Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

The Spring Season: Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick ($8.29) is a creamy browned nude — it’s kind of like a taste of caramel; a little warm, a smidgen golden, but very natural, soft, and wearable. I’m not usually big on brown-based shades, but this is a shade I can work with. I love the kiss of gold shimmer in this color, and the coverage is excellent. It clings and wears really well with lips, because it looks natural and lasts a good four hours on me.

Is this the right nude for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatchesโ€ฆ

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick
Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

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71 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick

  1. This color is kind of meh to me….I like the color up close, but from far away, I hardly think it would stand out or anything…*shrug*

  2. Roxanne

    It looks really natural but there’s still a noticable difference with the color of your lips… I love that color!

  3. I need this. Looks like a perfect everyday lippie for me!

  4. amy

    This is a pretty shade and I would buy it because it is so easily accessible and affordable. I don’t really see any brown tones though.

    • Marta Fernandes

      Place this lipstick’s image side by side with the image of a lipstick such as Lancome’s Voile de Rose (very pink) and you’ll notice the brown tones on this one.

  5. Soly

    I really, REALLY like this! It does look like warm caramel and very sophisticated!

  6. Audrey D

    that is such a pretty color!! i must go out and get it!

  7. anonymous

    That looks really natural and beautiful Christine. Hows its moisturizing power?

  8. I like how this is so affordable and nice looking.

  9. Emily

    Would this shade look good on someone fair-skinned? It looks so pretty, wondering if it would look good on me.

  10. allison

    This is gorgeous! I love colors like this…so affordable too. Looks great on you.

  11. Diane

    I own this color a love it! Very good everyday color for me… I have pigmented lips and am a NC20.
    Finally a color I don’t have to run out and buy!!!

    These lippies are a little drying but nothing a little balm underneath or over won’t fix!

    Christine — have you tried those Moisture Renew Rimmel lipsticks in the cute shiny purple tube yet?

  12. Ooh, I love this color! I think this is actually a nude I would wear – it’s got just the right amount of warm gold tones to it. The texture looks so nice too!

  13. Nat

    I like this color. it’s pretty. do you think it will look good with an NC43 shade skin tone?

  14. hana

    i love this colour (and all the other spring season lippies you’ve posted so far)!

  15. yajaira

    omg i love love love this color so pretty my fav so far of the spring colors…even though they all have been so pretty. i love that its something i can afford!

  16. It doesn’t look like a browned nude to me. Looks nice on you, but the shade’s nothing special.

  17. Marta Fernandes

    I’m so glad you introduced this lipstick because I simply love this shade. Once again it’s a shade that doesn’t exist in Europe, but I just bought it on eBay for little more than 5โ‚ฌ. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You’re going to drive me to bankruptcy with these lipstick series though. Before you began the Scarlet Season I had never worn a red lipstick in my life (I’m 27), now I’m crazy about them. I already have 3 (4, if I count Rouge Allure Laque Mandarin which looks like a vampy red on my lips) and intend to buy many more.

  18. the shade looks good on u. what makeup would you match this lipstick with?

  19. Kate B

    This is a nice, everyday color and I really like the gold tones in it; they’re not overdone. I might have to try it. I like the price too!

  20. Robin

    Beautiful on you!

  21. Heather

    Wow, that is a really gorgeous color! I’ll have to pick that up when I go shopping tomorrow, lol.

  22. Nancy F.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your posts on lipsticks! Loved the shades of red too! Just had to write about this one, ’cause your natural lip shade is similar to mine, and I loved this Maybelline color on you. So much so that I stopped at Target on the way home from yoga class and brought this lovely home with me. The name is fun, and the product is fabulous! Thank you!!! I needed a replacement, as one of my tubes of MAC that I wear often is almost gone, and this Caramel Kiss was SO affordable. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  23. Faiza

    Wow, i’m loving this color!

  24. Petra

    I’m wondering if i would find any lipcolour unattractive with it being on your lips – these coral/pink/nude hues looks very flattering on your lipshape and skintone! :)

  25. Michelle

    Wow,this is a great colour at a great price! Too bad Singapore doesn’t have a wide range of Maybelline stuff :(

  26. Wow, I’m really loving this one. Is it in the colorsensational line? I love all of them!

  27. Luisafer

    This color is so pretty!!! your lips look great with this!!! matches the cheeks highlighter

  28. Crazy for Make up

    Loved this color, I’m buying today so much I loved!

  29. make_up_maven

    this is a lovely color and looks great on you!
    because of your Editors Choice Awards when I read about this line, I tried it and it’s wonderful!! I now own six shades of this lipstick and will be buying more! It goes on so smooth and is highly pigmented for a drug store brand. I can buy 3 of these for the price on ONE of my beloved Estee Lauder lipsticks! Thanks Christine!

  30. ak

    This one is great looking on you Christine and you can easily wear it everyday without it looking like a boring color.

  31. I bought this and love it. I prefer Mac’s lippies over all and this one’s formula is not the same but… it’s still really great. It shows darker on me and it’s beautiful. Definitely not nude. More like Mac Thrills but not as brassy. I was training a client today and caught a glimpse in the mirror. I said “wow.. I love those lips”. lol

    It’s totally wearable for everyday.

  32. lovepotion18

    Love this color on you, Christine! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it doesn’t look the same on me. It’s more of a berry color on my lips rathen than a browny nude. But I do love the texture, really nice for a drugstore brand.

  33. Hilana

    This is just such a beautiful colour. I love it, and I would go search for it this weekend. Really hope its available here in SA.

  34. NinjaGato

    I have this and am really enjoying it. It’s the exact color of my natural lips but it makes them look creamy and even in color.

  35. Joanna

    Christine, have you ever tried the Maybelline Sensational Color Lipsticks? I always see them at the drugstore and they have such gorgeous shades. I’ve always wondered how good the quality is.

  36. Anna Banana

    I think this is sexy. :) IF anything, this should of been named “Warm Me Up” I think because it reminds me of being comfortable for some reason. I think this is very nice and subtle but enough of a change to be noticed. I like it!

  37. Promise

    I just bought this at Target. I like it – but I think it definitely looks more brown on me than you. Thanks for the photos!

  38. Jen

    oooh i love this color on you…it’s a ‘your lips but better’ lip color.

  39. Anne

    You are an influencer! I bought this yesterday on your recommendation and love it! I have a really hard time finding the right mix of nude (but not too light), brown (but not too dark), and coral (but not too bright). This seems to do the trick!

  40. Sara

    I bought this off of ebay (since it’s not in stores here in Belgium) and I absolutely love it!
    Thank you for the review, Christine!