Sunday, December 4th, 2011

This or That

Body Lotion or Body Butter? Which do you prefer?

  • Body Lotion! (50%, 1,550 Votes)
  • Body Butter (50%, 1,523 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,073

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27 thoughts on “This or That: Body Lotion or Body Butter? Which do you prefer?

  1. Brittney

    Body Butter feels so much more moisturizing! I love it!

  2. Ana G.

    Body butter for winter and body lotion for summer!!

  3. Both at different times and for different reasons.

  4. I’m not sure if this is just me, but I’ve learned that body butter actually moisturizes my skin a lot better, and sinks in a ton quicker! Also, I find the smell lingers on my skin much, much longer. Body butter all the way!

    • Bonny

      Same here! Haven’t used it in a while, but I just bought some from Boots. I love it! What brand do you like?

  5. Makaegan

    Body Butters are too thick and greasy, they just make me feel dirty. Lotions are so much nicer :)

    • Paige

      I agree, body butters are to thick for me! I apply my lotion before I go to bed and I feel yucky trying to sleep with body butters. B+B W’s lotion all the way!

  6. grace

    Butter! because its more moisturising!

  7. I prefer Body Lotions as well. Body Butters are really oily and greasy feeling on my skin.

  8. This question will have a different answer for me based on the season. In the dead of winter it’s body butter all the way! Really the only thing I can rely on to save me from the climate. In summer I can’t tolerate more than a light lotion.

  9. I would just like to find something that really works – you know, isn’t just all “scent” or greasy yucky sit on top of your skin and not really do anything – next thing you know you’re re-applying the minute you wash your hands or 15 minutes goes by OR you wake up with terribly itchy legs and would like to use something that keeps you from getting up 40 million times for relief. These things also apply to lip balms for me – I’m still searching for my “HG” for that one.

    • Janna

      Can I offer a few recommendations?

      I have been using Cetaphil face lotion for a while, but just recently tried their body lotion and cream and I am addicted! Both the lotion and cream, which are fragrance free, sink in really quickly and they actually moisturize my skin until I bathe again. I’ve tried bunches of other (more expensive) lotions and creams, but this one is amazing. And it’s readily available at a reasonable price (check drugstores or grocery stores).

      I had the same problem with lip balm. Nothing seems to stay on my lips (partially my fault for constantly rubbing them together) or to actually provide real nourishment. A while back I tried The Lip Slip by Sara Happ. It’s a bit pricey at $24 for a small pot, but it is a true gem. The pot lasts me about 4-5 months with several uses daily. It feels so silky and smooth on my lips and is thick enough to stay on despite my bad habits:D It’s fragrance and taste free and appears clear on the lips though a bit of shimmer is visible in the pot. I’ve repurchased a few times on Amazon and now I’ve gotten my mom and sister hooked. My husband even puts some on if his lips are a bit chapped (it’s kinda shiny but a little isn’t really apparent).

  10. Leah

    Body lotion! I hate having to constantly stick my fingers into the body butter tub and get it under my nails.

  11. Mariella

    Most of the time I use lotions because they’re just quicker to apply and quicker to absorb so I voted “lotion” but I do love body butters, especially in a Canadian winter, when it’s so cold and then the indoor heating is so drying also.

  12. Lauren J.

    Honestly, I don’t see much of a difference in the moisturizing benefits of either. Body Butter is thicker, yes, yet I don’t find it superior. However, I do see and feel a difference with using raw shea, or raw cocoa butter. I use it in the shower and my skin feels smooth and moisturized all day long! I think it’s because they are both unprocessed and have more oil, which also acts as a protectant. The oils both add and seal in the moisture.

  13. Cara

    Body Butter only because of one product which is my HG of moisturizing. It’s Hempz body butter!! I give this product as a gift all the time. It is soooooo amazing! THE best moisturizer!!!!

  14. Swimsalot

    Olive Body Butter from the Body Shop

  15. Jazz

    body butter or body creme. I dont like lotion at all. I need the thicker texture of the butter/ creme for my dry skin. Im currently using B&Bw’s True Blue Spa body creme. <3 it.

  16. Marianna

    I voted for lotion, but I prefer oil to both. I like to slap some jojoba or sweet almond on right after a shower, before I towel off. All day my skin feels so soft!!

    • Nicole

      My thoughts as well. I find that oil lasts the longest on my skin, provides excellent moisture, and keeps my skin super soft. Extra virgin olive oil is my weapon of choice. I was skeptical when I was told by friends to try it on my hair and skin, but now I’m hooked. So definitely, oil, then lotion, then body butter!

  17. Ann

    body oil ! haha.
    but if i had to only pick between those two, i would say both, depending on what i need. but i would usually use body lotion in the summer and butters in the winter.

  18. M.

    Really love Tree Hut Coconut Lime body butter even though my skin doesn’t need it. I feel like I’m slathering myself in Key lime pie filling!

  19. Erin

    Body butter all the way!

  20. Wow almost a dead tie! I prefer butter in the winter or just when my skin is really dry and lotion in the summer and for less dry parts.