Monday, May 11th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Shampoo? What product wins this category?

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110 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Shampoo

  1. Nicole15

    i can’t really say i have used any one shampoo that i think is the worst. i did try to get away once using one from the dollar store to save money but it just ended up stripping the color out of my hair as i get my hair dyed.

  2. Heather

    Suave, hands down.

  3. cloudburst

    Pert Plus 2-in-1. When I first started dating my boyfriend that is all he would have in the shower so I was forced to use it. My hair has never been as staticky as it was then!

  4. Cathy

    Nioxin systems for thinning hair…broke me out in this horrible rash, smells awful and makes hair feel like straw…i returned for refund.

  5. Samy – the organic line or whatever. It left my hair still greasy. And the conditioner didn’t moisturize my hair!

  6. nicole

    herbal essences makes my hair fall out.

    • platinumheart

      H.E., and Pantene makes my scalp skin fall off in chunks. I am severely allergic to something in their hair products.

      • Kathy

        OMG I had a really severe allergy once thanks to Herbal Essences. And Pantene makes my scalp sort of break out, and anywhere my hair touches like my back and arms…argh I hate them both!

        • nancy

          I fourth that! herbal essences and pantene makes my scalp itch and makes my hair fall outt

      • Guadalupe

        Me too! it does have to be a component of the shampoo, the funny thing about it it´s that my hair looks healthy and super shiny, but my scalp it´s a mess and it really falls off in chunks.

        • Chuckles

          Herbal Essences has wax in it. That’s what’s making your hair look nice while simultaneously making your scalp flake. I went through a similar experience with Herbal Essences: my hair was really soft and shiny, but I couldn’t run a comb through it after a certain point. My hairdresser had a conniption when I told her what shampoo I was using.

          Also, Pantene contains alpha hydroxy, which I believe is in some acne medications or facial cleansers. Think about it…acne medication in your hair?

      • Rebecca

        Gahh, pantene makes my hair like CARDBOARD!!, also, does anyone know if Garnier Fructus animal tests? Because i have seen all different answer. But it work for my hair!

      • Callie

        Pantene Pro V contains formaldihyde (sp.?) which is used to preserve dead bodies and has been shone in the state of CA to possibly cause cancer. It dries your hair out, but the Pantene contains a large amount of silicone so you dont know what it’s doing except that your hair is flat and lifeless. If you switch it takes off the coating and you see what it has done. You believe the new shampoo has done it, and switch back to pantene…

    • art

      not to mention they also test on animals :(

    • Peyton

      rlly i actually love herbal essences it smells wonderful and my hair has nvr looked longer and better and shinyer

    • Alexandra

      I totally agree! Horrible shampoo…

    • Margot

      H.E. makes my hair feel like straw, I hate it !!!

      • alex

        yea i agree i tried it for the first time and i hate my hair and bad part is that i got a huge bottle i really don’t wanna have to buy another right after getting that one i hate it worst brand never get it if you do you will regret it!

  7. accio

    lush rehab and retread – ok honestly they worked great on the condition of my hair but they smell so disgusting that i can’t bring myself to use it again, and my hair still smelled awful until i washed it again.

  8. E

    I don’t like Herbal Essences. Can’t stand the smell and it doesn’t do anything to my hair! I’m sticking to Maxtrix, Bumble and Bumble or LUSH shampoos/conditioners from now on!

  9. TIGI Bed Head Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner Tween! Causes dandruff and hair gets greasier quickly. Dosen’t volumise hair one bit! :(

    • But what’s even worse is Loreal Elvive! Call that shampoo?! 😮

      • Alice

        I KNOW!!! I used to use it and I ended up giving it to my mom (it’s weird, it’s like EVERY shampoo makes her hair pretty…) because it was AWFUL… It made my hair frizzy and tangled… I hate it

  10. Mary

    i think only the very poor quality shampoos do bad to your hair, everything else depends almost everytime on the way you apply it and how well you rinse it out

  11. Michelle

    Definitely Shiseido!!!! It made my hair sooo dry…

    • Jujiness

      OMG! I completely AGREE!!! Shisedo Tsubaski? I bought 2 1L bottles and will be throwing it out tomorrow!

      Firstly it made my pretty hair (LOVE my hair :( DRY AS THE END OF A SCRUBBING BRUSH! ;( Then it makes your roots oily and hair super dry… then it makes a rash and your hair falls out. Hmm I used it two weeks just because I bought the two one L bottles.

      NEVER AGAIN stay away from Shisedo unless your super asian :)

  12. Darby

    Pantene made my hair fall out 3x as much as it normally does and I always had so much buildup too

    • kandy


  13. natalia

    Super Skinny Paul Mitchell was the biggest dissapointment for me, made my hair greasy and unmanagable. Also I was not a fan of Brunette Goddess by TIGI Bed Head but I know ppl who love it.

    • Hanna

      I hear you on that one! i love all the other P.M shampoos a therefore I bought the big bottles of the Super Skinny. BIG MISTAKE! It really sucks! I manke my husband use it now so I don’t feel so bad about buying it LOL

    • Lila

      I have to agree with the superskinny by Paul Mitchell, as well as the Paul Mitchell volumizing shampoo. It was a complete disappointment. My hair was unmanagable and VERY dull. No shine whatsoever.

  14. Philippine

    John Frieda Brunette shampoo – This makes my hair fall out so much and my boyfriend’s too



  15. Sabrina

    L’oreal Vive… Wow SO awful.. I used it on my hair and after it was dry.. it was limp and looked awful.. And honestly, maybe 5 hours later, my hair was stringy and greasy. I tried it again to see maybe if the first time was because I didn’t rinse it out properly but nope… Still disgusting.

    • Emm

      Me too!!! I get next day greasiness with it. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘shine’. That and Bed Head Control Freak did nothing to my hair.

    • Carmen

      wow -L’Oreal Colorvive was one of the best shampoos I ever used, hands down. I color my hair regularly, and it always gave me a great shine. I also used their conditioner. Now I’ve switched to their Everpure line and am also happy with that.

      sorry you had trouble with it.

    • Nunu

      I hated that one too, I tried the yellow one which is suppose to make ur hair smooth and sleek, instead it turned out waxy and greasy!I made my boyfriend use the rest of it.

  16. Heather

    Suave! I hate it, it makes my hair sooo dry. It makes it really hard to comb through even with a ton of conditioner.

  17. I hate Suave! Horrible but a close second would be the Garnier shampoos– I just hate them

  18. Cassykins

    Anything Pantene. You think it’s doing good until you stop using it and realize the great looking hair is only the doing of all the waxy junk in that stuff. I’m also not thrilled with the Samy line (except for the Skyscraper hairspray which is a-mazing)

  19. sprut

    Pantene…hate the stuff even though I used it for years when I was in high school. As for suave I don’t really care for it but I can’t say it is the worst because my mom absolutely loves it. I think it can work for individuals who have really thick hair and an oily scalp.

  20. Jen

    Suave has got to be the worst.

  21. Roxanne

    Lice Shampoo 😉

  22. Anitacska

    I haven’t used anything other than L’oreal Elvive for the last 10 years or so, and I’m very happy with it, so can’t comment on worst shampoo. But I didn’t like Vidal Sassoon Wash & Go when I tried it many many years ago and vaguely recall Pantene not being great either.

  23. Moni

    Pantene – causing dandruff when I was using it. It was the only time in my life I had dandruff ever.

    Herbal Essence – do nothing. My hair is greasy & limpy within several hrs after I washed it.

  24. Stephanie

    aussie, my hair felt greasier after I washed than before

  25. kat

    Pantene and Herbal essences! Actually, any drugstore brand that isn’t fructis has been disasterous for me!! I’m not saying shell out for an expensive shampoo because it doesn’t automatically make it better, but I am done with experimenting and stick with either Joico or Fructis! (as you must swap shampoos every few months or something?)

  26. I have to agree with the Herbal Essences and Pantene because both made my hair super dry and frizzy. I just scored a great deal on some CHI products and I hope they work well…check out what I got at

  27. IZzySA

    I love the Suave clarifying… used once a week before any special conditioning treatments, it is the best. I would not use it daily as it does pull out all the gunk out of my hair.

    I do love the Klorane, Kerastase, Rene Furterer lines for daily and treatment shampoos and conditioners:D

  28. I’m allergic to SLS (sodium lauryl sufate) so anything that contains that (nearly everything)!

    • Andrea

      Hey, me too. SLS gives me canckers if it’s in toothpaste. What shampoo do you suggest?

  29. Maddy

    i doubt its the worst, but every hairstylist ive ever had has told me pantene thins and drys out your hair, and i know i saw a difference when i stopped using it.

  30. Rachel

    I pretty much hate all shampoos and conditioners these days. I’ve used pretty much every salon brand or anything you can buy from Sephora. All of the brands are putting wayyyy too much fragrance in their products. The least offensive smelling products I have stumbled across lately are Aquage.

  31. The absolute worst shampoo I’ve ever used was Tresemme. GARBAGE CITY!!!

  32. victoria

    i’ve got oily hair and i’m fine with most drugstore shampoos because they are drying and i can use almost anything. but of all the cheap drugstore ones, i have to say pert plus 2 in 1 was THE most drying, makes my oily hair feel and sound like hay. oh and i laughed at lice shampoo, yeah that’s got to be the worst too.

  33. Rosie

    Garnier hands down. This stuff left my hair dry, brittle, and crunchy (didn’t know shampoo and conditioners could do that). Pantene relaxed and natural has to be up there also. This stuff contents mineral oil which can make hair very greasy and clog hair follicles.

  34. Jamie

    Pantene Pro-V hands down. Every single time I use it it makes my hair feel worse and it makes my hair static. It also makes my hair feel so greasy, even if I get out the shower. Worse shampoo ever.

  35. I’m allergic to Garnier EVERYTHING and it did nothing for my hair.

  36. The Organix Coconut scent. The others like Mint, Pomegranate, etc. are great, but the coconut leaves my short hair in tangles.

  37. Liz

    Deva No-Poo Shampoo (for blondes). Didn’t tone, couldn’t get it through my hair, rinsed forever and still didn’t get it all, left my hair narsty, as if I had left an oily, waxy goop in it.

    Still haven’t found an HG-shampoo, something that will fight dandruff, tone my blonde, and doesn’t have silicones or sulfates. Waiting to see how Giovanni’s color maintenance line works once I finish off my Shikai color reflects (which is a decent shampoo, but not perfect)

  38. Aire

    Ojon Hydrating shampoo. Made my hair break off and dried it out. There was nothing hydrating about this stuff. :0(

  39. kimberly v

    garnier frutis shampoo and conditioner! my friend who has similar hair to mine warned me it dried out her hair but i still used it because my mom bought the jumbo size from costco. it was awful! my hair felt so stripped from moisture even with the conditioner! it felt like i never conditioned at all! grr

  40. Mary Ann

    Aveda (if I remember correctly)…it made my hair fall out and thin within days. I was horrified and still am :(

  41. Christine

    H.E. Shampoos. My hair always looks flat when I use it and it’s disgusting.
    My fave shampoo is the Vive with the Royal Jelly in it… sounds gross, but it makes my hair really soft and shiny :)

  42. sshortiix33

    tresemme! this shampoo made my hair soo dry!

  43. Natalie

    Most of the drugstore and supermarket shampoos that lather up crazy and streak all the good oils

    • Lucy

      That is so true. They usually have sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. That’s nothing but cheap junk companies use to get the shampoo to lather. The side effects are hair loss and the stripping of the hair’s natural oils.

  44. jess

    Garnier Fructis makes my hair look greasy and feel gross.

    Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny shampoo and conditioner line does the same thing, too.

  45. Kimberly

    Wella messed up my hair pretty badly whenever I dyed my hair dark again. But I <3 JOICO!! :)

  46. charmy

    Suave and pantene makes my hair fall out!

  47. inuchan

    I remember Vidal Sassonn’s Wash&Go: WORST thing ever! I used it only once, and it made my hair as stiff and dry as hay! I am happy I don’t see this awful thing around.

    Herbal Essences: aggressive smell, and gives me allergies (after using it, my skull gets itchy, and my hair gets greasy and lanky)

  48. eve

    the new line from herbal essence sucks, atleast with me it does

  49. brenda

    to tell u the truth every single shampooo i’ve ever used is amisery they all make my hair fall out…i’m going bald :(…
    i tried all kinds
    head and shoulders
    herbal essenses (love the smell)
    and some other expensive ones that i forgot there name :S

    so yeah

    • Reana

      Brenda I feel for you, and all the other divas here having a hard time with hair care. have you tried Ovation? it has all-natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals/drugs/hormones, prevents hair loss, 100% guaranteed to give you longer & stronger hair, and does NOT animal test. let me know if you need more info, I can point you in the right direction :) good luck!

    • Lucy

      I had that problem once. You should try to make your own shampoo. There are plenty of recipes for shampoos and conditioners. The next time you shampoo shop, read the ingredients because the most popular brands tend to have harsh chemicals. If it has sodium lauryl sulfate or anything close to that name, leave it. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical used to make shampoo lather. The downside is that it takes out hair. Look for something that has the word organic in it- but check the label because some companies call their products organic just to get more money.

    • michelle

      my sister doesnt even use shampoo anymore. she scrubs her scalp with baking soda diluted in a squeeze bottle of water (sometimes she adds an essential oil or something) and if shes in the mood shell do a vinegar rinse. shes been doing it for months and her hair def doesnt look or smell like a hobo, so i guess shes on to somethin. you could give that a try

  50. carmen

    John Frieda for blonde hair – i don’t know if it’s because its spring and my hair usually falls out at that time of year but i think it’s the shampoo bc i’m shedding like crazy.

    oh and toni and guy can’t remember the name but in the turquoise bottles – at first it was great and i loved the smell but later on it just didn’t do anything and the smell of my hair resembled a lot to when a dog is wet !! ;(

  51. L’oreal Elvive.

  52. Rae

    Pantene made my hair look gross and KMS did nothing for my hair

  53. Chrystie

    Herbal Essences left my hair brittle and dry like straw. Yuck. And I agree with everyone about L’Oreal Color Vive. Just bloody awful. It does absolutely nothing but make your hair limp and greasy.

  54. Luda

    Ojon makes my hair sooo oily. You would think I was wearing a grease mask on my head.
    Pantene for blonde hair – made my platinum blond hair yellow.

  55. Nikki

    Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Conditioner. It wouldn’t even spread through my hair; I was pulling my hair out in chunks! The conditioner made my coarse hair feel even drier than it was before I used the conditioner. I want to use natural products on my hair, just as I do my face, but I am so afraid to try anything else now!

    Any Suggestions?!

    • Lucy

      the Organix line might work for you if you want to try something natural. They come in short, stumpy, round bottles. The shampoo doesn’t lather like regular shampoo does. so what i do is pour some into my hands and rub it a little, then I put it on my hair. The conditioner works well and my hair smells so good afterwards.

  56. Beckie

    DevaCurl Lo – Poo Shampoo. It is great for a couple days but use it for more than a week and it turned my hair to straw!

  57. Carrie

    Garnier! Nothing else has ever made my hair so dry and greasy.

  58. Alley

    The worst?

    Garnier Fructis or Ion, I think.

    They both made my hair frizzy and wiry, no matter how much conditioner I used. Except, of course, on the roots, which were greasy as hell.

    Suave, Tresemme and Dove are so-so, but my favorite is Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine. I see it’s gotten really bad reviews on here, but I like the smell, and it does wonders for me.

  59. Mirna

    Dove; it made my hair stiff and dry.

  60. Rachel

    The Herball Essences Hello Hydration did the absolute opposite! It made my hair sooo dry and staticky! i do not reccomend it for people with dry, frizzy hair!

    Also, the Garnier products make my scalp itch and i have gotten numerous rashes around my neck and head!


    • Anna

      Steer well clear of Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship. I’ve never had a problem with shampoo or conditioner before but after only a few weeks of using it my hair is covered in a waxy, grimy coating that won’t shift. The makers told me it is a pretty potent conditioner, which bascially means it has an enormously high wax content. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    • so weird, those 2 work amazing for me

  61. michelle

    the worst shampoos i ever used were salon brands! tigi headshot heavenly hydrating, and biolage ultra-hydrating… made my hair feel like straw, like id just triple-bleached it. oh and salon organix from cvs did the same. even conditioning after those 3 shampoos didnt make much difference… dove and aussie suck too.
    funny thing is, everyone thinks drugstore shampoos are the worst but i find at least of them great for me. i have thick curly hair with a super oily scalp and massive frizzies at the crown; the h&s 2in1 smoothing one is the best for that (i only shampoo the scalp so my hair above the nape is what matters to me as far as shampoo performance). also love herbal essences, the hello hydration one. LOVED pantene and finesse in high school. the smoothing shampoos from garnier fructis and pantene also make my hair feel realllly good; 2 lines that seem to be at the top of the ‘worst’ list, judging by the first 50 or so comments on here. so weird

  62. andrea

    OK, I will have to say Herbal essence, leaves my hair dry and oily, and I feel that it does not clean my hair. They have so many “brands” long term relationship, straight hair, drama clean. I feel like its all fake and has tooo many chemicals, Usually shampoos are pink, clear. Not purple or pink or even green. Another one is Coconut mil from organix. Leaves it again dry and does not feel clean. Of course drug store bands, CVS, Target, Walmart, and Suave.

  63. sue collins

    My worst hair experience has been with the herbal essence shampoo and conditioner frizz fighter.IT gave me a very itchy dry scalp and I ended up with lots of itchcy spots at the back of my neck and round my ears. My doctor confirmed it was an allergy and I have been using t gel for 3 weeks and am now better. I have heard of other people having similar problems with shampoo and conditioner from this range. Would not recommend.

  64. bad

    organix. please dont buy it. it works so bad. the smell is amazinf but it makes ur hair sooooo dry

  65. Maddy

    My favourite shampoo and conditioner is Burt’s Bees Super Shiny and Very Volumizing. It leaves my hair silky and it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals , it’s 98% natural. I absolutely hate Herbal Essences and Pantene. Pantene gave me dandruff and H.E made my hair feel waxy.

  66. Garnier Frutise makes my hair fall off, especially the conditioner & Pantene makes my scalp and hair very dry. Finally the one i love is Infusium23. My hair is now soft.

  67. Felisha

    Well, actually, there’s a lot of worst shampoos. They make your hair look nice, but they’re really just covering your hair in silicone and other shit. Fructis,Pantene,Aussie,Suave,and ESPECIALLY Herbal Essences are terrible for your hair. It’s better to use pH balanced ones, so it’s better to use Dove, Head and Shoulders, L’Oreal, Johnsons Baby, or Salon brands. (Oh, and I forgot that Victoria’s Secret shampoo is also bad for your hair)