Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick
Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

The Summer Season: Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick ($21.50 for 0.12 oz.) is a brightened shade of blue-based pink. It’s a creamy, smooth shade with an almost semi-matte finish — it has just a bit of sheen but it’s very played down. It provides semi-opaque color coverage while de-emphasizing lip lines. One of my favorite things about this lipstick is how moisturizing it is — it really keeps lips feeling their poutiest throughout the day. The wear is fantastic as well, as I can get through a cup of coffee without leaving all my lipstick behind! It doesn’t make through the whole day, but it stays on well enough not to need a reapplication after drinking, otherwise it lasts a solid four hours on me.

P.S. — This is a new-for-summer shade, and it looks like it’s currently sold out… but hopefully it’ll be restocked soon!

Is this the right pink lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

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Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

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41 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo Lipstick

  1. love this there a mac dupe for this color?

  2. Leila

    Eee. D: I didn’t even think lipstick colors like this were possible. Leave it, leave it, leave ittt.

  3. Such a lovely color! The fact that it moisturizes the lips makes me want to try it! =D
    Thanks for this review Christine!


  4. Ana

    I love this color. This lipstick may just make it to my list of must have’s for the summer.

  5. Kaylynrenee

    So pretty! Do you wear all of your tests to class and such?

    • Not usually, as I’m often testing four or five products at once, and it’s not usually… practical. As in, I’ll have blue eyeshadow on one eye, perhaps bronzer on one cheek, a new mascara on the other eye… Multi-tasking!

      • Kaylynrenee

        Lol! Nice! So practical. I hadn’t thought about you testing multiple products at once. I was asking because I have been working on being bold enough to wear colors like this one for every day outtings. It’s so gorgeous on you… if I saw you out and about wearing it, I wouldn’t think, “too much!” like I fear everyone would think if I were wearing it. But then again, I appreciate makeup, of course! And dang it for Speed Dial being a dupe! I already have speed dial! Lol.

        • Kaylynrenee

          Oh, my husband freaked out a little when I came out of the MAC store wearing Show Orchid. He hates it! And it is a little shocking when I see it in the mirror on myself, but again, not at all on you!

          • My boyfriend hates red lipstick on me, but y’all tell me I rock it, so pfft at the significant others 😉

            • Kaylynrenee

              You definitely rock the brights! And yes! Pffft on the significant others! Lol! I don’t shy away from my Show Orchid during nights out with ma girls! But I also like to throw the hubs off by mixing it and toning it down or using a lighter hand and then asking him what he thinks of my lip color, which he always likes. Ha! Joke’s on you sucka!

              Lol. Okay. I’m outta control.

        • Speed Dial isn’t as blue or as bright, I’d say (and of course, the texture is a bit different!), but it’s the closest dupe I could think of by MAC.

  6. Lorna

    i love the name but way too bright for me…

  7. Sarah

    One of my favorites on you!

    • Sarah

      It makes your skin look, I don’t know, healthy? and it really makes you look like you’re already enjoying your summer.

  8. Áurea Robles

    where can i buy this ?

  9. Fantastic! I’m really loving the Summer Season!

    The lip colours are just so much fun! Keep up the great work!

  10. Kim L

    Christine – Do you wear colors like this? I have a darker version of your skin (maybe NC 44 if Mac could match me) and these colors terrify me, yet make up artists recommend them. I can never tell if they are just trying to sell…..

  11. The color is beautiful but I would still wear a lip gloss on top of it. :)

  12. Jennifer

    This color reminds me of Barbie. :)It looks great on you, I’ll have to check this out. Although I’d probably pair it with a lip gloss.

  13. Annie S

    hey christine! I love this color, but in future product photo swatches could you show a picture of the full tube of lipstick, this way we can see the packaging of the product because I always like to see how the company packages its products… on the other hand I just LOVE your summer season series!

  14. CeeBee

    Very… PINK! Looks great on you 😀 and love the full face shot. Gorgeous!

    I have several EA Exceptional lipsticks, including one called Pink Vibration, which is a tad cooler and a bit brighter than this (which sounds impossible, I know but seriously, it’s the PINKEST lipstick I’ve ever seen, LOL!) and I’ve also been impressed with the level of pigmentation and lasting power.

    I may have to check out more of the Perfect line, they have some really wearable and pretty shades!

  15. calico

    I would so wear this – I am,in fact, going to look at buying this – its so pretty!

  16. Teresa

    This reminds me of how Victorian by MAC looked on me! But with some gold sheen as well. I didn’t like it on me so I returned it :( This looks soooo lovely though! But I don’t want to make the same mistake lol.

  17. Shannon

    So pretty!!!!! :) :) :)

  18. Carmen

    my dear, this is one of the ugliest pink lippies I have ever seen, no offense to you or anyone else. I don’t think it would flatter anyone – it’s too opaque and “milky”.

  19. Hilana

    Some mixed responses I see here… No in betweens, it’s eiher love or hate! ha!ha!

    Well, I like it. This kind of pink looks good on me, and I would also do it with some gold and purple/lavender eye colours.
    Very nice, and it suits you well too! :)

    My husband used to totally hate it when I wore red lips too….
    I ditched him in the end, but I kept the red lipsticks! You know, a girl has to have her priorities straight….. :)

  20. jaspreet

    love this there a mac dupe for this color
    please ans me back

  21. gia

    This one is a no go for me, IMO it looks like OLP..old lady pink. My Gran wears colors like this.

  22. nunuiviet

    love with this shade

  23. i am seriously in love with this color :)

  24. Ms Debbie

    Thank you so much for being here. I love your posts! Now that I’ve finally got to see it up close and read an actual description, I know it’s not for me (although it’s quite pretty – almost like a neon pink). Have to disagree with gia. It’s definitely NOT an old lady pink. For older women, the best lip colors are understated. Otherwise we very well may end up looking like a clown…Fave for 2012: Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora. BTW: This is gorgeous on you!