Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

theBalm Launches Betty Lou-Manizer & Frat Boy

Betty Lou-Manizer ($24.00)

This all-in-one bronzer, shadow, and shimmer uses mica to diffuse light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding subtle warmth. The oil-free formula can be layered on your lids for a luxe look, swept on your cheeks for a radiant glow, or used as an all-over finish before heading out for the night.

Frat Boy ($21.00)

This velvety smooth, peachy-apricot shadow/blush adds the perfect amount of color for a foxy flush so you look stellar around the clock. Frat Boy™ leaves you with a face that’s pretty and polished. When you can’t keep the boys away, blame it on the blush.

availability: Available at Sephora

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23 thoughts on “theBalm Launches Betty Lou-Manizer & Frat Boy

  1. Emily

    Ok I’m exposing my shallow underbelly with this comment, but one of my real litmus tests for whether I will purchase something is the name. It’s not the initial attraction but it can be a serious deciding factor. I can’t abide by numbers, lazy names, intentional misspellings… It’s a pet peeve. So because I am not a fan of the Greek system in general, I cannot even look twice at Frat boy but of course I want the bronzer with the Bettie on it. Can you tell my nightmare would be A Clockwork Orange type scenario but I would be forced to watch Jersey Shore. I’m only speaking for my quirky self.

    • Cathryn

      I feel the same way about Frat Boy. For all I know, the colour and texture may be holy grail-worthy. But I will never know because I can’t get past the name. Orgasm and Deep Throat by NARS are totally fine for me, but I will never wear a blush called Frat Boy. Being a bit of a freak back in college meant that I didn’t exactly have the best experiences with those involved in greek life.

      • Emily

        Right? I just recall driving through Berkeley to visit my sister during Rush Week and just No. I think of all the frat boys that called me names when I rejected their clumsy drunken advances. No thanks guys, I would be just as likely to purchase something called “Stoner Under the Bleachers”. Again, I’m not passing judgement on others experiences, just speaking for myself.

      • Marie

        As usual, the PC overpowers rationality…

    • Instant Karma

      I definitely understand! I don’t really care about product names, but I made a special exception for this one. As soon as I saw the name “Frat Boy,” I thought to myself, “PLEASE have it be ugly or like something I already own because I refuse on principle to buy it,” haha. Luckily, it’s not particularly exciting looking.

    • Lindsey D

      Oh, I totally agree. The sorts of things I saw frat boys do (I was in a sorority so got a front row seat to some pretty horrible actions) makes the name of this product a complete turn off. If the blatant misogyny TheBalm usually displays hadn’t been a turn off already (way to completely miss the point of retro themes for women, entire brand), this would probably do it, especially given the implications of the picture on the packaging.

  2. Karyn

    I love the packaging of theBalm! They remind me of the sadly gone Quickie Chronicles from TooFaced (although I think theBalm was first? Not sure)

  3. I love this promo stuff! It’s so cool. 😀

  4. Sarah

    What’s the difference between Mary and Betty-Lou Manizer? They look pretty similar. Does Betty have less shimmer? I love Mary-Lou Manizer and will welcome any semi-valid excuse to buy the new counterpart!

  5. Rachael

    I love this brand, never been unhappy with a purchase

  6. Carrie Ann

    Super cute! I got the Mary-Lou Manizer recently and I love how these products can also be used as eye shadows. A lot of times these so-called multi-use products really only work well one way, but the Mary-Lou Manizer works great as a shadow. Very smooth, pigmented and long-lasting.

  7. CeeBee

    Ah, must have these! I adore theBalm blushes and while I haven’t caved and bought Mary Lou-Manizer yet, Betty might just do it for me!

  8. Annessa

    These are adorable! I love the packaging and the names!

  9. TheBalm products are always so CUTE. I like the color of that blush! I may have to buy that one.

  10. Dominique

    They definitely have my attention. Im a sucker for cute packaging.

  11. Ms. Jimmi

    TheBalm always deliver great product.

  12. theMiaomi

    big fan of the brand. owns Hot Mama and Down Boy. wish Frat Boy had a more pop to it. This might look too natural and too similar to Down Boy.

  13. Puffnstuff

    I like both! They look dupey and I didn’t have a problem with Greeks because I went outside of Panhellenic / mainstream orgs… Sorry they r kinda lame

    • Emily

      I have to say

      1) HR Puffnstuff Yay!
      2) I went to UC Santa Cruz, we don’t even have a football team :)

  14. I own both Hot Mama and Down Boy, and love them both. Will definitely check out Frat Boy, even if the name’s not the best.

  15. Umm… FratBoy?! IMO They should have done better research before naming a product FratBoy. Luckily, I wasn’t harrassed myself back in the day. However I hated them anyway for mistreating some of my peers. I would NEVER purchase anything called FratBoy.

  16. Adrienne

    Lol I want it only because of the name.

  17. meme

    I don’t care about the product names…I just am not a fan of brush on bronzers. Rarely do I see one that looks OK. They usually look like too much blush app. or they just build up the over all face makeup and the face hits the room before the rest of the body. I am pretty darn good at makeup app. However, bronzer is really best left to those who are not as fair/light as I am. I have put it on others with success – but only because they were a lot darker than I am.