Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Launches

You’ve met Matt(e), now it’s time to Meet Matt(e) Nude… nude eyeshadows that is. Because size matt(e)rs, there are nine larger Matt(e)s showing their true colors in nude hues. As a matt(e)r of fact, this palette is versatile enough to wear day and night, as liners and all-over colors… the whole nine yards! With so many Matt(e)s to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect shade, no matt(e)r what!

Shades include:

  • Matt Johnson
  • Matt Garcia
  • Matt Malloy
  • Matt Rosen
  • Matt Wood
  • Matt Singh
  • Matt Abdul
  • Matt Lombari
  • Matt Hung

Availability: in January 2013, $42

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47 thoughts on “theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Launches

  1. Mariella

    Very cute, tongue in cheek promo talk but I have so many nudes and mattes that this one is an easy pass for moi. A few of the shades look awfully close to one another. But this looks like a nice, compact palette for anyone looking for matte nudes.

  2. ok, that is hilarious. i’ll buy it just so i can say “i used Matt Wood in my crease…”

  3. cel

    So many matte palettes popping up! Will you be doing a review on this too? πŸ˜€

  4. Meet matte is already a winner so I’m curious about this one so much:)All shades seems to be useful

  5. Stacey

    Why not Matte Lee(universal), Matt el (as in Mattel Corp), Matte Hombre, Matte Barack? LOL. I dont want a man from the ’50s on the cover of my makeup….just not my prototype…the Balm with great eyeshadows….need to be more creative with the lid cover.

    Should have some matte design from the fifties and would be more interesting.

  6. Katie

    Why do I feel like this palette is missing something?

    • Cami

      It’s missing variety! The grey colors are too similar and the dark brown colors are too similar. I’ll be passing on this one.

  7. What a crazy-looking theme, lol.

  8. Rae

    Clever and cute! I’m not a fan of cardboard though as it doesn’t last and can’t be carried around too much.

  9. Iris

    These colours look beautiful!

  10. I’m excited for this palette! TheBalm makes some of my favorite shadows, especially their matte shades! They always have great texture and color payoff.

    I also think that matte shadows are more useful than most people think. Shimmers and glitters are more exciting to look at in the pan, but most looks are actually nicer when you have a nice matte color for the shimmer to play off of. Too many shimmers in one look can cause it to just look like a muddy, shimmer overload if you aren’t careful.

    Long story short, I think I will be picking this one up so long as it doesn’t get an unexpected bad review.

  11. Naomi

    interesting names.

  12. Peggy

    I like the looks of this a lot! Not sure I’d use the matte white, but otherwise I could see myself reaching for this everyday.

  13. nazih

    I love how they have abdul, singh, and hong. Loving the diverse matt(e)s :)

  14. Ivana

    I love the name Matt Hung. I consider buying this palette just to own an eyeshadow with that name. Or am I the only one who giggled like a highschool girlie at that name? ItΒ΄s official, I have a dirty mind πŸ˜€

  15. xamyx

    I don’t mind the graphic so much (overall), but that French “translation” just kills it, for me. Somehow, I don’t think it’s as amusing as the English phrase…

  16. xamyx

    I think this would make a nice “companion” palette if one already has a vast makeup collection, but mattes are lacking, or certain tones, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having an “all-in-one” palette. I’m not a big fan of the shades in this palette as a whole, although individually I can see them working. For my money, though, I’d just go with UD Naked Basics to go with my Naked palettes; I already have several mattes in those, and if I had to carry an extra palette, it’s more compact (and nearly half the price, LOL), and the shades work better together.

  17. I love TheBalm, but I will pass on this. Am I the only one who thinks the “size matters” theme is sexist and trashy? Also, $42 is quite the price jump compared to their other palettes. The colors sure are beautiful, though!

    • CC

      Trashy I can understand even though I disagree, but how is it sexist? I just fail to see how that is sexist in any way…

      • Angela

        I think the packaging is hilarious. Definitely a conversation piece if you touch up your makeup in front of another woman! Makeup is for adults, so I don’t see the harm in being a little risque. It’s all in good fun, and the balm does it tastefully imo. That said, if I could combine Meet Matte) Nude eyeshadows with Naked Basics packaging, it would be perfection.

  18. sam

    Think I’ll wait for swatches.. there are a few colors I see that I want but $42 is a lot more than I expected.

  19. xamareex

    Just another palette that is part of the “nude” fad. The colors look to similar but it’s too soon to judge. The swatches are the key.

  20. AdraKP

    Can’t wait for swathes! But $42? I don’t know…

  21. I’ve liked the colors in their last few palettes, but honestly I can’t get past the gimmicky packaging. That was the sole reason I passed on Balm Jovi.

  22. Who really needs 3 dark browns in one single palette? I’m disappointed by this and the Naked Basics (that one has 3 similar highlight shades too..). I like my matte eyeshadows, but I think I’ll stick with the MAC ones I have in my palette already. They may be more expensive, but I rarely hit pan and I like the customizable aspect

  23. Why can’t matte palettes have more diverse colors? 2 groups of 3 similar shades here.

  24. Mindy

    Hmmmm. Not enough nude, pale, taupe, or buttercream colors. Matt Smith was one that I hit pan on in the other compact, but not offered in this one. With that said, yes, I’m disappointed. And I love the Balm products, too.

  25. Reese

    Waiting for the swatches, but this may be the palette to get me jumping on the bandwagon. Finally, a “nude” palette that offers shades for dark skin.

  26. Veronica

    Matt Singh is the only one that grabs my eye with this one – everything else looks similar to what I already have on hand or is a shade I wouldn’t wear. Still, given how the palette leans a tad darker than the original, it may work better for deeper skin tones.

  27. n8ivebeauT

    Geepers!!!! $42???!!! That’s crazy to me. theBalm is such a small cosmetics company and they want to sell this palette for that much??? Don’t get me wrong….I love their blushes, I have the nude’tude palette (equal parts mattes, and equal parts shimmers), Mary Louminizer (sp), and they are wonderful. Ummmmm, I’m going to pass. Brown’s just have different undertones, the same for the gray’s or whatever shade those are but they look similar.

  28. Patricia

    There are 6 brown colors out of 9. Three are cool and three are warm. Why so many browns? Love the size but lack of variety. Meet matte original had tones of pink, blue, green, and brown. Even though 2 were, dare I say it, shimmery in a matte palette, but at least the user could create several different looks with different colors. I like the size. That’s the only thing. Matt Abdul looks like my favourite which seems close to the other palettes Matt Patel.

    • ACAR87

      It is a nude palette. Meet Matte was just an assortment of matte colors. This one they are dubbing their matte nude palette.

  29. I loved the Matt Batali eyeshadow I got in MyGlam (Ipsy) bag a few months back so Im definately trying this out

  30. ProperIntro

    I’m kind of excited for this release but I don’t like the price for it…

    • I think it’s well worth the price. I mean each shadow alone is bigger than a standard MAC or Urban Decay shadow. Plus theBalm has an amazing eyeshadow formulation. All the shadows that I own from them are buttery soft and pigmented.

  31. Maria J. Cardoza

    I Just Want to Know if you by any chance do you know when the exact Release date is for this Palette?

  32. J'Marie

    I just picked this palette up I believe the day it came out, still waiting on it in the mail. I am geeked b/c I absolutely adore matte shades, not too mention theBalm has amazing quality shadows/products. So I expect nothing less from Meet Matte Nude, hopefully it’s as good as it looks lol!

  33. Bree

    This is on today for $21!!! Came here to check out the reviews first, looks like I will be picking one up!

  34. Angela

    Will you be reviewing this palette or doing any looks with it?