Thursday, February 4th, 2010

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Loose Powder…?

What brand/product wins this category? Any particular reason it wins?

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19 thoughts on “The Hit List: Worst Loose Powder

  1. pontip

    Bare Essentials original loose powder foundation when it first came out. Ever since then I avoided loose powder. It broke me out. I’m skeptical about trying out the new formula. I have oily skin, so it’ll slide off after several hours. :(

    • Sarah

      i completely agree 110%!! i don’t know what’s in it but it made my skin sooo itchy! i had it on for like an hour and had to go wash my face.

      • TiffanyC.

        i think it was that horrible excuse for a brush… i really hate bare minerals. it did NOT worth $60.00. would have rather tossed my money out the window… XD

      • Akia

        I heard it’s the bismuth that makes it itchy. I made the mistake of wearing a full face of Bare Essentials on a hot summer day… I almost scratched my face off… haven’t used it since :-/

  2. Hmm. I used to have a cheapy drugstore brand of loose powder-Coty maybe? I don’t recall the name. It had a bizarrely reflective shimmer that continually made me look powder masked, sweaty, and metallic, if a woman really CAN look like all that at once.

    I used to use pressed powder a lot more, before I got my MUFE loose powder. That stuff is awesome. Want the pressed powder rants? i have a PILE of them!

  3. JEN

    loreal bare naturale…crap!

  4. MissDeeCanada

    Covergirl. I cannot stand the SMELL of the product. Always smells like cold cream. Yuck!

  5. Ksenia

    The Body Shop. It’s drying and packaging is unhandy.

  6. Gina

    I have not tried too many but my current one, Almay translucent loose powder (the “natural” kind”) is not a good setting powder and I think it makes me feel greasy after a few hours (I have dry skin).

    • Chantal

      Also, it is NOT translucent. Granted, I am very pale, but it was still disappointing how dark and yellow it was.

  7. Shannon

    alot of people dont like mac iredescent powder but i LOVE it!!!!! :)

  8. Karli

    L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Foundation.
    It literally made my skin look grey.
    And I’m extremely pale, so I looked like a corpse!
    It also looked extremely cakey and felt heavier than stage makeup!

  9. Kalee

    i have a list…lol …may i? :
    revlon mineral powder, physicians formula organic powder, and covergirl are crap.
    loreal bare natural. (last year i switched to it because i ran out of my BE and it was cheaper and going to the store rather than mall was easier….anyways, worked . o. k. for a little bit then i had a horrible allergic reaction to it and stopped wearing it)..sucked.
    BE is great, im suprised it didnt work out for some of you. it did actually itch me a little (not unbarable though) the first couple of days but i gave it a chance and been wearing it for 2 years now.
    oh yea! MUFE HD finishing is amazing too.

  10. NYC Is absolutly atrocious! I used to wear it in junior high before I really knew much about makeup.
    Covergirl is Crap too! Queer smell and itchy as heck!
    However I do Love Rimmels Pressed Matte Powder + Minerals. I can wear that all by itself and have lovely coverage.

  11. MUFE HD Powder. Yeah, it’s great, but it’s 100% pure silica, and it’s what, $30 for 10g? Silica is $3.50 for an ounce at somewhere like Coastal Scents or TKB Trading, or any other big mineral wholesaler. It’s not a finished product, it’s ONE INGREDIENT, and it’s not any better than generic silica.

  12. Loreal Bare Naturale! Its horrible! I have fairly tan skin, and I bought it in Classic Tan (470) and it seriously made me look like I had just gone outside and rubbed dirt on my face. The brush it comes with is horrible as well – very scratchy.
    For some reason I still have it…

  13. Bare Essentials is horrible! Itchy skin right after i applied it. I was hesitant to try any others but after testing Laura Merciers tinted moisturizer the MA put the loose powder on over it. I love it but couldn’t stop there. I tried the MUFE HD finishing powder a couple of months ago and that now has become my daily staple in my makeup.

  14. Lyn

    I’ve only used one loose powder and it was the shine free one from maybelline.
    i love it and not planning on using any other unless people recommended it.