Saturday, April 11th, 2009

The Hit List

Worst Nail Polish? What product wins this category?

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63 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Nail Polish

  1. Philippine

    From my experience, the Chanel nailpolish is pretty crappy. Beautiful colors, but it chips really quickly.

  2. Hands down is MAC nail polish. The price is outragous for the fact that it has a horrible texture and spreads terribly. I’ve used $.99 polish from Wet n Wild that performs better than MAC’s.

  3. robyn

    Definitely MAC. Expensive. Goopy. Streaky. The formula is just a nightmare. And if you finally forgive THAT (which is kind of big thing), it pisses me off that the bottle is so tiny for the price.

  4. MAC polish unfortunately =/

  5. I fifth MAC polish. Not worth the money. I bought one years ago that I love called Pink Sundae, but the quality is bad and the price was insane. I’ve found an OPI color to replace it though!

  6. Evelyn

    sephora nail polish

    not the sephora by opi, the little ones that are sephora brand

  7. Nicole N.

    I’m going to have to say MAC. Hands down.

  8. Down with MAC up with OPI! :)

  9. cloudburst

    I would have to say MAC – with the exception of the bright pink from HK, that one seems to wear well on me. However, all the other ones I’ve bought before chip the same day I put them on. The Naughty Nautical blue was so bad I returned it.

  10. MAC ~ Seasonal Peach

  11. Cindy

    I only got one MAC nailpolish, but i’m immediately cured from buying MAC polish…
    Crap ! very hard to laquer your nails, gives much stripes, and it chips very quick.

  12. MissDeeCanada

    Well, I am going to be different cause I love my Seasonal Peach from MAC, but I am really hating REVLON! For the price it really stinks!

  13. Violet

    I’m sorry to say, but MAC nail polish is horrible. My first MAC nail polishes were On the Prowl (the gray nail polish from the HK collection) and Something About Pink (the pink nail polish from the HK collection.) I thought they were okay, with a few coats of it. But when I bought and tried Peppermint Patti (the mint green nail polish from the Sugarsweet Collection), I officially hated MAC nail polish. It was way too streaky, and really sticky. And it was eleven dollars a bottle. If you want good nail polish, try China Glaze or OPI.

    • Sarah

      Completely agree. I’m so disappointed in my MAC polishes. I recently started buying China Glaze and it rocks. And for a third of the price, who can go wrong with that!

  14. Amanda

    Bloom. It peels after just a few hours. For $20 you’re better off buying OPI.

  15. sprut

    I recently purchased a nail stick by Nic’s Sticks (it’s opi’s brand, Nicole, that competes with the sally hansen nail sticks) it was horrible! I bought a fun lime green color for summer and it was like water coming out of the pen. Just atrocious!

  16. lexi

    i would say a three-way tie:

  17. I know nobody will agree with me…but OPI. It never goes on smooth for me, and it chips off so quick…even with a great base and top coat!

  18. ohsoshy

    OPI, definitely not worth the hype

  19. Michelle

    I personally don’t like OPI. I think it has to do with the fact that it has a REALLY wide brush and i have TINY nails lol

  20. Wilcoa

    Sadly MAC… love some of the colors but most I can find dupes and, as above, the quality and goopiness is a turnoff.

  21. catherine

    MAC seasonal peach is such a beautiful color yet so streaky. 3 coats is a must but the quality of it, is fabulous! It does not chip or fade easily just streaky and hard to apply, sigh!

  22. Whitnee

    MAC. Actually I still have a few bottles of their old formula, in the square bottle and those are not bad, but ever since they switched to the round bottles, every one that I bought has chipped really quickly and if it’s a cream or sheer it goes on all streaky. The frosty ones and glitter ones are not quite as bad.

  23. Unfortunately, I have to say MAC. :(

  24. kat

    MAC. and I am SO THRILLED that other people agree! You had a different post about favourite nailpolishes and everyone had so much good stuff to say about MAC and I thought maybe there was something wrong with the polish I got (naked tip) phew~ so I’m not crazy after all!

    Terrible, streaky polish. Worst ever! SO glad I got it on ebay and not paying full price for it!!

  25. agnes

    Sephora brand nail polish and Wet ‘n’ Wild.

  26. Allison

    Revlon had an “Always On” gimmick that was SO AWFUL. The first kind they came out with was just one bottle (now they have one packaged with a basecoat, haven’t tried it) that you were instructed NOT to use a base coat with. It still chipped at the tips and when I went to remove it with polish remover (which was what the bottle said to use), I had to SCRAPE the polish off. What was I left with? Bright Highlighter yellow nails that I was forced to grow out entirely. I wrote to Revlon. They sent me coupons for more awesome Always On polish.

  27. Susie

    wet n wild & sally hansen

  28. Ely

    I’m going to have to agree with the 99% of the posts and say MAC nail polish, although, I must confess I really, really want the polish that is going to launch with the Rose Romance collection.

  29. Macaddict

    I own 25 different MAC nail polish bottles and I guess I am the exception because it lasts on my nails for a full week or longer without chipping! Same quality as Chanel and Christian Dior IMO. Wet n’ Wild & the likes, those are the crappy ones on me.

  30. stacy


  31. lisa

    Revlon i bought a natural looking color from them and it did not even last me a day. It has no staying power.

  32. cheryl

    I would have to say sephora by opi. The first application ever was problem free. However when i reached for it a couple more times the application was thick and very hard to work with. I can easily find dupes for opi instead at a slightly lower price.

  33. Yep the new MAC polishes aren’t great, for sure! I have some of the super old ones from about 10 years ago in the square bottles and those are still great, but the new formula is crappy!

  34. Arika BH

    I hate those mini bottles of polish in any brand! Those mini polishes like Sephora’s brand or the mini sets by NARS or Essie are so bad. The bottle is so easy to tip over, and the brush is too small. Those mini brushes leave streaks.

  35. Nathalie

    There are tons of crappy brands to put before Mac. Agn

  36. Julia


  37. Amelia

    OPI nailpolish, without a base and a top coast they don’t even last a day, even my cheap nailpolish last longer, I will never buy OP ever again

  38. pia

    Revlon. Its tiny brush doesn’t help making application easy and non streaky.

  39. Susie

    China Glaze nail polishes. All of them. They bubble like crazy.

  40. pl

    i don’t know if you have this brand in the USA but i really hate NIVEA polishes they do not cover at all and they need jours to dry.

    and i do not really like MAC polishes.

  41. pl

    i don’t know if you have this brand in the USA but i really hate NIVEA polishes they do not cover at all and they need hours to dry.

    and i do not really like MAC polishes.

  42. MAC. Even though I love the colors :( 3 coats minimum for the cream colors to avoid the streaky look. The under lacquer and over lacquer help tons.

  43. Nene

    Sally hansen – they don’t last one full day on my nails without chipping.

  44. I’m gonna go with most of the Sally Hansen stuff … I’ve gotten a couple of nice ones from them (their Salon Line is ok), but most of the stuff is crap. And omg their Hydrating Base Coat is the worst base coat EVAH!

  45. smugbear

    estee lauder, goopy and takes for ever to dry YUCK!

  46. nicole

    Mac sucks!

  47. Sarah

    I don’t see why everyone hates the MAC polishes.. I absolutely love them!

    For me the worst nailpolishes ever are from Eyeko, they are just like water!

  48. Sephora polish (not the OPI/Sephora line) I got given two as a gift when my mum travelled to the USA and they’re terrible! Poor application, and such a shame too as the colours are so pretty

  49. Rae

    I will never buy China Glaze EVER again! It bubbles and chips like crazy!

  50. sari

    MAC by far is the worst;
    bad texture on nails, goopy, dries crappy, and peels off easily

  51. The worst nail polish that I recently used was by “Borghese” I dont know if it was just this one color or the entire line, but the color “Tangelo Sherbert C” went on very smeary and streaky. It sucked @ss and looked like $hit!! 😛

  52. suesy

    The secret with the pricey ones is to apply 3 layers of colour. Base coat. 3 layers of colour. Topcoat.
    It layers better and looks like oilpaint.
    The cheaper ones…if you try to put a second layer on it melts the first layer off and you end up with nail polish clay.
    The colours look better with the pricier ones.
    Revlon needs 2 layers…or 3.
    If it bubbles put another coat on.