Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Top Coat for Nails…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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28 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Top Coat (for Nails)

  1. firepail

    I love Poshe–it dries super fast, it lasts, and is big 3 free. [Seche Vite has the big 3, so it has been demoted in my book–plus it gets thick fast.]

    • Julia

      This is supposed to be WORST top coat, not best.
      For me, NYC is the worst. It’s runny and takes forever to dry!

  2. Kelly

    Anything Sally Hansesn, sorry.

  3. jamie

    sinful colors. Once i got it home…i realized it had the consistancy of water. it actually REMOVED polish from my nails. I resorted to using it to de-thicken some old shades in my stash.

  4. sai

    worst: OPI Raipdry topcoat
    super easy to get bubble in it
    plus it ain’t really dry fast

  5. Andrea

    I’ve only tried OPI and some vague Japanese brands. but I’ve got to moan about how hard it is to remove anything with the OPI topcoat on!

  6. ellie

    sephora by opi worst it never dryed at all best is fast dry opi or seche vete

  7. Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Shiny, yes, but also bubbly, thin, and actually encourages my polish to chip faster.

  8. Leidy

    E.L.F topcoat. It made my nails look dull and it actually seemed like an oil and wiped off after it dried! Super weird.

  9. kpenn09

    Anything but Seche Vite…everything else drags colour and doesn’t have that same amazing sheen.

  10. Erin K

    I am also going to say sally hansen hard as nails because it peels right off! Horrid stuff!

  11. Lauren

    Sally Hansen is absolutely terrible. It bubbles, takes forever to dry and peels. Big waste of money.

    • macladync50

      it seems to bubble if you don’t let the color that is under dry a little bit. just experimented with this technique and it seems to work. give it a try.

  12. Make_up_maven

    Orly fast dry top coat. Peels polish in a flash! LOL

  13. verybecca

    Seche Vite was great til I read the bit about ‘birth defects’ in pregnant women. Um…wow.

    • Anitacska

      I just bought one on eBay and was shocked to see it written on the bottle when I received it. I’m not planning on being pregnant again as I already have 3 kids, but I still find it scary and unsure whether I want to use it. :S

    • Diana

      omg thats so scary!!! i just read that…i’m only 20 idk that i want to keep using this now!

  14. Sally Hansen’s Double Duty and Insta-Dri top coats. Both take forever to dry especially the Insta-Dri one cause it doesn’t finish fully drying until hours later!

  15. Bonnie

    Definitely the regular OPI tocoat, for me. I used it once and it literally never dried. My polish was still dentable the NEXT DAY, it was awful.

  16. Casey

    Sally Hansen without a doubt! I bought some last week and now I’m giving it away.

  17. danii

    Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry top coat is horrible! Definitely sticking to Seche Vite!

  18. Curiositydidit

    I am really starting to dislike my OPI start to finish because any time I use it, my nail polish just peels up all in one piece after a day or so. Terrible! And it doesnt alway leave a nice shine. I’ve used Sally Hansen Instant Dry and it doesnt wear long but it does dry super fast and leaves a high shine finish. It does like to take the color up from below it if you stroke too many times over the same spot though.

  19. Luisafer

    used to love OPI but got one (don’t know the name but is bright neon pink) and it chips the same day you apply it!!!

  20. Diana

    i hate poshe…it randomly peels off by the second day!

  21. Nicole

    Orly. It made my polish crack and chip no matter what kind I used !