Thursday, May 27th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Nail Polish Remover…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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24 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Nail Polish Remover

  1. Nana

    The worst nail polish remover is one that is not 100% acetone.

    • Emily

      Acetone is best if you want something quick. But it’s horribly drying. My skin on my fingers is peeling due to so much acetone use. If you must use acetone, moisturize hardcore.

  2. lately any non-acetone remover i’ve tried has sucked. i never used to have trouble with them but the last several times i tried… let’s just say i’d have better luck trying to lick the nail polish off my fingernails 😛

    • Erica

      Try Barielle’s non-acetone remover. It’s expensive, but it works just as well as 100% acetone. It’s a lot better on my nails than 100% acetone, too.

      • Oo! Thanks! I’ll give that a shot! I hate how acetone removers make my fingers and nails feel. When I was 16 I bleached my hair without gloves (“gloves are for sissies!” lol). Yeah… Big mistake. My fingernails started to actually curl backwards (I know! Gross right?). It HURT. That’s how acetone polishes make my nails feel – When I use acetone I make sure I moisturize hardcore afterwards. But I’ll try Barielle’s one and see how it works! :)

        • OH! Zoya’s Remove+ is also goodness in a bottle. I never realized HOW AWESOME it was until I switched to Orly’s… I figured it was cheaper & good for swatching… my fingers look beat up after — *never* looked that way with Zoya!

  3. Shannon | @spagrl

    sephora brand. the worst. and it’s four times the price of a drugstore brand! i know because i worked there.

    • fiaspice

      Really, that’s my favortite so far. All the other drugstore brand I bough just dried my nails

  4. I’ve recently tried CVS brand non-acetone polish remover. Worst decision ever. Was looking for something that would not ruin my acrylic nails. I shall continue looking.

  5. Siledhel

    100% acetone nail polish Removers… they may be quick and efective but destroy my nails

  6. Cheap non-acetone removers! I might as well be using water.

  7. audrey

    Definately the Cutex Acetone-free nail polih remover. It didn’t remove a thing from my nails. I would have more luck with using WATER to remove it! I tend to gravitate towards my Lipmann softening nail polish remover. Even though it’s a tad pricey ($24), I love it!

  8. firepail

    Cutex non-acetone remover is infuriating! I was trying to use a non-acetone remover, or less-acetone remover because I am expecting–I’ve since moved on to Zoya Remove.

  9. chibu74

    i’ve only used Cutex and it works for me.

  10. angie

    i tried this non acetone gel forumla once that did absolutely NOTHING. acetone is the way to go.

  11. i love sally hanson products, but the nail polish remover is bad. it smears polish and you need to use a lot

  12. i tried this non acetone gel forumla once that did absolutely NOTHING. acetone is the way to go.

  13. Shannon

    I’ll tell you what IS GOOD. The Body Shop polish remover…it has almond oil in it and is super effective in taking off polish…plus your nails look fabulous!

  14. maria

    Has anyone tried the Chanel nail polish remover? I love anything Chanel and am tempted to buy the pink liquid, but obviously don’t want the money to go straight in the trash.

    • Chanel nail polish remover is a bit pricey here in Italy (14euro, about 20$) but is gorgeous, smells like heaven and is effective and you need only a little time to remove your old polish.

  15. Ele

    target brand remover is horrible. holy shmoly super drying to the point that my actual nails were looking flaky.

  16. The worst one is the blue nail polish remover from the CVS brand!

  17. twilight(=

    i think it depends on the brand of nail polish and how much you put. unless you have CHEAP remover.