Monday, May 10th, 2010

Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss

The Summer Season: Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Fierce ($19.00 for 0.20 oz.) is a medium violet purple. Yes, it’s really, truly a purple lipgloss. This isn’t a hint of violet, a smidgen of purple–it is undeniably purple. I don’t, personally, think I’d wear this shade alone, but I’d work it with a red or burgundy lipstick mixed with it for something I could wear. Though I experienced no bleeding and the gloss goes on beautifully–smooth, evenly, and mostly opaque–the natural color of the edges of my lips are visible–I recommend using a lip brush to apply and a magenta or purple lip liner underneath. I think this will yield the most impacting pout if you’re going full-force purple.

Is this the right purple lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

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The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

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Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss

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58 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Illamasqua Fierce Intense Lipgloss

  1. Paige

    I personally wouldn’t wear it (unless I was really feeling it that day) but I could see putting it in my kit or atleast something similar.

    Revlon came out with a Super Lustrious Lipgloss in the same color but I highly doubt it is as pigmented. Nonetheless I was drooling over it at Walgreens. :)

    • Joanna

      Hi Paige:

      Do you remember the name of the colour of the Revlon lipgloss? It sounds nice.

    • daphne

      The Revlon one is pretty! It is sheerer, but it’s also much MUCH lighter than this gloss – in fact it looks a lot like MAC’s Lavender Whip lipstick! Sheer than that too, of course, but it still packs quite a lavender punch. I got it because for $6 (at BOGO 50% off) it is fun to have around…but not something I’d wear except for play, since my skin tone doesn’t take well to cool pastel lips. I could never, ever wear Fierce, though.

  2. OMG I want it sooooo bad!!! :(

  3. I personally wouldn’t wear this but thank you for the review.

  4. I like this loads! I think it could be part of a really fun look and it’s pretty on you!

  5. Darrien

    I need that! I cannot pass anything up that is purple, it’s my favorite color.

  6. not a fan! I’ve been meaning to check out Illamasqua since reading your reviews on their lippies though 😀 xx

  7. HappyHubbs

    This is a great color for deeper skin tones. I like it

  8. christine this.

  9. AnGeLwInGz

    Sorry Christine I giggled when I saw that pic. That’s not an easy color to wear but the coverage and shine actually look really good. I would like to see other colors of this gloss.

  10. Laura

    I love this color but personally wouldn’t wear it because I think I’m too old lol.

  11. Steph

    I could not even fathom wearing this colour! However, I enjoy looking at the pictures and all of your reviews: it would be boring if everything on the website was safe & wearable all the time!

  12. Michelle

    The lavendar looks so fun but I’d have NOWHERE to wear it!

  13. Jennifer

    Even though I “left it”, it sure is beautiful. Like you said it could definitely work layered over something else!

  14. Yikes! No way I would ever wear something like this. :O

  15. Melissa (divinem)

    Oh my GOD! Seriously? Looks like someone photographed your dead body when I took a gander at those blue/purple lips! GAH! What were they thinking? Horrid! And you can rock almost anything, Christine. This is seriously a NO.

    • It’s all about going outside the boundaries, sometimes — I doubt that anyone would expect that this would be an everyday shade for most people, but it can definitely be layered to be made more wearable or used in an avant garde look as well!

      • Melissa (divinem)

        Okay, avant garde, yes. I see it. Definitely requires layering of some sort. It was just so shocking when I clicked to your home page and saw it. My coffee-stained teeth would not be able to pull off this color, and I wear purple highlights in my hair. :)

  16. Erika

    yikes! I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. no where near it.

  17. I bought this when Illamasqua first came to Sephora. The color is GORGEOUS if you can work it. I ended up taking it back since it looked super weird on me -but still, it’s such a pretty colora and it’s definitely intense. Wish there were more toned down colors of Illamasqua’s Intense glosses offered at Sephora like pastels and nudes because I love the texture, formula, and pigmentation. =(

  18. monica

    i need this color in my life.

    i’ve been wanting a purple gloss and this is pretty much exactly what i’ve been looking for.

    and yes, i WILL wear this outside on a regular day. layered over something, but it’s gorgeous so i NEED to make it work.

  19. lauraaaaaaaa


  20. Lorna

    i love purple but i don’t want purple goo on my face.

  21. Heather


  22. Carolanne

    it’s times like this when i wish that humans were naturally born paper white; then we could all wear colors like this without a worry! haha

  23. Cathryn

    I NEED this lipgloss. Sadly, when I clicked on the link to sephora, it was out of stock :(

    Although this is definitely a hard colour to pull off, it works well with really light or really dark, cool-toned skin.

  24. anum

    This is soo pigmented….for a lipgloss

  25. lol I’ll pass on this one… it looks crazy.

  26. nicci

    maybe for Halloween but could anyone pull this off at school or work?

    • Rawrzellers

      The purple is a nice light creamy purple, I’m sure with the right eyeshadow and clothing anyone could pull this off.

  27. Rawrzellers

    WOW! I think that purple is AMAZING! I think I might have to pick up the purple >w<

  28. Chelsey

    =O I would totally wear this, often. I must buy it!

  29. I LOVE illamasqua! this looks like such a fantastic product, again like most of the comments here I won’t be using this for my own looks and stuff but it looks like it would be fantastic in a photoshoot.

  30. i feel like it looks pretty cool when you’re modeling it on your JUST your lips, but when i see the whole thing on a face.. it looks too costumey… :(

  31. aradhana

    i tried this shade out at the illamasqua counter last summer and i thought it looks very pretty on – although a bit startling because it’s so unusual. i didn’t buy it, i got meena instead – which is a much safer option…but i still think about going back for it from time to time, especially now that it’s almost summer again…

    the little lip swatch looks a little washed out, but from looking at the full face one i think with the right eyes/cheeks, you could probably make this shade work – with or without a lipstick/gloss underneath.

  32. sf

    Vex in the City’s blog has swatches of Revlons spring collection and the lilac lipgloss–which I have and is amazing, more like lavender whip

  33. Vale

    Finally a colour that is a colour and not again those useless almost pink, almost red, almost coral, totally boring!!!

  34. Aoife

    I was looking at this at the weekend! I bought the Intense Lipgloss in Perform. I really like it. It’s so pigmented. I also got the dry oil in the kind of purpley colour which looks scary but is gorgeous and not glittery just a shimmer. Love!

  35. God, Fierce is a suitable name for it! I don’t think I’d be able to wear that, it’s just too purple for regular wear for me. Not that it matters, because I haven’t been to a Sephora in Canada yet that carries Illamasqua, so I try to not get hyped up about their product.

  36. SFW

    Not sure I’d wear it! I noticed a dark spot on your lips, and short of sounding like a granny, did you get that checked out at the doctor’s? Lips are one of the most common sites for melanoma!
    Just looking out :)

  37. ak

    I will be buying Fierce lip gloss eventually, preferrably soon my dear! I have a warm-toned NC45 skin tone but I tried the Fierce on by itself on my lips without any lip pencil and it looks wonderful on. It’s slightly sheer without being too sheer, so it’s not as intimidating as people may think it is.

    It reminds me of a slightly colder Up The Amp, and yes it’s a very slightly darker, slightly less blue-er version of the Lavender Whip lipstick.

    It’s like Up The Amp, Lavender Whip, and a clear lip gloss all got together to have a surrogate child!

    I’ll never second guess Illamasqua’s glosses never ever because they seem to be long lasting on the lips even through food and drinks, both the color and a lot of it’s shine, and it’s not as sticky as MAC lipglass and I love the tube that Illamasqua made for their lip gloss.

  38. Kate

    I really, really want this.

  39. Kim

    Ok I seem to be in the minority here but I really love this. Thanks for the swatch!

  40. Chiara

    I actually really love purple lipstick or gloss. I think it looks great. Imagine wearing something fun like a yellow or gold dress with it. This colour would POP! I’m gonna have to check this one out. Thanks, Christine!

  41. Laura

    I actually find this totally wearable in the flesh.

  42. Liz

    So cute! How i wish this will look good on a NC35 skin,. Is this a limited edition or a permanent shade?