Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick
Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

The Summer Season: Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Violet (#100) Shine Lipstick ($30.00) is a creamy, magenta purple with a very glossy, squishy look. It’s quite pigmented–nearly opaque–and feels incredible on lips. It’s smooth, applies evenly, and looks practically wet on lips. The lipstick has a noticeable rosy scent which may be too much for some, but luckily, I don’t mind heavier scented lipsticks, and I find that it’s not noticeable (to me, at least) when I wear it–it’s more of a scent you can smell when you smell the tube.

I have to admit I was surprised about this shade, because even though I had high hopes for a shade called “Violet,” I didn’t think I’d find a color that’s really not represented by many of the ultra high-end brands.

Is this the right purple lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

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85 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Dolce & Gabbana Violet Lipstick

  1. margot

    I could never wear such a color, but I like it on you !! What wows me is the fact it looks incredibly comfortable !

  2. everydaygrace2000

    HONEY. That looks Awesome on you! Would look not so hot on me, but you rock it!

    • LOL! Why don’t you think it’d work for you?

      • everydaygrace2000

        Because I’m redheaded.

        • Aw! Don’t let that stop you 😛

        • Petra

          I’m a redhead too, but similarly warm toned as Christine (only fairer skinned :)), and as soon as I saw the face shot, I thought: I don’t know when and where I’d wear that colour, but it looks unbelievable! And it looks perfectly wearable, despite being such an intense shade. Wow, I’d totally rush out and get this one if we had D&G cosmetics here – is this a perm. shade? Christine, I think this is one of the most gorgeous shades on You i’ve seen, and love how creamy it looks!

  3. KIKI

    are there any colors that you can’t pull off? You look gorgeous christine!

  4. JustMe

    Oh I love this colour, I would def. wear it, but it´s too expensive for my taste

  5. kristina

    This is a winner! I have a very similar shade from Versace (I miss that line so much), but it does not have this incredible finish. The Versace is almost finished, and this will be an amazing alternative.

    I can’t believe the shine on this! It is not goopy, just pure shine but it is still opaque, I can’t see your little freckle:) Wow, I am reeling over here.

    Was this part of the Summer collection? Is it LE?

  6. alex

    that lip color + that soft brown(?) eye liner= wow= hot!!! You look fresh and very pretty here. I love this…any mac dupes because I want this but not if I already have it :(. Thanks…love the whole face swatch because I swear we’re the same color so its very helpful for me!

    • The liner is Shiseido brown :) (The makeup, other than the lips, is the last look I did – should be under neutral or brown looks!)

      MAC dupes… hm… It’s like a more magenta Violetta (with a totally different texture to boot!).

      • alex

        yay!!! dont have it!!!! I have girl about town, impassioned, and up the amp at home (im at work) but I dont think those even come close to this deliciousness ;)….ur the best bc u show me these wonderful things….but then again my husband doesn’t like you very much!!!

  7. daphne

    That looks fantastic on you! Also I like your eyeliner in this picture :)

  8. JoElla

    *sigh* I sadly think I have aged out for this wonderful color.

    • alex

      no way!!!! My aunt is 50 and I talked her into getting a bright fuschia she thought she could never wear and I taught her how to pair it for the summer and she wore it out last week and everyone gave her compliments on how fresh she looked!!! Now she won’t take it off! I say you go and have them try it on you and walk around the mall and u’ll see how anyone can pull this off!!!

      • Beto Kylie

        I have an aunt that must be over 50, too. Suddenly I noticed that she has started to wear this kind of shade always, too! It looks good on her too, being white with short, very light blonde hair.

  9. Ellie

    Oooooh my gosh. That looks gorgeous. I wish I could afford that. I doubt it would look good on me but I still want it. Girl, you can rock anything!!!

  10. this is like, so perfect. i ususally try not to spend more than $20 on any given lipstick because i wear so damn many, but this is unique and might warrent breaking my own rules. 😀

  11. Emily

    What happened to the like/dislike button? I liked that! Anyway, while I like this color, it wouldn’t look right on me…awesome on you though!

  12. Great review and love the color on you! :) It’s so much nicer to see a swatch on real lips rather than only the back of the hand.

    Question: How close is this lipstick to MAC’s show orchid lipstick?

  13. Michelle M

    now THIS is how you rock a purple lipstick. Loooooove it! Looks great on you,too (which means it might just look good on me as I think we have similar undertones)! A shade like this with such and awesome texture is totally worth the splurge, IMO.

  14. Where is this sold? I’d love this color, and finish. But I’m a bit worried the perfume would be too much. I want to smell it before i buy it, preferably swatch it on so i can see if it gives me a headache(MOST Commercial perfumes do, and there’s very few rose scents that DON’t, even from real roses)

    • Saks is the only one that carries their makeup line. If you can smell their roses scent, it’s very similar to that (I believe it’s supposed to be the same).

  15. Andrea

    How does this compare to MAC’s Petals & Peacocks Lipstick?

  16. Andrea

    For some reason I can’t reply to my original comment but thank you very much! I think I’ll get this lipstick now, I liked the purple edge of Petals & Peacocks without being completely pink but if the magenta doesn’t show up on you, it probably won’t show up on me either seeing we’re similar toned.

    • Hey Andrea,

      We’ve been having some server issues so we had to reduce some of the functionality of the site in order to keep it running — not sure why “reply to comment” disappeared, but my boyfriend aka the tech guy is at the dentist at the moment, but I will hassle him over it as soon as he is out!

      You can see it on me here…

      Actually, I take back that they’re not at least a little close, but D&G does read more purple than Petals & Peacocks, but it’s not 100% hot pink, it does have a little magenta in it. I went back and swatched them real quick side by side, and I’d say if you’re just looking for a little magenta, Petals & Peacocks might be enough :)

  17. Hinahon

    I quite like it… I should try to get it one of those days when I can get a discount cause it’s quite pricey for me. But really original. To me it look like a wearable brother to MAC’s violetta

  18. Rachel

    That is so close to MAC Petals & Peacocks, just looks a lot more..juicy.

  19. Nicole

    Oh maaaaan, this is glorious! I have a few things sitting in my shopping carts on and they’re ALL D&G makeup I want to try. I just might add this….whether or not I proceed to checkout is the question. LOL.

  20. aquarianrabbit

    This. Is. Amazing. On you and in general. I really hope I can somehow dupe this with stuff I already have. Otherwise, I must splurge! Thanks for posting!

  21. You mean to tell me you’re not wearing a gloss with that???

  22. Angela

    THis is a lovely shade. I only wonder if it would work for NC 43 skinstones?

  23. shontay

    I will be buying this tomorrow! It’s gorgeous!

  24. wow I thought this was going to be illamasqua for sure!! way to go D&G

  25. Jumper

    Will this be available in Canada? I actually haven’t seen a store that sells D&G cosmetics. If not, could you recommend a dupe? I’m in love with this colour and the finish.

  26. Diana B

    This color is gorgeous. I can’t believe it’s a lipstick it totally shows up like a gloss which is fine by me.

  27. elan

    that’s not violet…the color is more of an ULTRA-violet!

  28. Sasha B

    :O its the prettiest thing!

  29. Julie

    I like how it makes your teeth look whiter. I guess it has a blueish undertone? Really pretty and springy! Definitely want to see it in person now!

  30. marisa

    omg i must have this…..dammit this site makes me go broke!

  31. marisa

    where can i buy this???

  32. Sari

    Is that just the lipstick & no lipgloss ?

  33. Hilana

    What a stunning colour. Love it. Not available her in SA, but I would totally get this if I could. I’m going to see if I could get something similar to this when I go on leave next week.

  34. Oh my goodness. I thought my contrast just roared when I was done reading your 10 random facts. And man….. I love this shade! REALLY. It’s something I want to invest on. :) And the way you describe it feels so comfortable and slick. :)

  35. vanian

    I must say you have nice lips in these photographs makes me want to buy everything you wear haha =)

  36. Sonia

    DAMN IT CHRISTINE! Just when I tell myself to calm down and not buy anymore mu I have too much, you put up pics like these. Why do you do this to me? >_< I have to have it.

  37. ellie

    Could this be the closest dupe for petals and peacock? As much as i wanted to buy PAP it’s already sold out everywhere. I thought PAP is similar to girl about town but it’s totally different on me. GAT is way to red on my lips and Show orchid is way to fuchsia.

  38. JAZZY

    ive been trying to get this at but for some reason their site will not let me check out. BOOOOO! someone should do something about this!

  39. cathy

    i have no idea where i can buy this. christine please help :]

  40. tani

    thanks christine, i think i found the perfect lipstick for me. would you say this is a dupe for mac gladiola??

  41. Regina

    Is there a dupe for this?? 😮