Sunday, December 11th, 2011

This or That

If you had to wear one: yellow lipstick or blue blush?

  • Yellow lipstick - I could work it! (55%, 2,138 Votes)
  • Blue blush - I could work it! (45%, 1,724 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,863

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42 thoughts on “This or That: If you had to wear one: yellow lipstick or blue blush?

  1. snm

    well,yellow is my least fav colors so I would go for blue blush.even though the yellow lipstick sounds a little more wearable:D

  2. Yazmin

    I couldnt pick lol…ill go without

  3. Fey

    Yellow lipstick, blue blush, red eye shadow…I’d wear them all at the same time. On a serious level, I’ve seen both of those work. Really pale gals and warm toned gals can rock yellow/gold lipstick. Pale girls can also wear blue blush fairly well. I’d use it to just contour.

  4. Jen

    If the yellow lipstick is sheer (like the Dior limited edition), definitely that! It would just add a golden glow and a bit of warmth. If neon pigmented yellow, definitely blue blush. Blue blush is actually a pretty interesting idea!

  5. Cindy v

    Note that it never said to wear as a blush or a lipstick… Would that change your answer… I would still pick blue blush… It would give such an interesting look… And I think yellow lipstick would be harder to pull off

  6. Stephanie

    I’d wear a yellow lipstick, because I still could pair it with a quite opaque gloss 😀 But blue blush might look like someone punched you..

  7. Kathy

    I picked blue blush, because I’d cheat … I could use it as an eyeshadow! Haha!

  8. Tania

    I wear blue eyeshadow as a blush when I go to zombie shuffles. Does that count? Haha but yes, the 80s freak in me definitely would go for the blue blush… It’s an amazing contour!

  9. cydoniac

    what an interesting question…!!! I really couldn’t pick one over the other…!!! I had never thought of yellow lipstick/blue blush until I saw this question…!! still, in real life I would wear those only at fancy dress parties or on Halloween or at the carnival…I could easily those be in fashion in the near (or not so near) future when every woman will wear those shades and beige and brown will have become extinct…!!!!

  10. divinem (Melissa)

    Blue blush. Definitely.

    Yellow lipstick? HAYULL NO!

  11. TygerKitty

    blue blush for sure – I’m pale with pink undertones and can wear blue just about anywhere; yellow, however, makes me look like I have jaundice!

  12. Kathy S.

    I have a serious yellow undertone and really pink lips, so I’d pick the yellow lipstick. The blue blush would turn me green.

    I’d like to see navy blue blush, though, on someone who has a seriously dark complexion. It would add so much to that lovely, deep coloring!

  13. Can we compromise and make it blue lipstick? I love blue lipstick! But I think I could pull off either. I like yellow tinted lip glosses.

  14. M.

    I get so darn red in the face that blue blush might actually be a good idea, especially in winter.

  15. Vanessa

    Blue blush. I already have blue lipstick, so might as well complete the look. :)

    I honestly had difficulty picking because I’d have happily worn either of these. XD

  16. Amy

    Both actually xD I love experimentiNg with odd colors. In fact, I have a bright yellow lipstick and I rock it! Sometimes I pair it with a pink lipstick to make “pink lemonade” :3 blue blush can be incorporated into an Ice Queen look *-*

  17. asha

    hehe depends if I am in finding nemo or Lion king :)

  18. Marina

    Yellow lipstick all the way.

    Blue blush would just make me look beat up.

  19. Catherine

    lol! well, yellow l/s would prob not be flattering to my teeth, and I’m pale. So blue blush, I feel like I could pull it off

  20. Lydia

    I feel like I could work both lol

  21. I chose blue blush because a yellow lipstick would just make my teeth look yellow and dingy.

  22. both sound pretty cool – I’m a collector of yellow glosses (Mac “I want candy,” “Goldyrocks,” Clinque “Lemon Sparkle,” etc), so yellow lipstick would be my first choice. Blue blush would be cool if you wanted to rock a gothy-alienistic or cyber-punk type look too.

  23. katherine

    I would have to go with the yellow lipstick. I am warm toned with yellow undertones so I could work with the yellow lipstick but the blue blush wouldn’t work in any way.

  24. Felicia

    I’ve already rocked yellow lipstick. Well technically it was Lip tar, but it was primary yellow. The color was Traffic by OCC and I wore it for the pep fest at our school because our school colors are yellow and black. I also topped it off with some gold glitter. ^-^

  25. Dawn

    I think I would wear the blue blush, but as an eyeshadow instead

  26. Quinctia

    I’ve worn a metallic gold lipstick, hopefully that counts, haha.

  27. Marisel

    R u kidding? yellow and not so “wearable” lipsticks are the trends of the future. lol

  28. Mimi

    I wonder if the blue blush would work if it was sheer. The natural rosiness of your cheeks would shine thru the blue and it would end up looking like a purple-ish pink, might be nice.

  29. Joanna Shen

    haha~ i DO have a yellow lipstick from limecrime~

  30. Jimena

    Today both because those are the colors of my city soccer team (Mexican), and today they win the championship 😀

  31. Terra

    Yellow lipstick for sure! I even own one:)

  32. Nyree

    Blue blush blended VERY well.

  33. I’ve worn yellow lipstick before, and there’s this one blue blush I want to buy, so…both? 😀

  34. I imagine blue blush could be very fun if you have the right skin for it!

  35. Rainy

    Definitely blue blush! An icy blue with streaks of white would be an awesome find to me, especially since the colors I used to do it with are discontinued.

    A ‘school bus’ yellow lip color would be really cool though, just not something that works with my coloring.

  36. Anu

    I would wear yellow lipstick

  37. Veronica

    I think yellow lipstick could work on the right person. Blue blush really depends on what level opacity we’re talking about.

  38. Yellow lipstick for sure! With blue blush I’d look like a zombie.

  39. Suselew

    Blue blush cuz blended with my naturally rosy cheeks, it would get my fave color – purple!

  40. alison

    I’ve got so much red in my cheeks that the blue would probably turn plum, haha!

    Seriously though, id still pick blue blush. Id do a whole frozen ice princess look to go with it.

  41. Rosanna

    Yellow lipstick??? EEEEEK