Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3 Look

Quickie look I did the other day to test out theBalm’s eyeshadows.   Happy Lunar New Year!!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Envious Erin eyeshadow on the lower lid. Lightly blend Come-Hither eyeshadow in and above the crease with the 222. Layer All the Way Annie eyeshadow into the crease with the 239.  Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Rockstar liner on the lower lash line and blending Valiant eyeshadow underneath. Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Dolce Vita blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Lilac Pink lipstick for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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126 thoughts on “theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3 Look

  1. baby in a corner

    lovely – i think i will wear something like this to work tomorrow! i swatched the clarins lipstick on the back of my hand but wasn’t sure how it would look on lips but it looks great on you! Looking forward to the (possible) full review!

  2. K7P*

    Dammit… I was trying to fight the urge to buy the 3rd volume, but after seeing this look… I HAVE to buy it!!! =)

  3. Sarah

    Beautiful spring look, Christine! I think this would be a great one to take from day to night! Either using a darker lipstick or just smoking out the eyeshadow some more would be a perfect way to get ready for a night out in just a minute – I love looks like that!

  4. Ashley Sarah

    I love that plum color. This look is great.

  5. Diana B

    You look awesome in this look Christine. I absolutely love it.

  6. sam

    gorgeous! love the lip color

  7. Jessica

    This is one of my favorite looks! You look gorgeous!

  8. Susan

    You look so pretty!

  9. Karen

    Very pretty, springy look!

  10. Rae

    Why?! Why do you do this to us, Christine?! Just when I think my eyeshadow stash is pretty much complete, you post a FOTD like this one and change my mind entirely D:

    Come-Hither Heather looked fairly pretty swatched, but it’s seriously blowing my mind in this look. *loves it*

  11. LH

    Again very pretty.

  12. chibaraki

    Wow, I’m loving those plums, especially with your sweater! Do you tend to match your eye makeup to your outfits?

  13. rowan

    I love love love this look. Please keep posting looks! You give such awesome inspiration!

  14. Danni

    Soooo pretty!

  15. Bianca

    such a pretty look!!

    I have never tried their products before ..would you recommend this palette?

  16. anonymous

    wow you look gorgeous christine! perfect with the sweater too (love that color). I can’t decide if I love your purple looks better or the greens because they’re both so beautiful! loving heather and annie!

  17. Sophia

    Oh, Christine, the look is divine! Probably my favorite of yours ever!

  18. Addison

    so pretty!

  19. CeeBee

    You are so, so gorgeous! LOVE the eye makeup.

    That’s pretty much my everyday work look, albeit with slight colour variations… I actually used 3 shades from Shady lady Vol. 2 this morning because your review of Vol. 3 reminded me how much I love it!

    PS. That blush looks fab on you!

    • Thanks a lot, CeeBee!! :)

      I can’t wait for Vol. 2 to arrive!

      • CeeBee

        I bet you will love it – my faves from Vol. 2 are Insane Jane, Just This Once Jamie (HG for me, I bought a backup!) and Feisty Felicia – the blue micro glitter in FF is entrancing!

        • anonymous

          Oooh Christine you ordered Vol 2? You’ll love it. I totally agree on Jamie– this is the my absolute fav e/s I own. I think you’ll love Marissa because of the colors you usually pick.

          CeeBee– Felicia? I haven’t really used it that much because I found it didn’t apply as smoothly as the others so I’m curious if you have use tips or maybe mine is just tricky. I have better luck using certain shades wet as liners sort of like Christine described the black. Do you have Stacey? It’s my HG smoky gray shade & I recommend it as a softer alternative to black for light skin.

          I gotta wear more of my SL’s like Bobbi & Jane. Renee from 1 is another HG, & Wheezie. I really wish thebalm would offer WAY more shadows because I’d buy them all. Then again if the limits are because they’re working on perfecting the shades, they are totally worth the wait.

          Must play with Felicia tomorrow, thanks!

          • Ironically, I don’t like Just This Once Jamie very much at all!

            • anonymous

              LOL well we all have different tastes! But I’m curious if you’ve used Jamie on your eye or just swatched it? I wasn’t impressed by swatching it but it worked with an eye look so I used it and as soon as I actually put it on my eyes, I was in love. So if you haven’t used it on your eyes yet pretty please let me create a look suggestion for you to try? I’d have a ton of fun (& promise no upper lid liner!) & have a pretty good idea what stuff you like & have on hand. I honestly think Jamie just has to be worn to be truly loved. One of my favs happens to be Jamie with a really dark smoky gray liner which is gorgeous for making blue eyes stand out on light skin. I’m sure I could think of something gorgeous for your coloring. Post or email me if you’re interested!

            • I did use it on the eye (most of the time, I do — especially if it is a brand I haven’t tested extensively; with say MAC eyeshadows, I have a pretty good grasp of how things will translate, but if something is really bad/good, then I will trial it a bit), but still had some problems with it. When it was used wet, it was better, but I didn’t like it dry! :(

            • anonymous

              I’ve never tried it wet because it applies well on me dry. What colors did you pair it with? I know it’s a slightly different style of shadow as you like shadows that show up more while I often prefer makeup that enhances without really drawing attention to itself. Jamie lends itself better to certain looks than others. I sort of suspected you might prefer Marissa because you mostly prefer makeup that is definitely warm. Nothing wrong with personal preference although I think you underestimate how flattering cools look on you because they aren’t your usual favs. Todays Cle de Peu shade was really gorgeous on you & I don’t usually care for the Cle de Peu lipsticks that much. I seem to see the MAC users getting pushed by MAC salesgirls into a certain color sheme thing but I’ve insisted on them testing me with foundations repeatedly and no matter what I say they INSIST I’m supposed to wear NC foundation which never looks very good– then I insist they try the NW on me and they always look embarrassed & surprised when it looks really good on me.

          • CeeBee

            Felica and Courtenay are both a bit chalkier than the others but I mostly use them in the crease and blend them out so you can’t see the glitter.

            Otherwise, I use a damp “sponge tip” applicator (it’s not actually a typical sponge tip, it’s a weird kind of dense, almost silicone rubber sponge, like rubicell – they’re really good though!) and kind of pat it on to apply.
            Or use a damp small angled brush when using it as liner.

            I’m picking Christine will love Bossy Bobbi from Vol. 2, it is a freakin’ gorgeous blue!

            • anonymous

              I’m not into browns so I haven’t really used Courtney but I do love stacey, jordana and renee as liners. renee pays off so well even dry, I love it. I agree on Bobbi because IMO mary is a little too close to mildew. I’m betting she loves Marissa too though just because it’s such a gorgeous shade. It was actually the shade that made me fall in love with thebalm even though I bought vol 1 first and waited to get it in vol 2. I also love marissa as a blush if you like warms and don’t want hot mama shimmer. Color is so rich & lush. I need balmaholics anonymous meetings.

  20. Jolene

    Wow, i love that lipstick on you! Also, i think the substitutes were meant for your other wonder woman look!

  21. Annie

    beauuutiful :)

  22. Jocelyn

    Looks great! :)

  23. Bernice

    Gorgeous !

  24. millie

    I like the grayish plum eyeshadow. Kinda keeps you guessing, is it gray? is it brown? is it plum? :) A nice alternative to usual browns and grays. How do you like Inimitable mascara? I was looking for your fave exceptionnel mascara but it’s discontinued. But I was able to get one at Macy’s, they still had a few left!

  25. Kat

    Love it !
    Could you maybe do some dupes for this look? those are the colors I’m mostly interested from the palette but i don’t want to buy the whole thing just for 3 colors

  26. preeeettty!!! pretty lips too :) i constantly LONG for you to do one of these looks where you don’t use gloss, but instead do a matte lip 😛 This was close enough to make me smile lol

  27. Marjan

    You look lovely, as always =)

  28. Carrie Ann

    Very pretty!

  29. Deb

    Beautiful look, the lip colour goes so well with the eyes and neither one takes away from the other. The mascara especially did an amazing job of lengthening!

    And yay for the new year wishes :) I spent the day eating dumplings and picking out Chinese candies at the special booths, haha. It’s not every year I get to actually celebrate on the day of (when I was a kid, I was often stuck in school!) so it was awesome being able to take a gazillon photos and celebrating at the Chinese mall I’ve been going to since I was little :)

  30. Evelyn

    I ordered this palette today because of your review….now I’m even more impatient for it to arrive! You look gorgeous as always.

  31. chelsea

    This is gorgeous!

  32. Kerry


    This is such a pretty look on you! I love this palette. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I have Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. <3 this brand!

  33. Katie

    this is so gorgeous! definitely something that I would wear… it has color, but not too much color and its plums!

  34. stellarstace


  35. Dini

    Very pretty.

  36. I love how you did your makeup here! You look beautiful :)

  37. joolz

    This is a beautiful look! I’ll have to check out theBalm’s shadows as I haven’t before.
    For the plummy looks though, I don’t see how the purple shadows that appear lavender in the pan to me, become plummy.

  38. San

    Wow, such a pretty look, all the colors suit you how how can every lipstick you try suit u? while mayb 1 in 10 suits me :).

  39. Kiwi2002

    Love, love, love this!!!!!

  40. I’m so amazed by your eyes. They’re so unique, like an explosion in your eyes. So cool. (: Love the look!

  41. Amanda

    I like this. It looks like a good everyday look on you!

  42. Great look! I will have to consider getting this.

  43. jamie a

    This look is so beautiful. And very spring! I want this palette

  44. Charlotte

    Love the lip colour and the subtle blush – very pretty look!

  45. Liner UD are superb, it is regrettable that the price is so expensive! And They are not yet available in France, I think…..grrrrrr

  46. Federica

    I like it!!! I really like this lipstick on you and the eyes are gorgeous!!

  47. deepblue

    Beautifil colours!! Very fine look – it works great on you!
    Thank you for sharing Greetings from Austria/Vienna!

  48. P

    Soft and beautiful!
    Any MAC substitute for the lipstick, please?

  49. Carey

    I have Volumes 1 and 2 but was going to skip Volume 3 thinking it didn’t have enough neutrals for me. You changed my mind! Beautiful and well done!

  50. Jenn

    How pretty! I need this lipstick!

  51. Alanna

    Just wondering, I notice that you don’t often wear liner on your top lid. What is the reason behind this? Thank you!

  52. i like it! i need to try it, thnx!

  53. Marie

    Soooooooooo pretty!

  54. Amanda Dubs

    Hey Christine! Question, do you have a post about how you do your brows anywhere? I tried putting some brown liner in mine the other day and I thought it looked super! Except that it got everywhere since it wasn’t meant for that…haha, I just need to figure out what kind of products to use :)

  55. Valerie

    This looks really awesome! I wish I could pull something like this off.. I’m Asian so my eyes are too small to pack all that colour on. ):

  56. ฺำBeaunita

    really love this =) so beautiful!!

  57. Danielle

    This is a gorgeous look! I love it and it’s given me some inspiration for tomorrow. :) I don’t have any of theBalm’s stuff. I think I’m going to have to investigate! Thanks Christine!