! Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you will have breakouts and oily skin doesn’t age as quickly as dry skin.

  46. maria

    I used to had oily skin and hated it, it was so hard to handle, it was acne-prone, it was never just healthy-looking. Then when I got in my late teens I starte an acne treatment with isotretinoin (and I didn’t even have that much blemishes, I just could not get rid of all the oil with topic treatments) and my skin got very, very dry. The first two months were hell, as I did not know how to handle it, my skin would look dull and sometimes even peel expontaneusly. But, when I found out all I had to do was moisturize every day before going to bed and after waking up, and switch my matte foundation for a more dew-y one, it got super easy, even for the lazy teen that I was. With enough moisture and the right maeku-up (and tons of highlighter) I had the most beautiful, heatlthy-looking, fresh skin.

    Now a days my skin is normal/combination, a little oily on the t-zone (nothing some primer like porefessional from benefit can’t correct – I don’t like powder), it doesn’t peel anymore and it is “easier to handle”, but I still think it looked better when it was dry.

  47. Yanna

    Dry skin ages quicker. I love my oily skin, and I never have breakouts. As long as you balance your skin with proper hydration you are good to go. Some people have oily skin that is dehydrated. My friends that are my age has dry skin and they’re already developing facial lines =/ Kind of sad when we’re together people always think I’m too young to be hanging out with them. And we are all the same age!

  48. pilar hannem

    I have such oily skin, I CAN NOT find a foundation that will stay in place….ughhhhh!!!! Super frustrating

  49. I put “oily skin” because unless you’re specifically talking breakouts and acne, which many oily skinned people don’t get much of, there are a lot of benefits to having some oil. Of course, I’m dry, and I bet most of us picked whatever we’re not. 😀

    That said, the best thing with whatever you’ve got is a good dermatologist. You don’t need a skin problem to go to one. Mine is up on not only prescription creams (which I need), but also drugstore and high end skin products (which is all some of her other clients need).

  50. Amanda

    Definitely oily. I have oily skin now and it’s not even that bad. I would rather my skin look a little oily through out the day and have to blot it down, than to have my face feel so tight if I don’t use the right amount of moisturizer.

  51. Stephanie

    Coming from someone who had very oily skin that has changed to dry skin over the course of a year I feel that having oily skin is better. Oily skin is a lot easier to manage with so many matifying products on the market plus those oils sheets works wonders. You’re skin looks more alive and vibrant and your skin isn’t dull and dry. Yes, it’s a hassle to constantly feel the need use an oil sheet to keep your skin in check, but you can easily reign some sort of control over oily skin.

    Having dry skin is a nightmare. I have used everything to hydrate my skin from Cetaphil, Embryolisse, Rx Hydrocortisone, Clarins HydraQuench, Origins, etc… Nothing works. My skin is still dry and i honestly need to exfoliate every single day in order to have a smooth canvas to apply foundation (which will stick to every flake despite your best efforts at exfoliating)

    Coming from someone who had both, I will GLADLY take oily skin any day.

    And yes, I do see a dermatologist, but nothing seems to work so I’m switching doctors.

  52. Carrie

    This is an interesting question. I feel like most people would equate oily skin with breakouts, but I don’t see it this way.

    Oily skin would be better for me–there are so many products out there to minimize shine and oil. But dry skin…it’s a nightmare! I think most people think dry skin is perfect skin–they don’t realize dry skin gets FLAKY!!!

    I have dry skin and it is IMPOSSIBLE to cover up the flaky parts, no matter how much makeup, exfoliator, or moisturizer I use.

    Oily skin, imo, would be so much better. Also with dry skin, I STILL get breakouts sometimes, so there you go!

  53. Lark

    I’ve had both, and I’d take dry skin any day. I spent all my teen years with EXTREMELY oily skin and breakouts. I eventually took Accutane, which cleared me beautifully and made my skin very dry at the time I was on it. Now that I’ve lived with both types, I would much, MUCH rather be dry. Oily feels dirty and gross. It’s harder to keep clean. It’s embarrassing. Dry may hurt a little but I’d still choose it in a heartbeat. I’m glad I’m somewhere in the middle now.

  54. Andrea

    Dry skin = faster wrinkles!
    I wish I had oily skin instead of dry. =(

  55. Katrina

    Oh my gosh xD I have EXTREMELY dry skin and you don’t know how many times I wished I had oily skin :/ I’d rather have to blot my face often and occasionally look dewy than have to carry around a tub of moisturizer. It doesn’t look awkward to blot your face 😛 It’s awkward to moisturize randomly in public. & I also agree yes, dry skin does age quicker which sucks!

  56. I suffer from insanely dry skin and even if i have tried ALLOT of moizturizers i have yet to find one that relly does the job and makes my skin feel like it fits my face instead of beeing 2 zises too small 😛

    Oily skin seems much more manegable.
    Personally I’d rather have a few breakouts than having my whole face hurt 😛

    I allso have very sensitive skin and alot of redness + that I’m pale as a ghost, so finding a foundation that works with my skintype is nearly impossible XP