Monday, April 19th, 2010

Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque
Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Lacque

The Summer Season: Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque

Chanel Phoenix (#78) Rouge Allure Laque
icon ($32.00) is a brightened, dark pink with a glossy sheen and very subtle pink shimmer. I love Rouge Allure Laques (I don’t think I’ve kept that a secret!), and Phoenix is gorgeous. It’s this beautiful strawberry-esque pink that’s bold and bright without being electric. I love the full-color coverage, too–totally and utterly opaque on my lips (see, covers my freckle!). Love, love the feel of it as well. It applies evenly and smoothly with ease in what is, essentially, a liquid lipstick formula.  On my lips, I get about three to four hours on average, with the gloss fading around hour two or three and the color lingering for a solid four to five hours. (The deeper Rouge Allure Laques have more lingering colors than the lighter shades, like Ming and Santal.) I hope Chanel is listening, ’cause I want MORE Rouge Allure Laques this year! Another eight? Yes, please!

Is this the right bright pink lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque

Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque

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55 thoughts on “The Summer Season: Chanel Phoenix Rouge Allure Laque

  1. YES YES YES! This is definitely the right color for me, and I would be all over it if it weren’t for the price. I love the bright pinky/slightly coralish color.

  2. michelle

    wow it looks really good on you!

  3. Christina

    love it. when are you going to do a post on the pret-a-papier collection?

  4. ilmy

    whooooooooooooo it;s nice on you!
    Definite i must have it in my collection

  5. Madelynn

    I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to understand how much I want Pheonix and Dragon lol. So expensive!
    That color suits you very well.

    • Aubree

      look on ebay for a cheaper dragon. I got mine for much’s a tester..but who cares! 😀

  6. This makes me want to say “Hellz to the yeah!” and I don’t even talk like that in real life. LOVE!

  7. Melissa (divinem)

    While it wouldn’t work for me, that color looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you, Christine. I’d stock up on a truckload and freeze it for preservation. Take one out for each spring thaw. 😎 It looks so beautiful with your skin tone.

  8. Jenny

    Absolutely stunning. Can you think of any less expensive dupes (like from MAC)? I’ve been looking for a color like this for months… but $32 dollars… don’t think I could shake the guilt!

  9. Oh man, this is positively gorgeous!

  10. liz

    wow this looks way so much more awesome now for some reason than the first time i saw it

    maybe i am just crazy.

  11. It’s pretty, but I wish they didn’t test on animals.

  12. Dianna

    Love this! You are killing my wallet.

  13. Andrea

    It’s not my usual type of colour (I really hate pink as a colour lol) but I love it!

  14. Marcella

    i dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee over this!

  15. ziya

    Oh Christine! this looks amazing…the last time I lemmed a lippie this bad was with the Dragon laque post! Thanks for the review and the new lemming lmao 😀

  16. wow i looove this lip color! i might grab my FIRST channel makeup :)

  17. LOVE them so much!

  18. JEN

    normally i skip these because of the price but that color is soooo pretty! might have to check it out.

  19. Kathryn

    That is such a beautiful colour, it looks great on you! Do you know of any more affordable brands than have a similar colour?

  20. gorgeous color! I bet it would look fabulous with a deep tan and smokey eyes. price is a little steep but this is going on my indulge list.

  21. kristina

    I am NC45 and when I wear this it looks much brighter. I love this RA laques, it looks great on everyone.

  22. ilexica

    This is my favourite too! I really wish they’d release a coral rouge allure laque, I’d be all over that!

  23. Ava Dahl

    This color looks SO different on me! Phoenix pulls MUCH more pink when I wear it, but maybe that’s because I’m not as warm as you are.

    It doesn’t matter, I still love it! I’ll second the cry for more Rouge Allure Laques! <3 <3 <3

  24. I want this shade so bad.

  25. aradhana

    is this a new shade, or from the original ones? it’s very pretty in any case…i just might have to make a wee trip to the shops to swatch…

  26. amy

    I have Ming already but I have been ohing and ahing owing Phoenix and Santal for months, so I think I will probably pickup Phoenix at the Chanel event this week at The Bay.

    • neli

      just spulged on these beauties phoenix and imperial from duty free and am totally loving them…. and they sure last long

  27. Megan

    Gosh’re gonna make me break down and treat myself to one of these one day! They’re so pretty

  28. This is very pretty! I have not given into buying any of these yet (or Coco lipsticks), but I might just get this. Having said that the £24 price tag is still too high. :S

  29. Diana B

    Absolutely beautiful!! Can you suggest a Mac dupe for that I can’t afford that right now.

  30. M

    I have this one and I like it! But I don’t know why it looks darker and slightly cooler on my NC30 skin. :(

    Chanel should seriously consider releasing a bright coral-pink Rouge Allure Laque ( their version of Guerlain’s Giulette). I would bulldoze my way to the Chanel counter to get that one, lol.

  31. rose

    I like it that you include a full face swatch. It complements thepost perfectly because I sometimes find it hard to tell what skin color the lip product would suit when the focus is only on the lips. I really want this color!!!

  32. Laurz

    Which do you like better…this or Genial?? I know they are a different formula, but just based on colour?? I can only afford one.

  33. sarinasaruccia

    Hi!!! what a gorgeous colour… cn you tell me the name of the eyeliner you’re wearing in this photo?? thanks a lot

  34. Lisa

    Do you know how this would compare in color to macs Speak Louder creme sheen? Phoenix is so pretty, I’m trying to find a comparable mac pink but they all seem to be either nore cool toned or super neon (impassioned/fusion pink)

  35. Gillian

    hey christine,
    how would this compare with MAC Dare to wear Gimme that! because I feel madly in love with Gimme That! and now i need something to replace it.