Monday, February 8th, 2010

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick
Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

The Spring Season: Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick ($52.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a petal pink with yellow undertones and soft pink shimmer. This is a gently warmed up pink, which isn’t always the easiest kind of pink to find, and it looks glossy and pretty-in-pink on the lips. Extra Silky Lipsticks are creamy, smooth, glossy, and decently pigmented (I haven’t tried the full range, but the ones I’ve tried have good pigmentation).

Cle de Peau’s Extra Silky Lipsticks really have an exceptional formula–check out my first post on them here for my full rave review–with an exceptional price tag, of course.  I will also have to reiterate that I really think and wish they would give you a little bit more (say 0.12 oz.) for your money as well–at least to stay in line with the average lipstick size.

I’m a firm believer in that, for some, Extra Silky Lipsticks are worth every penny of the $52 (which is a recent price increase of $2, by the by). Often, this is the kind of lipstick you may find your holy grail color in.  I have heard from so many who aren’t lipstick lovers but have fallen in love with the feel and texture of these. Certainly extravagant, but if you can afford it, no shame in that game!

Is this the right pink lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

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45 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Cle de Peau #124 Extra Silky Lipstick

  1. MC

    This is very random and unrelated to Cle de Peau but…

    Do you know if the Viva la Gaga lipstick for MAC is out yet? From what I’ve seen of it in magazines, it looks like a really pretty, buildable pink for spring/summer and I have a B2M…

  2. Lindsay

    Seriously, everything looks good on you!!!!! I haven’t come across a look on you I don”t love!!!! I checked out these lipsticks the other day! I want to get one so badly! I think #103 is the perfect nude my mom has been looking for! I love the one pictured here, personally! Ahh my aching wallet :)

    • I know, I know. The Extra Silky lipsticks just seem to give you these HG colors (particularly if you’re not a lipstick fanatic… lol). But they feel so amazingg!

  3. margot

    Your lips look so AMAZING with this color !!! Don’t get me wrong, you have beautiful lips, but this lipstick … it’s just wow !

  4. Andrea

    The finish of it is breath taking! I wish I had $52 to spare.

  5. Kristina

    This is a beauty. You’re right, these types of pinks are hard to find. Although it is warm, it isn’t dull, which so many pink lipsticks are.

  6. Wow that is THE best pink for warm skintones, ever! Do you know of other (less expensive) brands that have yellow-based pinks like this?

  7. Diana

    this is a gorgeous color! but $52!!! i dont think i could get myself to ever spend that much on a lipstick =(

  8. Okay, I really like this. This is probably my favorite lipstick that you’ve shown in weeks. The shade and coverage is awesome.

  9. K

    ahh, i love these! i love how they just glide on the lips. so far i only have 3 and #110 is my fave for my medium skintone. they were $50 a pop the last time I purchased one. and now it’s $52? Well, I think they’re really worth the price. CdP is my ultimate fave and then Guerlain Rouge Gs next :)

  10. Nathalie

    That is a gorgeous color but at $52, it’s a bit much. Beautiful though!

  11. Valentine

    Hmmm, looks a lot like MAC’s Slimshine in Funshine to me. And here I was complaining that THOSE are ~$15 for just .07 oz., when most other lippies reach at least the 1 oz. of product mark. I love this shade and lipstick/lip balm hybrids in general, so are there other similar products in this shade out there?

    • Hmm, I don’t know about this shade, but maybe Laura Mercier’s Stick Glosses?

      Funshine is cute, though it was totally more coral on me! I might have to pull it out again!

  12. Catherine

    Wow, I totally thought this was lipgloss, until I read the caption. Beautiful!

  13. Tiffany

    I want this so bad!

  14. Samantha

    I think down the road I might be willing to shuck out $52 for these babies.. sigh. I’m not a lipstick fanatic but these look like they may be for me.. =(

  15. amy

    Pretty and certainly a MLBB colour!

  16. This is amazingly gorgeous. O_O;

  17. chantel

    i thought this was a lip gloss at first! it seems a little sheer but pretty nonetheless! christine, this is completely off topic but loreal came out with a line called “studio secrets” that include primers! when you get the time could you please do a review?!

  18. Salvinia

    It looks awesome on you and would probably be pretty nice on me, too, but there’s no way I’d ever shell out that kind of money on a lipstick! For one thing, I never wear it, as I find it too high maintenance. I’m a gloss girl for life!

  19. Nicci

    I want to try the Extra Rich lipstick that is coming out but it is $60! I didn’t have much luck w/the silky lipstick but this color looks so good…hard to resist.

  20. That looks amazing! i LOVE The Spring Season posts :) I’ve already found about 5 new favorites haha. Thanks Christine!

  21. Christine!
    Cle de Peau is unavailable in my country.. can you recommend maybe a MAC dupe of this please? =)

  22. Zut alors, Cle de Peau! Why must you be $52? You taunt me with your beauty…

  23. daphne

    This color doesn’t really speak to me but I LOVE the look of the lipstick formula. Aaaand I just found out there’s a Cle de Peau counter at the Saks in Boston, something I didn’t expect. I might have to go visit. Just to play. Really. Just for swatching.

    • Haha! Let me know if 1) you walk away with anything and 2) if you find any awesome shades.

      • daphne

        If I cave, I’ll definitely post. But I’ll probably go this weekend when I’m planning on a decent-sized haul at MAC, so I *think* I will probably just play…I’ll see if I can get away with taking pictures though! :)

  24. Sam

    Hey Christine! Where can you buy Cle De Peau besides saks?

  25. Shannon

    pretty :) i really love this shade!!!!!

  26. Lauren

    I adore this color and must have it! I’m new to the brand, where is it available for purchase?

  27. Melinda

    Hi Christine this Lipstick is GORGEOUS I would purchase it but it’s WAY to expensive for me :O( Gorgeous is truly the Perfect Pink oxox Melinda

  28. GG

    OK this looks like it’s worth it for you! Very pigmented yet glossy and lovely looking.

  29. civa

    stunning color and texture(looks so nice in the pic)
    but heart breaking price for me…:(

  30. Rosie

    This may be my treat once I go back to work after student teaching. It’s so pretty :).