Thursday, March 17th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Under Eye Concealer…?

What brand/product wins this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Jenny for today’s topic!

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74 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Under Eye Concealer

  1. Heather

    Probably the one I’m using right now… Benefit Erase Paste in Medium… Covers my horribly dark undereye circles wonderfully, but creases and sits in the lines under my eyes :( I’m just using it up because I’m cheap.

    • That happened to me at first w. the MAC studio finish concealer, & turns out I was using more product than I was supposed to & I wasn’t blending it well. I started applying it w. my fingers instead of a brush or sponge & bland it our really well. Then I set it w. powder & that stops it from creasing.. hope it helps..? :)

    • Cecilia

      I also find that the traditional concealer brush (like MAC 195) just layers on the product and really should be blended out. The one I like to use for concealer was MAC 217, but then I found the Everyday Minerals Kabuki Eye brush. I LOVE this brush for concealor and great for getting foundation into the corners and creases around my nose.

  2. I also think Benefit Erase Paste is the worst under eye concealer! It does a wonderful job concealing but an hour or two later, it will settle in fine lines in the under eye area which just looks bad!

    • Jeanie

      Agreed! Even if you don’t think you have any eye lines, Benefit Erase Paste will definitely find them and show you. Most horrible concealer I’ve used to date.

    • Jessica FB

      I could not agree more. For the first hour or so it looks great but creases like crazy after that! I don’t even have many lines under or around my eyes but the few I have look so much worse when using erase paste.

    • Sydney

      I could not disagree more . I use veryy little product , blend it out nicely, set it with a translucent powder, and It says the same all day . I think you may just need to either use less or set it. Hope this helps :)

  3. In my opinion, Benefit Erase Paste. I tried, but I just could not like this concealer. It seems to move around too much and always settled into my fine lines. For the best? MAC Pro Longwear has my heart :-)

  4. Emily

    The Aussie Perk Me Up concealer from Everyday Minerals. It’s way too shiny, horrible coverage and difficult to blend.

  5. i’d say, at least for me, MAC Studio Fix. It’s probably my favorite concealer of all time, but it looks really heavy under my eyes, even if applied lightly with a fluff eyeshadow brush.

  6. Karina

    I tried using Tarte’s Amazonian clay…it was too thick and it was not ewasy to work with. It began to crease under my eyes.

  7. clinique airbrush concealer! it gets raved about but if you have bad under eye circles its not that fabulous in my mind x

    • Angelcat47

      Most people who have bad undereye circles need a corrector in addition to concealer(Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier both make them).The peach toned corrector hides the circles and the concealer hides the corrector.HTH.

      • Bobbi Brown Concealer would be the worst for me only and I mean only because it creases like craaazy! I do love the creamy texture and the with the corrector it covers and brightens so well.. But it creases even with powder on top and it doesn’t stay put on me..

        Estee Lauder Disappear Smoothing Creme Concealer is also a no no for me.. Too heavy and not a great colour selection..

        I’m using Mac Studio Finish at the moment.. It creases a lil bit but works the best on blemishes and acne scars..

        • I agree, Bobbi Brown concealer went powdery and creased something terrible on my skin. It didn’t have much coverage for me either! Well over priced for what it is.

    • Laura

      I agree about Clinique. MUAs swear by it more often than not and yet it has never worked for me. :( boo.

    • Audrey

      Ditto on the Clinique Airbrush. To my horror, the ‘illuminating’ effect reflected the camera flash in pictures. The area under my eyes was bright white in every picture taken of me. Definitely a Facebook faux-pas.

  8. Nadia

    Ugh concealers…least favourite makeup item of all time! It seems like none of them work. They either don’t provide enough coverage, aren’t long-lasting or if they do cover well, they crease into lines you didn’t know you even had and make you look about 100 years older.

    Benefit Erase Paste sticks out in my mind as being particularly bad. It’s thick and gloopy and creases like crazy. Plus it’s so pink (good for correction) that I need to add a yellow toned concealer to make it blend into my face and yeah….layering more product just makes it go further downhill.

    The MUFE concealers…tried all of them and they’re awful and drying.

    Diorskin Nude hydrating concealer is actually a really nice one BUT it disappears a few hours into the day. It’s lovely and non-drying but has no lasting power :(

    • Sarah

      mac studio sculpt is the worst for under eye concealer. It covered nothing and just looked cakey and it doesn’t blend at all

      • I use Studio Sculpt for my blemishes. Its super think and opaque so it cover blemishes well. Not so good for under eyes though.

      • Stephanie

        I have the mac studio sculpt! I asked, and they recommended it at the counter! But it really doesn’t work well… I still use it, I don’t want to spend more money for nothing…
        and @Nadia: I completely agree with you! There’s just no concealer that works good enough on very dark circles!

  9. lily

    The worst: mac studio sculpt – good for blemishes not for under the eye.

    The Best: Bobbi brown corrector

  10. Mariella

    MAC Studio Sculpt – worst of ANY I’ve tried, high end or low. I even bought the 194 concealer brush (meant to work with Studio Sculpt) in hopes that it would help. It’s cakey, chalky, settles into lines and looks so dry and awful, even with a really rich eye cream underneath it. And I had to warm it on a heating pad to get it to a blendable consistency.

    • lily

      I completely agree

    • Kelly

      I’ve been using the studio sculpt for a while now and I actually prefer it. I need a lot of coverage. First I apply a thick moisturizer under my eyes, then I just dab my ring finger into the pot, rub it together with my other ring finger, then pat it under my eyes and it covers awesome and doesn’t look all dried out like it used to when I used a brush to apply it.

      • Silvia

        At first I had the same problem with MAC Studio Sculpt. What I do is take a concealer brush and warm the concealer on my hand blending it with just a tiny bit of MAC primer. Then I use my fingers to apply it and it works great!

  11. dani

    I never use concelear on myself as i always makes me just feel nd look ugh lol i use it on models nd clients. Worst ia elf undereye studio concelear, vile vile vile. Best so far natural collection coverup cream z

  12. jenni

    i cant get on with benefit boing, it cakes far too much on my dry skin. i also had the opposite problem with 17 hide away corrector cream, doesnt cover anything its too thin.

  13. Yazmin

    Benefit IT Stick. Does nothing At all
    Mac studio select concealer, when i first got it, the MA gave me a colour that was way darker than the foundation he had given me. When i finally got the correct matching colour, did nothing at all.
    I like using Amazing concealer.
    But ive accepted that im destined to look like a panda most of the time.

  14. Beatrice

    The Illamasqua one, so greasy. Ugh :S Worst undereye concealer I’ve ever tried.

  15. angie

    i HATE bobbi brown correctors in the pot because they have this horrible greasy texture and look like a thick paste under the eye. also, her shades tend to be ashy and too light. i love mac moisturecover in the NW range for bluish dark circles (it applies beautifully with a fluffy brush and you can buff in multiple layers depending on the coverage you need) and NC for brown discoloration. studio finish is ok-but better for oily skins imo. i also like laura mercier concealers.

  16. Emma

    Sonia Kashuk hidden agenda. Creases like crazy even with a setting powder, way too cakey and hard to blend! Plus none of the shades look natural, and they dont offer different shades other than the 3 you get in the palette.

  17. Most of the drug store concealers are very disappointing. I’ve used Almay’s and it was really not worth even purchasing to me. Although now that I did a search for some good ones, I’ve found some excellent ones (such as Amazing Concealer, MAC Studio Sculpt).. more that I can rave about than rant. :)

  18. megan

    benefit’s erase paste! and benefits boing concealer worst ive ever tried! to think doesnt cover anything settles into lines and cakes with just a tiny amount

  19. Julia

    I love the MUFE concealer palette for acne, but I really don’t like it for under eyes. It’s too drying, and doesn’t seem to blend well in that area.

  20. Mally concealer; like putting on clay

  21. Mally’s concealer

  22. Xia

    Time Balm concealer by “The Balm” it’s 1)drying 2)chalky looking and 3) heavy! ;( Now I stick to my MAC select moisture cover which I learned is best for undereyes because of it’s non-drying qualities. I love it!

    • Danielle

      I think for this concealer they specifically say on the container not to use for unde eyes because it has ingredients to help dry out blemishes and stuff :-) I have it and it works good for my breakouts but it is drying and its targeted for blemishes so maybe that is why

  23. Dara

    Benefit Boi-ng Concealer! It creased so badly and in 15 minutes. It made my underye area very dry & cakey. Plus it gave me ”fine lines” I shouldn’t have (I’m almost 17 yrs old).

  24. Silvia

    Illamasqua’s Under-eye Concealer. It’s specific for the under-eye area, but it creases like hell.

    I love Diorkin Sculpt, though. Benefit’s Erase Paste is also a good one :)

    • Alisha

      I love Erase Paste! With all the negative comments everyone is giving it, I guess it doesn’t work for everyone!

  25. Adelita

    NYX Concealer in a Jar.
    I have NC37/40 skin tone with horribly-dark under eye. Most salmon-colored corrector/concealer looks ashy on my medium-dark skin, and I’m so happy when NYX release this shade in “Orange” (no, it’s not really that tangerine-orange, more like deep salmon). And it works, my dark under eye is vanish!!! I’m so happy until few hours later I look at my self in the mirror when I blot my face, darn, it crease and accentuate every line I don’t know I have!

  26. Mary

    Double wear by estee lauded is great for redness but the texture looks weird under eyes. My Dave is cle de peau beaute

  27. Ru

    Tarte Eraser- it erases nothing and packaging sucks. Its a brush where you have to click to make the product come out at the brush end- either you get too much or too little product, no matter how much you use it doesn’t cover, and then the brush is impossible to clean so you get nasty flakes on it.

    BEST so far: MAC Prolongwear Concealer- covers naturally, stays put, no creasing or fine line settlement, and a little goes a long way!

    • Natalie

      sorry to disagree…mac prolongwear was SO drying to my undereyes and set too quickly so i couldn’t blend it well. even with an eyecream..too drying!

    • Adee

      I am absolutely addicted to the prolongeear

  28. Caitlin

    MAC Studio Sculpt! The girl at MAC matched me to a shade that was way too dark because they were sold out of my proper shade and she wanted to make the sale and not only that but it has the texture of tar :( gross, I should have returned it but never got around to it.

  29. monika-luiza

    for me the mac concealers don’t work at all! they very good to conceal redness, pimples,etc but they dry out my under eye area and make more fine lines than I actually have. funny how many of you complain about benefits erase paste as it works wonders on me and doesn’t settle in any lines at all, i would even call this my hg concealer for under the eyes. this shows how different products work on differnts skins.

  30. Gina

    Tarte’s 4-in-1 Eraser. Unfortunately, the only one of those things I does well is mute your lip color for lipstick. It separated a month after I bought it, and even after rigorous shaking, never worked. It streaked and the pen got clogged up. Urban Decay’s 24/7 concealer stick is pretty awful too. It’s SO hard to blend out, and looks terribly cakey.

  31. Loupdesbois

    MAC pro longwear. I just hate it. I just bought Laura amercier Undercover online to replace it. Can’t wait to throw it away.

  32. Lisa G

    Benefit’s Erase Paste…it does cover my dark circles but it is sooo thick and sticky and always seems to settle in my fine lines.

  33. Ariel

    Benefit Erase Paste….cakey and made my fine lines look like I was 40 (I’m 24)

  34. Most concealers suck for me. I’m only 16, but I have really wrinkly undereyes, and almost every single one I’ve tried settles into the lines.

  35. Lady Di.

    The worst for me is by Clinique, too liquidy and doesn’t cover well.
    Btw, I LOVE the Hit list section of your blog Christine!!

  36. Krista

    The Amazing Cosmetics concealer…soo not amazing. Made me look like I had undereye wrinkles- and I’m only 20!

  37. Katherine

    MUFE concealer in a pot. It melts and creases on me.

  38. bxboricua

    Benefit Erase Paste and The Balm Time balm are just terrible.

  39. lisa

    MUFE full cover. absolutely worst concealer ive tried so far.

  40. Irina

    Concealers by Benefit are horrific!

  41. waxlips

    MAC Select Moisturecover – creases like crazy. Actually i’ve never had a good undereye concealer)

  42. Tawny

    Mac Studio Finish. I can’t stand having to RUB my finger/brush soooooo hard in the compact to pick up the product. I thought it was because this concealer is really thick, so I hoped that it would do a great job in covering my darkness & green veins under the eyes. But boy was I wrong…. It was thick & drying ( chalky) and it accentuated wrinkles that I’d never known I had. Yuck.

  43. shuz4ever

    The worst has got to be the MAC dual-ended select moisturecover concealer that came out with the Mickey Contractor collection – firstly i never manage to mix the right shade – its either too oompa loompa orange or too jaundice yellow…and then it creases in no time giving me wrinkles i never had to begin with – uuugh hate it.

  44. Vania

    Mac studio sculpt. It’s so thick, even when lightly applied it ends up emphasizing the area even more, even my boyfriend who never comments on my makeup kept asking me what was wrong with my eyes… lol. I dont find it good for blemishes either…
    I find the best I have tried to be the Estee Lauder Double Wear, it’s thin and has pretty good coverage. I also apply an illuminator on top, just to brighten the area and it works for me (and I do have reaaaally bad circles)

  45. Meg

    Wet n Wild liquid concealer … horrible!

  46. Meg

    oh… I was looking for a new concealer instead of MAC Select Moisturecover… it works good on me but I want to try another one like Benefit’s erase paste but now I’m not so sure haha… help me girls!

  47. Dianna*

    I’ve yet to meet my HG under eye concealer. Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer creases, MAC’s Pro Longwear makes my under eye area look dull, Studio Finish is always a little cakey… no winners yet.

  48. JessicaM

    ELF studio’s under eye concealer and highlighter.

  49. Cherokee

    People rave over the Bobbi Brown concealer. I used it and it was very heavy and cakey and it sat in my lines and aged me. I will have to pass on it.

  50. ariana

    Revlon’s age defying with spf 20 for undereye-horrible, it settled into my fine lines-I am 30…coverblend is great for both eye and acne, but the color range is only like three i think-i am nc25-30…maybelline’s mousse concealer is good also, but i heard it is being discontinued??!! ugh i guess i shouldn’t look at mac or benefit now!

  51. Leenie

    NYX Is the worst, It’s too dry and thick for under eyes but you can get away with wearing it on blemishes

  52. nina

    Maybelline dream mousse concealer and Mac Pro longwear concealer.

  53. Em

    Benefit Erase Paste…ugh. Does not work with under the eyes at all!