Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Nude Lipstick

The Spring Season: Warmer Nudes Lipstick Wrap-up

I’m partial to warmer nudes myself, and I discovered several new favorites through the Spring Season–I hope you did, too!  One reason I love doing end-of-series roundups is because it gives me an opportunity to see if there are good dupes for certain shades.

  • For instance, #7 (Guerlain Guerlinade) is a new favorite nude for me, and the closest dupe here is #12 (MAC Freckletone), but it’s not quite there.
  • On the other hand, #9 (Korres #34 Nude) and #14 (MAC Touch) have similar coloring but different textures.
  • #8 (Julie Hewett Simone) is a pinker, more pigmented version of #2 (Chanel Mythic).  #10 (Lancome Rich Cashmere) seems similar to #11 (MAC Cherish).
  • #3 (Cle de Peau #103) seems like a cross between #9 (Korres #34 Nude) and #12 (MAC Freckletone).
  1. Benefit Sugar Cookie Lipstick
  2. Chanel Mythic Lipstick
  3. Cle de Peau #103 Extra Silky Lipstick
  4. Guerlain Barbara Rouge G Le Brilliant Lipstick
  5. Guerlain Forever Beige Lipstick
  6. Guerlain Gardenia Rouge G Lipstick
  7. Guerlain Guerlinade Rouge G Lipstick
  8. Julie Hewett Simone Lipstick
  9. Korres #34 Nude Guava Lipstick
  10. Lancome Rich Cashmere Lipstick
  11. MAC Cherish Lipstick
  12. MAC Freckletone Lipstick
  13. MAC Honeyflower Lipstick
  14. MAC Touch Lipstick
  15. Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

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29 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Warmer Nudes Lipstick Wrap-up

  1. I love it when you do the round-ups because I don’t have to go through every individual post. It’s also nice for compare and contrast!

    Are you going to do one for pinks and corals respectively?

    • Yes, everything will get a round-up!

      Today is Cooler/Warmer Nudes, tomorrow will be Cooler/Warmer Pinks and Corals, and then Monday will be my personal favorites and lipglosses. I think that covers it!

  2. Darlene Martin

    …..I adore these shades of lipsticks. I own over half the ones you have listed!!! Another nice one is Lancome’s ‘B List’.

  3. Diana

    Thanks for the round up Christine all these shades are fantastic.

  4. So happy this spring lipstick season is near it’s end. I just found myself ignoring these posts. I’m not very fond of lipstick or lipglosses, just lipbalms :)

  5. This is SO cool! You’ve given me a new lippy wishlist but I love the way you describe the particular tones you’ve found with it, or what it looks best with – and I definitely want to look at past roundups to get new inspirations! You’ve made me want (in particular): Benefit Sugar Cookie, Maybelline Caramel Kiss, MAC Honeyflower and Guerlain Forever Beige (?! BEIGE?!)

    Thanks Christine :)

  6. JC

    Out of all these, which are your personal favorites Christine? I find myself loving all the Guerlain colors but they’re way to expensive!!! If only….

  7. Christine, do you have a post on the ysl tea rose lipstick? actually never mind I’ll stop being lazy and look for it.

  8. Ryan

    Christine I know you did the scarlet season and now the spring season… will you be doing somthing similar for summer? Looking forward to it (=

  9. Does this mean the “Spring Season” is over? What’ll be next?? *excited* You’ve already done reds, and now pinks/nudes, now what? 😀

  10. Samantha Kathleen

    OHHHH 7+12. Beauteous! I’ve been in a nude lip mood lately. I think it’s so flattering and pretty.

  11. Torie

    How close do you think the Maybelline Caramel Kiss is to Mac’s Bronzilla lipstick? They look almost the same on you. Caramel Kiss does not show up very well on me and I was wondering if the Bronzilla would show up any better. Maybe?

  12. SiaM

    Yay round-ups!!!
    I love to find new nudes and your choices were gorgeous they all look very different and special to me =) I will definitely try the Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks, they seem to have great color pay off….

    I have:
    #2 & #9

    On my wish list:

  13. Haylie

    I love Freckletone! It’s such a pretty color that’s not too overpowering.

    I was thinking about getting MAC Touch for my mother who is 50 years old. She is pretty pale with pink undertones. Do you have any recommendations?
    (She only wears the free samples from Clinique even if its not her color so I think she deserves a hand picked color lol.)

  14. Christine

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into these. Or maybe I shouldn’t thank you because now you want to make me buy more lipsticks and will deplete my bank account. :-)