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theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow
theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow

theBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow: Just This Once Jamie

theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow ($16.00 for 0.12 oz.) is an unusual shade–it is a pinked plum-brown with a little grayish taupe tinge.  Do you see how many different shades I fit into the description?  Pink, plum, brown, gray, taupe!  It is certainly a color that will look subtly different on varying complexions–for instance, those with pinker undertones will see the pink become more pronounced, while warmer complexions will see more of the brown peeking through.

The packaging is simple cardboard, which makes these easy to stack and store, plus a little more eco-friendly than plastic, though it may not stand up to wear and tear as prettily as plastic.  I think the cardboard is plenty durable, but you may get a couple dents and scratches over the months/years.

my thoughts on the formula: theBalm’s eyeshadows are soft, silky smooth, and packed with pigment, but I did find that Just This Once Jamie seemed to sheer out a touch when blended.  It was not quite as pigmented as other theBalm shades I’ve tried, and it is a shade that is better wet than dry, because the dampness gives it something to cling to.  It applies evenly and blends out beautifully–but when dry, it nearly disappears when blended.  Worth noting, too, is individual eyeshadows come with 0.12 oz., which is just over double the average eyeshadow–and at a rather affordable price tag.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: Definitely worth the price, and you’ll find it will take you quite awhile to hit pan on one of theBalm’s eyeshadows–but even better is that you don’t really end up paying for that privilege.   I wish the texture was more adhesive, such that the color wouldn’t sheer out so easily when applied–I felt like I had to be really careful blending it before it seemed faded.  When used wet, it does work better–but I found using it dry to be of little use and it had to be used wet.

where to buy: Sephora

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theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow
theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow

theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow
theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow

theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow
theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase Just This Once Jamie? How much is it?

Sephora, $16.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Shale is browner but in the same family. NARS New York is a matte, less brown variation, while NARS Ondine is a grayer version (less pink).

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32 thoughts on “theBalm Just This Once Jamie Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Luciana

    What a coincidence! I just got in my order from TheBalm! I love this eye shadow! and also If you’re rich I’m single. Their packaging is so adorable and ‘funny’!

  2. Luciana

    I have a question: I’m thinking of buying Nars Night does it compare to Just this once Jamie or the dupes you mentioned above? Thanks!!

  3. 53

    Love the color!!

  4. The Beauty Queen from Mars

    Hi Christine,
    how does this compare to MAC Hypnotizing/ MAC Prance? Prance sold out in hours in Germany and I did not get Hypnotizing, so I am desperate for another dupe! (no NARS in Germany, I am afraid)
    Thank you very much!

  5. This reminds of NYX Salmon Pearl e/s. The only thing is, Salmon is less brown.

  6. Heather

    I gotta say I love the names for these eyeshadows 😉

  7. anonymous

    I agree! thebalm descriptions often require numerous colors to explain! jamie is my favorite shadow, I usually apply it over primer and find it gives a subtle hint of color that makes my eyes appear brighter without the shadow really standing out. love the pink-silver-lilac tones & it works beautifully for me to brighten a smoky eye or with gray to contour (the gray makes it intensify on me). I gotta get another of these as backup because I can wear it with anything.

  8. Jamie

    I kind of need this, because my name’s Jamie, lol. Love it, thanks Christine!

  9. This color is so awesome! I really need to check out theBalm! I love these subtle colors that have so many different nuances. Thanks for showing us this one, I’m definitely going to take a look at it.

  10. Donna Cooper

    Own it, love it. Easy to wear as just a light wash of colour for an unmade up look

  11. Sexy Sadie

    Love this too.

  12. CeeBee

    I have this and I ADORE it completely. It’s such a complex shade and a really effective “shadow” colour, if that makes any sense.

    I don’t have any issues with the pigmentation lacking, though I notice the packaging on my one is different so maybe my one is from an older batch…?

    • It just seems to… sheer out or disappear when I go to blend it. It essentially can’t be blended when dry if you actually want the color to show up!

      • anonymous

        I think maybe you’re expecting it to be a little different than how I think it’s most flattering used? I get the color in the pan but it does blend in nicely to my eyelid– which is exactly what’s so pretty about it. Gives this nice sultry “shadowy” effect (like CeeBee is saying). I suggest trying Too Faced Primer (seems to work best with Jamie on me). Pat Jamie over the lid and just above the crease. Use a sheen or matte dark gray shadow (I like Lorac Charcoal but anything fairly dark and not shimmery– like vellux finish) to lightly shape the outer v but keep the color to just along the lash line and just above the lid to about half way in. Don’t bring it in too far, maybe even more like outer third. Give a nice thick line of dark smoky liner (I like Loreal liquid pencil in gray or Korres soft black). Curl lashes & use the best black mascara you have. Add a dusting of a light pink blush or something like Dallas/EL nude rose for a little warmth (or my go to MUFE HD 8 PDA). And a lighter pinkish lip like Amsterdam lipstick or Dani gloss. If you keep a list of what’s on hand I can suggest from things you have on hand.

        Jamie is also really pretty against mary or bobbi as contours. It makes eyes look better but it’s definitely a subtle glamourous look vs a makeup-y look. Think Paris evening. If you have/get it, Jamie is also gorgeous with either Stacey or Wheezie.

        Since you’re a bit darker you might also layer it over Heather to get a bit deeper color. Then contour with the plum but keep to the outer half. I also tap on a bit of extra jamie right over the contour if it gets in too far and since it does cover right over charcoal shadow, it’s definitely plenty pigmented. Balm is the only shadow I own where I can pat cover a dark shadow glitch so it’s almost invisible using a very light color. UD shadows won’t do that. You can also layer jamie over danielle once you have vol 2. If you don’t want Jamie or don’t want the dupe, let me know & I’ll see if I can’t find a swap for you. I only have the palette one and I wouldn’t mind a single for travel.

        • Thanks for the look suggestion! I think I’m not explaining very well – it literally disappears unless I pack on the color if I use it dry. I tried it over three different primers (but to be noted, I do not like TFSI myself). I experienced some fall out and just overall very, very little color translated onto the lid. I’m just expecting that the shadow I see in the pan is what I get on the eye – and that I don’t see it disappear or fall out before I finish putting on mascara – but this shade gave me several problems. If I use it wet, it is manageable, but not so much dry.

          I don’t swap or sell makeup – it would be unethical to do so, sorry! :(

          • anonymous

            I think it’s very light and since your skin is darker it’s going to look different. IMO it’s less of a color shadow that a my lids but better. But I’m surprised how you are describing it. Maybe try the one in the SL2 palette and see if there’s a difference, even the best products can have an occasional glitch I suppose. If I move back from the mirror and look at my lids with Jamie, I don’t really see much– but my eyes look brighter and more defined. I suppose it might work better for you as a highlighter if it’s that close to your own skin tone. It’s just a soft look that I can wear alone or build around to make a smoky look that’s still daytime safe.

            I wouldn’t pack the color on but maybe add color around the lid to define it and see. I’ve never had fallout on balm shadow so you must have used a ton. Sometimes it gives a better idea to step back and not look at the shadow itself but the eyelid– think well-rested or a brightening primer– you’re not looking for purple skin, just brighter skintone. You know? I wasn’t looking for you to do anything unethical of course! I just didn’t want you to be stuck with something I talked up that didn’t work for you. I might also try a very light layer of it just to smooth the lids and even the tone, don’t worry about whether it shows just pretend it’s concealer :-) and then line with wet jordana or maybe bobbi (it’s better lined with renee than bobbi but that was vol 1). Or you might try any dark gray liner and lots of mascara (since you don’t line the upper lashes). & don’t worry– I could probably list more ways this looks good than any other shadow I’ve owned. As long as you’re willing to try I know I can think of a way you’ll like it on you lol. But I think you might fall in love with Marissa anyway and forget Jamie. IMO Marissa is the warm version of Jamie. Really gorgeous brightening base shadows. Think BB ivory I guess.

            I’m glad you’re enjoy thebalm shadows overall though– Jordana and that lovely look you did with vol 3. Oh– and btw, best to use Jamie and marissa with colors more opposite to make them show up more– ie. not pairing jamie with other purples which will drown it out but with blue or green or gray to contrast. Some people like it w jane but I find them a little too similar. Email me if there’s anything else I can do or to find good dupes in your stash (since I don’t know all the MAC shades). It might even be pretty with that rich brown you just reviewed.

  13. very nice colour! I have until now only one eyeshadow by the Balm (Caught in the act courtney), but I really that one. I need to have a look to get this one, too. Both of them would be a nice pair :)

  14. It is different from many other eyeshadows; unfortunately I can’t really pull off pinkish hues on my eyes. :(

  15. Rainbow

    This looks like Essie’s Demure Vixen but in eyeshadow form! Pretty!

  16. Dianna

    Is it similar to MAC Jest?

  17. grace

    i have this eyeshadow. after 3 years of regular use, i still haven’t hit pan! it’s a lovely color on my nc30 asian skin. i highly, highly recommend this for a neutral purple shadow, looks very natural, and has the prettiest shimmer. GET IT!

    • anonymous

      that’s awesome to know. I’ve barely dented mine but I don’t wear shadow often enough and I’d cry if I ran out of Jamie. It’s my HG baby, I just love how it makes my eyes look. I tend to swipe it on with just mascara for subtle or line with dark blue, green, gray or black. I don’t always contour it because of the shape of my eyes but it makes them look so much prettier than they really are lol.

  18. Perri

    It’s like a sister to Mac’s Trax, which is need to re-buy.
    theBalm looks like a brand I want to try soon.

  19. Cherie

    Would you say this is close to the pinky colour in the Smashbox eyelights trio??? The trio that includes brown, pink, green – I forget the name, sorry.

  20. Jaime

    i love this color! and it has my name in it..well kinda :) will definitely be going to sephora for this one

  21. Queentut

    I can never have enough “mauvey,pink, taupe shades” I actually own NARS Ondine and it reads more of a plum-taupe” for me. Honestly, can anyone ever have enough eyeshadow or lipstick? If I am drawn to it, I’m getting it regardless of the fact may have something extremely close at home. I like to say “Yes, it’s the same, but DIFFERENT!” LOL 😉